Spotted at Bath and Body Works (December)

Pretty, right? I thought so too! I even bought a few things.

Back home, when I googled the notes for an upcoming post, I realized that instead of the Holiday 2018 Collection, they were selling the Holiday 2017 Collection and passing it off as the newer collection!

Everything that people were buying was already a year old! No wonder those Body Creams usually smell horrible in under a month! They were already old by the time we bought them! We’d been buying old products at retail price. I mean, is this even legal?

The joys of living in Kuwait…

Body Care all to one side and the Scented Candles on the other.

Starting with the Body Care side, they had Fine Fragrance Mists grouped together (separated by scent). The Diamond Shimmer Mists (transparent packaging) and and Whipped Shimmer Body Creams (opaque can packaging) were on the very top row. The Creamy Body Scrubs were stacked side-by-side on the row below. The row below that, had the Body Creams (not visible from this angle). The Shower Gels and Body Lotions were also separated by scent (just like the Fine Fragrance Mists) and situated all over.

Coconut Mint Drop (teal packaging)
Snowy Morning (lilac packaging)
Vanilla Bean Noel (beige packaging)
Winter Candy Apple (red packaging)

Holiday 2017 Collection being sold at Bath & Body Works on December 2018

The top row of the display from a different angle.

You can see the Diamond Shimmer Mist (transparent packaging) all the way on the left and the Whipped Shimmer Body Creams (opaque can packaging) in the middle and all the way on the right (basically nestled between the Fine Fragrance Mists).

Creamy Body Scrubs

Body Lotion and Shower Gel directly underneath the Creamy Body Scrub.

Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

Body Creams

These things expire almost immediately and start to stink! Now I know why.

Fine Fragrance Mist

Normally, I’d say this was a “must-have” except this particular version of Vanilla Bean Noel seemed off, somehow. Again, now I know why. It’s because it’s already a year old!

They also had a less festive display of all 4 Holiday Fragrances stacked up on the wall shelves, including travel-size minis at the very bottom.

Vanilla Bean Noel (beige packaging)
Winter Candy Apple (red packaging)
Snowy Morning (lilac packaging)
Coconut Mint Drop (teal packaging)

Going back to the Scented Candles display…

Winter Candy Apple Candle

They bring out Winter Candy Apple in every form (Fine Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Soap, Scented Candle, etc…) and every year I avoid it, because I remember purchasing it about 10 years ago (haulage here) after all the girls were raving about it on YouTube and was sorely disappointed. I was so confused, because they kept saying it smelled delicious, meanwhile all I could smell was rotten fruit.

Now I know why. Bath & Body Works (Kuwait) were selling old/expired products. I suspected as much and even mentioned it in several posts, but now my suspicions have been confirmed.

‘Tis The Season Candle

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl Candle

White Mint Latte Candle

Finally, something I could work with!

Another Holiday Display

Again, I’d like to point out that any and every Body Cream from Bath & Body Works (or any other brand) that comes in this particular packaging, will expire and start to stink almost instantly, so save your money and do not bother purchasing it (PSA over).

Twisted Peppermint Foaming Hand Soaps

I much prefer the Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps because these Foaming Hand Soaps always leave some sort of “hydrating” residue which just drives me nuts!

Again, do not waste your money on these Body Creams.

Skin Goals Gentle Sheet Mask

After using their previous ones (haulage here) which was terrible, I think I’ll pass.

Spa Head Wrap (for at home facials)

Awww! This thing actually looked pretty cute! It had adorable cat ears and was all black!

Twisted Peppermint Concentrated Room Spray

I was actually looking for Vanilla Bean Room Spray but they only had these 3 in the entire store! Naturally, I snatched up all 3!

Scented Candles

Heirloom Apple Candle
French Lavender Candle

May The Forest Be With You Candle
Winter Candle
Campfire Donut Candle

May The Forest Be With You made me lol They bring out Winter every year so I’m very, very bored of it, at this point. Campfire Donut actually smelled pretty yummy, except I hated the packaging. The whole camping aesthetic is just not for me. Even worse, they didn’t bring out Hot Cocoa & Cream, which was also a part of this collection :/

Snow Mountain Lodge Candle
Pink Pineapple Candle
Winter Candle (yet another version of Winter Candle)
Vanilla Bean Candle

Winter White Woods Foaming Hand Soap
Toasted Vanilla Chai Foaming Hand Soap
Winter Candy Apple Foaming Hand Soap

What’s with this whole camping theme? Blech!

Winter Candy Apple Foaming Hand Soap
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl Foaming Hand Soap
Sugared Lemon Zest Foaming Hand Soap

Mint Blossom Foaming Hand Soap
White Woods Foaming Hand Soap
Frosted Cranberry Foaming Hand Soap
Snowkissed Citrus Foaming Hand Soap
Toasted Vanilla Chai Foaming Hand Soap

Apparently, the camping theme Candles were also released in 2017, but they were only bringing them out now (just like the “Holiday Collection” shown at the start of this post).

Lovely Dreamer Collection (new scent)

Lovely Dreamer is fluffy clouds floating across an endless blue sky – the idea that anything you dream is possible. It’s a soft, graceful, always optimistic blend of fluffy musk, clean woods, white iris & fresh bergamot.

Lovely Dreamer was actually new to Signature Line, but my nose was burnt out by then and I couldn’t tell if it was actually nice or not.

Aisle of Doom

Floral Makeup Bag retails for KD 9/000

Multicolor Makeup Bag retails for KD 9/000

I actually thought this was pretty adorable and wanted to purchase it… up until I noticed the price. It aint that cute.

Sweet Cinnamon PocketBac
Marshmallow Fireside PocketBac

Iced Gingerbread PocketBac

Fresh Sparkling Snow PocketBac
Snowkissed Citrus PocketBac

Noir (Men’s Collection) PocketBac
Spread the Sparkle (Magic In The Air) PocketBac

Focus (Eucalyptus + Tea) PocketBac
The Snuggle Is Real (Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla) PocketBac

Mermaids Make Waves (Water Lily) PocketBac
Let’s Flamingle (Apple Berry) PocketBac
Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe (Orange Blossom) PocketBac

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Hand Cream retails for KD 2/250

I did end up purchasing a few items (to take advantage of the promo they had going on at the time), but I would’ve preferred to have known that I was picking and choosing from a collection that was already a year old!

Why wasn’t the actual Holiday 2018 Collection available for purchase? Were they seriously going to bring out the Holiday 2018 Collection and start selling it on December 2019? I’d expect this from the local stores, but from Bath & Body Works too? Just… wow. So shady! I ask again, is this even legal?

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