Bath and Body Works (Random Sale) Haulage

Also at the Avenues, I stepped in to Bath & Body Works (it’s called an addiction) only to find that they were having some sort of random sale (not to be confused with their Semi-Annual Sale). I didn’t know what that was all about, but I went in and picked up a few things, obvi. They’d brought out all the Zodiac Candles (previously purchased two, here). I’m talking an entire shelf stacked from top to bottom of just Zodiac Candles and they were in mint condition too! I also spotted several of the large 3-wick Candles on sale for only KD 3 but in the end, I only purchased the smaller 1-wick Candles. Most of the stuff wasn’t exactly new, but I hadn’t seen it before. Like, where was all this earlier? lol

Smoked Honey Woods Candles (Mason Jars, Single Wick) reduced from KD 6/000 each to KD 1/500 each

Golden Raw Honey, Cedarwood, Autumn Wildflowers

They had several variations on these lil Honey Candles, but obviously I had to go with the Smoked Woods version. One sale assistant was telling me how he liked the scent on these ones because they reminded him of home (Nepal) while the Filipino sales assistant said he didn’t like them because they smelled like cat urine (he struggled to find the word so I said it for him and he agreed lol), but I sided with the dude from Nepal. Honestly, the scent reminds me of the old-school Honey Lip Balm I used to own in 7th grade from The Body Shop. So I picked up these two for nostalgic reasons lol They don’t smell so much like artificial honey as much as they smell like true honey, if that makes any sense. Also, the cold throw on these suckers was intense… so imagine when lit! They’re pretty small, but as soon as I light up just one of them, it scents up an entire room… instantly! Unexpectedly stellar performance!

Twisted Peppermint Candle (Mason Jar, Single Wick) reduced from KD 5/500 to KD 1/500

Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Vanilla Buttercream, Fresh Balsam, Hint of Musk

I saw a large 3-wick Crushed Candy Cane Candle which looked sleeker (White Barn), despite being all Baby Pink, but I thought it would be overkill to get the big size, since I just recently purchased x3 Twisted Peppermint Room Sprays (haulage here) so I went with this lil cutie instead. It was the last one (or the only one I could find at least), so I had to settle for just the one, which was fine by me! I have yet to light it though so I can’t attest to its scent, but it looks quite cute and cheerful, regardless!

Toasted Vanilla Chai Gentle Foaming Hand Soap with Tea Tree Oil reduced from KD 3/750 to KD 1/750

Whipped Vanilla, Spun Sugar, Winter Spice

I spotted this earlier (here) and completely hated the packaging (still do), but the scent was just so yummy, especially after those horrid Pumpkin Cupcake and Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Hand Soaps (haulage here) and the even worse Twisted Peppermint Hand Soap (haulage here). I’ve been enjoying this baby so much that I’m actually rationing it and have moved on to using other less pleasant Hand Soaps (in order to finish them all up). With a name like Toasted Vanilla Chai, you know you’re getting something that smells delicious! With that being said, sometimes it can veer a bit too sweet, if that makes any sense. I’m of two minds about repurchasing Toasted Vanilla Chai… On one hand, I’m not a huge fan of Foaming Hand Soaps and much prefer the Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps instead. On the other hand, Toasted Vanilla Chai smells so yummy!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Ultra Shea Body Cream (travel size) reduced from KD 2/750 each reduced to KD 1/500 each

Toasted Marshmallow, Creamy Sandalwood, Praline Musk

I love my lil Travel Size “Mermaid Off Duty” Sea-Tox Seaweed Body Cream (haulage here)! I seriously love the heck out of that thing! However, the scent can sometimes clash with some of my more fruity or gourmand Perfumes. I needed a moisturizer that would mesh well with my Perfumes, not fight against them. Luckily, at the check-out counter, they had a large jar filled with these lil cuties (kismet)! I snatched up not one but two, right away! They also smell absolutely delicious!

In the Sun Perfume Spray (0.23 fl.oz/7mL) (Travel Size) reduced from KD 4/500 to KD 2/750

A fun-in-the-sun blend of Sunkissed Neroli, Sparkling Orange Flower & Bronzed Sandalwood!

White Perfume Spray (0.23 fl.oz/7mL) (Travel Size) reduced from KD 4/500 to KD 1/500

A blend of Musk, Vetiver & Jasmine, White is graceful, radiant, harmonious, ethereal and sheer

I recall seeing the White Cosmic Cream earlier (spotted here), but never the travel-size Perfume Spray. Same goes for the Black Cosmic Cream and the entire In The Sun range. This was my first time seeing these little Perfume Sprays (found in the “Aisle of Doom”). They were available in several scents (as mentioned), but unfortunately, they were all pretty ratchet (already opened or had stuff smeared on them or had the wrong cap which messed with the scent and so on), so I grabbed the cleanest two (un-sniffed) because apparently, I’m all about Perfumes now. Unfortunately, they don’t smell that nice lol Glad I got them at a discounted price, but it would’ve been better if I’d never gotten them in the first place lol

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin PocketBac reduced from KD 1/250 to KD 0/750

I spotted this earlier (here) and wanted to purchase it then, but refrained from doing so, for whatever reason and decided to go for it now. It was just too cute to pass up… again! Also, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is usually a pretty safe bet!

So instead of paying KD 37 I only payed KD 14/250 (I mathed) so I’m pretty pleased with that, especially since everything I got (except for the actual Perfume Sprays, ironically lol) smelled absolutely wonderful! Despite my constant complaints of my beloved gourmands starting to annoy me (for the past year or so), once the temp drops, I just really start craving gourmands again! Other than smelling ridiculously yummy, they’re also very comforting and just make me feel… happy!

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