H&M Haul Part 1 of 3

The new H&M store at the Avenues was finally open for business! It was advertised as the largest H&M store in the world! On September 21, I decided to go take a quick peek. The place was huge! The top floor had the Men’s Clothing and Children’s Clothing and a Tailor. The ground floor was reserved for Women’s Clothing and as always, they had an area sectioned off for Lingerie and Sleepwear and another area just for Makeup, Hair Care and Skincare. The Shoes and Accessories had their own space in the area adjacent to the cash register. They had a relatively decent Changing Room Area. The actual Changing Rooms themselves? Not so much (no wiggle room). At first, I mistook the Click & Collect (online shopping, I suppose) for yet another Changing Room Area (it looked disproportionately upscale, especially in comparison to the rest of the store). They even had a rather large space reserved just for H&M Home (from Bed Linens to Serving Bowls and everything in between).

I wasn’t interested in buying anything, because I didn’t feel like going into the Changing Room and trying on clothes. However, all that changed when I spotted a pair of Red Plaid Flannel Pajama Bottoms (as shown). I’ve always wanted a pair of Red Plaid Flannel PJs! I’d squeezed my behind into my first, last and only pair (size XL) only to have them rip (like, a massive rip) in the back, as soon as I’d sat down on my little red ottoman (which is where I dry my hair after a shower). Since it was un-salvageable, I cut it up into small pieces, and reserved those pieces for mirror and window cleaning (I can’t stand fingerprints on surfaces). That all went down almost 4 years ago. That’s why I got all excited when I spotted these Red Plaid Flannel Pajama Bottoms.

I figured since it was inevitable that I was going to have to take my clothes off in the Changing Room, I might as well make the most of it and try on some other stuff too…

White V-Neck Frilled Blouse retails for KD 9/990

V-neck Blouse in airy crêpe. Yoke with a double layer of fabric at the back, frills down the sleeves, buttons at the cuffs and slits in the sides.
100% Polyester

Generally, I tend to avoid lighter tops, especially White ones. However, I was still on the hunt for a top (any top) to pair with my American Eagle Cream Tie Front Pleated Pants (haulage here), because apparently there’s absolutely nothing that matches them even remotely, which is why I was grabbing every White and Off-White and Cream and Light Beige Top I could find (and I tried them all on) in my attempt to find something that might possibly match!

This one was see-through, but thankfully I had my Marks & Spencer Reversible White Vest underneath (to help me gauge whether the neck-line was too low to be practical and wearable or not). I liked the way the White V-Neck Frilled Blouse hung from my shoulders. It was nice and loose (later I would realize it was a bit too loose and return it for a smaller size) and even if it didn’t match the American Eagle Cream Tie Front Pleated Pants (haulage here), I figured it would go perfectly with my Zara Black Waistcoat with Bow (haulage here), mainly due to the frills on the sleeves.

I could only find it in a size UK14 (which was clearly too big, but I was desperate) so I bought it and took it home with me. After trying it on, tucked into the American Eagle Cream Tie Front Pleated Pants (haulage here), it was blatantly too loose (looked sloppy on me) so I exchanged it for a size UK10 (still loose, but less in a sloppy way and more in a chill, laid-back way) which the Sales Assistant had dug out for me. Honestly, the White V-Neck Frilled Blouse made me feel like I was emulating a Pirate (which I thought was pretty cool)! Also, if you’re into trends and such, “Statement Sleeves” are currently having a “moment”. Never in a million years would I have purchased anything like this before (I do shirts and I do t-shirts, but I don’t do this), but now that I have it, I’m actually quite happy with it! It’s good to branch out from your comfort zone!

Black Floral Patterned Blouse (GP & J Baker Collection) reduced from KD 7/990 to KD 4/000

GP & J BAKER x H&M. Blouse in airy, crinkled fabric with a printed pattern. Collar, buttons at front, long, cuffed sleeves, and rounded hem. 100% Polyester

I love the pairing of a bright colorful print against a black background! Whether it’s on Clothes (styled here) or Rain Boots (featured here) or even a Bikini (haulage here), I’m obsessed with this particular combination! That’s why I was immediately drawn to this top (despite the fact that it had birds and flowers on it or “Oriental Bird” and “Hydrangea Bird” and ” Peony and Blossom” rather). Apparently, it was from the GP & J Baker collab with H&M and they specialized in Chinoiserie (a style inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other East Asian countries). Can you imagine if someone came up with Chinoiserie (from Chinois which was the french word for Chinese) in this day and age? People would be up in arms, calling it “cultural appropriation” or worse! LOL Hmm, maybe the Chinese and East Asian Aesthetic was yet another reason why I was so drawn to this top! Also, if you’re into trends, “Florals” (blech!) seem to be having a moment (I mean this print is fine, but in general, I can’t stand Floral anything, from prints to perfumes lol)

After googling them (just now), I learned that GP & J Baker is a Heritage Print brand (hence all the birds and flower prints). In any case, ever since that Versace and H&M collab fiasco on launch night (mentioned here), I’ve made it a point to avoid all the H&M collabs, when they first launch because the women (not men, the women) can get pretty aggressive lol As such, everything is usually sold out by the time I get there (weeks later), which I don’t really mind, because it’s just clothes, not something serious… like makeup (kidding, but not kidding). Anyways, I spotted this Black Floral Patterned Blouse (looks like a Shirt to me, but ok, Blouse), found the matching Black Floral Patterned Slacks (I call them Pants, but ok, Slacks), tried the two of them on, together, liked the look of ’em together and consequentially bought the two of them, together.

The fabric was all crinkly (kinda’ like the fabric you see on one of those old-timey, foldable room dividers/changing screens) which was pretty cool! You can sorta’ see its texture in the close-up photo. Unfortunately, once again, the fabric was also semi-transparent, but it was too late, because I was already obsessed with the print and just had to get it! I got the Black Floral Patterned Blouse in a size UK8 which was sorta’ loose (but all float-y and swish-y- and pretty)! However, had it been available, I totally would’ve gone down a size or two (because of the Slacks, which we’ll get to, in a sec). Honestly, I feel like this print is something an 80 year would gravitate towards and you know what? I’m not mad it. In fact, I’m really feelin’ this print!

Black Floral Patterned Slacks (GP & J Baker Collection) reduced from KD 7/990 to KD 6/000

GP&J BAKER x H&M. Ankle-length pants in woven stretch fabric with a pattern. Regular waist, elasticized waistband, and zip fly with concealed hook-and-eye fasteners. Side pockets, mock welt back pockets, and tapered legs. 42% Cotton; 37% Polyester; 18% Viscose; 3% Elastane

These Slacks were also from the GP & J Baker collab (I keep wanting to type J.P. Morgan instead, for some reason). I don’t know when the collection was released and I don’t really care. As far as I was concerned, I’d snagged the best piece(s), these Black Floral Patterned Slacks and the matching Black Floral Patterned Blouse, which were pretty sweet on their own, but when worn together, would incorporate yet another trend, “Co-ords and Two-piece Outfits”! As I said before, I don’t really focus on fashion trends, but when you’re all about that makeup and skincare life, you inadvertently become aware of fashion trends, because they all sorta’ go hand in hand.

Anyhow, I got the Black Floral Patterned Slacks in a size Eur36/UK8/US4 and they were a bit too tight. I totally would’ve gone up a size, had it been an option, but like I said earlier, collabs sell out pretty fast. Also, unlike on the model, where they hit above the ankle, on me (I’m 5’1), they hit right at the ankle. I guess I could just roll them up or cuff them or something. Also, I didn’t love the fit, but the only other sizes available were UK12 and above, and I didn’t wanna’ have to worry about having to keep pulling my pants up, every 5 minutes. I figure with wear, hopefully, they’ll stretch out a bit.

Here’s the thing though: the Black Floral Patterned Slacks were kinda’ tight, meanwhile the Black Floral Patterned Blouse was sorta’ loose. Even weirder was the fabric on both of them had completely different textures (the Slacks were all soft and smooth and the Blouse was all crinkly and rough) which did not create a streamlined silhouette. Silver lining, the Black Floral Patterned Blouse is nice and long enough to cover my backside, especially in those tight Black Floral Patterned Slacks.

Together, I adore the look of the Black Floral Patterned Slacks with the Black Floral Patterned Blouse! If styled correctly, I feel like they’d look bomb (or maybe just eccentric, but I’m fine with either)!

Black Amour Motif T-Shirt retails for KD 3/990

T-shirt in jersey with a motif. Available in White (French Bulldog), White (Budgerigars), White (Pineapples), White (Féminine), White (Palm Trees), Light Grey Marl (Palm Trees), Light Grey Marl (Hasta Mañana), Light Pink (Lipstick), Black (Leopard Print) and Black (Amour). 55% Cotton; 45% Modal

I spotted a bunch of Motif T-Shirts (in a variety of different colors and… motifs), scattered randomly (why not grouped together?) throughout H&M. I wasn’t really feelin’ any of them (the “motifs” were too cartoon-y, and that’s coming from me), especially since the lighter ones were all semi-transparent and the only dark ones were the Black Amour T-Shirt (shown above) and a hideous Black Leopard Print T-shirt. Honestly, this one caught my eye mostly because of the Black/Gold combo, which I find myself gravitating more towards, in the past few years. I skipped it the first time around anyway, but once I’d had the Black Striped Wide-Leg Pants with Belt (shown below) in hand, I grabbed the Black Amour Motif T-Shirt to try them on, together. The combination was fiyah!

With that being said, this Black Amour Motif T-shirt was a bit… extra (not my typical style). I mean, look at it. It reads “More * Amour * Paris” (More * Love * Paris) all the way at the top and “Eternellement Jeunes” (Forever Young) on the ribbon at the bottom, and directly beneath that, it says “C’est La Vie” (That’s Life). Not one, not two, but three cliche-type prints lol You’ve also got a chain forming a circle. You’ve got a sun, in the middle of that circle, with a Unicorn (lolwut) on the right and a Lion on the left. Inside the Sun, you’ve got a Laurel Wreath and inside of that, you’ve got a Crown… which has a Star directly above it. In fact, there were Stars in between the first cliche slogan all the way at the top, and more Stars dotted above and below the Sun, in addition to the one inside the Sun and above the Crown. Oh, and eeeeverything was in Gold (which normally I despise, unless it’s coupled with Black which I adore)! Everything in this particular motif, including the Lion and the Unicorn, which were inspired by the La Dame à la licorne (The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries hanging in the National Museum of the Middle Ages in France) are all significant to France in some way or another. Even though the whole thing looked a bit “extra”, I kinda’ really liked it!

I tried it on in a size Small and an X-Small, but eventually went with the X-Small. Worthy of note, the area of the “motif” (basically, the entire circle) has no give to it, meaning it’ll completely flatten your chest. Since I’m already flat up-top, it’s not an issue for me, but for those with a medium-large chest, don’t even bother (I’ve had t-shirts like this one before, when I was much bigger, and they were all kinds of unflattering). I just hope the “motif” holds up in the wash and doesn’t start to fade and look ratchet afterwards. I feel like I could wear the Black Motif Amour T-Shirt with the Black Striped Wide-Leg Pants with Belt (shown below) as I’d intended, or even with any pair of Jeans and it would look cool, either way!

Whether you appreciate the gaudy Versace-eque aesthetic or enjoy owning a t-shirt with something resembling a Coat of Arms a la Game of Thrones, or if you’re like me and lust after all Black T-shirts indiscriminately, check this one out!

Black Striped Wide-Leg Pants with Belt retail for 16/990

Wide pants in woven fabric with stripes. High waist, wide belt loops, and a rope-look belt. Concealed side zip with button and wide, straight legs. 90% Viscose; 10% Polyamide

As soon as I spotted the Black Striped Wide-Leg Pants with Belt, I was completely smitten! The pictures do not even begin to do them justice! They look infinitely better in real life! Unfortunately, they also seem to have the dreaded “butt-flattening effect” that the American Eagle Cream Tie Front Pleated Pants (haulage here) have as well. I didn’t care though, because I was already fantasizing about wearing them out and about, with a Shirt, or during Winter, a loosely tucked Sweater or Jumper! I tried them on with the Black Amour Motif T-Shirt (shown above) and the Black Knit Turtleneck Sweater (shown below) and both pairings were fiyah!

First of all, they were Wide-Leg, which is my current obsession! Second of all, the color combination of White, Tan and Black Stripes (not to mention the mismatched widths) was insanely cool! Third, they had a Rope Belt, which was unexpected and added such a nice touch! I spent the longest time trying to decide between a UK10 (too loose and kept sliding down my waist) and a UK8 (very fitted), but eventually went with the size Eur36/UK8/US4. I wanted to pair them with Slides or even Brogues (kinda’ like the ones the model was wearing), but the Pants were a bit longer than I’d like. It’s nothing that a pair of 4 inch heels (be they Stilettos or Espadrilles or Platform Boots or whatever else) can’t solve, but I might get them hemmed instead (they’ve got an in-house Tailor at H&M on the top floor). The Black Striped Wide-Leg Pants with Belt were the priciest item in this entire haul, but well worth it!

Black Knit Turtleneck Sweater retails for KD 7/990

Soft, knit sweater with wool content. Wide, ribbed turtleneck, heavily dropped shoulders, and ribbing at cuffs and hem. Slightly longer at back. 52% Acrylic; 27% Polyamide; 11% Polyester; 7% Elastane; 3% Wool

It was still too early to start shopping for Winter (again this was late September), but I couldn’t resist grabbing this Black Knit Turtleneck Sweater on my way to the Changing Room. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually owned a Black Turtleneck Sweater in my entire life! I’ve owned Turtlenecks in all kinds of colors from Brown to Forest Green, but never Black. I’ve had a Sleeveless Black Turtleneck Sweater (which I’d pair with a Black Long-Sleeve Jersey Top underneath), but that doesn’t count ‘cuz y’know… it was sleeveless. So I grabbed this thing (which was pretty soft!) and tried it on with my Jeans (I live in Jeans) and sub-sequentially fell in lurrrve!

For starters, it wasn’t itchy! It might sound minor, but itchiness is deal-breaker for me. Second, the actual turtleneck was… huge (there was a lot of fabric to contend with), to the extent that I could actually pull it up over my head, like a Hoody! I thought that was pretty unique! Aside from being very soft (%3 Wool lol) this Sweater was nice and cozy! I feel like I could get away with wearing it on it’s own in Winter, but only during the day (once the sun sets, I’d definitely need something over top). It’s pretty Over-Sized (I got it in a size X-Small and it’s still huge), but also has a lot of give to it (stretch-y fabric that sorta’ clings in all the right places), so if you’re over-weight, you need to try this on! Trust me, you will definitely love it, ‘cuz it’s crazy flattering! At the very least, it’s a nice staple to have, since it pairs well with everything!

Red Plaid Flannel Pajama Pants retail for KD 6/500

Pajama pants in soft, cotton-blend flannel with an elasticized drawstring waistband and wide, gently tapered legs. Available in Red Plaid and Blue Blaid and Blue Stripes. 91% Cotton; 9% Polyester

The article of clothing that started all this. I was only checking out the new H&M store, starting with the Makeup area which led to the Lingerie and Sleepwear area, when I saw a rather small selection of Pajama Pants and even smaller selection of Pajama Shirts, and only about maybe three or four matching Pajama Sets (ya’ needs to get more PJ’s, H&M! People will buy them).

Like I said at the start of this post, I wasn’t planning on buying anything… until I saw these Red Plaid Flannel Pajama Pants! Right away, I grabbed them in a size Small to try on, but had to ask the woman erm… manning the Changing Room area to get them for me in a size X-Small (‘cuz the Small kept sagging and if it was doing that now, imagine what it would be like after some wear and tear). They didn’t have a lot of give to them, but they were soft. Also, despite what they might look like, they weren’t the warmest thing ever (I get pretty chilly year-round from the AC). Still, for lounging in (around the house), I thought these were pretty cute!

Light Blue Striped Cotton Pajama Pants reduced from KD 6/500 to KD 2/000

Patterned pajama pants in soft, airy, woven cotton. Elasticized drawstring waistband and wide, straight legs.
100% Cotton

Once I’d selected the Red Plaid Flannel Pajama Pants, it was open season on all Pajama Pants! I kept grabbing Pajama Pants (with the purpose of trying them on), left and right! Unfortunately, I grabbed them all in a size Small and had to get them exchanged for an X-Small (H&M sizings are whack, they keep changing, like the weather). I was so sure the Sales Assistant in the Changing Room area hated me at this point, but she was insanely friendly and accommodating and just so sweet! She suggested I get the Black Striped Wide-Leg Pants with Belt in the smaller size, because they were meant to be high-waisted, not resting on the hips, before proceeding to go back out there to get me a smaller size! She even pointed out that these Light Blue Cotton Pajama Pants were straight up transparent (my Hello Kitty undies were fully visible lol), but I got them anyway and I’ll tell you why.

The cuffed hems looked insanely cool to me! Plus, at the moment, I’m kinda’ obsessed with Wide-Leg Pants! Aesthetics aside, I really love wearing something like this, straight out of the shower it won’t cling to me nor suffocate me! I hate wearing tight anything (even if it’s only a fitted t-shirt) after a shower, because it just feels so restrictive (I have to be able to squat on my ottoman and have the full use of the full range of both arms, just to dry my hair… it gets intense). I’d try to pull on the Pajama Pants, but my skin would still be somewhat damp after a shower, so the Pants would cling to my skin (which was insanely irritating) and I’d have to keep pulling them up, marginally, inadvertently stretching them out, permanently!

I don’t have to worry about none of that with these Pants! They just glide on like a dream! Even afterwards, my skin can breath as I naturally dry off! Aside from that, I figured when it was crazy hot outside, these would be nice and light to sleep in! Maybe even chill in when I’m self-tanning… Best of all, they were knocked down to only KD2/000!

Dark Grey Stars Pajama Pants (x2) reduced from KD 4/990 to KD 3/500 each

Lightweight pajama sweatpants with an elasticized drawstring waistband and tapered legs with cuff at hems. Available in Black and Red Snowflakes and Dark Grey Floral and Dark Grey Stars and Light Blue Stars and Light Grey Melange and Powder Pink/Grey Melange. 65% Polyester; 35% Cotton

What with the Dark Grey (I love anything Grey!) and the little White Stars, I thought these Dark Grey Stars Pajama Pants were quite cute! As far as Sweatpants go, these were a bit too thin (I own many, many Sweats from H&M that are substantially warmer), but quite comfy, regardless. Also, these have a lot of give to them. I liked them so much, I got them in a size Small and X-Small! In fact, I’m actually wearing one of them right now, while typing up this post!

Dark Grey Floral Pajama Pants reduced from KD 4/990 to KD 3/500

Lightweight pajama sweatpants with an elasticized drawstring waistband and tapered legs with cuff at hems. Available in Black and Red Snowflakes and Dark Grey Floral and Dark Grey Stars and Light Blue Stars and Light Grey Melange and Powder Pink/Gray Melange. 65% Polyester; 35% Cotton

Not quite as cute as the Dark Grey Stars Pajama Pants (on one hand, eww, Floral Print, on the other hand, ooh, Dark Grey), but exactly the same in every other aspect, I figured what the hey, and got these Dark Grey Floral Pajama Pants in a size X-Small. I can’t even begin to describe how good it feels when I take my Skinny Jeans or super tight anything (Skirt, Dress, whatever else) off, and put any one of these Pajama Pants on. Honestly, sometimes it just feels so good, that I can’t help letting out a happy little squeak of pure delight!

White V-Neck Frilled Blouse retails for KD 9/990
Black Floral Patterned Blouse (GP & J Baker Collection) reduced from KD 7/990 to KD 4/000
Black Floral Patterned Slacks (GP & J Baker Collection) reduced from KD 7/990 to KD 6/000
Black Amour Motif T-Shirt retails for KD 3/990
Black Knit Turtleneck Sweater retails for KD 7/990
Black Striped Wide-Leg Pants with Belt retail for 16/990
Red Plaid Flannel Pajama Pants retail for KD 6/500
Light Blue Striped Cotton Pajama Pants reduced from KD 6/500 to KD 2/000
Dark Grey Stars Pajama Pants (x2) reduced from KD 4/990 to KD 3/500 each
Dark Grey Floral Pajama Pants reduced from KD 4/990 to KD 3/500

Total = KD 67/950

Well, so much for not wanting to buy anything lol I had such a pleasant experience at H&M that I’ve decided that this branch my new favorite (sorry Salmiya branch next to Starbucks)! Honestly, the majority of the staff from H&M who happened to be from Nepal were extremely helpful (they knew where all the White/Off-White/Light-Beige Tops were), very sweet (I started shivering after a certain point while browsing, ‘cuz it was crazy cold in there, and an absolute darling Sales Assistant suggested I just pick any jacket to wear around the store, and leave it there when I was done) and most importantly, were not aggressive (they left me alone to browse in peace and only approached me to answer a question or help out in some other way and not once did any of them shove random items in my face)! I spotted a few other really cute items as well and made a mental note to return, soon. I ended up returning sooner than I thought, because I had to exchange the White V-Neck Frilled Blouse, but that’s for the next post (Part 2 of 3).

Lastly, I wish I could link you guys to the local H&M website (in case you were interested in purchasing anything mentioned in this post), but sadly, the H&M (Kuwait) website is a mess. They’re very bad at updating the Kuwait H&M website, to reflect the current inventory (items in stock). The Kuwait H&M website only shows a small selection of items and even then, they’re from past seasons. The whole thing is a joke. In fact, I had to resort to finding the names and photos for everything, from all the other H&M websites around the world. On the plus-side, unlike the Zara Kuwait website, at least the H&M Kuwait website deliver.

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