Carriage (Food Delivery Service) Sucks!

At this point, everyone knows or at least should know of Carriage. Chances are you’ve probably spotted their delivery guys (sporting a t-shirt with the Carriage logo) or even seen them on those ubiquitous bikes (with a bright orange box on the back) out and about in Kuwait. No joke, once I counted no less than 5 different delivery dudes roaming around, while having dinner with a friend at one of the restaurants at the JACC/Opera House/Fountain!

Anyways, I was going to visit some friends and decided I wanted to treat them to dinner from Slice. Rather than ordering a random selection and risk some people getting stuck with stuff they don’t actually like to eat, I gave them a call beforehand and specifically asked what each person would want. Mostly everyone including myself opted for a Beef Doner Salad Box, but some people wanted the Signature Beef Doner and others wanted the Signature Chicken Doner and everyone wanted Classic Fries. Since it was a huge order, I made a mistake, unfortunately. Instead of ordering x3 Beef Doner I accidentally ordered x1 Beef Doner. I realized my mistake as soon as I placed my order so I got on the live chat and tried to get it fixed right away!

I didn’t wait or go do something else. I contacted them immediately after I’d placed my order. I explained the situation to the customer service agent on live chat but he was effectively useless and all he did was waste my time. He’d disappear for 10-15 minutes at a time only to return and reply cryptically with “Let me confirm” or something to that effect and then say something like “Yes, you did place your order”. So useless! All I needed him to do was tack on an additional x2 Beef Doners. 30 minutes later, he was all “I’m sorry but the order is already out for delivery with the driver”. He’d wasted so much time that my order (minus x2 Beef Doners) was already on its way!

So the delivery dude from Carriage arrives at my place and calls me. I explain the sichiyashen to him. He says he’ll call up Carriage and get back to me (he never did). I call up Slice and tell them about my situation. They say that since I’d placed my order via Carriage, my order could only be modified through Carriage. Ugh. So, I get back on Carriage live chat and speak to a different customer service agent this time. He keeps asking me about each and every single item in my order to which I reply “correct”. After 10 minutes of this, he says the restaurant supervisor was going to contact me. I would’ve given up and just gone ahead and ordered from a different restaurant, but since I’d already asked everyone what they wanted, I stuck with Slice. Also, I was sooo late at that point and therefore too invested. I was hoping everything would get resolved as quickly as possible.

15 minutes later, some Egyptian dude from Slice calls me up. I hurriedly explain what happened and he says he’ll get back to me (he never did). 5 minutes later, I call them back and a Kuwaity dude picks up. I explain my situation to him. He tells me to forget about Carriage and just place a new order with Talabat. With no other option left, I place a new order (the correct one, this time) with Slice via Talabat. Despite the fact that it says 30 minute delivery, the order arrived 50 minutes later… Needless to say my friends were not happy about the long wait.

For Mother’s Day (yesterday), I ordered a heart-shaped Cake from one of the Bakeries available on Carriage (I never learn). Once again, it was very, very, very late. Once again, I got on the live chat to inquire about my order. Once again, the live chat was utterly useless. For starters, there was no less than 80 people in the queue ahead of me! 80 people!!!!

Also, on several occasions, I’ll order something and the restaurant will call me up saying they’re out of stock for the day and that they’d already informed Carriage to remove it from the online menu or that they’d attempted to remove it from Carriage (I dunno the logistics), but somehow the out of stock item would still appear on Carriage. It’s really annoying, especially when I’ve got people who are expecting that item. It actually happened again, just last week when I placed an order from Smoke Me BBQ. The restaurant called me up and informed that they were out of Brisket for the day and they had no clue how I was still able to order it.

Also, last year around Ramadan, Carriage delivered my order to a random address (full deets here). Worst of all, they’re constantly calling me up to ask about my address. I know everyone thinks their home is easy to find, but my home is literally on the main road with a gas station down the road, not to mention several other well-known landmarks. Plus, from the color of our house, to the garden out front, to the other very distinctive features, you really can’t miss it (it stands out)! Despite all that, plus the fact that they have our address and location listed, they’re constantly calling me up for directions, which isn’t always convenient.

From the ordering process (which includes out-of-stock items), to the effectively useless “live support” (they make you wait forever just to say “let me check the details of your order” and disappear again forever), to the delivery (always later than promised and constantly calling for directions), the whole ordeal is a headache! I can understand this happening once or twice, but on a regular basis? It’s so unprofessional! Basically, Carriage sucks!

3 thoughts on “Carriage (Food Delivery Service) Sucks!

  1. Hey girl, reading this really gave me anxiety! Its bad enough if this happens to you but worse when you have friends involved. I personally haven’t ordered from them but i am hearing a lot of people complain about Carriage lately. I mostly go with Talabat. i think you should give Deliveroo a try. I ordered with them once to my friends place and it was real quick with no issues.


  2. Hi Sonia!

    Girl, same! I used to order via Talabat almost exclusively circa early 2000’s because it was the only way I could get my sushi fix without going all the way to farwaniya just to eat at Sakura. More recently, I’ve even written up a post or two on them.

    That said, Carriage offered certain restaurants that weren’t available on Talabat. Plus, they had nicer and bigger pictures lol That’s why I started alternating between the two. For a time there, they were actually doing a good job. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned earlier, whenever anything reaches a certain level of popularity, the quality goes doooooown. I think I’ll be sticking with Talabat from now on and possibly trying out Deliveroo based on your recommendation so thank you hehe


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