Zara Haul (October)

I fell in love with these gorgeous White Boots that I saw on the local Zara website (mentioned here and here), so I’ve kinda’ been stalking Zara for a minute now. Every time I’d ask about them (with the reference number ready and everything) they’d tell me to come back in 2 weeks. This has been going on since even before the Eid Holiday (Summer) lol As you might imagine, eventually I gave up and just as I gave up, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon an equally gorgeous pair at Forever 21 (haulage here)! Now that I had a gorgeous pair of White Boots in my possession (again), I felt that whenever I do go back to Zara, I could finally go back to focusing on their clothes, as opposed to scanning all their footwear (with laser-sharp focus, in search of the aforementioned White Boots)!

Believe it or not, I was actually at H&M (part 3 of 3 comin’ up soon), with a handful of Jumpers and Sweaters in hand (or rather, in canvas bag) to try on in the Changing Room. However, I noticed Zara right across from H&M and also noted that it was almost closing time! I wanted to do a quick lap in Zara too, but I needed the full use of both arms and didn’t wanna’ be bogged down by shopping bags (so annoying). So, I did what any sane (or insane) person would do and just dropped the bag full of unpurchased H&M clothes (in a corner of the Changing Room Area) and hotfooted it to Zara!

As soon as I set foot in Zara, I was absolutely smitten with these delightful Tan Slides and out of the corner of my eye spotted the coolest asymmetrical White Top (didn’t even know if it was a dress or a tunic or a shirt, all I knew was it was gorgeous) and a pair of really cool Snake Print Jeans and two beautiful Black Dresses and on my way to pay for everything, grabbed a boring yet practical White Cami (to wear underneath some of my more see-through Tops). After Zara, I went back to H&M headed straight towards the Changing Rooms, grabbed the bag of Jumpers and Sweaters, quickly tried them on and purchased the ones I liked. And that’s how it’s done!

White Asymmetric Poplin Tunic retails for KD 22/900

Tunic with polo-style collar and long sleeves. Features a loose A-line silhouette and asymmetric hem.

I saw this hanging somewhere to the right-hand side of the entrance and was instantly drawn to it! I didn’t even know what it was! I was all “What are you? Not that it matters, because I think I’m in love with you”, which was when the sales assistant decided to so rudely interrupt our private conversation (ugh, rewd). At a glance, I could’ve sworn this thing was a really interesting Shirt! The closer I got, the more it looked like a really cool Dress! I mean, on my 5’1 frame, it might as well be. Once I actually tried it on (filling it out with my “curves” lol), it consequentially rose up, so I thought, “Ah! Tunic“. Makes a whole lotta’ difference when it’s all freshly pressed and flat, hanging on a rack somewhere and when you actually try it on. As expected, it was see-through (just once, I’d like to find a White Top that wasn’t see-through). Regardless, it was absolutely gawjus!

I paired it with the Snake Print Jeans (shown below), because I thought it made for an interesting combo. I tried it on in an X-Small and it was still quite loose, so it’s safe to say it’s pretty over-sized (meaning if you’re on the curvier side, you could still probably get away with wearing this in a Medium, if not a Small). For those who are blessed with a bigger chest, I believe the V-Neck Collar would be quite flattering on you (when I was bigger, every time I’d wear a V-Neck, everyone would ask me if I’d lost weight). For those blessed with a bigger booty, the A-line Silhouette would be quite flattering on you (creating the illusion of a smaller waist).

It was a bit dear at KD 22/900 and I kinda’ wanted to wait for a sale or summat’, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to find it in an X-Small again (which was quite loose on me, to begin with, so I doubt I could successfully pull off wearing any of the other sizes) so I went ahead and got it anyway. Plus, I just really loved this thing and didn’t wanna’ risk missing out! This White Asymmetric Poplin Tunic was from the Zara Woman Collection.

Snake Print High Waist Premium Jeans retail for KD 15/900

The High Waist in Snake Print.

High waist, faded-effect, printed skinny jeans with five pockets and frayed hems. Metal zip and top button fastening in the front.

I remember when Snake Print was trending the first time around (during my life-time at least, dunno’ about anything prior lol), back when I was a teenager (I’m 33 now) and I could never find a pair of my own. It’s not that I couldn’t find a pair. It’s just that they were all “slim fit” this and “skinny leg” that, and at the time, I was actually quite over-weight. Once I’d slimmed down a bit (unrelated reasons), the trend had already passed lol As I’ve said before on my blog, when I’m happy, I have a huge appetite so I gain weight super fast, but when I’m stressed out or upset, I lose my appetite and lose weight equally fast. Plus, I prefer to drink my calories, so once I switch to something less sugar-y, I slim down again… but I just lurrrve my sugar-y drinks (Coke, Shani, Sprite, Fanta, etc…) As such, all my life, my weight has been yo-yo’ing (which definitely isn’t healthy, but whatevs). Now if only I could just do the same with my height lol because Zara just does not cater to shorter people (not the branches in Kuwait, at least).

I really liked the design and color on these Jeans (Snake Print, bebe!), but the fit was all kinds of wrong! I tried sizing up. I tried sizing down. Every size came with its own host of issues lol These Snake Print Jeans were slim fit, skinny leg and high rise. I’m 5’1 (so, pretty short) and my body likes to store fat mostly on my upper arms and thighs. Even if I could overlook all that, on the model, they hit way above the ankle, whereas on me, they hit right at the ankle! Also, I hated the frayed hem (ugh, when is that trend going to go away?) because I think it looks horrible! All in all, I was just not meant to wear this thing.

That said, I still purchased it, finally settling on a Size 38/UK10/US6 (which on me was literally skin-tight). I paired it with the White Asymmetric Poplin Tunic and seriously liked the way they looked together! However, I’m quickly learning that Snake Print is not the easiest thing to pair (it’s like the American Eagle Cream Palazzo Pants situation, all over again lol). Ooooh! I could pair them with my Forever 21 White Boots (Yaaaaas)! If you like Snake Print, I believe I spotted Leggings with a similar design somewhere in Zara. The Snake Print High Waist Premium Denim Jeans were from the Zara Woman Premium Denim Collection.

Black Combined Printed Dress (Fall/Winter 18) retails for KD 13/900

Round neck dress with short sleeves. Featuring a relaxed A-line silhouette with contrast printed fabric detail.

I was actually checking out the perfumes (I think I spotted Zara Femme and Zara Cashmere Rose), when this particular Black Dress came in my direct line of vision and I obviously got distracted. On one hand, it seemed a bit too busy for my taste (not unlike the H&M Black Motif T-Shirt). On the other hand, “Versace-esque” errythang is currently having a “moment” (also just like the H&M Black Motif T-Shirt). Plus, this dress was actually quite beautiful when worn! I loved the way it moved when I walked around Zara (while still wearing it)! Also, it seemed to be made out of some sort of stretch-y fabric, which I believe would look super flattering on all sizes, across the board (curvy girls, take note)! Unfortunately, it also felt quite thin (I don’t predict this Dress lasting very long, after being washed a handful of times). I tried it on a Medium and Small, but ended up purchasing the Dress in a size Small. It was all feminine and swish-y, without being overly frou-frou! This Black Combined Printed Dress was from the Zara Women Circular Collection.

Black Basic Peplum Dress (Fall/Winter 18) retails for KD 10/900

Loose-fitting dress with a round neckline and short sleeves. Featuring an asymmetric hem with gathered ruffles. Available in Nude and Red and Duck Green and Black.

Already on my way to the Changing Room, I spotted this Black Peplum Dress along the way there and decided to try it on in a size Medium, but the sales assistant who appeared to help me, interjected “no, you’re skinny” (she made it sound like an insult, even though she was almost as “skinny” as I was lol) and handed me a size Small instead. That’s also something I’ve noticed after slimming down considerably. When I was over-weight, people wouldn’t dare say anything negative about my body (even though I was quite comfortable in my own body, regardless), but now that I’ve slimmed down considerably, everyone (friends, family, extended family, eyebrow-threading technicians at the salons I frequent, Doctor I just met for the first time about a completely unrelated issue, random person across the street, literally everyone) feels like they have the right to comment on my body now, and more of than not, it’s usually something negative (“you need to gain more weight”).

Just recently, I was wearing the H&M Burgundy Treggings (haulage here) nears McDonald’s drive-thru but it was taking forever, so I decided to get down from the car and actually order at the counter, and as soon as I got out, some guy in the car next to mine at the drive-thru who had his windows down, calmly said, “You’re too thin” and in that same breath, tried to give me his number -_- Even while hanging out with my favorite cousin and she wanted us to take a selfie for her snapchat (both of us had no makeup on) she meant it as a harmless joke saying, “You’re naturally contoured” (in reference to the hollows of my cheeks). Basically, everyone (including random strangers) seems to have an opinion on my body and are quite vocal about their opinion (they’re not afraid to share it), as if when I lost all that weight, I somehow lost my feelings along with the weight lol

Anyways… I wasn’t obsessed with the round neckline, but it was a lovely Dress otherwise! Even the fabric was slightly thicker and more structured than the previous Dress. Unlike everything else in this haul (which was only available in the color/design shown), this Dress was also available in several colors, so I figured I’d include them all. Normally, the official Zara photos up on their website feature the models umm… modeling the clothes in the most ridiculous poses (that really don’t show off the clothes properly). However, in this instance, the pose is spot on! While wearing the Peplum Dress, you can’t help but want to do a little twirl! Plus, it’s quite flattering on girls with minimal to no curves (it’ll create the illusion of having a booty)! It’s also insanely comfy too! It’s just such a cute Dress! This Black Basic Peplum Dress was from the “Perfect Basics” Range.

Leather Crossover Sandals retail for KD 12/900

Crossover straps on the front. Available in Leather and Red Leather and Blue Leather and Mustard Leather. Heel Height 0.3 inches

As soon as I’d entered Zara, one of the first things that caught my eye were these delightful Leather Crossover Sandals! Why do I keep describing them as delightful, you ask? Because these Slides, when paired with Wide Leg Trousers, would be absolutely perfect for recreating this extremely chill outfit (as shown on Victoria Beckham)! Plus, if you care about that sort of thing (I don’t. My thing is makeup), apparently these Slides are a dupe of the Saint Laurent Tribute Slide Sandals (here). All that aside, I figured these Slides would be perfect for those instances when Flip-Flops just won’t cut it (lol), but I still wanna’ be in something flat and comfy (think along the lines of weekly Saturday brunch with the girls or impromptu mani-pedi at the salon, etc…)!

They were rows upon rows of these babies displayed on the glass shelving unit, and not one of them was a Size 38. So when the sales assistant towering over me asked if he could assist, I asked if he could help me find a Size 38 for me in the color Tan. He disappeared and came back with what I asked for, but also handed me a completely different pair (I wanna’ say faux croc) in Black. I tried them on, purely to humor him, but my interest was in the Tan Leather Crossover Sandals that I had chosen from the start. You guys, he would not let it go! He insisted that I should get the Black ones!

Initially, I thought he was just trying to be helpful, but it quickly started to seem like he had a vested interest in getting rid of the Black ones (I’ve inadvertently witnessed some of their “staff meetings” before, where the Zara staff are huddled together after-hours and debriefed by the manager and later commended for reaching their target… there’s a lot of cheering involved at the end, it’s a whole thing). Anyways, I told the guy I was only in the market for one pair of Slides. Without missing a beat, he told me that the Tan ones that I’d chosen, resembled ones that local men usually pair with their dishdasha (traditional male attire). He was not wrong, but that wasn’t necessarily a deterrent for me lol The Leather Crossover Sandals were from the Zara Basics Collection.

White Strappy Stretch Top (Fall/Winter 18) retails for KD 2/900

Fitted top made from a polyamide blend. Features a round neckline and straps. Available in White and Black and Dark Khaki and Ecru.

On my way to the check-out counter, I spotted a rack filled with these strappy tank tops or vests or camisoles (or whatever else you happen to call them in your area of the world… apparently each place has its own lingo and all of those mean something different in other countries, for example, vests which are actually called waistcoats… it can be quite confusing at times lol). They had them in a bunch of colors, but the smallest size available was a size Small. I grabbed just the one, in White (as shown). Obviously, I didn’t get a chance to try it on in-store (I was already on my way to pay, because I needed to get back to H&M before they closed up shop for the night). However, if this thing wears and washes well, I’ll definitely be going back to Zara for more! The White Strappy Stretch Top was from the “Perfect Basics” Range.

White Asymmetric Poplin Tunic retails for KD 22/900
Snake Print High Waist Premium Jeans retail for KD 15/900
Black Combined Printed Dress (Fall/Winter 18) retails for KD 13/900
Black Basic Peplum Dress (Fall/Winter 18) retails for KD 10/900
Leather Crossover Sandals retail for KD 12/900
White Strappy Stretch Top (Fall/Winter 18) retails for KD 2/900

Total of KD 79/400

Looking at everything now, that’s a lot of Black and White lol but other than being timeless, Black/White are easiest to pair! Also, just to be clear, I’m not trying to body-shame anyone or anything like that. As I’ve said before, my weight fluctuates from both extremes… pretty regularly. So as someone who has spent a significant amount of time being over-weight (read: fat), I believe I’ve developed a feel for what looks more flattering on bigger body-types and those are just some tips I figured I’d share. Basically, it’s all about knowing your silhouette and complimenting it. With that being said, it’s just clothes and obviously you’re free to wear anything you want, regardless. Personally, my interest lies more with makeup, not clothes ^_~

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