ColourPop Final 2018 Haul

Unfortunately, other than the beautiful print with clouds amidst the star-speckled pastel-y background and all the gorgeous iridescent-y packaging, I wasn’t all that impressed by the ColourPop Holiday Collection this year. As per usual, towards the end of December, they came out with a Sale (I wanna’ say it was 40% off), in addition to a Free Eyeshadow Palette if you spent $50. Like I said, I wasn’t really all that interested in the Holiday Collection this year, but I placed an order anyway and snagged a few choice tidbits here and there, for a total of $100.80 which meant I got the Chasing Rainbows Palette (Holiday Collection) for free. Surprisingly, not one thing arrived damaged!

Too cute! If you enlarge the pic, you’ll see that the lil sleigh was actually carrying ColourPop products! Also, the print on the other side was equally cute!

Chasing Rainbows Palette (Holiday 2018 Collection) reduced from $20 to $16 (got it for free)

Don’t quit your daydream! We brought our wildest fantasy to life, this 15-pan palette is the perfect mix of bold, daring, and wearable. Sky’s the limit with the amount of looks you’ll create with matte, satin, and metallic finishes. Let the prism of colour inspire your next trendsetting looks.

Wiggles: matte pastel peach
Blurred Lines: metallic opal with a gold flip
So Meta: metallic marigold
Feeling It: matte red brown with copper flecks
Realness: matte deep red brown

Woke: matte mid-tone salmon pink
Wish List: matte vibrant coral
Manifest It: matte fuchsia with pink flecks
Keep Cool: matte deep orchid
Not Playing: metallic lavender with a pink flip

Lucid: metallic eggplant with a blue flip
Bring It: matte teal
On One: metallic blackened turquoise
Eclipse: metallic taupe
Prism: matte blackened aubergine

How pretty is the packaging? Even the outer sleeve (which might look transparent) actually has a beautiful iridescent quality to it! That said, out of all the shades, I was only lusting after Lucid (I love me some duochrome-y goodness) and possibly Eclipse and On One. I’ll definitely be able to put the other shades to good use (aside from Manifest It, blech), but none of them stood out to me as “must-haves”. They seem pretty dupe-able and from ColourPop no less.

Their names did make me lol, especially So Meta. If I’m being completely honest, the name Woke did seem a bit cringe though. Unfortunately, due to the pretty packaging, you can’t really see the names as clearly, unless you enlarge the pics and even then, just barely. All in all, if the Chasing Rainbows Palette hadn’t been free, I definitely would never have payed good money for it. However, since Lucid doesn’t seem to be sold as a single, I’m glad I got this Eyeshadow Palette anyway. Plus, y’know… it was free lol

Element of Surprise Palette reduced from $16 to $12.80

Get a load of this bold beauty. The perfect mix of edgy dramatic with a girly twist and bold pops of colour, this baby has you covered for the season. Our first palette with all four finishes: matte, metallic, satin, and duochrome, make it so easy to shake up the scene.

Feels: metallic soft opalescent pink
Late Night: metallic copper with gold duochrome
Silk Street: matte purple-fuchsia
Rayon: metallic dark coral with blue-green duochrome

Go With the Flow: matte true peach
Subdue: metallic lavender with blue-green duochrome
Opulent: metallic bright fuchsia with a blue sheen
Labyrinth: matte dusty pink

Blank Canvas: matte deep maroon
Sea Stars: matte medium yellow brown
Details: matte smoky burgundy sprinkled with hot pink glitter
Peace of Mind: metallic bright burgundy

One of their earlier Eyeshadow Palette releases, I’ve wanted to get my hands on this baby from Day 1, mainly for Subdue (lavender gorgeousness)! Rayon also seemed like yet another interesting duochrome (no such thing as having too many, baby)! Plus, I’ve been humming and hawwing over purchasing Sea Stars individually (as a Pressed Powder Shadow Single) for a minute now.

The print on the packaging looks pretty ugly to me, but I don’t really mind, because the shades are so fun! I mean Opulent looks crazy! Despite the fact that it’s described as a pigment and not meant for use on the eyes or whatever, I’m definitely going to pop it in the inner corner as a highlight, at some point! I’m glad I finally decided to bite the bullet and get Element of Surprise!

Brown Sugar Palette (Karrueche Collection) reduced from $12 to $9.60

Shades that enhance your natural beauty with just a sprinkle of Brown Sugar. Add dimension with 6 matte shadows and a pop of glitz with 3 metallic shades. Works amazing alone to create cool or warm neutral looks or together with your favorite colourful palette for transitions and depth. She’s your new go-to!

Chai: matte soft yellow beige
Jamocha: matte mid-tone yellow brown
Amber: matte muted rust orange

Ginger: metallic golden peach
Auburn: metallic warm bronze
Sauté: metallic icy brown with a green and gold duochrome sheen

Sorrel: matte deep cool brown
Henna: matte charcoal brown
Choc: matte reddish brown

So. Much. Yes. From the Camouflage Print to the smaller size of the brown compact itself and the fact that it even came with a mirror, to all the gorgeous shades and delightful names, the Brown Sugar Palette just spoke to me! Even the promo shots of each of the models looked stunning! Straight out of the gate, Sauté (yup, another duochrome) had my heart! Chai and Jamocha (such cute names!) seemed like lovely shades, as did the entire bottom row, particularly Henna which was pure love! Once again, the result of these Karrueuche collabs are fiyah!

In the interest of full disclosure, Sorrel didn’t seem to be properly glued, as it kept popping out on its own. That said, I believe that the Brown Sugar Palette would flatter everyone across so the board, so if you can only purchase one Eyeshadow Palette from ColourPop, make it this one!

Pressed Powder Shadows reduced from $4 to $2.80 each

ColourPop came out with a bunch of new Pressed Powder Shadows (for the Holidays, I guess) so I snagged a few once they went on sale. The one I wanted the most, Earthshine, was out of stock. Also, other than Beam Me Up, which was from an older collection, the rest were all-new.

Heavenly Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)

She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s this metallic icy mint blue!

The pigmentation on this thing is horrible, despite being described as having a metallic finish. However, it takes a few more passes, but you can easily build it up. Also, the shade itself is deliciously glow-y… or should I say Heavenly (heehee)! With the right Colored Contacts, I feel like I could even get away with wearing this baby on its own, as an all-over-lid shade! Lurrrve!

Conjure Up Pressed Powder Shadow (matte)

Can you dream up of anything better than this matte emerald?

Love the name (very witch-y)! Unfortunately, Team Captain can sometimes look muddy on me (adding a lot of darkness and just look all around bruise-y) so I needed something that looked Green and stayed Green on mah eyes. Conjure Up is considerably brighter, but because of the matte finish, it doesn’t look too cray. Plus, it plays well with other shades too! If you love your Greens, git it!

Antimatter Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)

This metallic turquoise with a deep purple duochrome flip is too pretty to even exist.

Honestly, the name sucked me in. Antimatter is a beautiful sparkly blue, but if you’ve got Superfly, then you definitely don’t need Antimatter. That said, I’ve owned a few of these sparkly Blackened-Blues from all kinds of different brands (MAC Deep Truth and so on), but the pigmentation always seems to be lacking. In this case, the pigmentation on Antimatter is actually pretty decent!

Beam Me Up Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)

Earth to CP, this icy pale blue is shining brighter than ever.

In comparison to Heavenly which looks blatantly greener, Beam Me Up has a whisper of lavender on my skintone. It’s still very much a blatant Silver and it’s the only Pressed Powder Shadow that’s not part of the newer collection. It went on like buttah and the pigmentation was perfection!

Mr. Sandman Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)

This icy rose with a silver sheen is the cutest that you’ve ever seen.

I wasn’t in love with Mr. Sandman, but since Earthshine was out of stock, I figured I’d get this instead. I seem to have misplaced it at the moment though.

Misty Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic)

This metallic pinky rose gold with baby blue glitter blings so hard.

The description got me. Plus, it had a cute name! Once it arrived, I was pretty disappointed with Misty. It looked like your average run-of-the-mill Rose Gold and quite frankly, I’m quite sick of those, at the moment! However, after wearing it out and about, despite the mega fall-out, I kinda’ like it now! It’s described as a metallic, but it’s quite glitter-y (hence the fall-out). You cute, you cute.

Super Shock Shadows reduced from $5 to $3 each

I figured since they were on sale, I might as well pick up the rest of the lavenders and purples to complete my collection. I wasn’t particularly excited for any one shade in particular.

Soul-cialize Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (Butterfly Collection)

Let’s have a heart-to-heart, this soft pinky lavender with pink & silver glitter is so your shade.

Since I didn’t have high hopes for any of these shades, I was quite surprised by how absolutely delightful Soul-cialize looked in person! It’s a light lavender with tons of pink glitters and basically right smack-dab in the middle of my comfort zone! None of the pictures do this baby justice! It’s just… lovely! And to think, I was this close to missing out on it! I’m super thankful and grateful that I managed to snag this baby!

Wittle Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (Spring 2018)

Actually, you’ll want a lot of this vibrant violet red with blue and purple glitter.

Meh. In certain lighting, it looks all right, but in others, it just bugs me. The glitters make it look prettier, but something about this particular shade of purple just… irritates me.

Issa Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (Spring 2018)

This metallic eggplant with blue glitter is giving us all the vibes.

Surprisingly soft and creamy! Extremely well-pigmented as well! It’s a bit dramatic for everyday use, but I feel like I can bust it out to create a fun look for Girls’ Night Out or summat. I imagine I might even be able to get away with lining my eyes with this baby, so it seems versatile in that sense. Between Issa and Bae, in my eyes, Issa is the superior of the two, in every possible way!

Like a Shot Super Shock Shadow (ultra-metallic) (Study Buddy Collection)

You’ll be making moves in this soft champagne with a pink sheen.

Another extra soft and creamy shade! Quite glow-y too! Great neutral to have! Honestly, I just wanted something (anything) from the Study Buddy Collection and this was the only shade that appealed to me (the others seemed a bit… iffy). I’m cool with it.

Cusp Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

Get the best of both worlds in this bright green with blue and gold glitter.

I don’t know, ok? It seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s way too Green and glitter-y and just all around crazy for me. As a middle-aged woman (I turn 35 in December) I just won’t feel comfortable rockin’ bright glitter-y Green on mah eyes. I say that, but I feel perfectly comfortable sporting Hello Kitty Band-Aids out and about lol Maybe I could pop Cusp in the inner corner as a highlight? My go-to move lol When in doubt, pop it in the inner corner, regardless of the rest of the “Eye Look”. It is a fun shade though. Sadly, it also tends to stain the lids. I guess I could layer it over Team Captain and take it from there.

Neutral, Purples, Green. So… standard lol

Jelly Much Shadows reduced from $8 to $5 each

Oh, I’m ready alright! So, ColourPop came out with some more shades of these insanely beautiful Jelly Much Shadows (I still despise the name Jelly Much Shadow lol) for the Holidays or whatever and I had to get Hallucinogenous and since they were on sale, picked up Sweet Dreams while I was at it, making a total of 3 Jelly Much Shadows that I now own.

Hallucinogenius Jelly Much Shadow (duochrome)

Icy lavender with a blue opal duochrome flip

Heartbreakingly beautiful! Ugh, I just can’t.

Sweet Dreams Jelly Much Shadow (duochrome)

Soft pink with a silver blue flip

Pretty, pretty, pretty!


Bretman Rock Collection

Loving the all black packaging! The Bretman Rock Collection was a pretty big collection(s) but only these three bebehs appealed to me.

Super Shock Blush reduced from $8 to $4.80

Their shades names were silly, but I couldn’t decide between these two, so I got both. More importantly, I’ve figured out which brush to use to apply the Super Shock Blush! The end result is everything I’d hoped for!

Stop It Super Shock Blush (matte) (Bretman Rock Collection)

Bright orange coral

It’s more of a Mango Orange which is perfect for that “Sunburned Cheeks Look” that I’m so fond of! Pigmentation is ah-maze!

Ooh She’s Blushing Super Shock Blush (matte) (Bretman Rock Collection)

Hot pinky coral

Coral-y Pink. Nothing special, but cute nonetheless. Pigmentation isn’t the best either, unfortunately.

Left: Stop It (mango orange)
Right: Ooh She’s Blushing (coral-y pink)

Both of them are ridiculously soft and butter-y!

Lastly, the fun stuff, Lippies!

Stone Fox Crème Lux Lipstick reduced from $7 to $5.60

This pale creamy pink will get your crush whispering in your ear.

Believe it or not, I’ve never purchased any of ColourPop’s Creme Lux Lipsticks before and this was actually my first! Love the shade name! Love the little stars embossed on the actual lipstick! Not a fan of the actual shade on myself. It clashes with my skintone and makes my teeth look yellow! It’s quite creamy but goes on streaky and sinks into fine lines and doesn’t have the best pigmentation. Not quite sure why, but it had a bright pink splotch on the side (as shown) which seemed suspect. All in all, no bueno.

Fly-Fi Lippie Stix (matte x) (Butterfly Collection) reduced from $5.50 to $3.30

No more missed connections when you wear this red terracotta.

I’ve wanted this cutie from the Butterfly Collection from the start, but it’s always sold out. Not a fan of the gold insects butterflies on the packaging, but the shade is ideal for when I want a Red that’s not too… loud. That said, it’s a bit dry and smells… funky (like play-doh). It was released in Spring (2018) so surely it couldn’t have expired already, could it?

Sky Walking Lippie Stix (matte x) (Holiday 2018) reduced from $5.50 to $3.30

Classic Blue Red

As you can tell from the iridescent packaging, this baby was part of the Holiday Collection. There were a bunch of these, but I went with this one because I kinda’ love my Reds!

Dreamaholic Ultra Glossy Lip (pearlescent) (Holiday 2018) reduced from $6 to $4.20

Cool violet with a teal duochrome flip

This baby was also part of the Holiday Collection, as you can see from the iridescent packaging. ColourPop came out with a whole slew of these, but Dreamaholic and Stratus Update were the only two that spoke to me. I decided to just get the one and see how I liked the formula first, before picking up any more. I got this mainly because it seemed reminiscent of my beloved long-discontinued MAC Relic Lipstick. Also, it looked beautiful (look at how two-toned it looks in the close-up shot)! Also, I love duochromes! The brush applicator was a bit stiff at first, but after smashing pressing it firmly against my lips a few times, it softened up. The tiny glitters can feel a bit gritty at first, but other than that, Dreamaholic was a beaut!

Kumquat Ultra Glossy Lip (sheer) (Bretman Rock Collection) reduced from $6 to $4.20

Translucent baby blue with a silver sheen

From the black outer packaging (so cool!) to the reflective silver design on the actual tube (it’s different) to the shade name Kumquat (so absurd!) to the sheer blue sparkly shade (so fun!) I couldn’t resist getting this baby! Don’t get me wrong. Clear Blue Gloss is nothing new, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that sometimes it’s just… fun! Again, the brush-head was a bit stiff, but after a good beating, softened up considerably. Kumquat not only made my lips look oh-so-plump and pretty, but also smelled like cupcakes too!

Moon Child Ultra Glossy Lip (crème) (Kathleen Lights Collections)

Stay wild in this pinky nude with gold glitter

Lastly, I picked up an obligatory nude. If you’re my shade or darker, do give Moon Child a try, as I found it infinitely more flattering than several of the lighter versions that I’d purchased earlier!

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