King and the Sting Podcast

So these two coupled up Theo Von (Rat King… deliciously appropriate) and Brendan Schaub (Sting…?) to create their own podcast (separate from the millions of other podcasts they already have, individually) called King and the Sting! They’re still working out all the kinks because it’s relatively new, but give ’em a listen!

I can’t figure out if Theo Von is really really smart or really really not. Either way, I find him and his horrible hair and fashion sense and little anecdotal stories absolutely fascinating! I’ve watched his stand-up, but it didn’t really do it for me. When he’s just having a normal conversation though, I find him hilarious! His one-liners slay me! Even his laugh makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I’m sure if I gave him a bath (as much as I adore him, he just seems so… dirty lol) and gave him a haircut and dressed him in normal clothes, he’d be hotter (exponentially) too!

I never really knew of Brendan Schaub before watching him on Rogan’s podcast, but he looks like the “average Kuwaiti Boy of Persian Descent”. I mean, I know there’s no such thing as average or normal (it’s all relative) and not all people of Persian Descent look the same, but you know what I mean (tall, white, nice hair, etc…). He even comes across as quite thirsty and is extremely fashion-obsessed, which fits in with my idea of the “average Kuwaiti Boy”, so there’s that too. I find him funnier when he’s just having a conversation on a podcast as well. He has a wonderful sense of humor! I mean, even when he’s just posing a question to Joe, I die laughing!

Together, they’re even funnier (or so I believe)!

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