Carrefour Haulage (December)

I just happened to be in the vicinity (because I usually park my car in the underground parking lot) and figured I’d replenish my stock of Beef Jerky. One thing led to another and I ended up with… dis. To be fair, I can’t find Beef Jerky anywhere else, other than Carrefour, which is why I buy the stuff in bulk (Avenues isn’t exactly around the corner from my place). Also, our local co-op is always out of whichever coffee drink I happen to enjoy at the time, so that’s why I buy a pack or two at a time.

x2 Kitco Hot & Spicy Potato Chips retail for KD 0/300 each
x6 Jack Link’s Barbecue Beef Jerky retails for KD 2/000 each
x3 Jack Link’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky retails for KD 2/000 each
Batook Chewing Gum Pack retails for KD 1/000
x2 Skittles retail for KD 0/300 each
x3 Torabika Cappuccino Instant Coffee retail for KD 0/450 each
Nescafe Gold Vanilla Pack retails for KD 1/000

Hot & Spicy are old-school and I tend to crave them from time to time. Beef Jerky is a good source of protein when I’m on the run and miss a meal or two. Batook Chewing Gum is another old-school item and I picked up a pack because… oral fixation. Skittles are love! I picked up x3 Torabika Cappuccino because I wanted to try this stuff out (ended up loving it and have been addicted ever since… so the past 3 months lol)! Nescafe Gold Vanilla I got, because I’m so over Karak Tea (purple packaging) and now I’m so over Nescafe Sweetened Cappuccino (pink packaging) (first haul here), but I still needed something hot to drink. I didn’t like it. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I feel like the older version (here) tasted way better.

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara Kit retails for KD 5/250
Clean & Clear Deep Action Makeup Remover Milk retails for KD 1/700
x2 One Tech Hair Brushes retail for KD 0/950 each
Lux Tempting Whisper (Peony + Ylang Ylang) Perfumed Hand Wash retails for KD 0/750
Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Soap retails for KD 0/300

I picked up the Mascara + Eyeliner Kit because the curved brush (possible Cat Eyes dupe, mayhaps?) looked intriguing! Unfortunately, I stashed the Kit somewhere in my bedroom (so I’d be sure to remember to use it) and inadvertently lost it lol Clean & Clear Makeup Remover is my holy grail (review here)! Now that my hair resembles those stainless steel sponges (pics here), I figured I needed a Hair Brush or two that was made of sterner stuff. Tempting Whisper (review here) smells absolutely beautiful! Lemongrass & Oil smells delightful (repurchased here and here and here and here), but unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere in the country. I only found the one, so I picked up the one. I prefer to buy them in bulk, because these things are pretty small, so you go through them pretty quick.

So the total for all dis was KD 24/270

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