AKRacing Pro Gaming Chair

Are you ready for the ultimate? The Pro Gaming Chair is the top of the line for AKRacing Gaming Chairs. It is upholstered with breathable perforated PU leather, features a wider frame and a deeper seat for relaxed seating and additional leg support, as well as 70% more cold cured foam than the EX chair. A true premium chair with cutting-edge ergonomics and a full spectrum of high-end features dedicated to your well-being. Don’t settle for less, the AKRacing Pro delivers what others merely promise.

I got the AKRacing Pro Gaming Chair as a birthday gift! Apparently, these are the ones that YouTubers use. I know that these things are supposed to cost a pretty penny too, so I just never really set my sights on them. That’s why I was genuinely shocked when my older brother got me one as a birthday gift! So cool!

He thought I’d “have fun” putting it together lol I was like dude, have you met me?

There were way too many parts and therefore a much higher probability that I’d mess this up or worse, lose something lol So he put it together for me!

– Perforated pleather upholstery on front and back.
– Metal frame with 70% more cold-cured foam for maximum comfort and durability.
– Advanced mechanism with lockable tilt positions.
– Pillow set included.
– 4D adjustable armrests.
– 3 inch casters.
– Class 4 gaslift.

Ta Da! The finished result!

4 thoughts on “AKRacing Pro Gaming Chair

  1. How sweet of your brother :) . Happy Birthday beautiful! Have a great one ahead.. Am sure we have discussed this before but i forgot exactly when your birthday was. Sorry..


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