Sephora Haulage (December)

My skin was being weird which was annoying! Even if your makeup skillz were next-level (which mine clearly weren’t), having skin issues just ruins the over-all effect! I figured I should look into this whole chemical exfoliating thing, because clearly physical exfoliating just wasn’t cutting it.

That’s why I set out to Sephora to purchase 2 things, only. I wanted to get the Pixi Glow Tonic (possibly in the travel size, just to try) for my skin and the Brigeo Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo for mah hurr, but ended up getting everything else shown (mostly skincare) as well, including some “Beauty Friday” stuff (discounted items). I believe most of the stuff was included in my latest Spotted at Sephora post (here), but if not, I’ll link each one individually, just to make sure. Also, as a result of this KD 80/000 haulage, I ended up getting the 12pc Festive Gift Box (full deets, here), which was pretty suh-weet!

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo retails for KD 12/750

This creamy, micro-exfoliating scalp shampoo contains gentle coconut-derived cleansers and vegetable-based exfoliators to gently remove dead skin and impurities from the scalp and hair.

I knew next to nothing about this stuff. All I read was Micro-Exfoliating and was like, “sold!” I was expecting something similar to Lush Big Shampoo (review here) which I’ve been meaning to go back and repurchase since forever (it’s so far out of my way), but the Briogeo Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo had less of a solid consistency and more of a creamy consistency, which was a delightful surprise and also made it infinitely easier to work with! Also, it smelled interesting (faint herbal scent that reminded me of something else that I can’t quite place) and had a mint-y cooling effect to boot! All in all, I’m a fan!

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Shampoo retails for KD 7/250

A volumizing shampoo fortified with follicle supporting ginger, ginseng, and biotin to provide immediate visible fullness and long-term hair health benefits.

I grabbed the Shampoo and Conditioner in the same line Blossom & Bloom (Ginseing + Biotin) because I wanted to try out some more stuff from Briogeo. First of all, this smelled awful. Second, it didn’t lather nicely. Worst of all, it felt like it didn’t cleanse my hair properly and I had to go back in with another Shampoo after using this stuff.

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Conditioner retails for KD 7/250

This dual-action conditioner enhances the look of hair fullness and thickness. It contains a unique ingredient—maltodextrin, a natural sugar starch—to coat each strand to promote a fuller appearance without sticky or stiff after-effects.

I grabbed the Shampoo and Conditioner in the same line Blossom & Bloom (Ginseing + Biotin) because I wanted to try out some more stuff from Briogeo. First of all, this smelled awful. Second, it didn’t lather nicely. Worst of all, it didn’t de-tangle my hair (like, at all) and I had to go back in with another Conditioner after using this stuff.

Briogeo Hair Care

I first spotted Briogeo at Sephora awhile ago (here), but this was my first time actually purchasing anything from the brand. I should’ve gotten the Shampoo and Conditioner from any other Briogeo range, but I got greedy and wanted more Volume (not that my hair needs any more) and now I’m stuck with these two. That said, I’ve only used them once, so maybe with use, they might grow on me? As for the Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo, I’m obsessed! It’s so good! Highly recommend!

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara retails for KD 8/500

Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara is a smudge-proof mascara with the adjustable wand to customize thickness and length of lashes.

Not quite sure if this baby was new or not, but the concept although definitely not new, delighted me! I took pics of the display (here) because it looked so appealing as well! Basically, you could extend the length of the actual mascara brush, hence the name Escalator lol I’ve heard of Hatori Hanzo (Kill Bill lol) but I’ve never heard of Hatori Sanzo before… and also, I really don’t like the packaging of the Dinoplatz range (so ugly).

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack retails for KD 6/250

Pumpkin Sleeping Pack is an overnight enzyme-based treatment mask formulated with pumpkin extracts and natural enzymes to lightly exfoliate achieving supple, moisturized, and glowing skin the next morning.

Found in the same post in the same display (here) as the previous product. Despite the fact that both pumpkin-based products that I’ve reviewed earlier (Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and Bling Pop Pumpkin Sheet Mask) seemed to have irritated my skin, I felt the need to purchase yet another pumpkin-based product. Like I said, my skin had been acting up, and apparently with this stuff, you’d just apply it to your skin and go to sleep and wake up to exfoliated skin! To me, that sounds like a dream come true! So I bought it, natch’.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask retails for KD 2/750

Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask is a sheet mask is a luxurious bio-cellulose sheet drenched in pumpkin extracts and 24K gold for radiant, smoothed, and well-nourished skin.

Spotted this cutie at the “Aisle of Doom” (photo, here) and had to have it! I mean, look at it! This thing looked stupid cute! How could I not? Now you know why the “Aisle of Doom” has been dubbed the “Aisle of Doom” lol

Too Cool For School

So these 3 bebehs were from the the Korean Brand called Too Cool For School and were my first purchase(s) from this brand, eva’!

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Brightening Rubber Mask retails for KD 3/750

As the leader in high-performing skincare innovations, Dr.Jart+ created a shaking rubber mask to bring its fans the latest trend in masking. Plus, it’s easy and fun to use—just shake it up and give skin a shot.

I spotted these creepy baby-face cups earlier (here) and knew I had to own at least one, at some point. I’m not very good when it comes to things like this (always end up messing it up, somehow), but I figured I’d at least give it a shot (heehee)!

Pixi Glow Tonic retails for KD 8/000

This award-winning, invigorating toner deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates all skin types in one lovely step.

I spotted this stuff earlier (here) and immediately thought of it once my skin started acting up. Initially, I wanted to pick up the 100ml travel-size version (spotted in the “aisle of doom”, here) which retails for KD 4/500 but the sales assistant convinced me that it would be more cost effective to get the larger size which was 250ml for only a few KD more.

I’m such a chicken that I only dabbed this stuff on my chin at first and even then it was only a tiny drop on a cotton round (as a way of doing a “test patch). It tingled slightly, but that was it. Once I was absolutely sure that there was no adverse reaction (after a full 24 hours lol) I went to town on this stuff! However, afterwards, it occurred to me that I don’t actually own a proper sunscreen… yet. So I stopped using this stuff to avoid things like y’know… skin cancer and such. To be continued…

Starskin Lifting Lace – Revamping Meltaway Lace Eye Masks retails for KD 4/500

Gorgeous, fine lace is enveloped in a slow-release gel concentrate which gently melts into the skin, delivering a potent cocktail of ultra-plumping Adenosine, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, brightening Korean Mugwort and anti-aging Green Tea to remarkably transform the visibility of wrinkles and crow’s feet, and dramatically revitalize tired skin. Lace yourself for the best unmasking experience, ever!

From the moment I first spotted these Lace Eye Masks (here), I’ve been highly intrigued! I mean, come on! Lace Eye Mask! How could I not be?

Starskin JuiceLab Razzle Dazzle Power C+ Booster Mask (Raspberry & Lentil – Hydrating & Refreshing) retails for KD 5/500

A professional-strength Vitamin C sheet mask embedded with pure 75% Vitamin C dots waiting to be freshly activated by a shot of ultra-hydrating and refreshing Raspberry & Lentil serum.

When I first spotted this stuff at the “aisle of doom” (here) it retailed for KD 5/250 so it seems they’ve increased the price by 250 fils (a quarter of 1 Kuwaiti Dinar) since then. Apparently, it’s another one of those mix this with that and blah blah blah (DIY sorta’ deal lol) that I’m not terribly good at and yet quite fascinated by so I can’t wait to play around with this stuff! Also, it looks quite fun and cute!

Blithe Rejuvenating Purple Berry Patting Splash Mask reduced from KD 15/500 to KD 7/500

Blithe Patting Splash Mask contains a concentrated blend of lactic acid and antioxidant-packed berries to enhance skin elasticity and firmness. It provides exfoliating, deep cleansing, moisturising, pH balancing effects at once.

It’s been a minute since I first spotted Blithe (stacked next to the Peter Thomas Roth stuff, here) but the price point did not make it look all that attractive to me. However, I spotted several of these Patting Splash Masks (lolwut?) at the “Beauty Friday” counter (meaning their price had been significantly reduced). I don’t even know what a Patting Splash Mask was (a mask that you splash/pat on, I surmised from the name lol) but it sure did sound fun! I ended up going with Purple Berry because it smelled the yummiest!

You could use this stuff several ways. One was to fill up the sink and pour a few drops and then splash the mixture on your face or something. No. Just… no. I don’t do the whole filling up your sink thing because eww (no judgement if you do, but eww… so technically I am judging lol). The other way was to pour some in your hand while in the shower and dilute it with water and splash/pat it on your face. I tried doing it the second way, but I can’t quite seem to get the hang of it just yet.

Becca Ocean Jewels Eye Palette reduced from KD 13/250 to KD 6/500

A limited-edition eyeshadow palette with 7 silky, sea-kissed shades from creamy to matte. Inspired by the mesmerising, multi-faceted colors of an abalone shell and lustrous jewels of the ocean, each shade can be effortlessly layered to create a range of beachy, otherworldly eye looks.

Seashell (Matte) – A neutral ivory beige
Abalone (Metallic) – A soft duo-chrome purple
Ocean Jasper (Shimmer) – A duo-chrome brown that flashes red, blue and green
Mermaid Pearl (Shimmer) – An iridescent, holographic shimmer
Tourmaline (Matte) – A neutral, deep brown shade for crease and liner
Sandstone (Metallic) – A warm metallic copper
Spirit Quartz (Metallic) – A moody silver with subtle, purple undertones

What a delightful surprise! I spotted this beauty (here) and have lusted after it ever since! As such, I was elated when I noticed it chilling all nonchalant on the “Beauty Friday” counter (meaning the price had been significantly reduced)! I snatched one up for myself, immediately! So stinkin’ pretty that I just wanna’… I dunno’… eat it! lol Well, maybe not that. Maybe just cuddle it and whisper sweet nothings to it. Just look at the seashell packaging! Cuuuuuuute! I’m most excited for the shade Ocean Jasper whereas the shade Abalone is right up my alley! ♥

Samples of some more Clarins and Nuxe Skincare (bo~oring). Those 3 little tab thingies were samples that the sales assistant had filled out for me… except I’d forgotten what I’d asked for lol

This is everything I purchased, lumped in with everything in the 12pc Festive Gift Box of deluxe samples (haulage here), so you can get a better idea of how adorably tiny those mini perfumes were in comparison!

I said I spent KD 80. I lied. I spent KD 80/500. Again, I was only in Sephora to only purchase only 2 items, but because of my problematic skin coupled with zero impulse control, this happened lol That said, it’s mostly skincare and mostly Korean, at that. Plus, I got a box of mini-goodies to boot! As far as I’m concerned, this haul was a win!

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