Sultan Center Haul #11

Nesquik Chocolate Flavoured Cereal
x2 Coco Mojo Pure Coconut Water

So I’ve been on the hunt for Coco Mojo Pure Coconut Water ever since I randomly chose a can of the stuff at Sultan Center (Salmiya) and promptly fell in love (here)! Unfortunately, I could never find the stuff at the Souq Sharq branch of Sultan Center, which frankly, is more accessible to me (since I don’t enjoy the traffic jams on my to Salmiya). I figured the only way I could ever find the stuff was to go back to where I originally bought it, the Salmiya branch. Sadly, I didn’t find the steel can version. I did however, find a much larger version (1 Liter/33.8 fl oz). I spotted these 2 nestled in the refrigerated dairy section (amidst flavored yogurt and such), so I cradled them in my arms and made my way to the cash register.

This was on October 5th and I’ve repurchased these twice more in two’s and two more times in three’s (that’s ten 1 Litre Containers, not including the two shown), because this stuff is just that good! Also, I don’t drink regular water (because… flavorless). I did find these at the Souq Sharq branch that one time though, but I’ve accepted the fact that the only place I’ll ever find them for sure, is at the Salmiya branch. So if you’re interested, your best bet is to look for this stuff over there (Salmiya). They taste like… Coconut Water lol (dunno’ how else to describe the taste). I’ve taken to pouring some in my Aladdin Insulated Water Tumbler complete with a Straw lol (purchased from, because it looks fun and appealing and therefore I’m more tempted to sip from it throughout the day!

While there, I also decided to get a larger box of Nesquik Chocolate Flavoured Cereal which were a throwback that I’d been craving ever since I’d glimpsed them at Souq Sharq and mistakingly picked up the wrong thing (here) and later on, got 2 smaller packs of the stuff from the Salmiya branch (here) and before that, gotten them from the Shuwaikh branch (here). Some people might find this gross (my entire family and all my friends believe that it is), but I like my cereal completely soggy. I’ll upend some cereal into a bowl and pour some milk over it (in small increments, making sure that each and every ball of cereal on the top layer gets hit with some milk). Then, using a spoon, I’ll push the cereal down (fully submerging it in milk) and I’ll keep doing it over and over again, until I’ve gone over the entire bowl. After that, I’ll just leave it alone for a bit (to soak). Finally, I’ll take a small spoonful and taste it (to see if the cereal is sufficiently soggy enough or needs to soak some more).

As you can imagine, the whole process can be a bit time-consuming (and… well… crazy lol) so I like to start the process, and then move on to doing other stuff. For example, before hopping in the shower, I’ll pour some milk and cereal, push it down with a spoon, then while the cereal soaks in the milk, I’d hop in the shower and by the time I’m done, the cereal would be sufficiently saturated in milk (i.e. soggy). If I just got back home from work or hanging out with my friends or running an errand or whatever else, I’ll start the process and then move on to taking my makeup off and such, so by the time I’m done, I could enjoy my soggy cereal lol with peace of mind (knowing that I don’t have to deal with my stubborn mascara or taking off my colored contacts or whatever afterwards). Even when I wake up, I’ll start the process and then go and wash my face and brush my teeth and all that. That’s just how I’ve always preferred to eat my cereal. Obviously, if I’m short on time, I can just eat it the regular way, but I just prefer it and actually enjoy it more my way (soggy).

Unfortunately, with Nesquik Chocolate Flavoured Cereal I have to get the milk to cereal ratio juuuust right, otherwise the bowl will overflow and I end up with a few runaway chocolate cereal balls rolling in every direction. Also, the chocolate flavored cereal doesn’t turn the milk… umm… chocolate-y and instead, the chocolate just settles at the bottom of the bowl. It bugs me so much! Even when I’ll have some Nesquik Hot Chocolate, after some overzealous stirring, they still end up separating! Also, it bugs me when the milk forms a layer (I wanna’ say skin?) on top, so I prefer to use cold milk. That said, hot or cold, the milk and chocolate always end up separating (yup, sounds pretty accurate) and I find it annoying!

Also, again, this is what my Sultan Center haulage looks like when I’m not hangry.

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