Pat Benatar – We Belong

I’d like to say I was fast asleep when I was woken up by the sound of thunder, but that would be a flat out lie. I was actually binge-watching Iron Fist (‘cuz I heard Netflix was going to be pulling it, along with a handful of other shows, which is why I decided to watch it, while I still had the chance). I have no problem going in to work and still being quite productive, despite having little to no sleep, because as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I don’t sleep. Anyways, I’m not even sure why I hadn’t watched Iron First until now. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure it’s because of how much I hated Jessica Jones, which turned me off Luke Cage and all the rest, including Iron Fist. In any case, I’m actually really liking Iron Fist… so far (in the interest of full disclosure, I liked the first season of Arrow too, when it first came out, but stopped watching once it got all weird).

Back to the song. Well, it relates to the weather, earlier, which was… terrifying! I’ve never in my entire life ever heard thunder that was this loud before! Heck, even the lightning seemed too close for comfort (it was doing the whole twisty tree-branch thing – aka lightning bolt/strike lol – over Kuwait City). For whatever reason, every time I hear super scary thunder, it makes me think of a scene from the movie Red Sonja that had booming thunder. I don’t remember the movie at all (‘cuz I saw it when I was a kid), but for whatever reason, the thunder in that movie really sticks out. I actually wanted to title this post Red Sonja but didn’t want to mislead anyone into thinking this was a review of that movie, hence the song (Pat Benatar, Red Sonja, same thing, right? ok, fine. I was tryin to be cute ‘cuz the lyrics reference thunder and also as an 80’s baby, I have an appreciation for a side of cheese with my breakfast, ok?)

Oh, seems like it’s back for Round 2 (I just heard a lone rumble). To be this old and still this terrified of what’s essentially just an extremely loud noise, is just embarrassing lol I’d totally ditch work today, except I’m ditching work on Wednesday for a lunch-date at the Chalet and then another gathering in the evening at the City, so I can’t ditch work twice in the same week (it’s not in good form). Anyways, Guten Morgen!

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