Bath and Body Works Haulage (October)

During my visit to Bath and Body Works (here), I picked up a handful of really fun stuff (x2 Zodiac Candles and x2 deliciously-scented shower stuff and x2 pocketbacs with funny-punny names) all of which had been significantly reduced (much more reasonable price)!

Zodiac Single Wick Candles reduced from KD 6/000 to KD 3/000 :

Fire Sign Candle (Aries and Sagittarius and Leo)
(scent: Cedarwood, Clove, Amber) (Orange Font)

Earth Sign Candle (Taurus and Virgo and Capricorn)
(scent: Fresh Wild Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla) (Pink Font)

Wow! These Zodiac Candles are the coolest thing ever! I only found out about these, when I was looking up the notes for my other Bath and Body Works posts (here). Apparently, Bath and Body Works had come out with a Zodiac Candle Collection for Spring 2018 (Earth – Fire – Air – Water). They all came in dark blue jars (meant to mimic the night sky?), but each Candle had a different scent and a different colored font. Even cooler, each sign had the correlating constellation depicted directly underneath!

It might not be everyone’s thing, but I’ve always loved Astrology and was always fascinated with all the Zodiac Signs and if available, I’d even go ahead and read my horoscope (just for fun)! Clearly, I thought the Zodiac Candle Collection sounded ah-mah-zing! However, since it was in stores (abroad) around January 2018 and it was now October 2018, I figured that we either didn’t get the collection in Kuwait or that they’d already sold out. Either way, I probably wasn’t going to get a chance to purchase them. However, I figured there was no harm in asking. So I did and wouldn’t you know it? It panned out! The darling sales assistant, disappeared into the back room and came back with one of each, of all four candles in the Zodiac Collection! Yaaaaay! Even better, they’d all been reduced from KD 6 to KD 3! Double Yaaaay!

Obviously, I had to get the Fire Sign Candle (Sagittarius, baby!) and I liked the scent of the Earth Sign Candle, so I picked that one up too! Believe it or not, the Fire Sign Candle had a smoked wood element to it, giving the candle a distinctly masculine vibe (think along the lines of Henri Bendel Firewood Candle) which I thought was deliciously appropriate! Meanwhile, the Earth Sign Candle reminded me of those fancy soaps (I’m thinkin’ it’s the lavender) found at fancy hotels. Normally, I don’t do lavender (because… eww), but something about this, just appealed to me. I wasn’t in love with the scent, but I also couldn’t help continuously sniffing it (maybe it’s tied to a memory or something).

In any case, I only got those two and skipped the other two. If you’re interested, here’s some more info on the other two, Air Sign Candle (Aquarius and Gemini and Libra) (scent: Cool breeze, Blue Iris, Gardenia Blossoms) (Yellow Font) and the Water Sign Candle (Pisces and Cancer and Scorpio) (scent: Sparkling Pomelo, Salted Ocean Mist, Watery Lotus) (Blue Font).

CocoaShea Cucumber Really Refreshing Foaming Scrub reduced from KD 6/500 to KD 2/750

With smoothing Pumice and a Cleansing Gel Formula, our Really Refreshing Foaming Scrub leaves skin feeling revitalized and totally touchable. Cocoa Butter + Shea Butter moisturizes & replenishes while Cucumber Water refreshes & revitalizes

Spiced Pumpkin Cider Shower Gel (travel size) reduced KD 2/750 to KD 0/750

Pumpkin Spice & everything nice! Fall in love with this nostalgic blend of Heirloom Pumpkin, Royal Cinnamon & Apple Cider

I’ve actually purchased the Cucumber Scrub before (here) and have really been enjoying using it as a Body Cleanser ever since! It does an okay job at exfoliating (other scrubs with finer grit and scrubby bits tend to exfoliate much more evenly and precisely). However, this stuff foams up beautifully and smells absolutely delicious! Initially, I said it smelled like fresh Watermelon Juice but over time and with use, I now believe it smells more like fresh Sugar Melon Juice! The one I purchased earlier is almost all used up and since this stuff had now been reduced from KD 6/500 to KD 2/750, I figured, what better time to repurchase then now? I know it might not sound like it, but I really, really love this stuff!

As for the mini Spiced Pumpkin Cider Shower Gel (spotted in the “aisle of doom”, here), based on its name, I thought it could potentially smell amazing! I was not wrong. Since this all went down in October, I figured the Spiced Pumpkin Cider Shower Gel would be perfect during the upcoming months (once the temperature drops)! Also, the packaging was kinda’ cute (if a bit juvenile)! As such, I asked the wonderful sales assistant (who’d gone to the back room to get me those Zodiac Candles) to help me find one that was relatively decent (since most of them were severely picked over, some were sticky and others were half-open). Somehow, she succeeded! Score! Both the Cucumber Scrub and Pumpkin Shower Gel were almost a year old at this point, so I thought it was quite fair that their original asking price had been significantly reduced. Good job, Bath and Body Works!

Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe (Orange Blossom) PocketBac reduced from KD 1/250 to KD 0/500
No One Likes a Shady Beach (Seaside Citrus) PocketBac reduced from KD 1/250 to KD 0/500

I’ve already got a ton of PocketBacs (antibacterial hand-sanitizers), but the names of these two, cracked me up! I couldn’t find a tester (here), but that didn’t matter because all the Shady Beach ones, were partially open (look closely at the lid), despite the protective plastic, meant to signify that they were new and therefore, untouched. That said, I didn’t really care, because they’d been reduced to only KD 0/500 each.

Fire Sign Candle reduced from KD 6/000 to KD 3/000
Earth Sign Candle reduced from KD 6/000 to KD 3/000
CocoaShea Cucumber Really Refreshing Foaming Scrub reduced from KD 6/500 to KD 2/750
Spiced Pumpkin Cider Shower Gel (travel size) reduced KD 2/750 to KD 0/750
Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe (Orange Blossom) PocketBac reduced from KD 1/250 to KD 0/500
No One Likes A Shady Beach (Seaside Citrus) PocketBac reduced from KD 1/250 to KD 0/500

Total: KD 10/500 (instead of KD 23/750 which is was the total if they hadn’t been reduced). It’s not one of my bigger hauls, but I’m super stoked about everything I managed to get (so cute)! I’m especially thankful to the sales assistant who helped me find the two Zodiac Candles! Lastly, everything in this haul was “spotted” earlier (here).

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