Spotted at The Body Shop (December)

I was only passing by (on my trek from Sephora to Bath & Body Works) when I spotted this delightful Forest of Delights display! Apparently, The Body Shop had released 3 Limited Edition Scents for Winter/Holidays 2018.

Vanilla Marshmallow
Peppermint Candy Cane
Berry Bon Bon

After using the Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel (haulage here) and falling hopelessly in love with the scent, I was hoping to stock up this year (since Twisted Peppermint, just like Vanilla Bean Noel, was a Holiday release, meaning they were Limited Edition and only brought out during the Holiday Season).

Although I enjoyed the scent of Pepperminy Candy Cane after giving it a sniff in-store, I figured I should hold off on buying anything until after I’d hit up Bath & Body Works (and stocked up on Twisted Peppermint). As luck would have it, aside from the Foaming Hand Soaps (which I hate) and a trio of Concentrated Room Sprays (possibly testers), Bath & Body Works didn’t have Twisted Peppermint this year (in fact, they were selling the 2017 Holiday Collection… during 2018).

When I went back to The Body Shop to hopefully pick up a Shower Gel and some other items from the Peppermint Candy Cane range, the store had already closed for the night.

On my next visit (which was much, much later) to The Body Shop, the entire Holiday 2018 Collection (everything you see in the photo) was just… gone.

In any case, every year The Body Shop keeps looking better and better in my eyes! Bummer that I missed out, but lovely Holiday Collection regardless ♥

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