Clarins Mini Haul

I was at the Clarins booth at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (here) and I believe they were having a discount (I wanna’ say either 15% or 20%) in addition to another promo (where if you bought any 2 Makeup Items, you got to pick an Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector for free). I’d been lusting after the Water Lip Stain for a minute, so when I saw that they had all 4 on display, I had to snag at least 1. Since I was buying something anyway, I figured I might as well pick up something else to score the free Lip Perfector. As I mentioned earlier, the sales assistant was incredibly annoying which was exasperated by the fact that the entire Perfume & Exhibition was going to end in a few minutes (let’s say 15) only to start back up again in March… of next year. She was wasting time I didn’t have. The worst part was she had no clue what she was talking about, for the most part. Somehow, I made it outta’ there in time to hit up a handful of other booths, despite her best efforts lol

Lavender SOS Primer

SOS Primer is a range of color-correcting complexion primers to suit the needs of each skin tone, following the principles of color theory. Lightweight, refreshing and oil-free the formula is powered by Organic Sea Lily Extract and Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex to deliver 24 hour hydration and protection, leaving the skin feeling comfortable all day long.

00 Universal Light (boosts radiance)
01 Rose (minimizes signs of fatigue)
02 Peach (perfects uneven skin tone)
03 Coral (visibly reduces dark spots)
04 Green (reduces redness)
05 Lavender (neutralizes sallow skin)
06 Bronze
07 Mocha

They had 5 of the SOS Primers on display. Without a second thought, I gravitated towards the Lavender (on account of my sallow skin tone), but the sales assistant was not having it! She kept trying to convince me to get the one in the shade 00 Universal Light saying in Arabic “It’ll cover the yellowness of your skin”. I’m like, “No thanks I’d like the lavender one”, to which she’d respond “but this one blah blah blah” “No thanks. Lavender please.” “Blah blah blah” “No. Thanks.” “Blah blah blah”. I’d have enough of her nonsense earlier when I was asking about the Water Lip Stains and she kept trying to get me to look at everything else other than the Water Lip Stains. I was just about ready to strangle the woman, when she relented, and took out an unopened Lavender SOS Primer, for me to purchase. It straight up says on the packaging “Visibly brightens sallow skin“. Personally, I believe if you wanna’ be all aggro and push products on people, you should at least familiarize yourself with products beforehand, but that’s just me.

Basically, the SOS Primers were color-correctors, with each shade targeting a specific skin tone “concern”. They’ve got the usual Green to counteract redness and they’ve got the Rose and Peach and Coral to counteract bruising (under-eyes) or dark spots (pigmentation issues) etc… They’ve got Bronze and Mocha to even out deeper skin tones and Universal Light to highlight or brighten all skin tones (hence “universal”). Finally, you’ve got Lavender to counteract sallow skin (i.e. me). Supposedly, these SOS Primers mask imperfections using an “optical effect” (whatever that means).

I’ve only used it once so far, but only on my chin area (I wanted to see how it would hold up against my MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick) and you know what? It works! It had the typical silicone-y primer feel and the smell could’ve been nicer, but otherwise, I’m pretty happy with this thing!

Red Water Water Lip Stain

A real beauty cocktail with all the benefits of a lip treatment! New-generation lip make-up: customizable and long-wearing color, for a kiss-proof matte finish and a barely-there feel. Rich with plant-derived active ingredients (Organic Raspberry Water + Organic Aloe Vera Extract + Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex), the formula leaves lips feeling soft and comfortable and lips look natural, seemingly tattooed with ink-like color!

O1 Rose Water
02 Orange Water
03 Red Water
04 Violet Water

I’ve been lusting after this baby for a minute, so I immediately backtracked when I spotted it, while dashing past the Clarins counter. I don’t do Violet and Rose would definitely pull fuchsia on my lips (which I can’t stand). So it was between either Orange or Red. I figured I’d go with Red, or Red Water as the shade is actually called.

These things are so fun! When you first apply them to your lips, they’re super bright and intense! However, before you start to panic thinking you’re going to end up looking crazy, they quickly dry (within mere seconds) to a comfortable matte finish. In fact, they effectively disappear on the lips, so you definitely would need to apply more (to build up the color). So to recap, they on all bright and crazy while wet, but dry down to a more subtle matte. Basically, think of watercolors. The brush takes some getting used to and I’m not a huge fan of the medicinal raspberry scent. Also, when I apply several layers of this stuff, my lips start to burn (just a little), but other than that, it’s a gorgeous lip product! Even the packaging is quite cute! Also, I think it’s funny how it says “Kiss Proof” on the back lol In any case, I’m so happy I went with Red!

Coral Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

This melting gel lip balm with a deliciously sweet taste glides on the lips effortlessly adding a naturally colored glossy shine with a barely-there effect. Formulated with Wild Mango Butter and Shea Butter lips instantly look plump, smooth and luscious.

01 Rose
02 Coral
03 My Pink
04 Orange
05 Red
06 Rosewood
07 Hot Pink
08 Plum

This baby ended up being free! I tend to enjoy most of the more recent lip-based offerings from Clarins and the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors were the ones that started it all! Prior to those, I’d actually written off Clarins as an older womens’ brand. Then I purchased the gloss version of the Lip Perfectors (here) and then a Lip Oil (here) and now the Water Lip Stain and the balm version of the Lip Perfector (for free) in this haul!

Total around KD 15/250 (lost the receipt so I can neither confirm nor deny)

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