Laura Mercier Master Class Colour Essentials Collection 3rd Edition

Every year my awesome friends and family will gift me a bunch of cool stuff for my birthday, which I’m super thankful and appreciative of (for? of? I dunno’), and this year (Dec. 2018) was no different. I don’t really feel the need to post about each and every single gift, for several reasons (some are sentimental and therefore private, while others I choose not to show because they’re unique and I would like to remain somewhat anonymous lol).

For my last birthday, I got the usual Flowers and Chocolates and a Perfume Gift Set (haulage here) as well as a Handbag and a bunch of random stuff including an actual Poke Ball Plus (meant to be used with the Pokemon Go app) lol while the rest was mostly Jewelry. The coolest birthday gift I received has to be hands down the AKRacing Pro Gaming Chair (photos here) which was gifted to me by my brother!

That said, my uncle’s darling of a wife, gifted me this Laura Mercier Master Class Colour Essentials Collection which I couldn’t not show (y’know on account of this being a makeup blog and all lol)! It’s not in pristine condition, because I couldn’t resist digging my claws into it and swatching everything as soon as I’d unwrapped it!

It’s compact and sleek and has a magnetic closure that snaps shut (so satisfying) with a beautiful print (almost kinda’ like brushed metal) on the packaging and a large mirror on the inside! When I open it up, the top layer has x6 Matte Eyeshadows on one side and x6 Luster Eyeshadows on the other side, making a total of x12 Eyeshadows in absolutely lovely shades!

The top layer slides apart to reveal a lower compartment that houses x2 Blushes and a Highlight nestled between them! To the side, there are x2 Cake Eye Liners and at the bottom was a Pencil Liner and x2 Double-Ended Makeup Brushes!

It’s got everything I could ever want in a Palette! The shades are truly beautiful! Also, the pigmentation is a dream (unlike MAC or Sephora Palettes)! More importantly, there are no pans of Lipgloss or Lipstick, for the powder to get all over (pet peeve)! Basically, it’s just perfect! I’m so happy with this beautiful, beautiful palette from Laura Mercier and so thankful and grateful to my uncle’s wife for such a thoughtful birthday gift!

If you’re interested, each shade has a name as well (found below):

Matte Eyeshadows (top-bottom)

Poison Ivory Matte Eye Colour
Cafe Au Lait Matte Eye Colour
Noir Matte Eye Colour

Vanilla Nuts Matte Eye Colour
Fresco Matte Eye Colour
Stone Taupe Matte Eye Colour

Cheeks (Left-Right)

Spiced Cider Second Skin Cheek Colour
Pink Haze Face Highlighter
Lotus Pink Second Skin Cheek Colour

Eye Liners

Mahogany Brown Cake Eye Liner
Black Ebony Cake Eye Liner
Noir Longwear Creme Eye Pencil

Makeup Brushes

Double-Ended Flat Eye Liner/Pointed Eye Liner Brush
Double-Ended Eye Colour/Corner Eye Colour Brush

Luster Eyeshadows (top-bottom)

Galaxy Luster Eye Colour
Bronze Glow Luster Eye Colour
Carbon Luster Eye Colour

Etoile Luster Eye Colour
Pebblestone Luster Eye Colour
Minx Luster Eye Colour

2 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Master Class Colour Essentials Collection 3rd Edition

  1. Hey there :)

    You know what? You’re so right! It’s small enough to stash in a carry-on or overnight bag without taking up too much space, which is pretty convenient! I’m super appreciative of it and the person who gifted it to me :)

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