ColourPop Cyber Monday Haul

ColourPop had a 30% off site-wide sale during Cyber Monday. It wasn’t the most tempting deal of all time, except some of my favorite Super Shock Shadows had completely dried up and I needed to repurchase them before ColourPop decides to go ahead and discontinue them… forever.

I ended up getting 10 Super Shock Shadows (7 of which were repurchases). I also picked up 6 Lippies (stacked on top of each other in the photo) and 8 Pressed Powder Shadows (mainly because they were on sale) and yet another Brow Boss Pencil (stripe-y packaging). Makeup Brushes were 40% off so I got 2. Lastly, I purchased 1 of the new Jelly Much Shadows (rainbow packaging). They tossed in a free Ultra Matte Lip for my order being late.

This wasn’t one of my most exciting ColourPop orders, but between them upping the prices on their products and regularly churning out uninteresting collections all year, not to to mention the non-worthwhile promos and the damaged state that my Super Shock Shadows usually arrived in, I kinda’ feel disenchanted by (with?) ColourPop now. Heck, even the box that everything arrived in was a boring cardboard box (without the usual fun print on the inside). My order was placed on November 27 2018 (it actually got to me about a month or so later) and the total was $102.95 (I try to make it a point to not exceed $100… by too much).

Normally, I simply adore the Thank You Card that comes with every order, from the very pretty print on one side, to the adorable punny-funny illustration on the other, to the extent that I actually save them. However, this one just seemed so… meh. It says “Thanks a bushel” with a picture of a bushel of apples. I mean, I get it (Apples are to November what Pumpkins are to October), but I don’t find it cute (and this is coming from someone who loves Apples)! Even the print on the other side did nothing for me. I trashed the card straight away.

For my order being late, they tossed in a free Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Arabesque (Holiday 2017). I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself, but hey, it was free and it’s the sentiment that counts. Plus, it’s a vampy shade and I’m kinda’ having a moment with those.

Lippies (1 Satin, 2 Matte, 3 Gloss) reduced from $6.50 to $4.55 for the Liquid Lipsticks and $4.20 for the Glosses.

Now here are the Lippies that I did pick out. I got both glosses (Atole and Curvii) from the iluvsarahii collab (ugly gold print packaging), which I’d wanted in my previous order (here) but were sold out. Even though I ordered it the last time, but it didn’t get to me since it was out of stock, I finally got the supposedly sparkly gloss (Champagne Mami) that I’d been lusting after from the Birthday Collection. Emboldened by my lighter hair, I also got two ugly yet pretty Ultra Matte Lips (Chi and Trap) which I wanted for a minute now, but didn’t think they’d suit me (when I had darker hair). Chi (red roses packaging) is from the Fem Rosa Collection which is a part of the Karrueche collab whereas I feel like Trap has always been around (permanent). Lastly, I picked up an Ultra Satin Lip (Beeokay) which was a part of the bright and colorful Festival Collection.

Atole Ultra Glossy Lip (iluvsarahii Collection) (gold ring)
Curvii Ultra Glossy Lip (iluvsarahii Collection) (gold ring)
Champagne Mami Ultra Glossy Lip (Birthday Collection)
Beeokay Ultra Satin Lip (Festival Collection)
Trap Ultra Matte Lip
Chi Ultra Matte Lip (Karrueche Collection) (rose-gold ring)

Beeokay Ultra Satin Lip (Festival Collection)

Everything’s gonna be alright with this bright pink coral

Beeokay was part of the huge Festival Collection (24 all new pressed powder shadows + 14 all new ultra satin lips) and honestly, eeeverything looked lust-worthy! However, I narrowed it down to just this cute pinky-coral (because unlike the rest, which were iffy, I knew for sure this would compliment my skin tone). That said, I’ve always loved pinky-corals, but I stopped wearing them for a minute (stopped wearing, not stopped buying) because of my darker hair. Now that I’ve gone lighter with my hair, I feel like it’s only natural that I go back to rocking pinky-corals! Corals are perfect for when Pinks seem too girly and Reds seem too extra. Plus, pinky-corals are just cute! That said, as pinky-coral and bright as this looks in the photos, on my lips it’s more of a dark coraly-red. I still like it, but it’s not what I was expecting.

Trap Ultra Matte Lip

We’re like hey what’s up hello in this dusty greige

This is one of those ugly shades that actually look pretty when worn (“Instagram Baddie” aesthetic). I’ve wanted Trap from Day 1, but went with Marshmallow instead (haulage here) and couldn’t justify owning both. Also, I was worried Trap would pull purple on my lips (which I hate). However, now that my hair is considerably lighter, I feel like I could make it work. Plus, I thought Trap on the lips and Aphrodisiac on the cheeks (haulage here) and something mauve-y on the eyes (maybe a cut-crease) would be fierce! Also, at a certain point in time, I played the song Trap Queen by Fetty Wap non-stop (good times lol) so the name and description made me smile!

On my lips, Trap is straight up Grey! I still plan on wearing it, but it’s not one of those shades that you just throw on mindlessly and walk out the door. I feel like I gotta’ plan out the rest of my makeup beforehand (to make sure that I don’t cray when wearing Trap). Also, I gotta’ be in the right mood. All in all, I wish it was a smidge lighter, but that can easily be fixed by a Gloss… or I could just self-tan (to make Trap look more flattering on my lips) and boom, problem solved lol

Chi Ultra Matte Lip (Karrueche Collection)

A cool-tone nude beige

Ok, now I get it! Kae and Rooch and Chi (which are the names of the Lippies in the Karreuche Collab) are meant to phonetically spell out her name (Kae + Rooch + Chi = Karreuche)! Initially, I was thinkin’ Chi as in chakra and whatnot lol I see you, Karrueche, I see you.

Anyhow, Chi seems like one of those tricky shades that would look different on everyone (depending on the natural pigmentation of their lips). I hesitated to purchase it the first time around – when I purchased the She Pressed Powder Shadow Palette from the Fem Rosa Collection which was part of the Karrueche Collab (haulage here) and not sure if it was even released when I purchased Saigon Ultra Matte Lip which was also part of the Karrueche Collab (haulage here) – but now that my hair is much lighter, I figured, what they hey, why not?

On its own, it makes me look like a corpse. That said, I’ve been wearing Chi non-stop, paired with an understated “brown smokey eye” (not as intense as it sounds), usually pulling my hair up in a very high top-knot (messy bun). When worn with my H&M Black Turtleneck (haulage here), I feel like I look casual yet put-together. I dunno, maaan, just wearing Chi makes me feel extra confident, so at the moment, I’m really enjoying it!

Champagne Mami Ultra Glossy Lip (pearlescent) (Birthday Collection)

You gotta hit them angles with your phone out in this rose gold

Like I said, once I got that one gloss from the My Little Pony Collection Collection (haulage here), it totally rekindled my love for all things Lip Gloss! Then, ColourPop came out with the Birthday Collection that consisted of a million Lip Glosses (okay, fine just 16), but I kinda’ wanted them all, which didn’t help. I narrowed it down to just Champagne Mami (for now) even though I wasn’t loving the name Champagne Mami because ewww Drake (Champagne Papi).

It’s pretty, but not as sparkly as I was expecting. It had a slight tint to it too, but I believe it would look way nicer paired over other stuff. Also, as opposed to having a doe-foot applicator, it came with a handy brush applicator. Most worthy of note, it had a faint vanilla cupcake scent (so it’s safe to assume the rest of the glosses in the collection have it too)! Personally, I don’t feel like Champagne Mami is a “must-have”, but out of all the Ultra Glossy Lips in the entire Birthday Collection, it seems like the prettiest.

Atole Ultra Glossy Lip (metallic) (iluvsarahii Collection)

Time to cozy up in this metallic gold with a pink shift

Initially, I thought Atole meant island (and thought that was an odd name for a gloss), but apparently Atoll actually means island, whereas Atole is a traditional Spanish Drink (Christmas/Holiday Drink, more specifically, according to Google), which makes more sense, because I believe Atole was a Holiday 2018 release.

I’ve learned not to trust the swatches up on the ColourPop website (I mean look at the photo of Atole in the tube on their website and compare it to the one on my blog and tell me that looks the same to you). I just wanted to buy Atole because it was a part of the iluvsarahii Collection (that girl could promote Asbestos and I’d still buy it), but I was pleasantly surprised by all the rave reviews. Apparently, Atole is a world-wide favorite, which isn’t a surprise, considering the lovely duochrome-y quality (that I’ve attempted to capture in the photo above)!

However, on my lips, this thing is straight up Gold (eww)! It also came with a brush applicator (so I’m guessing most of the newer Ultra Glossy Lips have those now), but had no discernible scent. Personally, I hate Atole and totally regret buying it. Y U do dis to me, Sarahii?

Curvii Ultra Glossy Lip (crème) (iluvsarahii Collection)

A sparkly light peachy nude in a crème finish

Another gloss from the iluvsarahii collab (as evident by the ugly gold packaging), this one is also always sold out whenever I place an order with ColourPop. Heck, most of the lippies in the iluvsarahii collection are usually always sold out, which is why I’m so thankful I managed to snag Arriba! Ultra Matte Lip (haulage here) the first time around.

In the interest of full disclosure, I only started lusting after Curvii when I saw the video up on the ColourPop website of someone (I’m assuming Karen Sarahii Gonzalez) applying it to the prettiest lips ever! I managed to snag the Lippie Pencil in my previous order (haulage here) and now I’ve got the matching Ultra Glossy Lip! Yay!

Just like the other glosses, this came with a brush applicator. I adore Fairy Floss Ultra Glossy Lips (haulage here), but having a better applicator makes all the difference when it comes to applying concealer-nude gloss (makes it go on less streaky). Also, they say sparkly in the description, but on my lips, Curvii is more of a matte nude, as the sparkles are only visible once it wears off (or I wipe it off). That said, I just love my nudes!

Atole Ultra Glossy Lip (iluvsarahii Collection) (gold ring)
Curvii Ultra Glossy Lip (iluvsarahii Collection) (gold ring)
Champagne Mami Ultra Glossy Lip (Birthday Collection)
Beeokay Ultra Satin Lip (Festival Collection)
Trap Ultra Matte Lip
Chi Ultra Matte Lip (Karrueche Collection) (rose-gold ring)

Pressed Powder Shadows reduced from $4 to $2.80

Sine they were on sale, I picked up a bunch of Pressed Powder Shadows. The first 2 (Cloud Nine and Made to Last) above each other, were part of the earlier release (when ColourPop first came out with Pressed Powder Shadows), whereas the rest were all part of the more recent Festival Collection. Honestly, I’ve had my eye on Fault Line (so pretty!) from the moment it was released and wanted Howlin’ and Prowlin’ just because their names rhymed lol The rest were all impulse-buys (as evident by the blue shade). That said, I’m pretty happy that I got them!

Cloud Nine Pressed Powder Shadow (matte)

This matte plummy brown is better than cloud eight, that’s for sure

I believe Cloud Nine was part of the earlier pressed powder shadow releases. I wanted something similar to Pretty Lucky Super Shock Shadow (haulage here), except in Pressed Powder Shadow form, so it was between Feathered (Festival Collection) and Cloud Nine for me and obviously I went with the latter. I thought it would be great for smoking out my lower lashline, or lining my eyes. Once again, as dark as the swatches looked up on the ColourPop website, this thing went on considerably lighter, which was disappointing. It meant I still had to use an actual black eyeliner when wearing Cloud Nine. Also, it would get all patchy as soon as I’d try to blend it and wouldn’t last as long on my lids (and I don’t even have oily lids).

Still, it’s a pretty shade and I’ve been wearing it non-stop blown out on the lids and crease, with a little bit of MAC Romp Eyeshadow (light frosty brown, almost bronze) patted in the very center of my lids, for an understated “brown smokey eye” that I mentioned at the start of this post, paired with Chi on the lips.

Made To Last Pressed Powder Shadow (matte)

This matte neutral mauve is here to stay

I believe Made to Last was also a part of the earlier pressed powder shadow releases. Normally, I wouldn’t have looked twice at this shade. However, my previous ColourPop Haul (here) opened up my eyes to the magic of Mauves (Oooh, Magic Mauve… that would be a cute name for an eyeshadow or lipgloss! ColourPop, take note!) so I was completely smitten with the idea of using Made To Last as a crease shade! You could pop something sparkly/metallic/frosty all over the lid and tone it down with Made to Last in the crease. It would pair well with everything from lighter neutrals (champagne, beige, gold, peach, brown, bronze, taupe) to pretty pastels (pink, lilac, periwinkle) to some of the more less common pairings (mustard yellow, forest green, inky blue, blood red) and so on.

At the very least, I could wear Trap on the lips and Made To Last as an all-over-lid shade (with a nice tapered wing and tons of mascara) and call it a day! It’s such a boring and unassuming shade in the pan, but it’s actually a true work-horse (or at least, seems like it lol I haven’t actually gotten around to wearing it just yet).

ColourPop, you guys can go ahead and use the name Magic Mauve for any of your products (preferably a Super Shock Shadow). You have my consent.

Backstage Pressed Powder Shadow (matte) (Festival Collection)

This matte cobalt is your VIP ticket to everything

… I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t like Blues and I don’t wear Blues and yet for some reason, I still continue to purchase them. I’m thinkin’ maybe it was either the description (I can’t resist a neon cobalt, except this shade is neither neon nor cobalt) or maybe it was because I’d already went ahead and added a bunch of colorful shadows from the same collection (Festival Collection) to my online shopping cart and figured this shade would round out my collection or maybe because I purchased Superfly Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) and wanted Backstage to line my eyes? Maybe it was none of the above.

Like I said, I just don’t know…

Formation Pressed Powder Shadow (matte) (Festival Collection)

Ok ladies, now let’s get in this matte teal

So cute! Don’t know where or when or how I’m going to wear it and I don’t care. I just find matte teals aesthetically appealing, as I mentioned towards the end of my previous ColourPop Haul (here). Come to think of it, maybe I purchased Backstage to create an “eye look” with Formation? In any case, I realize it sounds insane, but I’m thinking I could rock a really dark and full on dramatic smokey eye (I’m talking huge false lashes and everything) and dab Formation in the inner corner. I know, I know. It sounds crazy, but to me it also sounds like a “look”! Lastly, I’m not living for the Beyonce reference (I’m firmly in Riri’s camp).

Fault Line Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic) (Festival Collection)

This metallic amethyst with a blue shift will rock your world!

Oooh, I get it! It’s because the ColourPop Headquarters are based in California, hence San Andreas Fault hence Fault Line. I see you, Colourpop, I see you! Anyways, Fault Line strongly reminds me of my favorite MAC Eyeshadow of life (Parfait Amour)! That said, I’d usually rock Parfait Amour with FreshKon Baby Aqua Colored Contact Lenses. As such, I’ve been doing the same with Fault Line (only wearing it when I’ve got Green Colored Contacts on). I’ll just wear it on its own as an all-over-lid shade, with a ton of mascara (sometimes even a little liner, not necessarily black either, sometimes a matte dark purple or matte dark blue or even a matte dark green) and be out the door. Other than being wonderfully pigmented, Fault Line also has an absolutely stunning duochrome-y quality to it! I just love, love, love this shade (easily my best purchase in this entire haul)!

Bassline Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic) (Festival Collection)

This metallic periwinkle will put you on the right frequency

I figure Bassline (hate the name) would look cute as an all-over-lid shade (by itself) or as an accent shade (in the inner third of the lower lid or even just in the inner corner of the eye). I love all things grey (as I’ve stated many, many times before on this blog) and although this is classified as a periwinkle-blue, it does have that steel-y element to it as well. I don’t know. It just looked cute to me, ok?

Howlin’ Pressed Powder Shadow (matte) (Festival Collection)

Baby you’ll be howlin’ for this matte soft lilac!

Old-school throwback! When I first started wearing makeup (I’m talkin’ teen years) I would wear a matte Lilac shadow (purchased off my friend who was an Avon Girl/Rep (except instead of selling them door-to-door, she just sold that stuff at school) lining my eyes with a matte Prune shadow (in lieu of Black Liner) and tons of Black Mascara and pair it with FreshLook Green Colored Contact Lenses, and MAC Relic Lipstick (the most beautiful frosty lilac/silver shade) and Orange Estee Lauder Blush (only on the places where you’d get sunburned… to mimic having a sunburn). It was a “look”! Since I’m back to being blonde again, I figured I’d revisit the whole matte Lilac shadow thing, purely for nostalgic reasons!

Prowlin’ Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic) (Festival Collection)

Catch this metallic lilac with a gold sheen on the prowl

Honestly? I only got Prowlin’ because it rhymed with Howlin’ (good job, ColourPop Marketing Team!) because typically I despise pinky-gold and lilac-gold and green-gold and any shadow really, that has a gold shift to it (so bored of them at this point).

Taupe Brow Boss Pencil reduced from $5 to $3.50

I love the ColourPop Brow Boss Pencils! I’ve purchased the Brow Boss Pencils before in the shades Black and Dark Brown (haulage here) and repurchased it in Dark Brown (here). However, now that my hair is lighter, those shades look way too dark and intense. So, I picked up yet another Brow Boss Pencil, this time in the shade Taupe. I was going to purchase it anyways, but as an added bonus, it was on sale! You guys, these Brow Boss Pencils are everything! If you get a chance to, definitely, definitely, definitely give them a try!

Makeup Brushes were 40% off

I really wanted the bigger brush (on the right) from the second it was released (I wanna’ say early 2018) because it looked “unique”, but couldn’t justify the price (apparently $8 is where I draw the line for ColourPop Makeup Brushes lol). Once I realized it was on sale, I jumped at the chance to buy it! Since the discount was something substantial like 40% off (as opposed to 15% or 20% or 30%) I decided to go ahead and grab another brush (which was from the much earlier release) as well.

Stippling Brush (#4) reduced from $8 to $4.80

For complexion perfection, our short & flat topped brush blends out foundation, primer, blush, and concealer like a dream. Use it with any liquid or cream formulas.

I believe the Stippling Brush was released as part of the Original 12 piece Brush Set. It’s neither new nor exciting, but I wanted to try using it with Aphrodisiac Super Shock Shadow Blush (haulage here) in the hopes of making it go on less patchy. I really, really love that blush shade and will try anything to make it work!

Flat Angled Contour Face Brush reduced from $9 to $5.40 (newer)

Cream contouring made easy. Use this flat topped, dense angled brush for liquid or cream formulas

I was lusting after this baby from the get-go… but now that I have it, I don’t know what to do with it lol It’s quite big, well, bigger than I expected at least. I guess I could use it as for cream contouring, just like they’ve suggested in the description (I don’t know why I’m constantly trying to reinvent the wheel lol). In any case, I’m glad I’ve got it now (I consider that itch scratched)!

Ventura Jelly Much Shadow reduced from $8 to $5.60 (duochrome)

You would take the 405 to the 101 for this holographic opal with a violet duochrome flip

ColourPop are constantly coming out with new products (some of them which are quite suspect), just like E.L.F. and more often than not, I’m never even tempted by them (because they seem iffy). However, when ColourPop came out with the Jelly Much Shadows, I was highly intrigued! However, they cost $8 a pop ($8 guys? Calm down, ColourPop. The only reason you guys became so popular was because you offered more affordable options). I decided to wait for them to go on sale (especially since there was a chance I might not even like them) and once they did, picked up the shade Ventura.

I hate the rainbow-vomit packaging and I hate the name (Jelly Much Shadow sounds so… trite) and I hate the fact that you can barely read the holographic name on the white cap of the transparent jar. However, the shade Ventura is simply beautiful! Definitely worth the wait, I’d say!

ColourPop has since come out with even more shades of these Jelly Much Shadows (can’t get over the really horrible name) for the Holidays, but as I said, they’re too expensive for what they are. They keep jacking up their prices which would be fine except the quality of the products definitely don’t justify the higher price point (I mean have you seen how little product you get in the Super Shock Shadows? If you press down hard enough, you actually hit pan, on Day 1!) so chill out with your prices, ColourPop.

Super Shock Shadows reduced from $5 to $3.50

Lastly, I picked up a few more Super Shock Shadows (love these babies)! Most of these were repurchases, because apparently no matter how careful you are with the Super Shock Shadows, they will dry up after a certain amount of time (yet another reason why ColourPop should not increase their prices). As you can see, several of them arrived pretty damaged (literally all the ones I was most excited for lol) and one of them straight up shrank (another reason why ColourPop should chill on increasing their prices).

I was completely smitten with Frog and Ripple from the moment they were released (early on in 2018), but they were some of the first to go out of stock during every promo or sale. After a year of lusting after those 2, I was so happy to finally get them, only to have Ripple arrive destroyed :/ Anyways, the top 3 were new to me whereas the rest were all repurchases. Roulette is the Black one cropped out of the bottom of the photo.

Weenie Super Shock Shadow (ultra-metallic) (KathleenLights Collections)

A ultra-metallic true rose gold

A lot of people rave about Weenie. I was curious to see why. I should’ve known better. Is it pretty? I guess. Was it for me? Nope.

I just don’t like these darker metallic rose-gold shades on myself. A lot of people rave about warm-toned shadows too and I personally can’t stand those on myself either. Just because everyone raves about something, doesn’t necessarily mean you might like it. That’s why I’m always urging people who read my blog, to go out and sniff this or swatch that or if possible, play around with it a little and test it out, before purchasing anything.

Frog Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (Spring Collection)

Pucker up! This icy silvery purple with rainbow glitter is so charming

Finally! I could hear CeCe Peniston singing Finally in my head as soon as I had this baby in hand!

I love, love, love this shade! You look at it one way and it looks like a certain shade. You look at it from a different angle and it’s a totally different shade. You pop this over a neutral shade and it turns into magic! It kinda’ reminds me of Sailor in that sense! It’s just so stinkin’ pretty! I love the shade! I love the name (which is just hilarious)! I love the description! Basically, I love everything about this baby! I’m super happy that it arrived safely as well!

Ripple Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (Butterfly Collection)

Careful, this cool-toned violet with turquoise glitter might cause a chain reaction

Awww my poor baby! What did they do to you?

As you can see from the Butterfly on the packaging, Ripple was from the Butterfly Collection (derrr lol). Like I said earlier, Ripple and Frog were the 2 shades I was lusting after, as soon as they were released, but were almost always out of stock (even when there wasn’t a sale going on). Sadly, it arrived in the sorry state you see it in. I decided to press it down with a tissue (sorta’ patting/molding it back together), but it seems like the tissue soaked up all the oils or whatever goes into making this stuff. As such, I predict Ripple drying up faster than usual (fun).

Despite all that, this shade is gawjus and I’ve actually worn it out and about several times now! It has the pretties duochrome-y quality to it as well! However, in the interest of full-disclosure, it’s basically Fault Line Pressed Powder Shadow in the form of a Super Shock Shadow, meaning if you’ve got one, you definitely don’t need the other. I do, because I live for lilac/violet shadows!

Sailor Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (repurchase)

Fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight in this warm beige with multi-colored glitter

Hullo’, Sailor! Yeah, so as you can see, Sailor somehow shrunk in the pan. I pressed it down with a tissue (which clearly had a crease, but I wasn’t motivated enough to smooth out the tissue before pressing the shadow, because I was quickly getting both bored and annoyed by having to re-press them). I’m just the average everyday shopaholic consumer, who prefers having to purchase an eye shadow without having to actually put the thing together. I’m not Martha Stewart, ok?

Anyhoozles, Sailor is one of my earliest loves from ColourPop (literally, got it in my exact second order from them, here). On its own on my skin, it was whatever, but over other shades? Oh, Sailor! Prior to using Sailor, I thought you had to use several products to achieve the same effect. Once I played around with Ultra-Glitters (and more specifically, Sailor), I realized that was not the case. Bee-yoo-tee-full!

I Heart This Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (repurchase)

Our fearless leader loves this taupe with a silver ultra-glitter sparkle SO MUCH that we naturally had to name it “I Heart This”!

I Heart This was also one of my earliest loves from ColourPop (literally, got it in my exact second order from them, here). It was and still is one of my favorites from ColourPop! I’ve incorporated into so many of my looks (even when it didn’t belong, I found a way to make it work) and plan on continuing to do so! Sadly, the one I got dried up. Obviously, I had to repurchase this thing asap! Since it was one of my favorites, of course it had to arrive damaged (needing to be re-pressed, ugh). That said, as long as they continue making this, I will continue to repurchase it (forever and ever and ever)! I heart I Heart This so much that I never ever wanna’ be without it!

Ritz Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (Laura Lee Collection) (repurchase)

Sheer nude with silver glitter

I don’t care much for Laure Lee, but I do love animals and Ritz was a pretty shade that I never got to wear as much before it dried out. I wanted to get another chance to play around with it, so I repurchased it. Not much else to say about it really.

Bill Super Shock Shadow (matte) (repurchase)

Meet Bill, a light dusty matte mauve – he likes long walks on the beach and romantic candlelit dinners

I love Bill! Although I only purchased it about a year ago (originally purchased here), it was starting to feel less creamy and go on less smoothly then I’d prefer. Naturally, I had to get a back-up. Strangely enough, this is the second time I’ve purchased Bill and the second time it arrived shrunken in the pot. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this too… In any case, I covered it with a tissue and pressed it into place (sorta’), but this whole re-pressing business was getting old. Anyways, for me, Bill was one of those easy-breezy shades (the kind you just throw on, add some liner + mascara and walk out the door), but it also played so well with other shades! It might not be to everyone’s taste, but in my humble opinion, Bill is a keeper!

ColourPop Wattles Super Shock Shadow (satin) (repurchase)

Waddle on over and check out this dusty beige pink satin

I purchased Wattles during my third order with ColourPop (haulage here) and was pleasantly surprised by the shade! It leaned cooler than expected on my skin tone and strongly reminded me of my old-school go-to Lilac shade, not unlike Howlin’ Pressed Powder Shadow. Wattles (the name makes me giggle, still) went on much lighter than it appeared in the pot. As such, I’d only wear Wattles when I had any sort of Green Colored Contacts on. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it, but it was starting to dry up and rather than wait until it was completely dry, I decided to just go ahead and repurchase a back-up (so I could continue using it once the first one was no longer wearable). Yup, I like it that much!

Lightning Bug Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (repurchase) (Summer Solstice Collection)

This glittery golden copper will have you glowing into the night

I purchased Lightning Bug not too long ago (haulage here) but it was originally released in the Summer Solstice Collection (Summer 2017). It wasn’t an “everyday” shade (I reserved it for more festive occasions, as a matter of personal preference), but I was absolutely besotted with the way it sparkled! Once I realized the one I got had dried up on me (it wouldn’t even swatch properly anymore, let alone adhere to my lids), I was quite sad (I thought I was never going to see it again) because I knew how ColourPop liked to discontinue shades all willy-nilly. Thankfully, Lightning Bug (such a cute name) was still available for purchase when I placed this order!

Roulette Super Shock Shadow (matte) (repurchase)

This matte true black is always your best bet

I purchased Roulette earlier (haulage here). Recently, when I tried using it with an Angled-Liner Brush (to line my eyes), it kept getting into my eyes and irritating them (while I was applying it) to the extent that I just gave up half-way through. It was so dry that it kept crumbling, all over the place! Once I realized it had completely dried up in the pot, it occurred to me that my other Super Shock Shadows might possibly have dried out too, so I swatched them only to find my suspicions confirmed. A lot of these Super Shock Shadows (including several of the newer ones) were no longer wearable. Naturally, I had to re-order my favorites, hence this haul. Roulette isn’t exactly the most exciting shade in the world (I mean, it’s a basic matte black), but it is in fact, a true work-horse (base, liner, shadow, etc…) and could be paired with literally everything. That’s why it made the list.

Get your ish together, ColourPop, otherwise I just might have to break up with you.

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