Bling Pop Pumpkin Soothing and Brightening Sheet Mask

I spotted an entire display of Bling Pop (which is a brand that seemed to specialize in Sheet Masks made in Korea) at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (here). All of them were quite cute! I was down to my very last dinar (I was carrying cash instead of plastic… like a “G” lol) and after asking the sales assistant manning the nearest booth, she said that the bottom row (of the display) had been reduced to KD 1/000, I figured it was “meant to be”. Out of the Aloe and Lemon and Pumpkin and Peach, I didn’t think twice before snatching up the one in Pumpkin.

Despite having smaller packaging, the mask itself was actually quite big (those with bigger or rounder faces will definitely benefit from that)! The mask consisted of a rather thick cloth. The eye holes were perfect for my almond-shaped eyes (with more than enough room for me to not worry about it accidentally getting into my eyes) and the nose cut-out was perfect for my nose (no extra cloth hanging awkwardly or jutting out uncomfortably in any areas) and the mouth hole was perfect for my somewhat small mouth (with enough free space around the circumference of the mouth to allow you to talk freely or eat or drink – if you can’t wait for 15-20 mins – or to apply a Lip Scrub or even slap on a Lip Mask for some simultaneous masking action)!

The mask wasn’t slick and oily, as much as it was just extremely wet (they were not stingy with the essence). In fact, it was so wet that even after I left it on for 25 minutes, it was still very damp! Unfortunately, it was also quite fragrant as well. I wanna’ say it had a floral-y scent mixed in with a skincare scent, but I’m not too sure. I stopped noticing the smell within 5 minutes of the mask being on my face. After I removed the mask, I massaged what was the left of the essence into my face. As I did that, I could feel my skin warming up (it wasn’t anything extreme, but it wasn’t unnoticeable either). In any case, it went away after a minute or so. My face did have some crease marks (as if I’d been sleeping on my pillow, face-down) from the mask, but those went away as well, shortly after. To avoid getting crease marks, you just gotta’ carefully smooth the face mask on, but I don’t have the patience for that. Eventually, the residue on my face bugged me enough for me to wash it off completely and after I patted my face dry, it started to burn… again. I’m starting to think I just might be allergic to Pumpkin Skincare lol

I didn’t notice any brightening or whatever, but my skin did feel nice and plump afterwards! In comparison with the flimsy Sephora Sheet Masks (the fruity ones, which are practically bone dry) and the uncomfortable Bath & Body Works Sheet Masks (the fit and cut are so wrong that you end up being painfully poked everywhere, including the inner corner of the eyes), this Bling Pop Sheet Mask was well-saturated and supremely comfortable (the fit was pretty great)! In fact, I’m definitely going to repurchase this stuff, maybe in Lemon or Aloe next!

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