I Am Tiny Haul

I Am is literally located wall-to-wall with Claire’s, facing Carrefour on one end, and Bath & Body Works on the other end (Avenues). I spotted some of those huge fluffy scarves by the entrance and decided to pop in for a looksy. I didn’t end up getting any scarves, but after a quick lap around the store, I picked up yet another Black Headband (it’s an addiction, I tell ya’) and a stack of colorful Rings!

I Am sells all kinds of accessories at an extremely affordable price point! More people should shop there!

Black Velvet Alice Headband retails for KD 3/000

I used to own something very similar to this, except it was White and Patent Leather, as opposed to Black Velvet. I wore that thing all the time, up until I accidentally left it behind on a plane. I believe it was from Claire’s, and I’ve been looking for something similar ever since. That’s why I was delighted when I spotted this one at I Am. It’s quite slim, has teeth on the inner rim (at the top) and most important of all, the cutest little bow on the side! If you follow trends, bows on errythang are having a moment (micro trend)!

Green/Gold Rings Collection retail for KD 3/000

I don’t wear “jewelry” that often, but the pretty Green caught my eye! I don’t come across this particular shade, in this particular material as much. Also, I like stack-able rings in general!

Total was only KD 6/000 which is affordable (more so than let’s say, their next-door-neighbor, Claire’s)! As I said, more people should shop at I Am. Their stuff is durable and inexpensive and “trendy” too!

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