Boots Mini Haul (Salmiya)

After Sultan Center (spotted here) I popped into the Boots store, down the street for a lil looksy. Straight away, I noticed this adorable little Lip Balm!

Since I was going to be standing in line anyway (to pay at the check-out counter) I figured I might as well grab another pair of Tweezers, since my previous pair seem to have disappeared. I couldn’t reach the top rack so I asked the nearest sales assistant (Veiled Egyptian Woman) to give me a hand. She reached for the more expensive (KD 4) pair of Tweezers from the brand The Vintage Cosmetic Company, but I laughed and said “No, the cheaper one, please” (which cost around KD 1 and was by the in-home brand, Boots). I looked away because I was still scoping out the place (it was my first time in that particular branch, ever), but I trusted her.

It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have looked away…

Boots Slanted Tweezers retails for KD 1/000

Gross! From the front, it looked totally fine, but once you flipped it around, you’d see it had nasty little stains. Fine. Let’s just assume that it was only on the packaging. Once I tore the thing open, even the actual Tweezer had mold and/or rust on it! That’s just so gross! I trashed it right away.

I’ve actually repurchased this particular pair on and off throughout the years and this has never happened to me before! I’m obviously never visiting this branch of Boots again. Ah, Kuwait.

Labellino Raspberry & Red Apple retails for KD 1/550

So this lil cutie was totally new to me (and was close to the entrance). I’ve never heard of Labellino before but I’m gonna’ go out on a limb here and assume it’s part of Labello (which is basically what Nivea is named, in other countries, I did a whole post on it, here).

Basically, this cutie is a dupe of the infamous EOS Lip Balms (which are pretty old-school at this point). It’s all domed and cute and apparently comes in several colors/scents! So far, I’ve only spotted Mint (Blue) and Raspberry & Red Apple (Pink) so obviously, I went with the latter.

Raspberry & Red Apple (Pink)
Watermelon & Pomegranate (Red)
Grapefruit & Maracuja (Orange)
Coconut Water & Aloe Vera (Green)
Mint (Blue)

These seem to be slowly popping up all over the country though as I keep spotting them everywhere now. However, like I said, we only have the Pink and Blue in Kuwait, so far.

The total for both items was KD 2/550 and I’m definitely not going back again, ever. So gross!

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