FreshLook Honey Contact Lenses

I decided that I’m going to be doing hauls and reviews of all my Colored Contacts, starting with my favorites. The objective of the photos (ideally, they should’ve been way less, lol) is to show how they look in different lighting, and with different makeup and so on.

Also, sorry for the million and one photos. I tried to go through them and delete as many as I could, but the more time passed, the more I had to add other photos of other stuff to the Media Library, for my other posts. It made it difficult to go back and find the photos for this post in the Media Library on my blog. It got to be too much for me and eventually, I just… gave up. Many of the pictures are just awful lol but like I said, I’m so done editing and as such, this is the final product that you guys get lol Hopefully, the photos will be much less in my other posts about my other contacts.

Like I said in my Colored Contact Lenses Post (here), I cut my teeth on FreshLook Green Colored Contacts. They were pretty much the only pair I wore, if I was going to be wearing contacts at all. However, after some time, for whatever reason, I picked up Freshlook Honey Colored Contacts (on a whim) and gave them a try. They were pretty bright and quickly became another favorite of mine!


Christian Dior #670 Clubbing Eyeshadow Palette (grey eyeshadow)
Lancome Calypso Eyeshadow Palette (inner corner highlight)
Urban Decay Lust 24/7 Eye Pencil
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
Nars Orgasm Blush* (not shown)
Rimmel Celeb Lasting Finish Lipstick* (not shown)

Back then, we (people in my life and I) where all rockin’ the thin brows “look” (which was awful lol). In my case, the brow technician had to thread my shapeless brows into non-existence, because I insisted on having them arched. After some time, the salon where I got my eyebrows threaded, offered a new service, tinting eyebrows with henna, so I decided to give it a shot. It kinda’ stung to have henna applied to freshly threaded brows and the shade was way too dark and therefore stark against my skintone, but after a few days, once it got lighter, it looked marginally better.

I liked the result enough to revisit experimenting with brow products. However, I still got my brows tinted with henna at the same salon on and off throughout the years, up until I learned how to fill in my brows on my own (after discovering my beloved Maybelline Define-a-brow Eyebrow Pencil). Also, notice how I was really into my cool tones (grey eyeshadow) even back in the day! What does this have to do with the Colored Contacts? Absolutely nothing lol I just like to ramble, as you will see in the rest of this post… and basically, my entire blog lol

Rimmel Black Magic Special Eyes Eyeliner Pencil
Random Mascara (don’t remember, which applies to all pics in this post lol)
Lancome Calypso Eyeshadow Palette (inner corner highlight)

Apparently, I was channeling L from Death Note (the anime). In reality, I was actually “experimenting” with lining my eyes all the way around, as well as lining my waterline. You’ll notice that in all the following photos, that I line my upper lids all the way, but only line the outer third of my lower lids, adding a little flick at the end and always leave my waterline bare. Since I was gonna’ stay in for the night, I figured I could “experiment” with lining both the top and bottom all the way around (because it looked dramatic, but also, quite pretty on all those Lebanese Actresses and Lebanese Models and Lebanese Singers in Arabic Print Magazines).

So, I popped on my contacts (Honey) and grabbed a Black Pencil Liner (Black Magic) and lined my eyes, finishing off with lining my waterline. The end result was… awful (as you can see). It was patchy in several areas (most noticeably in my waterline) and collected in the inner corner of my eyes and worst of all, did nothing for my eye shape (so unflattering on me). Even the inclusion of Mascara didn’t help. Clearly, this was not the way they’d achieved the look in all those magazines lol I’m thinkin’, if I’d filled in my brows, this might’ve looked slightly less terrible because as you can see, my bare brows are just… sad lol

Maybelline Dark Brown Define-a-brow Eyebrow Pencil
Urban Decay Stray Dog Eyeshadow
Bourjois Black Party Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
MAC Freckletone Lipstick* (nude) (not shown)

Notice the difference filling the brows can make? This photo was taken after I’d gotten back from a job interview (it doesn’t hurt to test the waters). I’d worn a Pin-Striped Button Down Shirt and a Black fitted Vest over top with lace detailing, paired with Black Wide-Leg trousers (I had the matching jacket but it seemed too matchy-matchy), coincidentally all from Zara, paired with my Not Rated Black Side Step Pumps. In my mind, I was channeling Korean Gangsters (the kind that strut around in Business Suits) lol In my defense, I’d stayed up all night and was pretty giddy by the time I took those photos.

December 2009 (Avatar 3D)

Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-brow Eyebrow Pencil
MAC Parfait Amour Eyeshadow (lilac)
Geurlain Divinora #260 Touche de Rose Eyeshadow Compact (pink)
Urban Decay Lust 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
Sephora #13 Hot Pink Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss* (not shown)

I’m pretty sure I went to see Avatar in 3D at the movies with my favorite cousin at the time of these pictures. I was wearing a Black Long-Sleeve Top and Blue Denim Skinny Jeans (testing the waters with skinny jeans but wasn’t completely sold) and a bright Blue Puffer Vest with a faux-fur trim hood and my heartbreakingly beautiful Delicious Winter White Win Knee-High Boots (pics here). I even threw on a pair of bright Blue Hoops (partially shown in the photo) and had painted my nails in L.A. Girl Sky Blue Nail Polish (Disco Brites Collection) because it was one of those glow-in-the-dark shades (legit says black light nail polish on the bottle lol).

The outfit and makeup are a bit too colorful for my taste now, but back then, I was in my early 20’s. I still think it looks pretty cute, but it’s not my aesthetic anymore. More importantly, look at how bright and glow-y the contacts look! Man, I miss our previous home and my bathroom (or rather, the lighting in the bathroom of our previous home because I pretty much apply my makeup in the dark now lol)!

January 2010 ? (Shaheed Park)

Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-brow Eyebrow Pencil

Shaheed Park was closed down (because they were rebuilding it into the Shaheed Park that we all know today), but my friends and I managed to sneak in there… to work out… at night… during the dead of Winter. It. Was. Brutal. The next time they decided to go back and asked me to join them, I politely told them to go drown themselves. Despite all my rants about Kuwait, I’m a desert girl through and through. I don’t do cold.

Anyways, in the photos, I was growing out my brows, so I decided to “camouflage” them with an Eyebrow Pencil and pop on some colored contacts (Honey) to make it seem like I made an effort. Unlike other colored contacts from other brands, the ones from FreshLook were exceptionally comfortable! You could just pop them on and totally forgot about them!

March 26-27, 2010 (The power of filling in brows)

Urban Decay Stray Dog Eyeshadow
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Black Party Pencil Liner (review here)
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
Nars Orgasm Blush
Sephora #13 Hot Pink Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss* (not shown)
Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-Brow Eyebrow Pencil (review here)

Again, look at the difference filling in your brows can make (side note – I’m squinting in the very first photo ‘cuz I was cracking up)! My makeup was exactly the same before and after, except I didn’t feel like filling in my brows only until after our plane touched down and we’d finally reached our hotel rooms. I quickly drew them in before we went out to explore the resort town. Also, I’m abnormally pale here because I was on my second day of no sleep (I’m not talkin’ oh, just a little nap here and there, I’m talkin’ zero sleep, because I was too excited about traveling with my favorite cousin) and apparently the blood drains from my face and I look like I’m dying whenever I go past 24 hours without any sleep, let alone the 48 hour mark.

March 28, 2010 (green eyeshadow)

Rimmel Dark Brown Professional Eyebrow Pencil
Shiseido Eyeshadow Duo Compact (Green)
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Black Party Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
MAC Morange Lipstick (review here)* (not shown)

After exploring the neighboring area, my favorite cousin and her brother and his best friend and me, had dinner at one of the Seafood Restaurants (where we accidentally blew half our budget for the trip only hours after touching down lol sometimes you just need a “proper adult” around) before splitting up. She and I went back to our hotel room to take a quick shower and get dressed before going out for the night. I was wearing an Acid Yellow Top and Green Shorts and Flats, so I thought it’d be cute if I wore matching Green Eyeshadow and even worse, pulled my hair up into two pigtails. My eyebrows look intense because I’d brought and used my Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in the wrong shade (“Dark Brown” instead of “Taupe”). I usually reserve the darker shade for filling in my brows when they’ve been tinted using henna, but in my rush to pack (only hours before the plane takes off because… me) must’ve grabbed the wrong shade and didn’t notice until I was already half-way through filling in my brows (already too invested and wasn’t about to redo them lol).

Once the entire resort town started winding down for the night/morning, she and I decided to chill at the beach (pitch black, literally nothing to see) and start taking pictures there (as shown), up until Sunrise. The first ones that started showing up were the elderly tourists. Then the athletic people (some dude was straight up doing Tai Chi on one of those large floating platforms way out in the water while my cousin hilariously narrated the sound effects) and after them came the families with little children in tow.

Once the guys showed up, we all had breakfast together and then went back to our hotel rooms (which were the furthest rooms from the beach, all the way across the street, requiring a golf cart to shuttle us back and forth) to change into our swimsuits (my cousins wears the hijab so she wore something resembling a wet-suit instead) and got back to the beach for a swim. While my cousin and I were “working on our tans” (only her face, hands and feet were exposed lol) on those floating platforms, these two elderly British women approached us and started asking us some questions about Islam and such. I was merely the translator up until one of them asked if my cousin was forced into wearing the hijab, which is when my cousin jumped in and said “No, my choice”. Then we all dispersed because some German dude kept yelling at us and after a beat, we realized what he was trying to say. There was Stingray uncomfortably close to us. This was my third consecutive day of no sleep, so after the swim, I showered and promptly passed out.





March 29, 2010 (aqua blue eyeshadow)

Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-Brow Eyebrow Pencil
Geurlain Terracotta Aqua Blue Loose Powder Kohl (waterline)
Shisiedo Eyeshadow Duo (gorgeous dark green on one side and aqua blue on the other)
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Black Party Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
Nyx Hot Pink Round Lipstick* (not shown)

Since I hadn’t dried my hair properly before passing out, my hair was frizz city central! I tried to compensate by wearing a blue dress paired with black leggings and blue wedges. In my mind, I thought it would be cute to match my eyeshadow to my dress (I’ve since outgrown that habit, Thank God), so I popped on the only Blue Eyeshadow I had on hand (as shown). This picture right here is the reason why I’ve avoided all Blue Eyeshadows indiscriminately, ever since.

My mascara wasn’t working for me. My eyeshadow wasn’t working for me. My dress wasn’t working for me. My wedges weren’t working for me (nobody should wear anything other than flats at a resort town lol). The guys were supposed to meet up with us, but somehow we all kept missing each other and ended up missing our reservation. My favorite cousin and I had our first fight… ever. The whole night was a bust lol

April 1, 2010 (smokey eyeshadow)

Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-Brow Eyebrow Pencil
Christian Dior #670 Clubbing Eyeshadow Palette (appropriate, no?)
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Black Party Pencil Liner (lol)
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)

My favorite cousin and I had ditched the guys and already done what we’d wanted to do (Quad Biking Tour at dawn which was intense and Snorkeling Trip Excursion with a group to wherever which was less exciting, despite the fact that I love water activities). So we decided to go “clubbing”, which is why I went with a “Smokey Eye” look (including some little tight-lining action lol) and my cousin even popped on her contacts for the occasion.

Her family is super religious so she’d never been to anything like this before. When the song Rise Up came on (it was a “thing” back then), the DJ or whomever would turn the music off, and everyone in the club would chant “so high” in unison, my favorite cousin took to it like a duck to water (she was yelling the loudest). I felt like a mama duck, so proud of her little duckling! Unfortunately, we spotted her brother’s friend walking in with some girl. We didn’t want him to spot us and then possibly tell her brother which would definitely lead to some drama (if not with her brother, then with our parents, after he tells them because… Arabs) so we quickly snuck out without being seen.

April 2, 2010 (lilac eyeshadow)

Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-Brow Eyebrow Pencil
MAC Parfait Amour Eyeshadow
Geurlain Divinora #260 Touche de Rose Eyeshadow Compact (prune/purple) as liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
Sephora #13 Hot Pink Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss* (not shown)

So, I’m just strutting around town wearing a Pink Cowboy Hat (as you do, no big deal) to match my Hot Pink Top paired with Denim Shorts and borrowed my cousin’s White Espadrilles. No clue why my eyeshadow is almost up to my brows lol but yeah, this is my favorite type of eyeshadow shade to wear (aside from my beloved Urban Decay Stray Dog). I think Violets and Lilacs are so pretty on the eyes! Notice how infinitely more flattering the Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-Brow Eyebrow Pencil looks once I got a tan and how bright and glow-y the FreshLook Honey Contacts look too! At this point, my skin was already starting to peel (as evident by my forehead lol)

November 2010 (green eyeshadow)

Lancome Color Design 4 Color Eyeshadow Palette (can’t remember the name, only the packaging because it wasn’t the standard black)
Lancome Calypso Eyeshadow Palette (inner corner highlight)
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Black Party Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
MAC Russian Red Lipstick* (not shown)

When I don’t sleep, I get pale (as I’ve explained earlier, the blood just drains from my face) and when I get pale, my beloved Maybelline Define-a-brow starts looking orange-y/reddish, unfortunately. I believe the Green Eyeshadow was from a Lancome Eyeshadow Palette (can’t remember the name). Notice the inner corner highlight (applied with the hi-tech method of using my pinky finger lol) also from another Lancome Eyeshadow Compact (Calypso). More importantly, do you see how bright and glow-y the Freshlook Honey Contacts look?

December 18 2010 (neutral eyeshadow)

Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-Brow Eyebrow Pencil
Urban Decay Stray Dog Eyeshadow
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Black Party Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
Revlon Strawberry Suede Matte Lipstick* (not shown)

Same products I always use except applied in a rush (which makes all the difference) hence the unimpressive end result. I was late to my own birthday party lol so I didn’t have time to faff around. We were all gonna’ meet up at my place and carpool to the Filipino Restaurant (for some Karaoke and Pansit, baby!) in Kuwait City, except we needed to take more cars than we’d originally anticipated, because we were a rather large group… and only three people actually knew how to get there lol

Also, because I was so short on time, I’d gotten a mani-pedi and my brows threaded and my hair did at the local co-op’s salon (first and last time lol) to “save time”, and they’d jacked up my brows (I didn’t like the shape and I had little pin-pricks of blood all over my brows lol) and jacked up my cuticles (they bled for a bit but stung up until the next day and grew out all wonky and painful) and over-charged me for everything. It’s fine though because I channeled the feelz into my singing (at the karaoke place) lol

December 31 2010

Maybelline Medium Brown Define-a-brow Eyebrow Pencil
Urban Decay Stray Dog Eyeshadow
Bourjois Black Party Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
Lancome Calypso Eyeshadow Palette (lightest shade used as inner corner highlight)
Revlon Peach Colorburst Lipstick* (not shown)

I’d just gotten back from a wedding and whereas normal people would wash up and go to sleep, for whatever reason, I decided to pop on a headband and take pics (making goofy faces, like having my hand in front of my mouth and making and O shape with my lips, in the photo were my eyes are widened, second one down, to the left), I wanna’ say around 3:00 in the morning lol I’m thinking, I tossed on the headband to emphasize my hairstyle (I had mah herr did at the salon, because I don’t know how to back-comb it as high as I’d like). Incidentally, I’d purchased the headband in Germany from the store I am.

Anyways, I feel like this particular collection of pics displays the Freshlook Honey Colored Contacts the best, because you get to see them in all kinds of different lighting, particularly the side-by-side ones, all the way down.

If you get married on New Year’s, doesn’t it still count as a whole year? It makes more sense to get hitched on January 1st, no? I dunno… just a thought. My aunt got married on New Year’s as well and she regrets it because now both New Year’s Eve and her Wedding Anniversary get lumped together into one celebration (the struggle lol).

February ‎2011

MAC Cork Eyeshadow (to fill in brows)
MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow (review here) all over lid
MAC Hey Eyeshadow (review here) inner corner highlight
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Black Party Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
MAC Freckletone Lipstick* (nude) (not shown)

I believe this was around the time I couldn’t find my beloved Maybelline Define-a-brow in my preferred shade “Medium Brown”, so I had to look elsewhere for a substitute, which is why I revisited this whole filling-in-brows-with-powder thing. Despite all my qualms with MAC Hey Eyeshadow, in photos it looked so bling-y and pretty! This was in my bedroom, hence the atrocious lighting lol










Nov 30, 2011

Nyx Eyeshadow Trio TS 03 Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown (used as an eyeshadow and to fill in brows)
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Black Party Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)
MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick* (not shown)

June 2018

ColourPop Soft Black Brow Boss Pencil (haulage here)
bareMinerals Magnetism Eyeshadow (Ready 4.0 Eyeshadow Palette)
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Ultra Black Pencil Liner
Random Mascara (don’t remember because I’m constantly switching it up)

This was taken during Ramadan. I had an “Outfit of the Day” or “Lookbook” post up and everything (here and here). No clue what I had in my inner corner though (pretty sure I was using one of my MAC Eyeshadows as a Concealer lol) but whatever it was, it looks so ashy-clashy in photos lol Notice how with darker hair, FreshLook Honey looks less bright.

July 2018

No clue what products I’d used specifically but I’m pretty sure that all of them were from ColourPop. Honestly, I was just trying to experiment with this pack of falsies that I’d picked up, back when I was in Thailand. Verdict: too fake looking.

Anyways, I’d used one of those ColourPop No Filter Concealers (haulage here) on my under-eye area, which aged me at least twenty years (girls with oily skin will love this stuff, but since my skin is dry, nuh, not for me). To be fair, I hadn’t used a primer or anything else to hydrate my under-eye area. Then again, I rarely use that stuff. I want my concealer to rely on itself lol and not depend on other products for help. Come to think of it, this particular selection of pics was the main reason why I was now delving into all those under-eye products (snatching them up left and right). Also, my brows were a mess, up-close, but with a little bit of powder eyeshadow to camouflage fill them in (and a safe distance) it was less noticeable.

Final Thoughts

I’ve worn the FreshLook Honey Colored Contact Lenses more times than just the ones shown and have continued and will continue to do so. I’m just not always in the mood to take pics, y’know? I had these pics laying around so I cropped them and used them for this post. Also, my memory is not infallible and I only know the dates because it said so in the details (here’s hoping the date on my cameras were accurate at the time lol).

FreshLook Honey Colored Contact Lenses are a beautiful amber with an outer ring of olive-y green. They give the effect of an enlarged iris, but between the color and the eye enlarging effect (both of which I enjoy), they’re a bit obvious (not “natural”) and it totally looks like you’re wearing contacts. In fact, I was wearing them when I took my brother-in-law’s younger step-sister (who was visiting from out of town) to go see one of the Twilight movies, and as we were leaving the theater, she commented that I looked like I could pass as one of the vampires in the movie… so I left here there (just kidding!) but yeah, these look fake AF.

However, I actually like that because I feel like they “emphasize” certain Eye Makeup “looks” or rather, highlight them. My favorite pairing is with Urban Decay Stray Dog Eyeshadow and Black Liner and Mascara. Basically, I feel like my makeup looks poppin’ with these babies on! More importantly, they feel so comfortable on. You just pop them on and forget about them. The main reason why I like FreshLook Honey so much though, is because in certain lighting they just look so bright and glow-y!

That said, when I gifted a pair to my favorite cousin (after she’d complimented me on them), she popped them on and they looked so bad on her (her words, not mine). Our eyes are both sorta’ “hazel-y”, except mine lean more yellow whereas hers lean more orange. Also, when I went darker with my hair, they stopped looking as bright and glowy on me. Basically, I’m saying take your natural eye color and current hair color into consideration. Also, if you’re looking for subtle, look elsewhere lol Otherwise, FreshLook Honey Colored Contacts are pretty sweet!

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