American Eagle Sale Haul

Yeah… so now you know why I don’t take photos of the clothes I haul (‘cuz as you can clearly see, I’m terrible at it), and instead, use the official photos they have up on the official website. As I’ve said before, the lighting is atrocious in my apartment (I insisted on “dimmers”). I need to get them replaced, but I keep putting it off (no time, ok?) Anyways, I couldn’t find any of the clothes online so I decided to take pics of them (with my phone, no less) for this post.

I was traipsing around the Avenues when I saw the huge “Sale” sign at American Eagle and popped in for a quick look. All the Tops were either cropped or see-through (basically unwearable, for me) and the Bottoms were the opposite, too long and heavy. I wasn’t tempted to try anything on, up until I spotted this really cool Skirt! I snatched a couple of potentially wearable Tops to try on as well (since I was gonna’ be in the changing room anyway) and ended up purchasing all 3 Tops and the Skirt on sale for exactly KD 15.

High-Low Ruffle Skirt reduced from KD 18/000 to KD 6/000

Isn’t she lovely? First of all, I love the Indigo/Black Plaid (Check?) Print! Second, it’s got a high-low hem (so cool)! I live for those! Third, it’s got adorable ruffles on the side! Obviously, I had to try it on and ended up purchasing it a size Small. Honestly, this thing looks so cool in real life and the photos aren’t even beginning to do it any justice! As an added bonus (I was in love with it and was going to get it regardless) it was on sale for only KD 6/000!

x2 Black Knit Crew Neck Sweatshirt reduced from KD 6/000 to KD 3/000 each

I don’t like this thing. It’s totally see-through (you can literally what’s behind it in the photo I took of the inside of it and you can totally see the hanger in the last photo). Plus, it’s really thin (I expect it do die on me after a handful of washes). I only tried this on because I was going into the changing room anyway and this was the only style I could find that wasn’t cropped or damaged or ugly, etc… I couldn’t decide between the Small and Large so I got both (since they were on sale and all). I figured I could wear this Black Knit Sweatshirt underneath my Jackets and such, for example the Next Denim Jacket (haulage here).

Off-White Knit Crew Neck Sweatshirt reduced from KD 6/000 to KD 3/000

I don’t know why I got this either since it’s exactly the same style as the previous Sweatshirt, except in a different color. For starters, it’s pretty see-through (you can totally see the price tag through the shirt). Also, just like all knit-wear, it’s got tiny gaps… that make this thing even more see-through. Most notable is the fact that it’s quite thin, meaning it’s not the best at keeping a body warm during Winter. I guess I could wear this Off-White Knit Sweatshirt underneath my sleeveless clothes like the Mango Navy Zip Jumpsuit (haulage here) or the Bershka Black Faux Shearling Biker Waistcoat (haulage here) and such.

In hindsight, I should’ve just purchased that awesome Skirt by itself, but who knows? Maybe those Sweatshirts might come in handy. Plus, like I said, I got them all on sale so I’m not too broken up about it. It’s neither here nor there, but the American Eagle store in Marina Mall has a large selection of the cutest bras and and other very pretty underthings, and also has a nice variety of comfy pj’s, and chill lounge-wear, and cool “active” wear and so much more, which is why it’s my favorite branch!

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