Spotted at Sephora (October) Extra Long Post

I like how they went from asking me to flat-out stop taking pictures (here and here) to now offering to hold up the products for me while I take the picture LOL I spotted some of the New Collections (new to Kuwait, rather) and a new Hair Care Brand called Briogeo, some fun Asian Skincare and more than a few absolutely stunning Palettes! With that being said, now that I’m getting older, I find myself… dare I say it… kinda’ losing interest in makeup (I’m 33). Not a lot seems to wow me anymore. I’ve also noticed the same thing happening with my choice of fragrance (I’m starting to turn away from all things candy and find a lot of my once-beloved gourmands straight up annoying now). If I ever fall out of love with videogames though, I’d be completely devastated (might as well not live anymore, after that! lawl). Thankfully, that hasn’t happened… yet.

Complimentary Engraving Service

In any case, I was only in Sephora to pick up a Birthday Gift for my favorite cousin. After a quick lap around the store, I decided on getting her the new Givenchy Fragrance called Givenchy L’Interdit. Technically, L’Interdit (which translates to “Forbidden“) was originally created in 1957 as a tribute to Audrey Hepburn. Prior to that, Hubert De Givenchy hadn’t yet branched out into perfumery. After they met, Givenchy and Hepburn became life long friends and as such, Hepburn continually wore Givenchy Couture! In fact, she was the only person in the world to wear L’Interdit (for almost 3 years), before Givenchy commercialized it (bidness, yo). Her answer to when he told her that he was commercializing it was, “Mais, je vouz l’interdis!” (which translates to “But, I forbid it!”), which is how the perfume got its name.

L’Interdit was discontinued in the 90’s and reformulated in 2002 and again in 2018. Rooney Mara is the face of the latest version. Officially, L’Interdit was described as “A forbidden blend of a white flower and a dark accord”. Other than being new (meaning I knew for sure that my cousin hadn’t purchased it yet), this version had the most delightful scent of sweet juicy pears! I figured my cousin would get a kick out of seeing her name engraved on the bottle, but once again, I got stiffed by an Egyptian Sales Assistant. I was very, very specific with my instructions, but he was more interested in flirting with his hot Lebanese co-worker, so he was only half-listening.

I wanted to do the first name and last name, but had to make a quick phone call to confirm if there was a hyphen involved (y’know Arabs and their Al-this and Al-that). Yeah, she’s my cousin, but she’s from mom’s side of the family (we don’t share the same last name) and everyone spells theirs differently for some reason (some go with a “Y” some go with an “I”… but they all spell it the same way in Arabic) and she and I strictly communicate in Arabic. Anyways, I asked the guy to give me a second (the place was practically empty because it was getting late, but it was nowhere near closing time yet, so he had no reason to rush), made a phone call that took less than a minute (couldn’t reach her), turned around only to find that he’d already started the laser thing that’d engrave the name on the product. He only went with her first name and somehow managed to misspell that too (it was missing the second “A” at the end of her name).

I had this idea of presenting the gift to my cousin all gift-wrapped and pretty, and watching her tear through the gift-wrapping and open up the packaging to find her name engraved on the actual perfume, (which I was sure would surprise her)! Now, this guy had ruined the whole thing… I asked him why he hadn’t waited and he claimed I never told him to. I pointed out that I’d wanted to do both the first and last name and his response was “It looks more chic with just the first name”. So I was like, “Yeah? Not so chic when you misspelled her name.” He was all, “English isn’t my first language.” In my mind, I was thinking, “Then why the heck would you start the thing without checking with me first?”, but out loud, I just nodded, said “Thank you”, spun around and left his counter (to browse around the store, while the laser finished engraving the name).

There was no point in discussing it further. The guy wasn’t the least bit sorry. I doubt he cared that I’d just dropped KD 38/750 for something that I was hoping to surprise my favorite cousin with, and he’d just nonchalantly ruined the whole thing. Explaining anything to him wouldn’t do any real good, in the long-run. He wasn’t going to change. He was who he was. I was livid, but browsing around Sephora and looking at all the pretty stuff took me to my happy place (literally lol) and eventually my nostrils stopped flaring (lol) shortly after. Thankfully, my favorite cousin laughed off the mistake and was seemingly delighted by the scent (she kept shoving her wrist in her husband’s face and he kept craning his neck away lol) when I gifted it to her, but I was still more than a little miffed.

While gift-wrapping the perfume for me, the hot Lebanese co-worker called out to another female Sales Assistant, who tossed in a Givenchy Gift With Purchase (Small Pink Pouch + Mini Lip Perfector), unprompted (she’d witnessed the whole engraving thing as it went down), which I thought was nice of her. Also, while paying for the Perfume at the check-out counter, I was informed that I’d accumulated another 200 Points and qualified for another Brand Gift (except I hadn’t even picked up the first one yet, on account of them always being “out of stock” lol) so I was told I could choose two from the ones available (but more on that at the end of this post). Now, on to the pretty…

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette offers endless escapes in one travel-ready package. With 21 shades and a full-size mirror, it lets you choose your own adventure.

If you find yourself packing multiple kits for one look, our Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette is your globe-trotting go-to.

When it’s time to grab your carry-on and dash off to the next big adventure, you’ll want to pack light. Enter Born To Run, an all-in-one eyeshadow palette that has everything you need to create neutral looks, add in pops of color and play with brights, no matter where you’re going. With 21 of-the-moment shades—from jewel tones and modern neutrals to more colorful shadows—you’ve got every possible eye look covered in one sleek kit.

How cool is this display, huh?

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

Top Row:
Breakaway (warm ivory shimmer)
Stranded (pale rose gold with tonal micro-shimmer)
Blaze (light metallic peach with pink shift)
Weekender (light neutral beige matte)
Still Shot (bright peach)
Riff (brown-nude matte with floating micro-sparkle)
Good as Gone (deep brown with iridescent micro-shimmer)

Middle Row:
Hell Ride (deep fuchsia matte)
Baja (burnt orange matte)
Accelerate (reddish copper metallic)
Guilt Trip (smoky purple shimmer)
Ignite (rose gold metallic)
Smog (deep coppery bronze shimmer)
Wanderlust (forest green with gold micro-shimmer)

Last Row:
Wildheart (bright fuchsia)
Punk (red-brown matte)
Double Life (metallic rust)
Jet (black with deep shimmering purple shift)
Drift (charcoal satin with tonal micro-sparkle)
Radio (deep emerald satin)
Big Sky (frosted green shimmer with iridescent micro-sparkle)

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

Despite being heavily promoted (they had displays everywhere in-store), I wasn’t all that impressed by the Born To Run Palette, honestly. First of all, in what world is this rather large 21 shadow palette considered “packing light”? lol Also, it came with 21 shadows! I don’t know about you, but I find having too many shades in a palette (seemingly chosen at random) a bit overwhelming. The top row was all standard shades (meaning they were not the most exciting, but were all everyday wearable). The middle row had more colorful sparkly and metallic shades (slightly less wearable for everyday, but fun for the weekend or on nights out or whatever). The bottom row, consisted of mainly unwearable darker shades (at least for me). I could still make them work, but it’d take some work… to make them work. Ya’ feel me? Realistically speaking, I probably wouldn’t get much use out of the the entire bottom row (bar Punk).

Not gonna’ lie, I did end up liking some shades in this palette though (Baja and Guilt Trip and Wanderlust and Punk). However, as a whole, the entire palette left me a bit underwhelmed, from the busy packaging (blech), to the common names (I’ve seen a lot of those shade names before by other brands, namely ColourPop), to the uninspired shades (if by modern neutrals they meant warm tones, literally every other palette has that, including the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette)! I love Urban Decay and I really wanted to love the Born To Run Palette, but after the Deluxe Shadow Box (old-school packaging) and Book of Shadows IV and Vice 1 and Naked 1 and Naked 2 and Naked 3 and Moondust (featured here), none of their more recent Eyeshadow Palettes seem to excite me. Don’t get me wrong. The Born To Run Palette wasn’t actually bad, per say… it just wasn’t exciting either. As such, I’m definitely going to have to pass on the Born To Run Palette.

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

I thought for sure, the Sales Assistant (who happened to be a middle-ages Egyptian woman wearing the hijab) at the Urban Decay counter was going to politely ask me to stop taking photos, but instead she pulled up the Born To Run Palette from the display and held it up for me (so I could take a better picture)! It wasn’t even her counter! She’d come over from the Too Faced counter, just to give me a hand… unprompted! Truth be told, I feel like I’ve been quite mistreated by Sales Assistants (lol the struggle), so I’m always touched when I come across a Sales Assistant who’s just… kind!

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

I understand the first 4 nudes (that could work as bases or inner corner highlights or toppers) and I understand all the browns and mattes (that would be great as transition shades or all-over-lid shades or even smoking out the lashline) and I appreciate all the fun pops of color in all kinds of different finishes (for whatever, wherever), but what I don’t understand is why do we need 50 metallic rose-gold/copper-y/orange-y type shades in one palette? Also, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t even know what to do with the shade Wildheart (I mean seriously… eww).

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

Pretty? Yes. Unique? Nope. You can probably find more than a few of those shades in your collection. If you still have your heart set on getting this behemoth of a Palette, you’re better off ordering one of the many similar offerings from BH Cosmetics (they’ve got tons) or Morphe Cosmetics, both of which are way more budget-friendly! I’d say ELF Cosmetics, but their eyeshadows really suck (they don’t blend and just turn muddy on the eyes).

Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal Collection (Vlada Collab)

Smashbox Petal Metal Liquid Eye Liner retails for KD 7/200
24K Rose (metallic rose gold pearl)
Black Rose (black with rose gold pearl)

Smashbox Petal Metal Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick retails for KD 8/450
Petal Metal (metallic rose gold)
Rose Magic (metallic rust gold)
XO, Vlada (metallic bronze warm gold)

Smashbox Petal Metal Always On Liquid Lipstick retails for KD 8/450
In Bloom (mauve with mauve-silver pearl)
Desert Rose (copper with copper pearl)
X0, Vlada (metallic bronze warm gold)

Smashbox Petal Metal Shimmer Drops retail for KD 10/900
Gold Glitz (champagne shimmer)
Rose Glitz (rose gold shimmer)

Smashbox Cover Shot: Petal Metal Eyeshadow Palette (a pigment-powered eyeshadow palette featuring a wearable rainbow of rose gold) retails for KD 12/650

Smashbox Petal Metal Highlighter (gel-powder highlighter with a clear base formula that allows for the purest possible reflection of light) retails for KD 12/750
Gilded Rose (champagne gold pearl)
Rosemantic (rose gold pearl)
Prismatic Petal (duochrome rose gold) (Sephora Exclusive)

Smashbox Photo Finish Petal Metal Primer (a super-hydrating highlighting face primer that illuminates, perfects and enhances radiance with a subtle rose-gold glow) retails for KD 12/750 each

Smashbox Petal Metal Shimmer Spray (a lightweight, illuminating body and face mist that sprays on a lasting, dewy, rose-gold glow) retails for KD 12/750

Smashbox Petal Metal Collection (Vlada Collab)

Vlada Haggerty was the first one to come out with the whole “lip-drip” thing (she’s extremely talented and creative!) but Kylie stole Vlada’s ideas for Kylie Cosmetics and Vlada threatened to sue, so they reached a resolution. Then, after approaching her and getting denied several times, Make Up For Ever stole Vlada’s idea too, so Vlada sued them! Apparently, they also reached a resolution (which remains confidential). It’s both disheartening to see these big companies stealing from independent artists, but it’s also inspiring to see Vlada take on not one but two and still come out on top!

The moment the photos of the Smashbox collab with Vlada was released, I was drooling (appropriate what with the whole “lip-drip” thing, dontcha’ think?) over the breathtakingly beautiful packaging! I wanted everything! Then as the collection started trickling into the hands of people, I saw the swatches and was instantly turned off by all the Lippies (I don’t do full-on metallic lippies because I can’t pull them off, and also, I just don’t like them). Eventually, I narrowed it down to just the two Highlighters (legit embossed with a stunning Rose Print!) and the Liquid Liner in Black Rose (purely based on the pretty name lol but I don’t do shiny liner, so that got kicked off the list too). It occurred to me that I can’t actually pull off Rose-Gold Highlight (Rosemantic) either since it would be a smidge too dark on my skin, so all that was left was the Champagny-Gold Highlight (Gilded Rose).

Once the collection was finally released and I read the reviews, apparently the Highlights weren’t as pigmented as advertised. I used to order from Smashbox (their official US website) years ago, way before it was ever available in Kuwait, or Sephora over here was even a thought, and noticed the decline in quality and just stopped ordering from them, so hearing about the pigmentation issue was nothing new. However, I decided to skip the entire 16 piece Petal Metal Collection. That’s okay though, because if she came up with all this gorgeousness now, imagine what she’s going to come up with in the future (with a little more experience with this sort of thing, under her belt)! Vlada is one to watch! Also, I wish Smashbox would just reformulate their products already…

Tarte Flower Power Collection

Tarte Fairy Flush Amazonian Cheek Blush (matte light rosy pink) retails for KD 12/000

When the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes were first released, I ordered them online (from Sephora via Amazon) in the shades Natural Beauty (matte rosy red) and Exposed (matte nude pink), because I thought they were the most “unique” (at the time). I haven’t picked up any more since. However, the packaging on Fairy Flush (matte light rosy pink) with all those tiny technicolor stars on it, although juvenile, was kinda’ cute too!

Tarte Pretty Things & Fairy Wings Brush Set (5 makeup brushes complete with star-tipped ends perfect for making makeup magic) retails for KD 16/000

If you buy this particular Brush Set directly from the Tarte website (US), you’ll notice that it’s been reduced from KD15 to KD10 only (just sayin’)! Also, supposedly you could use the “Star Tips” as a stencil on your face and/or body (dunno why you’d even want to, but whatevs, I guess it’s a potentially cute idea).

Tarte Love, Trust & Fairy Dust Eye & Cheek Palette (Limited Edition Eye & Cheek Palette full of dreamy, #flowerpowered shades so creamy & pigmented, you’ll swear they’re magical!) retails for KD 16/000

Mystical (metallic magenta)
Wish (deep plum matte)
Gossamer (cream matte)
Frolic (light brown matte)
Twinkle (metallic gold)
Flitter (metallic light pink)
Wonder (deep plummy brown matte)
Whimsical (purple mauve matte)
Giggle (light mauve matte)
Magic (metallic rosy copper with silver shimmer)
Flower Crown (metallic white champagne)

Who exactly is Tarte actually targeting with their Unicorn/Mermaid/Fairy Collections? As far as I know, most 10-year-olds don’t wear makeup, so what’s up, Tarte? What’s the deal here? My advice is to leave cutesy to the Asian Brands (Who actually do it quite well! Seamlessly, in fact!) and try to find a different angle for your brand. If you’re going to insist on continuing down this path, at least do it tastefully a la MAC Faerie Whispers Collection (here)! Less is more, guys.

Tarte Creaseless Concealer retails for KD 8/250

Tarte Creaseless Concealer Brush retails for KD 8/250

I also don’t understand the obsession with Tarte Creaseless Concealer and now Tarte Shape Tape Concealer… but I respect it (hey, different strokes for different folks)! Maybe they’ve all got oily skin, which is why it works for them. Speaking for myself, I’ve got insanely dry skin so these thicker concealers just don’t work for me. That said, had it been available, and in my shade, I totally would’ve given the Tarte Aquacealer Concealer a shot. As far as I’m concerned, the more liquid-y (extra wet) the concealer, the better!

Tarte Clay Play Eye & Cheek Palette Vol. II

You asked for the ultimate all-in-one palette – here it is! This 12-shade Amazonian clay infused superstar will quickly become your new fave travel companion. Nine neutral-to-smoky shadows (6 matte, 3 lusters) create unlimited wearable looks and
three face powders (including blush, bronzer, & highlighter) to add definition & make skin glow!

Journey (mauve)
Stone (mauve shimmer)
Solstice (cream)
Dunes (cool brown)
Smoke (light golden shimmer)
Sand (beige)
Ember (warm brown)
Onyx (copper shimmer)
Instinct (light pink beige)
Terracotta (matte bronze contour)
Desert (rose blush)
Timber (champagne highlighter)

There we go, an infinitely more palatable.. err… Palette! You get a shimmery mauve (Stone) and shimmery light gold (Smoke) and a shimmery copper (Onyx) while the rest were of the eyshadows were all mattes. Every group of 3 had a shade that was slightly larger (I’m assuming because they’re meant to be used as a base). You get a cream (Solstice) and a beige (Sand) and a light pink beige (Instinct). The smaller sized mattes included a mauve (Journey) and a cool brown (Dunes) and a warm brown (Ember). Unfortunately, I didn’t realize they weren’t visible in the photo (whoops, sorry!) only until I got back home. Lastly, you got a matte bronze contour (Terracotta) and a rosy blush (Desert) and a champagne highlighter (Timber) at the very bottom.

All in all, the Clay Play Vol. II Palette was pretty nice! You got a decent selection of neutrals in a mixture of mattes and shimmers and you got three face-makeup staples (blush, bronzer, highlight)! I feel like this Palette would also come in pretty handy on little impromptu weekend trips out of state/country! Now on to the unpleasant part, I feel like the shades were a bit… common (nothing wowed me) and their names were a bit… bizarre (only ColourPop is allowed to troll us like like that, got it? good.) and lastly the packaging turned me off (the gold on the inside was bad enough, but the mismatched chevron on the outside was just too hideous for me). Honestly, the only Tarte Palette I was ever interested in and actually purchased (from was the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette (12 matte shades) and that was about 4 years ago so… step it up, Tarte!

Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

A highlight and contour palette with six pigmented powder and cream shades to create perfectly glowing, chiseled looks on every skin tone, without the icky, bad stuff. Each carefully-selected shade has a rich, cool undertone to mimic real shadow and light reflection for the most natural look. The four intense highlighting powders deliver a buildable, micro-shimmer strobing effect, and the two universal, matte contouring shades add balanced dimension in cream and powder formulas that can be worn alone or layered.

Lit (champagne highlight)
Strobe (pearl highlight)
Fire (bronze highlight)
Stunner (opalescent highlight)
Shade (cream contour)
Sculpt (powder contour)

Oooh, hello beautiful! Now this I can get behind! Unfortunately, Tarte don’t seem to be too concerned about being inclusive with their shade range. If you’re interested, they’ve also got a mini version called Tarteist Pro Glow To Go Highlight & Contour (3 shades only) in the “aisle of doom” (facing the cash register), but those don’t seem to be too Arab Girl-friendly either (could potentially be ashy, except I can neither confirm nor deny because… no testers).

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eye Shadow Palette (metallic/matte eye shadow palette made with 100% natural cocoa and real gold) retails for KD 22/000

Despite launching in December 2017 (almost a whole year ago), these were new to Kuwait, and they had a few of them stacked on random corner shelves (not the front of the display nor the back of the display, the smaller corner shelf of the display) near the entrance to Sephora and at the Too Faced counter. I’m thinkin’ since Too Faced just released The Pretty Rich Makeup Collection, the people over at Sephora (Kuwait) figured they could just slide this palette right in there and people wouldn’t notice that it was a year old and just assume it was part of the newer collection (not so slick, guys). Based on the name, Chocolate Gold, it didn’t sound too promising.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eye Shadow Palette (metallic/matte eye shadow palette made with 100% natural cocoa and real gold) retails for KD 22/000

Take decadence to the next level with a luxurious gold and cocoa powder-infused eye shadow palette that smells as good as it looks. Have a major metallic moment with foiled shadows that are created with real gold for an epic high-shine finish that’s paired with rich, seductive mattes for coffee to cocktails wear.

The packaging was hideous (eww, gold) and the shade names were a bit cringe, but as a whole, the Chocolate Gold Palette was actually pretty sweet! You get a nice matte black (Decadent) and a matte brown (Cocoa Truffle) and a lighter matte brown (So Boujee) and a matte cream (Rollin’ in Dough) all conveniently located to one side of the Palette. Between those 4, you’ve got your bases covered what with Rollin’ in Dough (one of the two larger shades) which you could use as a base or as a brow-bone highlight and So Boujee (next row up) which seems like a decent transition shade and Cocoa Truffle and Decadent (next row up) both of which could be used as crease and outer-V shades or even to line the eyes.

Then you’ve got the metallics, from a beautiful glittery taupe-y pewter (Rich Girl) which would look lovely as a topper or concentrated in a certain area over some concealer for a “Halo Eye Look” or even in the inner corner as a highlight, to a metallic marigold (Famous) to a metallic rose-gold (Classy and Sassy) both of which would look lovely as all-over-lid shades paired with something darker in the crease, to a metallic glittery silver (Drippin’ Diamonds) which would be perfect for a classic “Smoky Eye Look”, all clustered in the middle of the Palette.

Then you’ve got the other larger shade in the palette and what the entire palette was named after, a true metallic gold (Chocolate Gold) and a metallic bronze (Love and Cocoa) and a metallic copper (Old Money) and a light antique-y gold (Gold Dipped). Then you’ve got a garish magenta (New Money) and a toned down shimmery plummy purple (Livin’ Lavish) and a toned down shimmery blackened green (Holla for a Dolla) and finally the most interesting shade in the palette (in my opinion at least) the shimmery green (Money Bags).

Like I said, from the neutrals to the bling-y metallics to the fun pops of color, the Chocolate Gold Palette was pretty decent! You could create a ton of makeup looks from it and for the most part, the shades complimented each other! Plus, just like all the Chocolate Bar Palettes, this smelled like… you guessed it, Chocolate! With that being said, it had way too many gold shades (well, it was called Chocolate Gold) for my taste. I’ve only ever purchased the original Chocolate Bar Palette, but haven’t even been tempted by all other Chocolate Bar Palettes that came after it (Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar/Chocolate Bon Bons/White Chocolate Bar/Chocolate Gold/etc…) or any of their other scented eyeshadow palettes in the same style (Sweet Peach/Gingerbread Spice/etc…) except for Clover Palette, but it never made it to our Sephora (Kuwait). As such, I think I’m going to pass on the Chocolate Gold Palette. Not even my beloved iluvsarahii being featured on the main website doing a tutorial for the Chocolate Gold Palette could sway me lol Also, I mean this in the nicest way possible… the gold packaging = barf.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Palette (matte, pearl, sparkle) retails for KD 13/750
Too Faced Natural Matte Neutral Eye Shadow Palette (matte) retails for KD 13/750

So stinkin’ pretty! From the sleek compacts, to the embossed lace print on the actual shadows, to the theme-oriented names of the shades, to the actual gorgeous neutral shades themselves, I found both palettes incredibly appealing! Believe it or not, I’ve never actually purchased any of these smaller palettes from Too Faced! I’ve purchased the Sweet Dreams Palette (2011 Holiday Collection) and original Shadow Bon Bons Palette (2012 Holiday Collection) and the Return of the Sexy Palette (2012) all online (some from Sephora via Amazon and some from I picked up the original Chocolate Bar Palette along with the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette in-store from Sephora (Kuwait) about 4-5 years ago (I remember it distinctly, because a friend of mine who wasn’t aware of my addiction kept trying to convince to choose just one of the two Palettes), but that was pretty much it for Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes.

I’ve always wanted one of these smaller Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes though! However, they just had so many to choose from (it was a bit overwhelming) from the Summer Eye to the Smoky Eye to the Romantic Eye to the Matte Eye to the Natural Eye to Natural at Night Eye and so on. Plus, I didn’t want to choose any that had the same shades that I already had in the larger Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes. I waited so long that they even updated the packaging on these smaller eyeshadow palettes… several times (from the bulky cardboard to the slightly heavier yet significantly sleeker compacts that they sell now) and updated the formula of their shadows and added a scent to them too! Both of these Eyeshadow Palettes smell like Coconuts (people say they smell like Vanilla, I’m happy with either)! The one on the left is a gorgeous mixture of mattes and shimmers (Natural Eye) while the one on the right is a beautiful all matte palette (Natural Matte)! I couldn’t decide between them… I kinda’ wanted them both, so I got neither (logic!), but I’m definitely going back to pick up one or both, at some point.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Palette (matte, pearl, sparkle) retails for KD 13/750

Our beloved Natural Eyes palette has been updated with our exclusive coconut butter-infused formula for 9 creamy and comfortable matte, pearl, and sparkle shadows.

I love that the larger shades Heaven (matte beige) and Silk Teddy (frosty peach-y champagne) and Strip Poker (matte light brown) are all wearable as all-over-lid shades or base shades! It’s annoying when you get a palette and one of the larger shades is something you’d rarely use, if ever (*cough* Chocolate Gold *cough*). The shades in the middle row, from top to bottom, Cashmere Bunny (matte medium brown) and Push-Up (metallic light bronze) and Honey Pot (metallic gold) are all equally wearable because they’re all on the lighter side. The last row, from top to bottom, Sexpresso (matte dark brown) and Erotica (matte cool-toned grey-brown with shimmer) and Chocolate Martini (shimmery chocolate brown ) are the darker shades in the palette that could be used in the crease or outer-V or to line the eyes or even as all-over-lid shades.

Is it the most unique palette ever? Nah. But it’s still pretty cute! You’ve got a bunch of sensible neutrals that’ll see you through your 9-5 week, with a gorgeous lace embossed design on the actual shadows and a delightful coconut/vanilla/chocolate scent that adds a touch of whimsy making it a not so “vanilla” palette!

Too Faced Natural Matte Neutral Eye Shadow Palette (matte) retails for KD 13/750

We updated our bestselling Natural Matte eye shadow palette with 7 new shades and 2 classic shades, all infused with coconut butter for creamier mattes and gorgeous wear.

Same concept as the Natural Eyes Palette the Natural Matte Palette has 3 larger base shades on one side Heaven (matte beige) and Nude Goals (matte ultra-light pink) and Lace Teddy (matte light peach). Then you’ve got the transition and/or crease shades Less is More (matte light brown) and Cleavage (matte mauve) and Au Natural (matte warm brown). In the last row, from top to bottom, you’ve got the darker crease shades or outer-V shades Sexpert (matte medium brown) and Risky Biz (matte purple-y brown) and Hookup (matte reddish brown).

I feel like whether you pair it with a darker lid shade or lighter lid share, Cleavage would look gorgeous in the crease! Depending on your preference, you could even smoke out your lower lashline with either Risky Biz or Hookup! Other than being a base shade, Heaven might possibly double as a cheek-bone highlight! The whole palette is just so dang pretty! I mean sure, every palette has got a handful of matte neutrals at this point, but these ones are lace-embossed and smell yummy too! I really can’t decide between this one and the one above it!

Too Faced Natural Face Palette (highlight, blush, bronzer)

Luminize, then add a bronzing veil and a flirty flush with this first-of-its-kind face palette. Infused with hydrating coconut butter, the velvety-soft formula includes multi-dimensional shades that will take your natural beauty up a notch.

2 shimmer highlighters
2 blushes – 1 satin, 1 matte
2 bronzing veils – 1 satin, 1 shimmer

Bee-yoo-teee-fullll! Starting from the first row, top to bottom, you’ve got 2 kinda’ duochrome-y highlighters Starlight (shimmery dirty peach that flashes pink) and Satin Sheets (metallic pink that flashes gold). Next row over, we’ve got the blushes Pink Wink (shimmery bright pink) and Pink Sand (matte pink-y brown or brown-y pink? I dunno’…). Last row over, we’ve got Sunny Honey (satin orange-y bronze) and Tropic Like Its Hot (metallic copper bronze). The Natural Face Palette also has the same gorgeous lace design embossed on the shades and the delightful coconut/vanilla/chocolate scent!

Although beautiful, the shades seem kinda’… crazy. The highlights seem like they might be a bit too stark (on account of them being duochromes and all). As for the blush, the shimmery pink seems too bright and the brown seems too dark, whereas the bronzers seem way too warm and neither of them is a matte. That said, a lot of extremely fair-skinned people seem to like the Natural Face Palette and sing it praises, so if it works for them on their light skin, it should be easier to work with on my darker skintone. I don’t know if those with deeper skintones would get along with this palette though.

Honestly, aside from the face products that came with the Sweet Dreams Collection (which consisted of full-size Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and a full-size Candlelight Glow Highlight and the medium size Cocoa Rose Blush and Sweet Pink Blush) and the Pink Leopard “Bronzer” (mini) that came with the Natural Flirt Collection and another Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and Snow Bunny Bronzer (dual-shade) and Sun Bunny Bronzer (dual-shade) and Powdered Sun Highlight that came with The Bronzed & The Beautiful Collection (French Riviera Edition) and yet another Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (OG version) and then the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (lighter version), I haven’t had much experience with Too Faced face products. Aside from Cocoa Rose and Sweet Pink which were the only Blushes from Two Faced I’ve ever played around with, the rest were all effectively “Bronzers” (I mean Pink Leopard was practically invisible on me, didn’t even work as a blush or highlight, but okay, “bronzer”). Come to think of it, Snow Bunny was pretty light too and worked more as a highlight, but it was expected because it had “snow” in its name (i.e. not for middle-eastern complexions). So yeah, I dunno’… the Natural Face Palette is in fact quite pretty, but do I go for it or nah?

Anastasia Norvina Eye Shadow Palette (14 new shades including 7 metallics and 7 mattes)

The Norvina Eye Shadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is Norvina’s go-to eye shadow palette, featuring 14 whimsical shades (7 mattes 7 metallic) ranging from bold and bright mattes to soft pastel metallics.

Dreamer (Metallic pink champagne)
Summer (Foiled golden topaz)
Wild Child (Duo chrome frosty pink with a magenta shift)
Rose Gold (Metallic rosewood)
Celestial (Duo chrome plum with a violet shift)
Dazzling (Cool-tone bronze with a violet shift)
Drama (Duo chrome aubergine with a cool bronze shift)
Base (Matte eggshell)
Soul (Matte wisteria)
Incense (Matte dusty terra-cotta)
Love (Matte mid-tone cool pink)
Volatile (Matte warm charcoal)
Eccentric (Matte dark burnt orange)
Passion (Matte deep garnet)

Insanely gorgeous! You can create no less than a billion of those breathtakingly beautiful “Romantic” looks! Of course, you’ve got the obligatory Rose Gold shade (that all the palettes seem to include now) aptly named Rose Gold. You’ve also got a stunning reflective highlight (Dreamer) and a metallic gold (Summer) and a metallic bronze (Dazzling). You’ve also got a really cute metallic pink (Wild Child) and an interesting metallic violet (Celestial) and an ugly dark metallic eggplant purple (Drama). I guess Drama could still work if you use it to smoke out the lashline or something. You’ve also got a nice matte base (named… Base) and a unique indigo violet matte which we don’t see as much (Soul) and delightfully named matte yellow-y brown (Incense) and a matte coral-y pink (Love) and a matte cool-toned brown (Charcoal) and a matte warm-toned brown (Eccentric) and a matte reddish purple brown (Garnet). I really like the simple yet effective layout! You’ve got all the metallics on top and all the mattes on the bottom.

Sure all the browns and bronze and golds are found in most palettes, but the Norvina Palette has quite a few unexpected shades too! We’ve got Volatile, which is different because it isn’t yet another warm brown (sometimes you just wanna’ darken up the crease with something cooler) and it pairs well with all the other pinks and purples in this palette. As for Passion, not every palette (aside from the Anastasia ones lol) has a gorgeously pigmented “deep garnet”. In my opinion, Passion has the potential to be a true work-horse, from using it to smoke out your lower lashline, or using it in your outer-V, or as a crease shade, or applied heavily for a deeper color as an all-over-lid shade, or applying it more diffused as a light wash of color.

Eccentric and Incense are slightly more common nowadays, but those are pretty decent shades as well. Love is pink, but what makes it different is that it’s a coral pink and it’s a matte! Soul in particular, has my soul! What makes it different in my eyes, is that it’s not a bright clownish blue, nor is it a deep navy blue. It’s an extremely beautiful “wisteria”! Also, it’s a matte (which is different). Normally, we’ll find shades like these, but they’re either glittery or have more of a metallic finish. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually owned any of the Anastasia Eyeshadow Palettes. Honestly, I just might get the Norvina Palette purely for all the mattes on the bottom row! I’ve strictly purchased their Brow Products (from Sephora via Amazon) back in 2008 (literally 10 years ago) so it’s nice to see Anastasia finally make the jump to Kuwait.

Anastasia Dream Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dream Glow Kit contains 6 shades of highlighting powder featuring bright ultra-reflective hues and multidimensional sparkle. With a lightweight, refined formula, each shade delivers buildable coverage with a metallic-glitter finish.

Wish (Pearl base with violet sparkles)
Unicorn (Lavender and pink-sparkle clusters)
Magic (Icy base with a kaleidoscope cluster of red, gold, pink and blue sparkles)
Ethereal (Cool-toned lavender duo chrome with blue-reflective sparkle)
Sunshine (Lavender gold shift)
Regal (Golden pink base with a light kaleidoscope cluster of pink, gold and blue sparkles)

Oooh! This seems like a very interesting Highlighter Palette! Supposedly, you can use these both on the face and body (which would explain the unconventional shade choice). That said, there’s another unconventional Highlighter Palette that I’ve kinda’ had my eye on for quite some time now, the Alchemist Holographic Palette from Kat Von D (spotted here and here) and I kinda’ want it way more than the Anastasia one. However, I can’t justify purchasing either, because I’ve already picked up several of those shades, individually, from ColourPop (haulage here). As far as Anastasia Highlighter Palettes go, I’ve already got the That Glow Kit (haulage here) and it has been giving me life! That’s why I don’t feel too bad about skipping the Dream Glow Kit (as shown) which feels more like a novelty product rather than a practical one (just my personal opinion). Yes, the shades are stunning, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around with a blatantly violet duochrome on my cheeks. If I lived anywhere else other than this relatively conservative country, I definitely would’ve purchased this baby though!

Nars NARSissist Wanted Eye Shadow Palette retails for KD 22/500

Get eyes to envy with this new, limited-edition eyeshadow palette. Create endless looks to share with 12 high-impact shadows in a range of buttery matte, lustrous satin, and glittering metallic finishes. With Wanted, NARS introduces an all-new pure pigment formula for the richest color payoff in just one stroke. Featuring a versatile range of pale pinks, seductive nudes, and glistening rose golds that play well on all skin tones; it is NARS’ most wanted palette yet. New desirable shades that will get more likes. A bold new formula you’ll love. Make them stare.

Top Row:
Biarritz – Neutral Cream (matte)
Satisfaction – Light Pink with gold shimmer (shimmer)
Delirium – Rose Gold (metallic)
Temptress – Dark Red (satin)

Middle Row:
Seven Heaven – Neutral Sand (matte)
Shadow Hill – Saddle Brown (matte)
Mendoza – Pink Copper (shimmer)
Wicked Game – Cranberry (satin)

Bottom Row:
Shooting Star – Pink Champagne (shimmer)
La La – Warm Bronze (satin)
Fallen Star – Olive Green (satin)
Coconut Grove – Deep Brown (matte)

I love me some Nars! As soon as ordering online became an option for me, I started regularly ordering Orgasm Blush directly from the Nars website (US) and then later Deep Throat Blush (because Orgasm looked much lighter on me after I’d gotten a tan) and even managed to get my hands on the Nars Foreplay Orgasm Cheek Palette (from Sephora via Amazon)! I wanna’ say Albatross was the one of the first legit Highlighters I played around with (prior to that, I was just using a Lancome Eyeshadow as a highlight lol), but don’t quote me on that. I also played around with their Bronzers for a hot minute and during one of my phases (where I obsess over something, in that instance it happened to be Foundation… which I don’t even like nor wear), I ordered x2 Nars Sheer Glow Foundation because I didn’t know which shade to go for (kinda’ annoying that they didn’t come with a pump and that it had to be purchased separately) and in that same order got a Lipstick (I wanna’ say Barbarella), but wasn’t overly impressed.

Eventually, I branched out into their eye stuff, from the Eyeshadow Singles (all the taupe-y shades I could get my hands on) to the Eye Paints (in the shades Transvaal and Solomon Islands and Mesopotamia and Mozambique) to their Eyeliners (Kaliste Velvet Eyeliner because it sounded close to Khaleesi lol and also because the shade was gorge and the Larger Than Life Liner in the shade Rue Bonaparte because it was a lovely nude) to x2 of the Radiant Creamy Concealers. More recently, I’ve become absolutely besotted with their Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows (haulage here)!

Also, with every $75-$100 online order, Nars usually include a little trio (or more) of deluxe samples (with things like an adorable tiny Nars Orgasm Blush or deluxe sample size of the Nars Orgasm Illuminator or Nars Pro Prime Smudge-Proof Base or a mini Black Liner, etc…) in addition to the handful of one-time-use samples (that come with every order) and unlike in Kuwait, you actually get your pick of the shades (to find what suits you) and also, you get samples of newly released products (not expired products or ugly shades that you’d never use lol).

As such, I was constantly ordering online directly from the Nars website (mostly different shades of Blush) up until they stopped accepting my credit card for some reason :/ Now I have to resort to physically visiting the Nars counters in Kuwait, which isn’t always a pleasant experience (case in point, when I was at Harvey Nichols) and not only do they not even give out one-time use samples (I suspect they actually hoard the deluxe samples for themselves lol), but they’re always out of stock! I was looking to get my hands on the new Nars Climax Mascara (at this point, I don’t even blink at the names of the Nars products), but the Filipino Sales Assistant at Sephora (gleefully) informed me that it was out of stock… why was she even showing it to me in the first place? *sigh* And to think, all this could be avoided, if only I could just order directly from the Nars website again.

As for the Nars Wanted Eyeshadow Palette, the photo I took does not even begin to do this baby justice! It’s much more captivating in real life! Also, unlike what it may seem like in the photo, it’s a bit on the smaller side. It was actually released last year (November 2017) and if you haven’t already, you need to go see it for yourselves! Sure, it just looks like a bunch of neutrals, but you’ve also got a mix of sparkly ones and metallics! More importantly, let’s not forget that Nars pigmentation is like no other! Basically, the Nars Wanted Palette is sparkle… for grown-ups! If this palette is too neutral for you, then check out the Urban Decay Born to Run Palette or the Anastasia Norvina Palette for some more colorful options. Personally, I’d suggest swatching the Nars Wanted Palette first. Worthy of note, it retails for $59 up on the Nars website which equals to KD 17/940 and yet is sold in Kuwait for KD 22/500 (minus any samples). I really wanted this (and not because it was straight up called the Wanted Palette lol), but I refrained from purchasing it out of spite (not sure if it’s true or not, but I believe the Sales Assistants get a commission based on what they sell from the counters they’re manning, hence the vulture-esque disposition). Also worthy of note, this limited edition palette is out of stock up on the Nars website.

Nars NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palette I retails for KD 22/500

High-profile shades. Made for play. Take your status to the next level with limited-edition NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palettes. Swipe and sculpt your way to customized cheeks with a coveted wardrobe of matte and shimmer blushes in the cult-favorite NARS formula. Brighten up with cool corals and pops of pink, or go bold with radiant reds and deep raspberry. Shades, craved. Profile, raised. #NARSissist.

Unlimited: Shimmering pale pink (Limited Edition)
Buzzed: Matte coral (Limited Edition)
Notorious: Matte lavender (Limited Edition)
Kingpin: Matte rose (Limited Edition)
Bumpy ride: Shimmering candy pink (Permanent)
Crave: Matte bright coral (Limited Edition)

Beautiful palette with an interesting selection! Between the matte lavender and the matte bright coral, I was quite intrigued! Unfortunately, between the shimmering pale pink highlighter-type shade and the two other pinks, the Wanted I had too many pinks for my liking (pink blush tends to make my already overly yellow – practically jaundiced – skin look even more yellow in comparison lol). That said, you could totally dip your brush into several shades to create your own custom blush shade (just a thought). Unfortunately, for me, it’s going to be a miss, especially with several “iffy” shades. At that price point, I need every single shade to be complimentary, on my skin. Again, I suggest you take a closer look at these and maybe swatch them and play around with them because they’re worth it! Honestly, I feel like any of the Nars Palettes would make a lovely gift!

Nars NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palette II retails for KD 22/500

High-profile shades. Made for play. Take your status to the next level with limited-edition NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palettes. Swipe and sculpt your way to customized cheeks with a coveted wardrobe of matte and shimmer blushes in the cult-favorite NARS formula. Brighten up with cool corals and pops of pink, or go bold with radiant reds and deep raspberry. Shades, craved. Profile, raised. #NARSissist.

PYT: Metallic rose (Limited Edition)
Ambition: Satin tangerine (Limited Edition)
Taos: Soft red with golden sheen (permanent)
Exposed: Matte dusty rose (Limited Edition)
Penthouse: Matte raspberry (Limited Edition)
Queen: Matte ruby (Limited Edition)

Wanted II is more my style! I know the colors might seem a bit too vibrant, but that’s why we use a feather-light touch with our makeup brush! Also, I don’t know who “we” is supposed to mean and I’m just speaking for myself so… just me. Every single shade in this palette is a hit for me (I feel like that tangerine shade is calling out to me), except I’ve already got a full-sized Taos (red) and it’s nowhere near finished. I feel like Wanted I is geared more towards fairer skinned beauties whereas Wanted II is geared more darker skinned beauties, but you could be lighter and get the Wanted II (just make sure to apply with a lighter hand) or you could be darker and get the Wanted I (the shades can double as highlights or deepened by dipping into the darker colors). In my personal opinion (based on experience), Nars Blushes are the star product of the brand! Again, the photo isn’t showing the true beauty of this thing and I strongly suggest that should you get the chance, you see it up close. Also, again these are Limited Edition so I wouldn’t sleep on them. If you’re interested, go, now, run!

Make Up For Ever Star Lit Eye Palette retails for KD 21/000

Discover Star Lit Palette; a new collection of gradient shine eye shadows in a palette inspired by the galaxy’s deep variations of lights! It offers 18 celestial shades divided into 6 harmonies with 3 finishes: luminous matte, glimmering metal and sparkling chrome. Mix and match the artist-selected shades to create countless interstellar combinations. Dive into the Milky Way, illuminate your makeup and catch the light!

I couldn’t find the actual descriptions so imma’ have to make stuff up (so please bear with me).

Top Row:
Milk Way – cream (luminous matte)
Meteor – light tan (luminous matte)
Comet – warm brown (luminous matte)
Astral – mauve (luminous matte)
Asteroid – grey (luminous matte)
Eclipse – black (luminous matte)

Bottom Row:
Stellar – taupe (glimmering metal)
Light – shimmery champagne (sparkling chrome)
Moon – rose gold (glimmering metal)
Dust – shimmery copper (sparkling chrome)
Shooting – warm brown (glimmering metal)
Star – shimmery bronze (sparkling chrome)
Zodiac – purple-y brown (glimmering metal)
Sign – shimmery deep purple (sparkling chrome)
Dark – deep blue (glimmering metal)
Halo – shimmery navy (sparkling chrome)
Heavenly – cool brown (glimmering metal)
Vault – shimmery black (sparkling chrome)

I’ve never really liked Makeup Forever, for some reason. I kinda’ had a moment with the brand (way back when), purely because they gave me access to some of the more unconventional shades… at the time. My first matte tangerine blush was actually an eyeshadow from Makeup Forever, but now that shade is readily available, as an actual blush, by every other brand. During my all red eye products phase (liquid liner, eyeshadow, etc…), the only brand I could find that sold red was Makeup Forever (this was almost +15 years ago) and even then, it was only in loose powder form (possibly a pigment). I was so excited that I purchased the tiny tub of matte red loose powder eyeshadow from… I wanna’ say Mohallab Mall (Makeup Forever counter) and accidentally purchased the exact same shade at VaVaVoom (Makeup Forever counter) at Marina Mall, shortly after. This was all prior to my initiation into MAC.

Once I could finally order online, I picked up the Aqua Liner in the shade #10 (true red). As far as I knew, no other brand had a true red (that didn’t lean pink or orange, just straight up red) that was quite pigmented (not sheer and water-y) with a wonderful fine tip applicator (you could draw both thicker and finer lines with ease)! I also ordered their Aqua Brow in the lightest shade #10 (we only had the darker shades in Kuwait). That’s another reason why I wasn’t a fan. They didn’t have names for their products, only numbers (boooring). Also, I remember when the Fluo Night Collection (glow-in-the-dark aka blacklight pigment) was released and everyone on YouTube was raving about it, but I couldn’t find it online and years later when I finally did, they didn’t ship to Kuwait (hazardous material blah blah blah). I didn’t keep up with the brand namely because I felt like I was always excluded from the cooler stuff (novelty items).

My friends swear by the Makeup Forever Black Eyeliner (not sure if it’s the Kohl or the Aqua Liner), but I wasn’t interested. The final nail in the coffin was when I purchased their Smoky Lash Mascara locally and was quite disappointed by the results. I’ll only visit the Makeup Forever counter from time to time, to repurchase Duo Lash Glue now. Other than that, I have absolutely no interest in the brand (it doesn’t help that they stole Vlada’s artwork lol). Honestly, I’ve always thought Makeup Forever was over-priced. Even now, looking at this Eyeshadow Palette… yeah, it is cute, but it’s not KD 21/000 cute (at least not to me).

The packaging is actually pretty nice (kinda’ reminiscent of the ColourPop Holiday 2017 packaging, all ombre and galactic and stuff) and the names all revolved around the interstellar theme (for a change) which was pretty cute too! I did feel that splitting up the names was a bit lazy though (1 shade called Shooting the other shaded called Star, 1 shade called Zodiac the other shade called Sign). The circles on the top row were all mattes while the the bottom row were all “glimmering metal & sparkling chrome” (i.e. shimmers and metallics). That said, the layout of the shadows was suspiciously similar to the Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette (just sayin’).

In any case, the Star Lit Palette is a pretty sweet palette (if a bit… long)! You’ve got the neutrals grouped together at the start, then the obligatory rose gold and copper-y shades in the middle and finally the darker shades grouped together towards the end. Every 3 shades seem to follow a certain color scheme. You could use Milky Way and Stellar and Light for neutral taupe-y “eye look”. Meteor and Moon and Dust for a rose gold look. Comet and Shooting and Star for a bronze-y look. Astral and Zodiac and Sign for a purple-y look. Asteroid and Dark and Halo for a blue-grey look. Eclipse and Heavenly and Vault for a smoky eye look. Obviously, you could mix and match the shades together using the lighter mattes as bases or incorporate the more colorful shades like the purple or blue for a smoky eye look, etc… I appreciate the fact that they’ve got a nice and deep matte black (Eclipse) and a gorgeous grey (Asteroid) and a pretty mauve (Astral). Personally, I’m not loving all the shimmery browns and rose-gold and copper-y type shades. I just don’t like warm tones! Still, it’s a pretty good palette, regardless! I feel like it would also make a really cute gift for someone you know who happens to be a sci-fi buff!

Make Up For Ever Glitzy Face Palette retails for KD 20/500

Discover the all-in-one pro palette with 9 universal shades to create appealing makeup looks for all skin tones. Highlight, Sculpt, Blush, Glitz: 4 steps is all it takes to #glitzitup !

Step 1 (Highlight):
Eggshell – eggshell white (matte)
Banana – banana yellow (matte)

Step 2 (Sculpt):
Sepia – yellow brown (matte)
Mocha – red brown (matte)

Step 3 (Blush):
Peach Blossom – peach (matte)
Warm Rose – dusky pink (matte)

Step 4 (“Glitz):
Pink Gold – icy pink (metallic)
Golden Taupe – peach-y champagne (metallic)
Golden Sand – frosty gold (metallic)

So. Much. Yes. Honestly, this is the cutest face palette I’ve seen in a minute! The shades (which are aptly named) are very pretty and more importantly, quite practical! The top row is meant for lighter skin, while the middle row is meant for darker skin, and finally the last row is all “glitz”, but obviously you could use whatever wherever. You could even mix and match the shades create your own custom shades. What makes this palette particularly interesting and in my eyes, somewhat unique, is the fact that all the shades (bar the “glitzy” ones at the bottom) are mattes!

What that means is you could use the 2 Highlight Shades for everything from setting your foundation and concealer to highlighting the high points of your face (forehead, nose, cheekbones, etc…)! You couldn’t do all that if they had shimmer or shine to them. That’s why I appreciate the fact that they’re both matte! Also, one of them is a straight up Banana shade (love those)! Also, you’ve got 2 Sculpt Shades which are also matte and therefore could be used for both contouring and bronzing! Mocha seems a bit too dark and red for my skintone but Sepia seems perfect, especially for nose-contouring (which I’m obsessed with at the moment)! Then you’ve got the 2 Blush Shades one of which is just so stinkin’ cute! Can you guess which one I’m crushing on? If you guessed Peach Blossom, you’re correct! I can’t stand both the scent and the taste of actual peaches, but somehow I’m obsessed with the color peach (be it on the eyes, cheeks, lips or nails)! As such, Peach Blossom just speaks to my soul! Warm Rose is not my thing, but maybe if it’s mixed in with Peach Blossom or Banana it’ll look cuter? Anytime I see the shade named or described as Rose, I’m very apprehensive (thanks in no small part to ColourPop lol).

Finally, we come to the 3 “Glitzy” shades, which is what the palette is named after. If I’m being honest, I was more than a little disappointed. I swatched Golden Taupe right away, only to find that it wasn’t actually a taupe. Pink Gold was an icy pink (been there, done that) and Golden Sand was a frosty gold. All 3 were not for me. It’s such a shame really because I thought this particular palette was ridiculously cute! Even the rose-gold cardboard packaging appealed to me! I was even willing to overlook the KD 20/500 price point for such small shades. That said, when I know for a fact that I’m very rarely going to use 5 out of all 9 shades in the palette, it seems like it would be wasteful to still purchase it. If my makeup collection wasn’t as big as it was, I totally would’ve picked up the Makeup Forever Glitzy Palette, but it is, so I won’t. To clarify, the shades are actually quite versatile (would work on most skintones), but it’s a matter of personal preference and I don’t like reddish bronzers or rosy blushes or frosty metallic highlighters.

Becca Ocean Jewels Eye Palette (Limited Edition) retails for KD 13/250

A limited-edition eyeshadow palette with 7 silky, sea-kissed shades from creamy to matte. Inspired by the mesmerising, multi-faceted colors of an abalone shell and lustrous jewels of the ocean, each shade can be effortlessly layered to create a range of beachy, otherworldly eye looks.

Seashell (Matte) – A neutral ivory beige
Abalone (Metallic) – A soft duo-chrome purple
Ocean Jasper (Shimmer) – A duo-chrome brown that flashes red, blue and green
Mermaid Pearl (Shimmer) – An iridescent, holographic shimmer
Tourmaline (Matte) – A neutral, deep brown shade for crease and liner
Sandstone (Metallic) – A warm metallic copper
Spirit Quartz (Metallic) – A moody silver with subtle, purple undertones

Oh my ‘Lanta! I love this thing so much! I was in love with it before I even knew what it was! Was it a face highlight palette? Was it an eyeshadow palette? Was it a combo? I didn’t know and y’know what? I didn’t care! I was utterly smitten! First of all, look at the packaging. NO GOLD! That alone is like +1,000,000,000 points, in favor of the Ocean Jewels Palette! Second of all, the palette was straight up called Ocean Jewels (awww, so cute!) and each shade was appropriately named as such! Third, the layout of the shades was simple yet quite appealing (circular palette, 1 circular shade in the very center with all the other circular shades… umm…. circling it). Dang, I typed circular so much that it started to lose all meaning and I couldn’t figure out how to spell it anymore LOL Aside from Ocean Jasper (the one that looks all bubble-y, directly beneath the purple shade) the shades didn’t interest me that much (if I have to see one more warm bronze-y shade or one more warm copper-y shade or one more rose gold-y shade, so help me God, I’ll scream)! However, Ocean Jasper looked incredibly appealing! It was one of those stun-ning duochrome-y shades (that I live for)! Heck, even Abalone (purple) looked very pretty!

You got a mixture of 2 mattes (Seashell which was a beige and Tourmaline which was a deep brown) and 2 shimmers (Ocean Jasper which was a red/blue/green duochrome and Mermaid Pearl which was the iridescent holo shade in the very center) and 3 metallics (Abalone which was a duochrome purple and Sandstone which was a warm copper and Spirit Quartz which was described as a “moody silver with purple undertones”, I mean I would’ve gone with calling it a bronze but whatevs) making a total of 7 shades for KD 13/250. Other than “The One” Makeup Brush (haulage here), I don’t believe I’ve ever actually purchased anything from Becca before so I’m kinda’ leaning towards getting the Ocean Jewels Palette. Then again, all those shades seem pretty dupe-able, even the duochrome-y ones. Then again, the Ocean Jewels Palette is limited edition. Then again… just kidding, no more then agains. That was it. So, what do you think? Do you find the Becca Ocean Jewels Palette interesting or boring or neither?

Fenty Beauty How Many Caratas?! Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil retails for KD 14/000

Ice yourself in insane diamond-dusted sparkle. Diamond Bomb takes glitter to a whole new extreme in a shimmering 3D formula that’ll leave your face and body crystal-coated, the way only Rihanna knows how. Celebrate one glittering year of Fenty Beauty with this all-over sparkler that will make you look and feel like a million bucks. Diamond Bomb features a unique jelly-powder formula that’s bouncy, cool to the touch, and melts into skin like butter. This highlighter is loaded with 100% pure brilliance to create an all-glitz-no-grit finish that decks out every skin tone. Plus, all of this glittery goodness comes in a faceted jewel-like compact you’ll never want to put down.

I thought this looked interesting! The shade is called How Many Carats?! and is described as “pure platinum sparkle”. It’s effectively a clear base with tons of silver shimmer. Apparently, the Pure Platinum Sparkle Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil was inspired by the crystal dress Rihanna rocked at CFDA 2014. I’ve never actually purchased anything from Fenty Beauty before, so I can’t attest to the quality. The brand has an extensive shade range, the packaging is usually on point and almost everything looks very interesting! I’m interested in purchasing a few products from Fenty Beauty at some point, but I’d like to buy something I’d actually use, as opposed to a novelty item (of which I’ve already got way too many). That said, after a year, the hype still hasn’t died down, so I think it’s about time I look into finally getting something (not this) from Fenty Beauty. Any suggestions? Funny enough, while I was taking a pic of this baby, the previous song ended and the next song that started playing in-store was “Diamonds” by Rihanna. I felt the need to point this out to the Filipino Sales Assistant floating nearby who was singing along (under her breath) which elicited a laugh from her :D

Sephora Feline Instinct Eye Shadow Palette (Dark Edition) retails for KD 11/750

These highly pigmented colour reveal your feline side and light to your eyes with subtle, iridescent shades. For deep smouldering shades choose the Dark Edition and select the Gold Edition for vibrant, shimmering, bronze and copper shades. Each palette includes a mirror, a double-ended brush and a brush-cleaning sponge so you can indulge all your beauty desires.

From the in-house brand, I spotted the Feline Instinct Eye Shadow Palette. Apparently, it came in Dark Edition (as shown) and a warmer version (which wasn’t available or at least not on display) called Gold Edition. It included 12 shades in a mixture of mattes and metallics and glitters. You got some shimmery and glittery neutrals and some matte browns and some shimmery blues and a silver and black thrown in for good measure. It also came with a double-ended brush (nightmare to store) and a built-in mirror. I didn’t get a chance to swatch anything, but in my humble opinion, Sephora Eyeshadow Palettes are notoriously bad (dry and chalky and unpigmented) so I’d say play around with this first before purchasing it.

Sephora Intense Coffee Collection Palette To Take Away retails for KD 8/500

A delicious palette with 8 eye shadows in warm, intense colors inspired from the world of coffee to awaken your gaze.

8 incredibly intense and delicious colors to go, please!
For the pleasure of coffee addicts, fall in love with this irresistible palette with powerful and warm shades.

For what kind of makeup?
Discover the perfect marriage between our creamiest golden shades and our most intense coppers for a deep, enchanting gaze. A match made in heaven!

Cuuute! Between the Spicy Latte Collection and the Intense Coffee Collection, I thought these little eyeshadow palettes were absolutely adorable! I know, I know, I keep saying I’m sick of warm shades and this sure as heck is a warm-toned palette, but as an avid pseudo-coffee drinker (Nescafe Vanilla counts, ok?) I couldn’t help but be drawn to this li’l cutie! Sadly, the pigmentation left a lot to be desired (granted it was marginally better than the Spicy Latte Collection, but still quite bad). So disappointing :(

Sephora Spicy Latte Collection Palette To Take Away retails for KD 8/500

A delicious palette with 8 eye shadows in warm, spicy colors inspired from the world of coffee to awaken your gaze.

8 incredibly intense and delicious colors to go, please!
Wake up gently with this delicious palette with shades from chestnut puree to deep brown.

For what kind of makeup?
Add a little touch of light to your eyes with soft, iridescent colors.
For gourmets, intensify your gaze with our spicy shades for a sophisticated elegant look.

Cuuute! Between the Spicy Latte Collection and the Intense Coffee Collection, I thought these little eyeshadow palettes were absolutely adorable! The shades in the Spicy Latte Collection seemed especially yummy… up until I swatched them. The mattes were dry and chalky (maybe from sitting out for so long?) while the shimmers were unpigmented and were effectively just sheer bases with a ton of shimmer. Mind you, I only swatched a handful of shades, before moving on the next palette which was marginally better. I mean, you could totally make the Spicy Latte Collection work, if you used a decent primer and decent makeup brushes and were willing to put in the work (the time and effort), but it seemed like too much work for me, especially for a palette that was marketed as a “Palette to Take Away”.

I just don’t understand. If you’re going to go through the trouble of creating a palette, coming up with the shades, the shade names, the lay-out, the packaging, the theme and everything else that creating a palette entails, then why not do a decent job? Either way, you guys are going through the trouble of actually creating the palette and getting the palette made. What happens between the conception process and the manufacturing process that these palettes always end up having horrible pigmentation? I mean the concept for this palette was so cute and yet somehow someone or several someones botched it up. Business-wise, if you keep releasing garbage palettes, people will eventually learn not to to buy them and instead opt for other brands (just sayin’).

Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Promo

Apparently, they had this promo where if you bought 2 of the Colorful Eyeshadows from the Sephora Collection, you qualified for a Free Eyeshadow Compact (that houses 4 Sephora Colorful Eyeshadows). You got your pick from either a Black Cat Compact or a Plain Pink Compact.

Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow

Is it just me or did they update their “Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow” range, switching out older shades for a more extensive shade range of newer ones? In any case, this kinda’ duo-chrome-y shade (just can’t get enough of those) called Unicorn Dust caught my eye! I didn’t pick it up or even swatch it because I was getting ready to leave and didn’t wanna’ go back to the cash register. Also, since it had a glitter finish, I figured it was most probably sheer. Next time though.

CliniqueFIT Workout Makeup and Skincare

High-performance fitness makeup and skin care for your active lifestyle. Lifeproof and sweatproof makeup for your everyday. Endurance tested.

Life’s a Marathon. Look good running it.

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder retails for KD 16/500
CliniqueFIT Workout Face + Body Cleansing Swipes retails for KD 8/000
CliniqueFIT Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray retails for KD 9/250
CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer retails for KD 10/250
CliniqueFIT Workout 24-Hour Mascara retails for KD 10/000

Why, Clinique, why?

I’ve always had a pretty good relationship with Clinique. From their Skincare to their Mascaras to their Almost Lipstick in the shade Black Honey (in-depth review, here). After my beloved long-discontinued Lancome Aqua Fusion Moisturizer, I ventured to Clinique and picked up the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and have repurchased it on and off ever since. In fact, the one thing I continually purchase from Clinique is their little Skincare Value Sets (such a good deal with such great products)! The only thing I truly hated from Clinique was the “Take The Day Off” Cleansing Balm (reviewed here) and even that seems to be universally loved, the world over!

Long story short, Clinique and I, we cool. After this whole CliniqueFit business, we not so cool. I’m pretty sure that Clinique was the one that started this whole fitness and gym skincare and fitness and gym makeup trend. Now, every other brand wants a piece of that action (including Bath and Body Works lol). On one hand, it sends the wrong message (girls shouldn’t be worried about what they look like at the gym and feel pressured into wearing makeup blah blah blah), on the other hand…. gimmick! I’m a sucker for a good gimmick (always fall for those), but dang, even I know this is a bit… much lol That said, all this “fitness skincare and makeup” might come in handy in some of the more humid places (or during Kuwait’s unforgiving summers) and such. Just because they market it as something, don’t mean you gotta’ only use it specifically for that something (I’m all about re-purposing stuff).

Has anyone actually tried anything from the CliniqueFit range? Personally, I haven’t. Heck, I haven’t heard a peep about the range. I mean sure, there’s a handful of reviews, but I tend to take anything beauty influencers say with a grain of salt (some tend to praise products because they were sent to them for free, and they’d like to continue receiving free stuff, hence the false reviews). Truthfully, I haven’t actively sought out any info on the CliniqueFit Collection because every other brand is coming out with their own “active” or “fitness” range (even E.L.F. lol) and it’s all a bit annoying overwhelming. I blame Clinique.

New to Sephora was the hair care brand Briogeo which seemed very interesting! I mean, they straight up had a scrub… for the scalp! Some of the products even had the more uncommon textures such as the Jelly Conditioner! Shown below are mostly the same handful of products, only rearranged differently on each shelf. Briogeo had several lines targeting specific hair care needs:

Don’t Despair, Repair! (to repair dry and damaged hair)
Scalp Revival (to soothe a dry and flaky scalp)
Rosarco (to smooth frizzy hair)
Be Gentle, Be Kind (to nourish parched locks)
Blossom & Bloom (to volumize fine and thin hair)
Curl Charisma (to define unruly curls)

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment (detoxifies and removes buildup from the scalp, soothes itchy, irritated, and flaky scalp, and hydrates the scalp to prevent dryness and flakiness) retails for KD 9/750

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Peppermint Oil Cooling Jelly Conditioner (innovative jelly conditioner that combines peppermint, tea tree, and spearmint oils to calm the scalp with an invigorating cooling sensation, while binchotan charcoal helps absorb deep rooted impurities) retails for KD 11/000

Briogeo Rosarco Repair Conditioner (restorative and hydrating conditioner to replenish moisture, repair damage, and protect against future breakage and color fade) retails for KD 7/250

Briogeo Rosarco Repair Shampoo (sulfate-free restorative shampoo that replenishes moisture, repairs damage, and protects against future breakage and color fade) retails for KD 7/250

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray (ultra-lightweight leave-in conditioning spray fortified with a unique blend of nourishing rosehip, argan, and coconut oils) retails for KD 6/000

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask (strengthening and reparative leave-in deep conditioner that provides repair benefits beyond an in-shower experience and produces healthy, stronger hair in between washes and heat styling) retails for KD 8/500

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask (intensive weekly treatment to restore essential hydration and enhance hair’s resilience to protect against future damage) retails for KD 11/000

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment (detoxifies and removes buildup from the scalp, soothes itchy, irritated, and flaky scalp, and hydrates the scalp to prevent dryness and flakiness) retails for KD 9/750

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo (detoxifies, exfoliates, soothes, and balances the scalp for optimal scalp health) retails for KD 12/750

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Peppermint Oil Cooling Jelly Conditioner (innovative jelly conditioner that combines peppermint, tea tree, and spearmint oils to calm the scalp with an invigorating cooling sensation, while binchotan charcoal helps absorb deep rooted impurities) retails for KD 11/000

Briogeo Rosarco Repair Shampoo (sulfate-free restorative shampoo that replenishes moisture, repairs damage, and protects against future breakage and color fade) retails for KD 7/250

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask (intensive weekly treatment to restore essential hydration and enhance hair’s resilience to protect against future damage) retails for KD 11/000

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray (ultra-lightweight leave-in conditioning spray fortified with a unique blend of nourishing rosehip, argan, and coconut oils) retails for KD 6/000

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask (strengthening and reparative leave-in deep conditioner that provides repair benefits beyond an in-shower experience and produces healthy, stronger hair in between washes and heat styling) retails for KD 8/500

Okay, Sephora. The Korean House display is cute and all, but it’s been up for a minute now. How about changing those pictures? Also, how about getting some more Asian Skincare and including Makeup? If you’re open to suggestions, I strongly recommend getting the Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara and the Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara (based on my personal experience with Fairy Drops). Heck, I’d even settle for Japanese Drugstore Mascaras like Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara (the packaging looks like it’s from one of my fave Anime shows called “The Rose of Versailles” or just “Oscar” as it was called in the Arabic dubbed version)!

Skinfood Fresh Apple Toner (pore control toner that eliminates impurities and controls sebum production) retails for KD 9/750

Skinfood Fresh Apple Essence (intensive pore care essence that minimizes pores and moisturizes skin) retails for KD 10/750

I know I’ve taken a photo of these before, but they just look so cute! I just like Green Apples, ok?

Erborian Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream retails for KD 9/750

More than just a moisturizer, Bamboo Glow is a 2-in-1 hybrid product that delivers both hydration and radiance in a single step. Bursting with moisture, this illuminating formula melts into your skin, to give freshness and radiance to your complexion and a silky and satiny effect

The packaging gets me, every time! So pretty! Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream even sounds pretty! I really wanna’ try it out! Oh, oh, here’s a thought! Why doesn’t the Sephora (Kuwait branch) bring over a ton of Korean Skincare and Makeup Samples instead of oh, I don’t know… THE BILLION AND ONE CLARINS SKINCARE SAMPLES! Just a suggestion from a frequent Sephora customer.

Erborian Creme Frappe Skin-Reviving Fresh Gel

Like an ice-cold waterfall, Bamboo Crème Frappée provides an immediate boost to the skin. Immediately absorbed, replenishing the skin with moisture, it hydrates, energises and plumps the skin all day long.

This thing looks and sounds pretty cool too! Personally, I’ve never experienced being underneath an ice-cold waterfall, but now with this baby, I don’t have to! I still didn’t get it though, because I’m currently working my way through the Sephora Intensive Instant Moisture+ Cream (haulage here) so, to be continued… (or maybe not, I dunno’).

Dr. Jart+ BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3. Kit retails for KD 14/250

A triple-function product for brightening, anti-aging and UV protection. Contains three shades to sculpt and contour your features for a balanced and defined face shape. Featherweight formulas highlight, soften, and enhance your complexion by adding light or depth.

They had me at featherweight formula! You might’ve seen or even used any of these products separately (from other brands), but have you seen them grouped together and sold as a BB Mate Contouring Kit? Launched in 2015, the BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3. Kit includes a Highlight (white) and a Neutralizer (yellow) and a Bronzer/Contour (tan) that all come in tubes (with doe-foot applicators). Since it’s by the brand Dr. Jart+ imma’ go out on a limb here and say that the formula is far superior to anything else (meaning the shades won’t be too extra). So if you’re always short on time (like myself), I’m thinkin’ this’ll be perfect for helping you highlight/contour lickety-split (i.e. turn you into a highlight/contour ninja)! That said, the shades won’t work for everyone. Supposedly, you can get similar results using the Maybelline Fit Me Concealers (just sayin’). Still, interesting product, no?

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer

This lightweight, refreshing moisturizer features a special emulsion system with droplets packed full of brightening and nourishing ingredients. The innovative formula bursts into tiny water droplets when applied—providing instant hydration and brightening dull, lackluster skin. Great for all skin types, it relieves dry, sensitive skin, revitalizes, and prevents visible signs of aging with concentrated antioxidants for a healthier-looking complexion.

Well, good morning to you too! Like I said earlier, everything is all Water this and Hyaluronic Acid that now. That said, I believe the Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer was actually launched in 2016 (always ahead of the game, props, yo!) and from what I gather, has that delightful gel-to-water texture! So… not unlike the Bath and Body Works Water Hyaluronic Body Gel Lotion (haulage here), except the Water Drop is actually meant to be used on the face. Personally, when I apply the Bath and Body Works Hyaluronic Gel Lotion, I just used whatever is left on my hands… on my face (which I doubt is good for sensitive skin, but my skin isn’t sensitive at all, so it can handle it). Just to clarify, I am in no way shape or form, advocating that you use the Bath and Body Works Water Hyaluronic Body Gel Lotion on your face. Got it? Good! Worthy of note, both version contain Hyaluronic Acid, but I’m pretty sure the Dr. Jart+ version has way more skin-friendly ingredients. That said, I think I’ll stick with my Bath & Body Works Hyaluronic Body Gel Lotion.

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Masks retail for KD 3/750

What the heck? LOL

Based on the cup-like packaging, I figured it was probably another one of those DIY Masks (the kind where you have to mix it in with other stuff before applying it), but dang, those faces with straws coming out of the mouths, totally caught me off-guard!

Each Shake & Shot comes with:
Cup to mix the stuff in
Lid (with those creepy baby faces)
Straw/Spatula to apply the mask to your face (those straws are actually spatulas… lolwut)
Sachet 1 to pour into the cup (gooey mixture)
Sachet 2 small pack to pour into the cup (liquid-y mixture)

Basically, you take off the Lid (those creepy baby faces) and take out the Straw (which will have a Spatula on the opposite end), leaving a hole in the mouth of the baby face on the Lid. You pour the gooey Sachet 1 into the Cup and then pour the liquid-y Sachet 2 also into the Cup. Then you quickly put the Lid (baby face) back on the Cup, tightly, and place your finger over the hole on the Lid (mouth of the baby face) and vigorously shake the cup. It’ll transform the mixture from a liquid consistency into a somewhat drippy one. You will need to apply the mixture to your face using the straw/spatula in under 2 minutes. Then you let it dry on your face for 20 minutes or so. It’ll turn into a rubbery mask as it dries. After 20 minutes, you just peel off the mask (it’s painless) and you’re done!

So, each Shake & Shot serves a different purpose be it Firming (purple face) or Hydrating (light blue face) or Brightening (orange face) or Soothing (teal blue face). It seems like the Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Masks got way more positive reviews than those Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cups (spotted here). Honestly, there is no comparison. Apparently, these Shake & Shot Mask are bomb! That said, all the people that used this stuff agree on two things; that the mixture is very drippy (keeps dripping everywhere) and that the spatulas are effectively useless at applying the mixture on to the face. Still, at that price point, where’s the harm? I’m definitely going to have to give one of these a… shot (heehee)!

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Firming Rubber Mask

Improves skin elasticity and firmness. The Firming Mask ampoule contains Vitamin A (retinol) and OxyForce™ Cellular Active to help boost collagen synthesis and enhance elasticity and firmness of sagging skin. Just shake it up and give skin a firming shot.

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Hydro Rubber Mask

Moisturizes and revitalizes the complexion. The Hydro Mask ampoule contains a cocktail of Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and Expert Moist Complex, rich in amino acids, to help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. Just shake it up and give skin a hydrating shot.

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Brightening Rubber Mask

Brightens dull skin. The Brightening Mask ampoule contains Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and sea buckthorn fruit extract, rich in vitamins, to even out skin tone, brighten darkness and revitalize skin. Just shake it up and give skin a brightening shot.

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Soothing Rubber Mask (not shown)

Calms and repairs the complexion. The Soothing Mask ampoule contains Vitamin K3 (menadione) and a soothing botanical complex to calm irritated skin. Just shake it up and give sensitive skin a soothing shot.

Aisle of Doom (at the check-out counter)

Finally, we come to the impossibly cute minis and travel-size items and sometimes just the lesser-priced items, facing the check-out counter!

Starskin JuiceLab Holy Kale! Power C+ Booster Mask (Kale & Grapefruit – Brightening & Energizing) retails for KD 5/250

A professional-strength Vitamin C sheet mask embedded with pure 75% Vitamin C dots waiting to be freshly activated by a shot of skin-brightening and energising Kale & Grapefruit serum.

These seemed new. So the brand Starskin came out with these Booster Masks that are supposed to be packed with top skin-brightening and energizing superfoods and antioxidants and vitamins hence Juice Lab in their name. Each one is meant to serve a specific purpose. Holy Kale! (which consists of Kale & Grapefruit) is meant to brighten and energize. Twist & Sprout (which consists of Wheat Sprout & Celery) is meant to balance and promote inner calm. Razzle Dazzle (which consists of Raspberry & Lentil) is meant to hydrate and refresh. Holy Kale also includes Kale and Grapefruit and Brocolli and Lemon and Carrot!

Basically, these Juice Lab Booster Masks are a 2-step kinda’ deal. First, you gotta separate the two sachets. One has circular dots and houses the actual sheet mask. The other is shaped like a bottle and houses the Power C+ Activator Serum. Once you separate the two sachets from each other, you need to peel the sticker that says “Peel Me” on the sachet with circular dots, because you will be pouring the serum directly into it. Next, you need to tear open the Power C+ Activator Serum (sachet shaped like a bottle) and pour its contents through the opening of the previous sachet. Once the Sheet Mask is fully saturated, hold it by additional tab and place it on your face. After 15 minutes, you can take the mask off. No need to rinse. It sounds way more complex because of the way I phrased it, but you get a sheet mask and a serum, in different pouches. You need to drown the Sheet Mask in one pouch with the Serum from the other pouch. That’s pretty much it.

Starskin JuiceLab Twist & Sprout Power C+ Booster Mask (Wheat Sprout & Celery – Balancing & Inner Calming) retails for KD 5/250

A professional-strength Vitamin C sheet mask embedded with pure 75% Vitamin C dots waiting to be freshly activated by a shot of skin-balancing and calming Wheat Sprout & Celery serum.

Twist & Sprout (which consists of Wheat Sprout & Celery) is meant to balance and and promote inner calm. It includes Wheat Sprout and Celery and Kohlrabi and Pear and Avocado!

Starskin JuiceLab Razzle Dazzle Power C+ Booster Mask (Raspberry & Lentil – Hydrating & Refreshing) retails for KD 5/250

A professional-strength Vitamin C sheet mask embedded with pure 75% Vitamin C dots waiting to be freshly activated by a shot of ultra-hydrating and refreshing Raspberry & Lentil serum.

Razzle Dazzle (which consists of Raspberry & Lentil) is meant to hydrate and refresh. It includes Raspberry and Lentil and Acai Berry and Blackberry and Blueberry! Also, it’s supposed to smell great! Also, the packaging is pink!

Sephora SuperMask – The Mud Mask retails for KD 2/750

A two-part sheet mask that has been infused with a mineral mud formula to mattify, balance, and remineralize the skin. The mud formula gets to work in 15 minutes absorbing sebum, balancing, and remineralizing your skin, creating clearer and perfectly matte-looking skin.

The Mud Mask is meant for people with the following issues: acne/blemishes and pores/blackheads and uneven skin tones.

Sephora had a whole bunch Sheet Masks in what they called the SuperMask range. I spotted several of what seemed to be newer ones, including The Mud Mask (as shown). Before you get turned off/on by the fact that this was a two-part sheet mask, just know that there is no DIY element to it like the previous ones I mentioned. It’s just two separate pieces of the same sheet mask; one for the top half of your face and the other for the lower half of your face, is all. I think that’s a great idea since one size does not in fact fit all. As a two-piece, you get to ensure the most comfortable fit for your face (well, comfortable as possible).

I’ve tried a ton of Mud Masks, but never a Sheet Mask Mud Mask (what is the proper terminology here? Sheet Mud Mask? Mud Sheet Mask? I’ll just stick with Sheet Mask Mud Mask to avoid confusion lol)! So the Sheet Mask has an actual Mud Mask on/in it, making it stick even better to your face (no slipping and sliding here). However, because it’s got a Mud Mask, that means you’ve got to be careful about leaving it on for too long (some people tend to leave their Sheet Masks or any type of Mask for way longer than prescribed, in efforts to maximize the benefits), which might be painful to remove, if you let it harden for too long (like an hour instead of just 15 mins, and yeah, people do that all the time). Also, despite being a Mud Mask, it’s supposed to have a pleasant scent (which I tend to enjoy) and a cooling sensation (which I also tend to enjoy)!

Unfortunately, these retail for $6 on the Sephora website (US) which is equal to KD 1/820, but are currently being sold in-store (Kuwait) for KD 2/750. It’s recommended to use these Sheet Masks twice a week to get the best results. However, if I buy 8 of these SuperMask Sheet Masks (just enough for twice a week for 1 month), that adds up to KD 22, which is equal to $72.50 and also, is insane! If you buy 16 (for a 2 month supply to be applied twice a week), that’s KD 44 which retails for $145 so… yeah. You’re better off just trying out 1 or 2 of your favorites and hope you don’t fall in love, because these Sephora SuperMask Sheet Masks aren’t very cost effective. Also, they’re from Sephora (in-home brand) for crying out loud! You’re better off just picking up a full-size GlamGlow Treatment or a full-size Peter Thomas Roth Mask or anything else that actually deserves the hefty price tag (just sayin’). If you really have your heart set on these, I guess you could pick up 4 SuperMask Sheet Masks (to be used once a week) for KD 11 (about $36) which sounds slightly more reasonable lol

Honestly, if they knocked down the price to even just KD2 their SuperMask range would sell like hotcakes (they wouldn’t be left with racks and racks of expired products that didn’t sell well)!

Sephora SuperMask – The Bubble Mask retails for KD 2/750

A sheet mask infused with spirulina that detoxes the skin and creates a bubbling effect upon contact with the skin. The foaming formula of this sheet mask gets to work in 15 minutes to detoxify, oxygenate, and fight against pollutants, producing visibly brighter and purified skin.

The Bubble Mask is meant for people with the following issues: acne/blemishes and pores/blackheads.

So The Bubble Mask was one of the more slime-y Sheet Masks in the SuperMask range. It was one of those one-piece deals (which didn’t align with a lot of people’s faces) and as such, kept sliding down, which consequentially led to the the product either getting in people’s mouths or in their eyes. As with most Bubble Masks, you are able to feel it bubble up, and some people found that sensation to be ticklish, while others found it itchy, and some just found it uncomfortable. A few even said it burned them (I’m assuming they had sensitive skin). Most admitted they felt a slight tingling sensation on their face and that it had a subtle soapy scent. A few people said it cleared their pores.

Sephora SuperMask – The Primer Mask retails for KD 2/750

A sheet mask enriched with reflecting pigments and cotton extract to moisturize, brighten, and prime the skin for makeup application. The five-in-one cream formula gets to work in just three minutes to hydrate, brighten, blur imperfections, even out skin tone, and prime the skin for makeup, resulting in visibly more beautiful skin and makeup that lasts longer.

The Primer Mask is meant for people with the following issues: dryness and dull/uneven skin tone.

So the The Primer Mask got the worst reviews out of all the Sheet Masks in the SuperMask range (lol). It was a Sheet Mask that had a very thick and gooey pink cream aka “The Primer”. Apparently, you were supposed to apply the Sheet Mask to your face and leave it on for only 3 minutes. Then you were supposed to remove it and apply your makeup straight after. However, even after they removed the Sheet Mask, people complained of having leftover pink goo on their face (ugh, sounds like my personal nightmare ‘cuz I hate residue). Some opted to rub the stuff and massage it into their skin (in the hopes that it would be absorbed and be less visibly pink), while others used cotton rounds to wipe off the excess (of which there was… excess). Some even complained that even after they wiped off the pink excess, they still found stubborn white patches on their face where the product had dried out and now refused to budge.

Basically, The Primer Mask sounded like a mess and I’m definitely not interested. Besides, I’ve already got the ELF Primer Sheet Mask (haulage here) so I’m good. Also, as someone else pointed out, if you wear makeup everyday, did that mean you had to purchase a ton of the The Primer Mask (almost KD3 for 3 minutes per day lol)? Personally, I’d say save your money.

Erborian Doré BB Crème au Ginseng retails for KD 6/750

Imperfections wiped-out, perfect skin finish; BB CRÈME AU GINSENG leaves your skin wonderfully soft, silky, replenished and velvety. Available in the shades Clair and Nude and Doré and Caramel (not all available in Kuwait)

Awww what a li’l cutie! Erborian is really ticking off all the right boxes for me! The only problem (which is a wonderful problem to have) is that there’s just sooo many options (because all their products sound great)! Sephora, please bring over darker shades for us darker skinned desert people. Not everyone wants to rock makeup that’s 7 shades lighter than their actual skin tone, ok? Thanks! This lil cutie was featured in Sephora Mini Mania (here).

GlamGlow GlowSetter Makeup Setting Spray retails for KD 6/250

A hydrating, refreshing setting mist that perfects and finishes makeup, energizes skin, and boosts radiance for an instant, sexy Hollywood glow.

I kinda’ wish I didn’t have like, 10 million Face Mists and Setting Sprays because this looks pretty cute too and has great reviews! It was featured in Sephora Mina Mania (here).

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Power Plumping Lip Gloss retails for KD 5/000

A serum that makes your lips look plumper using the most scientifically proven and advanced technologies.

Cute! Also, it would be pretty cute as a stocking stuffer! Heck, any of the minis would be great as stocking stuffers! This was also featured in Sephora Mina Mania (here).

Lancome Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara retails for KD 4/750

Everything you love about Monsieur Big—now in a waterproof formula. The Monsieur Big Mascara features a large brush and a sweat-proof, smudge proof formula that glides onto lashes like silk and delivers exceptional volume for up to 24 hours of wear.

I wasn’t expecting to like the original Monsieur Big Mascara as much as I did (haulage here). Personally, I don’t ‘x with Waterproof Mascara (at least, not on purpose). However, if you’re interested, the mini waterproof version is available for purchase at the “Aisle of Doom”. The full size retails for KD 11 and the mini retails for almost KD 5 so I feel like if you wanna’ pick this up, might as well get the full size, ya feel me?

I know Sephora wants to make a profit and is factoring in the shipping prices and tax and whatever else, but by marking up the prices on everything, you effectively force people’s hands into ordering online or just buying those products when they travel abroad or just not buying them at all. In all of those instances, the Sephora Kuwait branch is the one that’ll end up losing (in the long-run). That’s how Boots always end up with rows and rows of expired products.

Mark your prices at something more reasonable, get better promos (toss in a free SuperMask with every purchase of X amount or one of the Minis featured in Sephora Mini Mania or anything that people would actually want, instead of those dumb Compacts that I’ll bet anything, probably didn’t entice that many people, if any, into picking up x2 Sephora Colorful EyeShadow), include better samples (like deluxe samples not just one-time-use samples, and make sure they’re samples of things people would actually be interested in trying like high-end skincare which I guarantee that if they love, they will come back to purchase the full size or makeup like a mini popular mascara or mini best-selling bronzer or highlight or whatever else and for the love of God, no more Clarins!) and finally, have a year-end sale every Dec-Jan (to clear out your inventory and make room for the incoming onslaught of new stuff)!

Sephora Overcast Filter Palette (cool, breezy tones for more smoky looks) retails for KD 10/500

A palette featuring 10 wearable shades inspired by photo filtering effects. Editing software is a huge trend in social media for that picture-perfect, professionally lit look. These palettes were inspired by popular filters, putting a fun spin on the technological trend.

– The Overcast palette contains cool, breezy tones for more smoky looks.
– The Sunbleached palette includes soft, light-filled shades.
– The Vintage palette contains rich, nostalgia-inspired tones.

Each features brand-new hues, as well as a few bestselling colorful shades. The packaging showcases gorgeous artwork and each includes a large mirror.

Wow! Such a beautiful palette! From the name Overcast Filter Palette to the actual shades (did I mention I love my cool tones?), this palette just spoke to me! I only found out about the concept while typing up this post. Such an interesting concept, no? I didn’t find the other ones called Sunbleached and Vintage, but it’s fine, because I’m obsessed with Overcast! For such a small palette though, I kinda’ wish it had a more reasonable price honestly, which is why I refrained from purchasing it. I might get it during my next visit though.

Sephora Contouring Brush Set retails for KD 15/250

This high quality set includes a stippling brush, a flat top powder brush for buffing and setting, and angled blush brush. Also includes PRO Team makeup tutorial. The set is encased in a fashionable slim-line pouch.

I’ve featured the Contouring Brush Set before, in my other Spotted at Sephora post (here), but it wasn’t in the “Aisle of Doom”. I thought it was funny that after that post, they’ve now relocated this set to what I affectionately call the “Aisle of Doom”. If you guys are reading my blog, how about knocking down the price of this thing to something more reasonable (it’s been out for awhile now, so it’s old and generally on the Sephora U.S. website, older items tend to get reduced).

Sephora Smoky Eye Brush Set retails for KD 12/000

This high quality set includes a blending brush to highlight, an eyelid powder brush for the eyelid, a crease brush to merge the product and blending brush for precision at any step… With this “take away” set of 4 brushes, the art of the smoky eye becomes easy.

Also found in the “Aisle of Doom”. The Smoky Eye Brush Set was nice, but not covet-worthy like the Contouring Brush Set! This feels like something they should be giving out for free (as a gift with purchase) lol Not much else to say… other than if you want some decent brushes, check out Boots where they sell Real Techniques which are infinitely more superior!


Instead of the really cool Becca Set (Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed Opal + First Light Priming Filter + Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector) and the GlamGlow Set (Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment + YouthMud TinglExfoliate Treatment + GravityMud Firming Treatment) (featured all the way at the end of this post here and also featured at the start of this post here) that I was promised (they even wrote down my number and everything in that darn book), I had to choose my 200 point “Brand Gift” from the following (sad choices):

Marc Jacobs Gift

– Marc Jacobs Blacquer Highliner Gel Crayon (mini)
– Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Le Marc Lip Crème (mini)

Umm… I already got this tiny kit as a Birthday Gift from Sephora… last year (haulage here). It was cute and all, but I don’t need like, 50 of it.

Sephora Pouch (x3 Samples)

– Sephora Green Tea Face Mask (mattifying & anti-blemish)
– Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (mini)
– Sephora Toner? (mini)
– Sephora Clear Pouch

I already got something similar… about 5 months ago (at the end of this post here) as part of a promotion (for purchasing a certain amount of Sephora items). Aside from the Sephora Eye Mask (which was trash, bro), the rest of the stuff that I previously got in that pouch remain untouched. Why would I opt to get another one (that’s probably expired, at this point)?

Sephora Gift

– Sephora Must-Have Blush Sculpting Face Palette (old, as mentioned here)
– Sephora Burgundy Contour & Color Liner and Lipstick Duo

Had I actually been interested in either of these two, I could’ve just purchased them for myself so… pass.

Lancome Gift

– Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover (sample)
– Lancome Hypnose Mascara
– Lancome Crayon Khol (sample)

I wasn’t too excited about this Lancome Gift Set, but at least it came with a full size Lancome Hypnose Mascara. The other 2 were a mini Black Khol Pencil Liner and a mini of that horrible Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover (to be fair, most of the world love the Bi-Facil, but I hate it because it leaves a residue on my eyes which make them feel heavy and oily and gives me foggy vision). Still, for lack of options, I took this set home with me.

Smashbox Gift

– Smashbox Cover Shot: Metallic Eyeshadow Palette
– Smashbox Bad B Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick
– Smashbox Primerizer (sample)

Again, I wasn’t obsessed with this Smashbox Gift Set. The Cover Shot Palettes are notoriously bad (pigmentation is trash) and the Primerizer was tiny, but the set also came with a full size Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick so I figured what the hey. Plus, it’s not like I had better options.

*Phew* That was a really long post (she says, as she makes it even longer)! I know we’re in December now, but I’ve got other responsibilities that just take priority over blogging. Also, it’s not like I just take a pic on my phone and upload it and just publish that post. I gotta’ crop the photos, because sometimes I’ll unwittingly make an appearance (thanks to all the mirrors and reflective packaging) or sometimes I’ll accidentally have the faces of random people on full display, but mostly it’s just to crop out my personal info. Then I gotta’ upload those photos and rearrange them in a more effective way (grouping the skincare stuff together, the makeup stuff together, the minis from the “aisle of doom” together and finally the samples and gifts with purchase together).

Then I gotta’ find the proper names in full (if possible) of each and every item, and also, their prices (if possible). Then I gotta’ create the Tags for each and every single item (adding the brand’s name beforehand, meaning I can’t just copy paste the whole thing. I gotta’ do it manually for each and every single one). Then I gotta’ double-check the Tags so I’m not forgetting anything (when you’re tired after a particularly long day, it’s much easier to make mistakes and miss things that you normally wouldn’t miss). Then I gotta’ hunt down the official descriptions for each and every item (if possible) and insert quotation marks to indicate that it’s the official description (i.e. not my words). Some websites don’t allow you to copy/paste so I gotta’ type in those descriptions manually. Same goes for the shade names (which sometimes aren’t even available).

Only after all that, can I begin to write from my perspective (personal experience, history with the brands, thoughts on the products, etc…)! Then I gotta’ hunt down the previous posts that I’ve referenced, and link to them. Basically, the whole thing takes some time and some effort. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I actually enjoy blogging (well, not the rearranging the pictures part or even cropping them out part or the tags part lol) for the most part! However, it takes time/effort which is my justification excuse for my posts being late!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post (if you got this far, I feel like you should get an “Achievement Unlocked” pop up, just like on Xbox lol)!

9 thoughts on “Spotted at Sephora (October) Extra Long Post

  1. Oh wow!! This was really a long read. Nevertheless, i thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wanted to tell you that all your efforts are appreciated. The gift part was such a bummer. The arrogance of these sales ppl are on another level. Am so done with this attitude. Neways glad your cousin didnt mind it.


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