Sultan Center Haul #12

As I mentioned in my latest “Spotted at Sultan Center” post (here) I picked up a handful of snackage as well as some other random items. I’ll be referencing that post quite a bit in this post (but I won’t keep linking to it), so if you’re interested, feel free to check it out before you continue.

Sultan Smoked Norwegian Salmon retails for KD 2/150
Americana Gourmet Smoked Beef Strips retails for KD 1/380

I’m really big on anything smoked and as such, I grabbed a pack of Smoked Salmon and Smoked Beef Strips for brekkie. I didn’t know which brand to go with for the Salmon, so I figured I’d try the Sultan brand since it had Norwegian in the name (it sounded legit lol). Ever since I was very, very little, I used to love eating those little Smoked Salmon Pâtés at the airport lounge (while waiting to travel to wherever, with the family). Then, when I was much older, around 7th grade when I was 12 years old (1997), my dad took my younger brother and I from Kuwait to the United States (to see some of the major landmarks over there) for the first time, and we had to spend the night in a hotel in Dubai. That was the first time I had a Philadelphia Roll, or any Sushi for that matter (at our hotel in Dubai). I was already quite fond of Smoked Salmon before that point, but that experience just reaffirmed it!

Unfortunately, not every joint in Kuwait does it well. About 4-5 years ago, when I still in the process of moving houses, I ordered the yummiest Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Bagel (online from that I’ve ever had! It came with beautifully crunchy Snow Peas and everything! Sadly, I forgot my password and had to create a new account and could never find the restaurant (that specialized in bagels) ever again. I’ve tried other variations, be it ordering in or eating out, but nothing else compares. Since I tackled the “Awesome Blossom” (here) and came out on top, I figured I could do the same in this instance. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I kept ruining the Smoked Salmon by making them all dry and insanely rubber-y!

As for the Smoked Beef Strips, as far as I know, Americana is a well trusted brand in Kuwait. Plus, if I’m being honest, the picture on the packaging just got to me. Not gonna’ lie, I’d ask our live-in cook to make some for me (I hate frying anything, because the stench clings to my hair) and he’d serve it lickety-split (literally taking no more than a few minutes to fry)! These ones in particular, tasted pretty great (less salty than other variations), but were considerably slimmer than depicted on the packaging lol Still, I’d definitely buy them again and totally recommend them!

Oreo Strawberry Shortcake Cookies retails for KD 3/250

I wasn’t expecting much with these, but they were actually pretty good! Definitely not worth the KD 3/250 lol but for a one-time thing, why not? I only got them for the novelty factor, but you can pretty much get the same taste from Strawberry Wafers (any given brand). Also, these smelled really good too!

Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies retail for KD /690

I’ve mentioned my issue with runaway cereal balls lol (here) and I figured these might eliminate the problem (since they’ve already sorted out the ratio by pre-packaging the cereal in a cup). I have yet to try them out though (I’m kinda’ over cereal at the moment). This has nothing to do with anything, but I like how I’m always going on about how I don’t like anything too chocolate-y and then I pick up something that straight up says “chocolatey” (I knew it was a word!) on the packaging lol

Hershey’s Dipped Snyder’s Pretzels retail for KD 2/450 each

My God! These tasted ridiculously good! Initially, I’d just grabbed just the 1 but held up the line (considerate, as always) by going back to grab the other other 2 (making a total of the last 3)! I had a feeling these would be awesome (even though I was never big on pretzels and other than during that time of the month, I can’t stand chocolate) and I was not wrong! You guys, if you see this stuff, pick it up! You won’t regret it! I promise! It’s the perfect marriage of salty and sweet!

Haribo Goldbears retails for KD /290

Old is Gold… bears (heehee). So these are pretty old-school, but I needed some gummies in my life (again… full grown adult here. lol)! I got the biggest pack, but had they been available in an even bigger pack, I probably would’ve picked that one up instead!

Secret Classic Cocoa Butter Fresh Collection Clear Gel Antiperspirant and Deodorant retails for KD 2/990

Sadly, this was effectively useless. I don’t know about it being an antiperspirant, but as a deodorant, it had absolutely zero scent on my skin. In the packaging it smelled lovely! Once I’d apply it, nothing, nada, zilch! Also, as a Gel, this stuff was pretty sticky (which I did not appreciate)! So, pretty much exactly like the Soap & Glory One Pit Wonder Deo (here). Save your money, people, and go for anything else, because this stuff just sucks!

Septona Double-Ended Cotton Q-Tips retail for KD /340

I purchased these earlier (here) and loved using them specifically for fixing up my Liquid Liner boo-boos (of which there were many)! Have trouble perfecting your winged liner? Not an issue! Just sneezed after applying your mascara (resulting in under-eyes smudges)? Not a problem! Got your liquid lipstick smeared way outside your natural lip line? Don’t even give it a second thought. The pointy end of these Q-Tips are absolutely perfect for fixing all of the above issues and more!

Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask retails for KD 1/000

Yeah, I dunno’ about all that. I’m definitely not going to be using these all week, especially not at KD 1/000 a pop. You can place them in the fridge for an extra cooling effect, but I didn’t feel like it so I didn’t. As much as I love Garnier (I stan this brand, hard), I gotta’ be honest with you guys.

This stuff was not the most intuitive. There was a slimy thing of plastic with the tissue masks on either side. One side was relatively fine, but the other was folded over. I couldn’t quite manage to get a firm grip on it. It was super slippery! Even when I did, it was so folded over in several places that it took some time to properly unfold the tissue mask and eventually pop it underneath the other eye. Which brings me to my next point, these babies were extra long! I mean, I literally stuck them halfway on my nose and they still reached up to my hairline (I’d just gotten’ my hair done at the salon, so I wasn’t about to get it wet only minutes after).

They did feel “cooling”… but then again, it is Winter right now in Kuwait, so I dunno… They dried up 5 minutes later and were completely dry 10 minutes later. Here’s the thing, I didn’t notice dark circles beforehand, but they were very, very prominent afterwards. I’m thinking maybe they were less visible when my skin was dry and were now more visible because my skin was hydrated or because my under-eye area might’ve been more puffy and was now de-puffed making the bruising more visible? I mean, I don’t sleep much (or at all lol) so I can’t fault any product for not fixing that (once I get a full 6 hours of sleep, my dark circles effectively vanish).

In any case, the Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask truly did make my under-eye area feel quite hydrated and moisturized (possibly de-puffed as well, but I’m not too sure) with no sticky residue whatsoever! I’d like to purchase these again, purely based on the results, but the extra long length was pretty annoying. I guess I could just cut the next ones I get in half and get an extra use out of them, even though I’m not sure how hygienic that is. We shall see.

The Saline Spray Drops are for the latest addition to our family (my insanely adorable baby niece) and apparently newborns get sick every other day, so I figured the Saline Spray Drops would come in handy, at some point. Everything else was just mindless purchases. That said, the Hershey’s Dipped Snyder’s Pretzels are my latest obsession! They’re just too good!

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