Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

I really delved into Netflix in 2018 and found a ton of entertaining shows and documentaries, and even a few movies! One show that I enjoyed quite a lot, that didn’t happen to be by Netflix was Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan! The entire season was only just 8 episodes, but each episode was satisfyingly meaty (no fluff)! The main character Jack Ryan was played by none other than the adorably charming John Krasinski (he of The Office fame) with the supporting role played by Wendall Pierce (who has been in everything, except I recognize him as Megan Markle’s dad on Suits lol). Basically, Jack Ryan is a CIA analyst (desk job) that gets thrust into field work operations… unwillingly.

At first, I thought the show was tame enough to watch with the family, but after the sex scenes and nudity, quickly nixed that idea. Plus, the story kept flashing to different characters in different countries which would probably lose my dad (he’s 75+ and watches the History Channel… for fun). Personally, I liked the fact that we got to experience the story from different perspectives (not just from the terrorist’s point of view, but from his wife’s point of view as well)! I really, really like it when we get to see how the same event effects several people so differently! The mangled Arabic was just a fun bonus (My Arabic is pretty decent and yet I had to strain my ears to understand what was being said in each episode lol)! I thought the way they used a video Game to communicate (been noticing it a lot more in other movies and shows ever since) was pretty cool too! All in all, I liked this show! I watched it a couple of months ago and have recommended it to most of the males in my life (brothers, cousins, friends, co-workers), but they’re dragging their feet. I’d suggest it to my girls, but their tastes run more towards Arabic Shows (ugh) and more recently Turkish Shows.

I’ve never read any of Tom Clancy’s work, at least not that I recall (because it’s just not my thing), but despite myself, I actually really enjoyed watching this!

Here’s the trailer. Hope you like it too!

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