Gangsters, Guns and Nail Art!

I thought Claws was gonna’ be just another “girly” show, with a lot of sitting around at a nail salon and gabbing. I could not be more wrong! Claws is insane!

You’ve got Niecy Nash nailing (heehee) her role as Desna Simms! You’ve got Carrie Preston (whom I’ve loved ever since True Blood and find her to be an absolute delight!) playing the role of Polly. You’ve got Judy Reyes (whom I barely recognized here after watching her in Devious Maids) playing the role of Quiet Ann. You’ve got Karrueche Tran (thanks for all the collabs with ColourPop lol) playing the role of Vanessa and lastly, you’ve got Jenn Lyon (whom I’ve never heard of before, but quickly fell in love with her accent and hairstyles) playing the role of Jennifer.

Dean Norris (of Breaking Bad fame) plays the role of “Uncle Daddy” (let that sink in for a moment).

You’ve got Harold Perrineau (most people recognize him as the guy who yells “Walt”, a lot, in Lost, but he’ll forever be Mercutio to me) playing the role of Dean Simms (Desna’s brother).

Jason Antoon (he’s practically in every other tv series) plays the role of Dr. Ken.

Claws is a show about these girls who run a Nail Salon in Florida (hence what I’ve fondly dubbed the “rainbow vomit aesthetic”), but it’s also so much more! It’s very well-written and the actors all play their roles masterfully! I can’t even begin to do it justice, so I’ll just leave you with the Season 1 Trailer (because the Season 2 Trailer contains spoilers). If you’ve got issues with substance abuse (drugs), violence or nudity, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. That said, it’s an excellent and thoroughly entertaining show!

More often than not, I’m dying laughing at the cleverly constructed chaos in the show, but in Season 2 (Episode 9), I don’t know if it was the song or what (80’s music can have that effect on me, despite my being too young to actually remember the 80’s lol), but I was legit bawling my eyes out (for whatever reason, I feel so much empathy for any character that Carrie Preston plays, ever since True Blood, I’ve always found her extremeley endearing!) meaning I kinda’ come across as bipolar while watching Claws… because it’s just that good! I’m actually surprised that Claws hasn’t garnered more success! In fact, I’m genuinely disappointed by the fact that Claws is so under-rated. Personally, I can’t wait for Season 3!

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