NESCAFÉ® Cappuccino Sweetened Instant Foaming Mix

So, after months and months of guzzling this stuff (which meant going through packs and packs of it), I was kinda’ over it. Don’t get me wrong. It certainly tasted nice, at the time, especially considering the fact that I’d only just moved on from Karak Tea (here) and had been looking for an alternative. However, if you’ve seen my rather large mug (pics, here), it kinda’ diluted the taste. I liked my Coffee to be sufficiently sweet and sugary, but also, with a kick to it, kinda like Mr Brown Ice Coffee (here).

That said, this stuff did taste lovely and was easy to prepare! If I had to compare it to anything, it’d have to be those Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccinos (the ones sold in glass bottles), except obviously hotter. So if you enjoy the way that tastes, go for this! Like I said, it’s nice and all, but I needed something with more of a kick to it. As such, my hot drink of choice is now Torabika Cappuccino Instant Coffee (haulage here). It’s even a big hit with my friends (well… just the ladies, as the men find it too sweet) when they come over and I serve it to them! I’ve already gone through packs and packs of the stuff, on my own! ♥

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