H&M Men’s Haul

I was passing through the Men’s Section of H&M (top floor) at the Avenues, when I noticed a couple of fun Sweatshirts and decided to get them for one of my older brothers (we’re 8 years apart). I also picked up a Black Cap and White T-Shirt (more of a dress on me, really lol) for myself also from the Men’s Section. After this haul, I’m totally convinced that from now on, I should browse around the Men’s Section too, in all the stores, because a lot of their stuff looks so cool and super appealing to me! Since apparently I seem to have male readers as well on here, I figured I’d do a post on the guy clothes I got. Plus, it’s slightly different from my usual content (which is a nice change). The total for everything was KD 52/000.

Black Cotton Twill Cap retails for KD 2/000

Cap in cotton twill with an adjustable strap at back with metal fastener.

I’ve been searching for a plain Baseball Cap in Black since forever! All the ones I’d usually come across (meant for females) either had something written on them or had unappealing embellishments on them or came in fussy fabrics like faux suede/faux velvet or had some sorta’ mesh in the back or just had way too much going on in general for my liking.

This one was in the Men’s section (top floor) of H&M and came in regular cotton twill (durable and easy to maintain), with no ugly mesh in the back, no frou-frou embellishments either and no silly slogans. It was just a plain Black Cap which quite frankly, was exactly what I’d been searching for! As an added bonus, the metal fastener in the back looked pretty cool and more importantly, was not gold lol Basically, this Cap was just perfect for me!

2pack Smartphone Gloves retail for KD 3/500

Gloves in a soft fine knit with ribbing at the cuffs. The tops of the thumb, index and middle finger are in smartphone-compatible fabric.

I thought my brother would get a kick out of these Gloves, but apparently he already has a pair from a different brand (lol nerd) and also these were only available in one size which happened to be too big so I went back at a later date and exchanged them for something else (for myself) with his blessing lol

White Cotton Jersey T-shirt retails for KD 3/500

Straight-cut T-shirt in soft cotton jersey with a rounded hem. Slightly longer at the back.

Available in White (as shown) and Beige and Burgundy and Light Purple and Green and Blue and Blue Melange and White/Grey Melange and Light Grey Melange and Black.

Initially, I got this to pair with my Leggings. It’s a T-shirt on the dude modeling it, but it’s more of a Dress on me lol However, it’s totally see-through. As such, it occurred to me that it would be nice and comfy and just better suited for wearing to sleep! I got it an X-Small and it’s still pretty long lol

NASA T-Shirt retails for KD 4/000

T-shirt in soft cotton jersey with a printed design.

Available in White – New York and Grey Melange – NASA (as shown) and Blue – Navy and Black – Earth.

Ground control to Major Tom

So I’ve been seeing NASA plastered on all kinds of clothing for men and women (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Cropped Hoodies, Jackets, Cargo Pants, and so much more) recently! It’s not just at H&M either. I’ve seen them at Forever 21 and I’ve seen them at Zara as well. You could probably find them at other stores too. Like I said, everyone is collabing with everyone lol In any case, I liked the back of this T-Shirt so I figured my brother would like it too. He did!

Marvel Pajama T-Shirt and Shorts Set retails for KD 8/000

Pajamas in cotton jersey. T-shirt with a printed motif and shorts with an elasticized waistband and side pockets.

Yet another licensed product meaning yet another collab lol (Disney be rackin’ in dem monies)! I thought my brother would like these pj’s. I was not wrong!

Grey Super Mario Sweatshirt retails for KD 8/000

Sweatshirt with a small embroidered motif at front and a printed design. Dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and ribbing at neckline, cuffs, and hem. Soft, brushed inside.

Available in Super Mario (as shown) and Garfield

From the boring color (so dull) to the high neckline (why so high?) to the dropped shoulders (yuck!), I really, really didn’t like this Sweatshirt, but since it had Super Mario written on the front (yet another licensed product?), I figured my older brother might possibly like it, and at the very least, get some use out of it during Winter. He actually liked it more than I did.

Dark Blue Sunshine Sweatshirt retails for KD 11/000

Long-sleeved sweatshirt with a printed design. Ribbing at neckline, cuffs, and hem. Soft, brushed inside.

Available in Grey Melange – Statue of Liberty and Light Grey Melange – Since Ever Forever and Dark Blue – Sunshine (as shown) and White – New York and Dusty Rose – NYC

This looked pretty cool! I loved the color! I loved the design! I loved that it had “Rising Sun” written on it in Japanese (could’ve been “Sunshine”… my brother used an app that scans whatever and automatically translates it to English, but I forgot what the result turned out to be). As expected, my brother got a kick out this Sweatshirt too!

Atari Hooded Sweatshirt retails for KD 12/000

Sweatshirt with a printed motif. Drawstring hood, kangaroo pocket, and ribbing at cuffs and hem. Soft, brushed inside.

Available in Black with Atari printed in White (as shown) and Navy with UCLA printed in Yellow and White with Super Nintendo printed in Red.

The catalyst for this entire haul! As soon as I spotted this thing, I knew I just had to get it for my older brother! Since I was gonna’ buy something anyway, I decided to do a quick lap around the Men’s Section and that’s how I ended up finding all the other stuff. The Atari Hooded Sweatshirt is hands down the coolest item in this entire haul! I’m actually jealous that we don’t have stuff like this in Women’s Section (because millions of stores dedicated entirely to women wasn’t enough apparently) lol Even when I handed it to him to try on, my brother had to tell me to “let go” several times before I unhanded it. Obviously, he thought it was pretty chill (as did I) so I’m happy that he’s happy!

Like I said, I’m going to make it a point to check out the Men’s Section from now on (in all the stores) because apparently they’ve got a lot of “hidden gems” (for women)! Ladies, I suggest you do too!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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