Bath and Body Works Haulage (December)

I was severely disappointed by the fact that they were selling the Holiday 2017 Holiday Collection instead of the Holiday 2018 Collection at Bath & Body Works on December 2018 (pics here). However, I didn’t realize they were doing that, up until I started looking up the fragrance notes for this post, which by then, was obviously too late. This right here, is the reason I stopped buying from Bath & Body Works for so long.

They had some promo or other going on at the time (Buy 3 Get 4 Free), so I grabbed a few things (which turned out to be total fails). I got x2 Dry Shampoo and x2 Body Stuff (Shower Gel + Body Scrub) and x2 Bathroom Stuff (Shower Steamer and Hand Soap) and x2 Scented Candles and x3 Room Sprays. As the icing on the cake, not all the items were included in the promo -_-

x3 Twisted Peppermint Room Sprays retail for KD 2/750

I was actually looking for the Room Spray in the scent Vanilla Bean (for my boyz) but only found these 3 (spotted here)… in the entire store! I grabbed them anyway, but back home, noticed that all 3 had dirty sprays, so I’m pretty convinced that these were either testers or factory blems, but whatever.

Since I really, really, really enjoyed the scent of the Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel (haulage here), naturally, I just assumed that I’d enjoy the sent on these babies too! Unfortunately, that was not the case. Every time I’d spritz one of them, I’d start coughing uncontrollably for the next few minutes! These suckers were intense!

The scent was way too strong inasmuch that the only way I could actually use this stuff, was to spray it in a well-ventilated room, that I knew I wouldn’t be entering for the next 4-5 hours, at least. That way, when I did enter the room again, I’d get a hit of yummy peppermint (without that nasty choke-y feeling at the back of my throat, which I also get from using Hairspray)!

It goes without saying, but the Twisted Peppermint Room Spray was way too intense and actually offensive during the dead of Winter, so I’m definitely not going to be able to use it once the weather warms (unless I get tired of… y’know… breathing). To sum up my thoughts on this stuff, in one word, blech.

Twisted Peppermint Foaming Hand Soap retails for KD 3/750

Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Fresh Balsam

I would’ve preferred the Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in the same scent but since I could only find the Foaming Hand Soap, like rows and rows of the stuff (spotted here), I decided to go ahead and grab the one.

Again, the scent is not as pleasant as I remember it being. When I use this stuff first thing in the morning, the scent is actually quite jarring! In fact, the offensive eye-watering fumes remind me of Mouthwash. By the time it turns into that somewhat sweet and yummy peppermint scent that I know and love (haulage here) I’d have finished washing my hands and be just about ready to leave the bathroom -_-

I’m not sure if it’s doing that because it’s too intense for my nose or because this stuff is old (2017 Holiday Collection being passed off as 2018 Holiday Collection), but either way, the scent was irritating as heck.

Coconut Mint Drop Shower Gel retails for KD 5/500

White Coconut, Iced Peppermint, Winter Musk

I really wanted the Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel (haulage here), but it wasn’t available since they were only selling the 2017 Holiday Collection (spotted here) so I got the next best thing available, which was the Coconut Mint Drop Shower Gel (apparently I was on a mint-y kick that day).

This was one of the few wins in this entire haul! While using it, I could detect some mint and some coconut (albeit salty coconut) which was okay, but after getting out of the shower, I could detect a gorgeous sandalwood scent emanating from my skin! It lasted for a good long while too! I’m thinking it was the “winter musk” (whatever that means). Whatever it is, I am here for it! ♥

White Mint Latte Candle retails for KD 8/000

Fresh Peppermint, White Chocolate, Whipped Milk

Despite the fact that my beloved gourmands had been seriously annoying the life out of me throughout the past year, come Winter, I just start jonesing for a delicious gourmand candle to burn! I’ve been burning Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake (haulage here), but it keeps burning all weird and uneven. I could mess with it a bit but I really didn’t feel like doing that, every, single, time. I wanted to light a candle and sit back and enjoy its scent.

White Mint Latte kinda’ reminded me of Mint Chocolate (haulage here) which was a total throwback and the only reason I got this thing.

Mineral Body Polish (Water Collection) retails for KD 6/500

I purchased this stuff the first time (here) and loved it enough to get a back-up! The tub is huge and I’m nowhere near finishing up the first one, but nothing else interested me in the store and this stuff was pretty awesome, so I got another one. It reminds me off the scrubs they use on me in any given salon, when getting a mani-pedi! As such, I prefer using this stuff on dry skin, more so than on damp skin. More importantly, it had a pleasant scent!

x2 No Sweat Dry Shampoo (Active Skincare) retails for KD 5/250

After all the trouble I went through in the past year try to find any Dry Shampoo, from now on, as far as I’m concerned, in my book, there’s no such thing as having too many. I noticed these earlier in the Active Skincare aisle (spotted here) and decided to grab x2 cans of the stuff.

This stuff gave my hair massive volume! I’m talkin’ next level! Also, the scent was pretty good!

Snowflakes & Citrus Candle retails for KD 8/000

Orange & Lemon Essential Oils with notes of Sweet Mango

I qualified for some “free” stuff and after haphazardly sniffing some of the scented candles, I decided to go for Snowflakes & Citrus. Now that I’m reading the notes, it makes sense that I was so drawn to it (kept sniffing it and putting it back until eventually I just bought it). I’m not loving the packaging (ugly camping theme), but this thing smells delightful… unlit!

Happiness – Bergamot + Mandarin – Shower Steamer (Aromatherapy Collection) 6 tablets retail for KD 4/750

Each effervescent Tablet fills your shower with a blend of natural Bergamot + Mandarin Oils that will last long after the Tablet dissolves.

Bergamot Oil creates a sense of well being.
Mandarin Oil helps improve your mood.

Aromatherapy Tip: Use day or night to enhance your mood. Breathe deeply for best results.
Directions: place one unwrapped tablet on shower floor. For best results, place outside of the direct stream of water.

I was told I could pick one more item that would end up being free and I didn’t want anything else (everything was just more of the same stuff just re-arranged differently around the store), so I ended up grabbing these Shower Steamers (spotted here) because I’ve been meaning to give them a try. I was actually looking for the scent Love (Rose + Vanilla) or Comfort (Vanilla + Patchouli) but couldn’t find either one, and the store was about to close down for the night so I settled for Happiness (Bergamot + Mandarin).

Not gonna’ lie, I was pretty excited when I unwrapped one of these large tablets and placed it on the floor in the middle of my walk-in shower. I don’t know what I was expecting… but I got absolutely nothing from this thing. Maybe’ it’ll work better in smaller bathrooms? I dunno’. In any case, for me, this was a fail, unfortunately.

It’s still blowing my mind that the Holiday 2017 Collection was being passed off and sold as the Holiday 2018 Collection. Even worse, everyone seems to be okay with it!

x3 Twisted Peppermint Room Sprays (Holiday 2017 Collection) retail for KD 2/750 each
Twisted Peppermint Foaming Hand Soap (Holiday 2017 Collection) retails for KD 3/750
Happiness – Bergamot + Mandarin Shower Steamers (Aromatherapy) retails for KD 4/750
x2 No Sweat Dry Shampoo (Active Skincare Collection) retails for KD 5/250 each
Coconut Mint Drop Shower Gel (Holiday 2017 Collection) retails for KD 5/500
Mineral Body Polish (Water Collection) retails for KD 6/500
White Mint Latte Candle (Holiday 2017 Collection) retails for KD 8/000
Snowflakes & Citrus Candle (?) retails for KD 8/000

The total should’ve been KD 55/250 but because of whatever promo they had going on at the time, I ended up paying KD 30/750 instead.

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