The Umbrella Academy

You really can’t judge a book by its cover… or in this case, a Netflix Show from the Promo Shots. I came across this on Netflix, the day it was released and purely based on the heavily edited way the entire cast looked in one of the promo shots on Netflix, thought “Nuh”. Few days later, gave it a chance anyway (because… Ellen Page) and was hooked!

I never read the Graphic Novel so I didn’t know what to expect. Right off the bat, I felt that The Umbrella Academy gave off a distinctly similar vibe to Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (only ever saw the movie), except this was for a slightly more mature audience (or maybe kids nowadays are more precocious, I dunno’). It was a bit bizarre quirky, but once you got engrossed in the story (which was pretty simple and therefore easy to follow), it actually was a pretty enjoyable watch!

#1 (Guy wearing the Green Coat in the photo)

I hated his character! Brood, brood, brood.

#2 (Guy wearing an Eye Mask)

I’ve seen him in other stuff so I liked that he was in this, despite how obnoxious his character was. He played his role well! Also, he foine!

#3 (Girl in Leather Jacket)

Such a bad actress. It’s like she was forced to act in this show. Every time she was onscreen, she’d take me out of the show.

#4 (Guy wearing Pink Feather Boa)

My favorite! At first, I was like “ugh, another Jack Sparrow impersonator”, but he grew on me within mere seconds! First, his one-liners are hilarious! Second, he’s absolutely gorgeous! Third, his one-liners are really, really hilarious!

#5 (Boy holding up a mug)

The only character I could actually relate to lol Cracked me up almost as much as #4.

#7 (Girl holding up an open book)

Yes, that is Ellen Page and no that doesn’t look anything like her. See what I’m sayin about being heavily edited? So, for 99% of the show, Ellen Page pretty much plays the same character she plays in every other movie/show/videogame.

The Handler

Kate Walsh a.k.a. McDreamy’s wife! I recognized her voice way before I even properly saw her!

Cha Cha

And for no apparent reason, Mary J. Blige

Basically, they’re all siblings and super heroes and they bicker a lot. Throw in a talking chimpanzee and a robot and some time-travel and you’ve got The Umbrella Academy… in a nutshell. Like I said, it is a bit bizarre, so you can’t just jump in at any random episode (walking in to the chalet to find your friends already several episodes in) and expect to immediately feel immersed and invested. I’d suggest watching it from the very beginning because it’s only 10 episodes and although slow at certain points (literally every time #3 is on-screen) overall, it’s funny watching the siblings interact (bicker) with each other, while trying to save the world. The Umbrella Academy might not be to everyone’s taste, but I liked it!

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