Al Mansour Haul (November)

At the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (photos here), I made a quick stop at the Al Mansour booth and picked up a few things. For the past few years, I’ve really been trying to cut back on buying more makeup (this is me “cutting back” lol), but since these were relatively inexpensive, I figured there was no harm in buying them (the justification never ends lol) and that’s how I ended up spending KD 30 ($100).

So as you can see, based on my previous Al Mansour haulage (here), they’re still grouping all the smaller items in those hideous semi-transparent pouches and then tossing everything in the equally hideous larger pink tote. I didn’t pay for the x3 New Jo Cosmetics items (which consisted of 2 Lipsticks and 1 Eye Shadow Trio) as they were a “gift with purchase” (gwp).

As soon as I saw the guy reach down to the large box of “gifts” and grab a handful to toss in with my purchase, I started to protest (I didn’t want them and I explained my reasoning at the very end of my previous Al Mansour Haulage post, here) which seemed to offend him. So I let him toss them in, thanked him for it and left. Other than this particular picture of them, I haven’t taken any more pics nor do I even plan on unboxing them.

riffi Exfoliating Loofah Massage Strap reduced from KD 5/250 to KD 3/250
riffi Exfoliating Loofah Massage Glove reduced from KD 2/500 to KD 1/500

I love riffi! I’ve repurchased these riffi “massage” straps for +12 years now! I can live without my makeup and such, but I just can’t even begin to imagine living without my riffi! I love this thing so much, I’ve even written an entire post dedicated to riffi Massage Straps (here)!

Normally, I’d just repurchase the Strap, but since both of them were on sale, I got the Glove as well. I’ve already started using the Strap because my previous one was on its last legs. I recommend replacing your Shower Loofahs/Straps/Sponges/Puffs/Gloves/etc… pretty regularly, otherwise they can and will grow mold.

The newest one I got (shown above) was White with thin Blue Stripes and it is by far the roughest one I’ve tried yet (pure perfection)! However, after pouring half a bottle of Shower Gel on this thing, I used the Strap on my back and shoulders and was in actual physical pain (my shoulders and back felt like they were on fire lol). Quick tip: I recommend you pour your Shower Gel onto your hands and work up a lather and only then apply it to the Strap, otherwise this version (White with Blue Stripes) will just drink up your Shower Gel.

Milani “Blackest Black” Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner reduced from KD 4/000 to KD 3/250

The party-proof Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner with an easy-to-use felt tip allows you to create a thin, medium or thick line just by switching up the angle you hold it. Waterproof, transfer-proof and non-feathering, it glides on smoothly in a single stroke and stays right where you put it.

Milani “Black Matte” Stay Put Matte 17HR Wear Liquid Eyeliner reduced from KD 6/000 to KD 4/750

For eyes that turn heads, you need this quick-drying liquid-to-matte liner that delivers full color for up to 17 hours. An ultra thin felt tip applicator lets you create natural to bold looks with ease and controlled precision—in one single step. No need for constant mirror-checks—this formula is humidity and sweat-resistant. Remove with an oil-based eye makeup remover.

I don’t know why I keep repurchasing Black Liquid Liners all the time. For one, I rarely ever use the stuff (only when I’m wearing eyeshadows with trickier textures like glitter and such or when I’ve popped on some false lashes) and two, I’ve already found my “Holy Grail” ages ago (L’Oreal) and three, I don’t even enjoy applying Black Liquid Liner because it’s not easy-breezy. You could be a “pro” at makeup and still mess up your application of Liquid Liner. I feel like you always gotta’ be careful and conscious (you can’t just let your mind wander, otherwise you’ll definitely mess something up) while applying Liquid Liner. Plus, it takes forever to get both sides even (and by then, I’d have accidentally extended the wings all the way to my temples lol which is never what I want, so I’d have to go back in for some “clean-up work”). The whole thing is just a hassle really.

More often that not, I’d reach for my Black Liquid Liner and change my mind, opting for Black Pencil Liner instead (but never the other way around, meaning I’d never reach for Pencil Liner and change my mind and go for Liquid Liner instead). Also, I feel like generally, Black Liquid Liner makes my eyes look… weird. To top it all off, I’m still working my way through the first of my x6 Kat Von D “Trooper” Tattoo Liquid Liner samples (haulage here) so it’s not like I needed any more.

Somehow, I still felt the need to pick up 2 more, this time from Milani (seemed like a good idea at the time lol because they were on sale), both in Black. Looks-wise, the Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner (only available in Black) seems to be very similar to my beloved L’Oreal one and the Stay Put Matte 17HR Wear Liquid Eyeliner (available in Black and Brown and Green and Blue) seems very similar to the E.L.F. Expert Liquid Liner ($2).

L.A. Girl “Socialize” Eye Lux Eyeshadow reduced from KD 3/000 to KD 2/500

This luxurious, long wearing and intensely pigmented eyeshadow collection inspires dazzling looks. EyeLux Mesmerizing eyeshadow is formulated to be extra smooth and silky in a mix of matte, satin and metal finishes. Available in 16 exhilarating quads sure to capture your imagination and inspire beautiful eye looks.

I thought these Eye Lux Eyeshadow Quads from L.A. Girl looked pretty cute! I’m pretty sure they didn’t have all 16, but I didn’t care, because the one in Socialize (all taupe-y and purdy) stole my heart! Funny enough, the smallest shade was the one that had initially attracted me to this particular palette. They didn’t have any testers, but the sales assistant was so accommodating (she took the tape off for me so I could swatch the thing) so I felt obligated to purchase it, despite the fact that the pigmentation was terrible. It wasn’t expensive, so… whatever.

L.A. Girl “Afterglow” Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator reduced from KD 3/500 to KD 2/750

Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator is a liquid cream based formula that blends smoothly for a natural, healthy glow.

This stuff was available in Moonlight (silver) and Afterglow (gold) and Sunlit (bronze). One was too dark and the other was too light (well, ashy rather), but the golden one was juuuust right, so I purchased the one called Afterglow. You can use this stuff on its own or over your foundation. Since my skin has been pretty dry lately, I figured using a cream-based highlight would be more forgiving. Plus, I was curious to see how this would perform when layered with other highlights. Also, it was already pretty inexpensive to begin with, but I got it on sale for peanuts!

L.A. Girl “24K” Luminous Glow Illuminating Powder reduced from KD 3/500 to KD 2/750
L.A. Girl “Sunkissed” Luminous Glow Illuminating Powder reduced from KD 3/500 to KD 2/750

Luminous Glow Illuminating Powder is an ultra-fine pearlescent loose powder that adds a vibrant glow.

This stuff was available in Holographic Stardust (white with a lilac shift) and 24K (light gold) and Sunkissed (rose-gold). As far as I could tell, all of them had that gorgeous duochrome-y quality (that I love), but I’ve already got a handful of opalescent ones, which is why I decided to skip Holographic Stardust. As I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, I can’t resist any soft yellow gold (almost white) shades, in makeup, which is why I instantly gravitated towards 24K (imagine how pretty it would look layered with the cream-based highlighter in the shade Afterglow), but the sales assistant insisted I get Sunkissed (which had the strongest duochrome-y quality out of all 3) based on the fact that it was a “best-seller”. Generally, I can’t stand loose powder (super messy) and also, the tubs are huge (meaning it’ll take several life-times to finish up even just one of them) and yet somehow, I picked up not one but two. In all fairness, all three shades are absolutely lovely!

L.A. Girl “Pinch Me” Velvet Contour Stick reduced from KD 3/000 to KD 2/500

Contouring made easy with the Velvet Contour Stick Collection. This luxurious formula is paraben free with added jojoba seed oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and grape seed oil. The soft powdery finish blends beautifully to create the perfect contour and sculpted look! Collection includes 3 highlighters, 10 blushes and 3 bronzers.

The last time I was at the Al Mansour booth at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition, I picked up the Highlight shade called Radiance (haulage here). This time, I picked up the Blush shade called Pinch Me (bright coral red). It might look cray, but you’ve seen my face (sorta’) in pictures on my blog wearing blush shades that are way more intense, but I don’t look crazy, well… at least I hope I don’t. Basically, applied subtly, you can wear whatever blush shade you want (even layer on different shades), without it looking too intense (unless you want it to). Also, as unnatural as this shade might look, it actually looks quite natural and dare I say it, flattering on my cheeks (even when intensified) as opposed to pinks (which just clash horribly against my sallow skin tone) or shimmery coppers (which just make me look sickly). In the interest of full disclosure, I actually picked this up to layer with Sunkissed (duochrome-y highlight).

As it says in the description, there are 10 other blush shades to choose from, so if this isn’t for you, no worries. They’ve also got 3 highlight shades (I’ve purchased one of them before, as I mentioned earlier) and 3 bronzer shades as well. I’m actually thinking of picking up one of the bronzers next, just to round out my collection (highlight/blush/bronzer). Cute, travel-friendly and affordable!

Astra “Sugar & Spice” Baked Blush reduced from KD 1/750 to KD 1/500

I couldn’t find anything about this version of the Baked Blushes from the brand Astra (it’s Italian), so it’s safe to assume that this stuff is pretty old. That said, I’ve always had a soft spot for baked anything (highlight/blush/bronzer) thanks to MAC and all their Mineralize Skinfinishes (my earliest addiction).

I swatched it. I fell in love. I bought it. Cute shade (shimmery peach), cute name (Sugar & Spice), cute packaging (all rounded and domed and adorable)! It didn’t hurt that I only payed KD 1/500 for this thing.

L.A. Girl “Striking” Gel Extreme Shine Nail Polish reduced from KD 3/000 to KD 2/500

Gel extreme shine, gel-like polish delivers shiny salon-quality nails effortlessly. This fuss free formula provides intense color and shine without the need of UV light and removes easily. The new 440 bristle count brush is rounded to fit nail shape and delivers amazing application with just one coat.

According to the L.A. Girl website, they seem to have 28 different shades in a variety of finishes. Inspired by my current 80’s kick, I picked up the shade Striking (white creme) which seemed the most striking to me (heehee). I’m kinda’ over sheer shades like milky whites and pale pinks (which are extremely elegant and feminine) because currently, I feel like if I’ve taken the time to paint my nails, I don’t want it to be subtle. I want it to show! Also, during Winter when everyone opts for darker and vampy-er shades, I feel like white would seem less common (maybe even unexpected?) and as for year-round, Striking would be perfect for “nail art” (which I’m completely hopeless at) or a the very least, as a great base for nail stickers or whatever to pop! Also, how sick would full-on white nail polish look against tanned skin (courtesy of St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse)!

That’s all the makeup-y bits ♥

At a glance, everything seemed so inexpensive and budget-friendly so I kinda’ went ham. I know the receipt says KD 39/500 (which was the total minus before they went on sale), but I actually ended up paying only KD 30 which honestly isn’t that bad… for Kuwait. If you ever find yourself at Mishref Fair Grounds during the Perfume & Makeup Exbition (that takes place twice a year), do check out the Al Mansour booth!

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