Boots Haulage (October)

I popped in to Boots in the hopes of picking up the St. Tropez Self Tan “Purity” Bronzing Water Mousse (spotted earlier, here). Unfortunately, they were out of stock (I knew I should’ve purchased it, at the time). I believe they had a “15% off” Gosh Makeup, whereas all the other makeup brands were “25% off”. They also had a “Buy One Get One Free” promo on select brands. As per usual, the “Buy One Get One Free” did not extend to St. Tropez or K-Beauty (typical). Still, since I was there, I figured I might as well make the most of it. I picked up x2 Smokey Eye Brushes (one ended up being free) and a pair of Tweezers (to apply falsies) and repurchased that gorgeous Serum Mascara! The sales assistant also ended up tossing in a Bronzer for free (which was nice of her). Next time I see anything remotely interesting at Boots, I’m just going to go ahead and purchase it (then and there)! This is my millionth time returning to the same branch to buy the St. Tropez Bronzing Water and my millionth time not being able to find it lol

No. 7 Smokey Eye Brush retail for KD 4/000 each (Buy One Get One Free)

I’ve been loving smoking out my lower lashline for the past however many months now! That said, I tend to alternate between darker shadows (to add depth and “drama”) and lighter shadows (Aegyo Sal), and quite frankly, it’s a pain switching between the two. While using the same brush (I just wipe it across the back of my hand when switching to a different shade), the lighter shadows will come across darker (due to being used previously with a darker shadow) and the darker shadows will come across lighter (due to being previously used with a lighter shadow). Now with these Smokey Eye Brushes, I can reserve one strictly for lighter shades and the other strictly for darker shades. Plus, one of them ended up being free, due to the Buy One Get One Free promo.

Boots Slanted Tweezers reduced from KD 1 to KD /750

This is my millionth pair of Tweezers… I don’t know where they keep disappearing off to. In any case, for some inexplicable reason (performance anxiety? lol) my hands start violently shaking, any time I attempt to apply false lashes. As such, Tweezers are a must! They’re just way more effective at applying falsies than my short stubby fingers lol

GOSH Volume Serum Mascara reduced from KD 5/800 to KD 4/850

My new favorite Mascara! I bought this stuff earlier (here) and immediately fell in love, with the first use! For starters, it’s a Comb Mascara (love those)! It has two combs one each side; one smaller with more bristles to coat each and every single lash (even ones you didn’t know you had) i.e. define, and the other with the bristles further apart to add volume and curl. Plus, the formula is amaze! It’s nice and wet and ultra dark! If you’re not used to Comb Mascaras, there is a slight learning curve, but once you become more familiar, you’ll love it too! This is my second time purchasing this stuff! Originally, it was priced at KD 6/000, but was reduced to KD 5/800, and now with the “sale” was purchased for KD 4/850.

Gosh 02 Natural Glow Bronzing Powder (gift with purchase)

Oooh! Bronze me up, baby! The nice sales assistant tossed in a free Bronzer from the brand Gosh (I’m guessin’ not that many people in Kuwait buy stuff from that brand).

All for under a tenner! Also, the Smokey Eye Brush was translated to “Cloudy Eyes Drawing Brush” in Arabic on the receipt LOL

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