Boots Mini Haul (Charles Worthington Warm Brown Instant Root Concealer)

Immediately conceal stubborn greys and reappearing roots for up to 72 hours between each wash. This transfer resistant, quick-drying formula provides a seamless finish allowing you to delay your next trip to the salon. Simply washes out after use.

– Dark Blonde (suitable for golden and caramel shades)
– Warm Brown (suitable for auburn and chestnut shades)
– Brown (suitable for chocolate and mahogany shades)
– Dark Brown (suitable for espresso and dark chocolate shades)

Like I said earlier when I first spotted these Instant Root Concealers (pics here), I was quite intrigued, because my hair was in dire need of the stuff! I mean, I hadn’t gotten my roots “touched up” since… I first dyed my hair (pics here) which was back during Summer lol Apparently this was available in several shades, but it seems we only got Warm Brown and Dark Brown (because… Kuwait). Aside from the the Instant Root Concealer Spray, the same brand came out with Instant Root Concealer Powder which sounds just as intriguing, but we didn’t get those (because… Kuwait). After the sales assistant spritzed some on my hair, it wasn’t an exact match, but I really liked how it “concealed” my darker roots to match my lighter hair!

How To Use:
Shake well before use and wear a towel around shoulders to protect clothing. Section desired area and lift hair upwards – this ensures spray is deposited lightly through the targeted area and avoids the scalp. Hold can 20-25cm away and steadily build up the colour to create even coverage, focusing only on areas that need concealment. Allow to dry before touching hair and wipe away any excess product from skin. Do not over spray, a little goes a long way. For best results apply to dry, styled hair.

If you’re looking for something to conceal your greys, I suggest you give the L’Oreal Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray (pics here) a try because it’s cheaper KD 2/700. If you’re looking to conceal darker roots then I suggest you give the Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer (KD 5/500) a try because although it’s more expensive, it’s also much more pigmented.

Why in God’s name did I need 4 cans of the stuff? I’m not really sure, because I barely go through 2 cans of Dry Shampoo (in a year) and I use that stuff for everything! In any case, Charles Worthington Warm Brown Instant Root Concealer retails for KD 5/500 each, but since there was a Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal on them, I got all 4 for only KD 11/000 (instead of KD 22/000). There we go. Since these were somewhat expensive for such small cans, I figured I was “saving” money if I bought more and qualified for even more lol That said, based on my dislike of getting my hair dyed regularly, I’m sure these Instant Root Concealer Sprays will come in handy!

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