Lux Perfumed Hand Wash

Man, Lux Perfumed Hand Wash is quickly becoming a favorite of mine! I’d spotted them earlier (here), but had already stashed these 2 scents in particular, in every bathroom in our household (each floor has a minimum of 7 bathrooms because… Arabs). The larger size (500mL) retails for KD 1/100 and the smaller size (250mL) retails for KD /700 so any way you slice it, this stuff is considerably cheaper than other *cough* Bath & Body Works *cough* Liquid Hand Soaps. Also, this stuff is available literally everywhere, from Carrefour to Sultan Center to your local co-op! More importantly, they smell absolutely lovely! Tempting Whisper in particular smells simply divine! Magical Beauty aint half bad, either!

Tempting Whisper (Peony & Ylang Ylang Oil)

My new favorite scent! You know when you eat something and it tastes nice, but it’s got an even nicer after-taste? Well, this smells nice, but has an even nicer after-smell (I don’t know how else to explain it, ok?) which I find intoxicating! It’s slightly sweet (almost like blackberry candy) and slightly powdery so… basically, what I would normally associate with Rose-Scented products. If you spot this, buy it, use it, love it, live it! As I said, Tempting Whisper smells simply divine!

Magical Beauty (Black Orchids & Juniper Oil)

Honestly, the fact that this included some form of Orchid, was what persuaded me to try Lux Perfumed Hand Wash in the first place, because based on my experience, anything that has Orchid in the name, tends to smell somewhat sweet. Magical Beauty did not disappoint, but its scent pales in comparison to Tempting Whisper. If I had to compare Magical Beauty to anything, it comes across as a generic scent that you could find at Bath & Body Works. Still, for that amount and that price, it’s way more cost effective to go with this stuff. Also, the scent is actually pretty nice!

7 thoughts on “Lux Perfumed Hand Wash

  1. I 100% agree with you. They smell amazing but sadly i dont get to use this coz of my eczema. Strictly been asked to keep myself away from perfumed products. But i smell it in my bathroom after someone else uses it and i love it :)


  2. Bummer! Sorry, babe :( On the upside, at least you get to enjoy the scent regardless, and frankly that’s where these babies shine. Out of curiosity though, what are the soaps that you do use (to not aggravate your skin)?


  3. Yes!! U are absolutely right. Currently i am using the Bioderma Atoderm Gel and so far i am loving it. Doesn’t dry my skin excessively and has no fragrance.


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