Sultan Center Haul #10

This is what my Sultan Center hauls look like when I’m not shopping on an empty stomach (lawl). I just picked up a few sachets of Nescafe (spotted here) to try to find a new favorite instant hot drink and some Tortilla Chips and Salsa (always craving the stuff).

Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips KD 1/990

Love this stuff! Heck, I love anything that’s lime flavored or lime scented! These have a pleasantly tart sweetness from the lime (complimenting the chunky salsa), with that distinctive Tortilla aftertaste (which works great at tempering the spiciness of the salsa), coupled with a satisfying crunch to them! Sooo good!

Snyder’s Chunky Salsa (Medium) KD 1/250

Any “Medium” Chunky Salsa will do. “Mild” doesn’t have a kick to it (effectively tasteless), whereas “Hot” is way too intense for me. The only thing is, I start craving Tortilla Chips and Chunky Salsa during all hours of the day… and night (randomly). Sometimes, it’ll be way past midnight and as such everyone would already be asleep, and I’d struggle to open the jar by myself lol I’ll try everything from threatening the jar to cajoling it, from wrapping a textured towel around it, to running it under hot water, to destroying several kitchen utensils (bent spoons) by attempting to wedge them between the jar and its lid. Nothing works! It’s so frustrating! That’s why I prefer the larger and taller jars as opposed to these smaller ones.

x2 Nescafe Cappuccino (red packaging) KD /065
x2 Nescafe Cappuccino Sweetened (pink packaging) KD /145
x1 Nescafe 3-in-1 Hazelnut (green packaging) (Limited Edition) KD /140

The red stuff smelled nice! I haven’t tried the green stuff yet. The pink smelled great and tasted great! We have a winner, folks! I’ve been chugging (okay, lady-like sipping) this stuff since September 11. Anytime anyone from the house goes grocery shopping (parents, siblings, staff) I’ll ask them to pick up 2 boxes of this stuff for me, because I’ll have at least three sachets a day!

Total KD 5/865

I should shop like this (on a full stomach) more often! In fact, if you don’t already do it, I recommend you give it a shot! Makes a huge difference lol

3 thoughts on “Sultan Center Haul #10

  1. Yessss, i totally agree on doing grocery shopping on a full stomach. Oh btw, if you have a bottle opener at home, try to use that to release the air from the salsa jar and it should open easily.


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