ColourPop End of Summer Haulage

Order placed: August 12
Order shipped: August 24 (which is why ColourPop tossed in a free gift with my order)
Order arrived in US Aramex Mailbox: August 27
Order forwarded from US Aramex Mailbox: August 29
Order arrived in Kuwait (undergoing clearance): September 1
Order received: September 9 (almost an entire month later lol)

ColourPop were having a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) promo on all their Super Shock Shadows during August. Seeing as how the last time I ordered from ColourPop was almost a year ago way back in December 27 2017 (haulage here), I figured it would be okay to treat myself to some new ColourPop goodies. The total for everything in this haul was $100.80 only! I was waiting until I could get a chance to play with everything before putting up this post, but what with Black Friday (which I missed, whoops) and Cyber Monday comin’ up, I figured some of you might find this post useful so here you go.

“You’re my bestea!” Aww hehe too cute

For my order being late, they even tossed in a free Bare Necessities Ultra Satin Lip (Alexis Ren Collection) which was not only wearable (unlike the last freebie I got from them), but a beautiful peachy pink nude at that! In fact, I actually purchased Bare Necessities about a year ago (here) and have shown it a lot of love since, so it’s nice to have a fresh tube of the stuff (especially, since I can’t repurchase it because it’s been discontinued). Thanks, ColourPop!

Fingers Crossed Ultra Glossy Lip (Holiday 2017 Collection) $6.00 decreased to $4.80
Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip (Shayla Collection) $6.00
Curvii Lippie Pencil (iluvsarahii Collection) $5.00
951 Lippie Pencil (iluvsarahii Collection) $5.00

I picked up a few Lip Products (x2 Lip Glosses, x2 Lip Pencils) because they were Limited Edition. I didn’t wanna’ risk losing out on them… forever! Now that I think about it, I kinda’ regret doing that, because what if I fall in love with one of the products (which I did), only to have ColourPop discontinue it shortly after (which they tend to do)?

I had my eye on a bunch of other Lip Stuff (namely Lip Glosses), but everything sold out crazy fast, before I could get a chance to order them! I did manage to order Champagne Mami Ultra Glossy Lip (one of the 16pc Ultra Glossy Lips released as part of the ColourPop 4th Birthday Collection) because it was described as a pearlescent rose gold and not because the name is play on Drake’s handle (eww Drake), but unfortunately it never got to me (out of stock).

Fingers Crossed Ultra Glossy Lip (metallic) (duochrome) (Holiday 2017 Collection) was reduced from $6.00 to $4.80

Your wishes of a duochrome brown with a teal flip have come true!

I spotted Fingers Crossed in the “Sale” section and immediately thought, there had to be something wrong with this shade. Why else would it be in “Sale” section? However, it just looked so unique! In fact, the moment I set eyes on it, I thought, this was MAC Club Eyeshadow (or any of its many reincarnations from other brands), except it was in Lip Gloss form! There was just something about this particular shade, that struck me as quite “Cyber Punk”! I had to get it!

Fingers Crossed was the most perfect brown with the prettiest blue sparkles! I’m pretty sure Becca as well as some other brands, have something sorta’ similar except, they’re all quite sheer, whereas the pigmentation on this baby was crazy intense! It applied exactly the same way it looked in the tube, as a gorgeous duochrome… with only one swipe! I don’t even know how to begin to describe the shade… It was a dark reddish brown, frosty lilac and shimmery purple with a blue shift, all at once! I will amend that by saying it kinda’ depended on the natural pigmentation of your lips and also, what lipstick you were wearing underneath the Gloss (different lipsticks, different results). It even wore off beautifully, leaving a berry-kissed stain to the lips, with tons of tiny blue shimmers! I’d apply Wild Nothing Ultra Matte Lip (after I had my hair chopped off, I’ve been revisiting and experimenting with darker lippies and loving their look) and slick on a coat of Fingers Crossed Ultra Glossy Lip over top, and result was everything! Fingers Crossed was originally released as part of the Holiday 2017 Collection (haulage here). I’m extremely happy I got Fingers Crossed because it’s just so unique and insanely cool!

You can still purchase Fingers Crossed Ultra Glossy Lip for $6

Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip (metallic) (Shayla Collection) retails for $6.00

Peachy champagne with pink & gold glitter

All the other sparkly Nude Glosses that I actually wanted were sold out by the time I placed my order. The only appealing one left was Neat Freak (Shayla Collection). Now, I’ve never heard of Shayla before, and quite frankly, other than Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip, out of her entire collections (16 Pan Eyeshadow Palette, 2 Luster Dust Highlights, 3 Creme Lux Lipsticks, 2 Ultra Matte Lips, 2 Ultra Glossy Lips and a Makeup Bag) nothing else really appealed to me all that much. Where some ColourPop collabs are clearly geared more towards lighter skinned women, this particular collection was geared more towards darker skinned women (particularly the Luster Dust Loose Highlights), which I thought was pretty awesome! ColourPop are so good about being inclusive! That said, I didn’t feel like some of the collection would compliment my abnormally sallow skintone (I’m neither dark, nor light, just… yellow lawl). However, since it was a collaboration (meaning “limited edition”), I figured I might as well just go ahead and give Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip a shot and I’m so glad I did! I’m pretty sure it was fate that intervened by letting me not find the Glosses I’d initially wanted, because I was meant to choose Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip instead.

Neat Freak looked super pretty in the tube, but even prettier on the lips! It kinda’ reminded me of MAC Resort Life Lip Gelee (haulage here) actually, except Neat Freak was more sheer and by extension, way less frosty. Also, when you pressed your lips together, it felt nice and smooth (not gritty like those other glittery glosses from cheap-y brands *cough* ELF *cough*). Honestly, I’m not digging the base color on its own (which although described as a peachy champagne, is actually more of an odd light bronze on my lips), but over other lippies, it’s just so pretty! The tiny glitters will catch the light and sparkle so beautifully with every imperceptible move you make (even just breathing, makes it sparkle)! You know when the sun hits the sea juuust right, making the surface of the water sparkle like millions of tiny diamonds, well, that’s what Neat Freak looked like on the lips! Neat Freak was essentially a sheer bronze with tons of tiny technicolor sparkles! With that being said, I feel like you can probably find something similar to Neat Freak from other brands. Pretty? Yes! Unique? No.

You can still purchase Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip for $6

Whoops, Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip just sold out. Sorry!

Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip (Shayla Collection) purchased for $6.00
Fingers Crossed Ultra Glossy Lip (sale section) purchased for $4.80

I’m super happy with the Glosses I got! However, I also wanted Atole Ultra Glossy Lip (metallic gold with a pink shift) and Curvii Ultra Glossy Lip (peach nude creme) both from the iluvsarahii Collection and Moonchild Ultra Glossy Lip (pinky nude with gold glitter) from the KathleenLights Collection, but all of them sold out crazy fast! What can I say? I love my sparkly nudes and clearly, so does everyone else! lol

Curvii Lippie Pencil (iluvsarahii Collection) retails for $5.00

A warm beige

I know, I know, I’ve stated several times before, that I was getting rid of all my Lip Pencils, except for MAC Spice Lip Pencil (haulage here), because I was so over Lip Pencils. However, I was lusting after 951 Lippie Pencil, ever since my last order (almost a year ago). While checking out some swatches of 951 (yes the official swatches are awful, but I needed a point of reference) up on the ColourPop website, I caught a glimpse of a video with someone who had the most beautiful pink and plump lips (I’m guessing it was Karen Sarahii Gonzalez) lining her beautiful lips with Curvii Lippie Pencil and then applying Curvii Ultra Glossy Lip over top. The end result was a rather lovely nude lip! Obviously, I had to get both products. Unfortunately, the Gloss was sold out, but as you can see, I managed to snag the Lippie Pencil. I know it looks like the darker of the two (in the photos above), but on the lips, it’s actually the lighter of the two! Curvii pairs well with concealer-type nude lipsticks, or even just a sheer or clear gloss!

You can still purchase Curvii Lippie Pencil for $5

951 Lippie Pencil (iluvsarahii Collection) retails for $5.00

A mid-tone warm nude, slightly darker than 951 Ultra Satin Lip to define lip and create ombre look.

I’ve been lusting after 951 for almost a year now! Funny thing is, I don’t even wear Lip Liner all that much, so don’t ask my why I was so sure (nay, adamant) that I needed 951 Lippie Pencil in my life. I figured I could give up all my other Lip Pencils, and between MAC Spice Lip Pencil (haulage here) and 951 Lippie Pencil, I’d be completely happy and content (with just those two). When you know, you know and I just knew! As I’d surmised, 951 was absolutely gorgeous on the lips, that I’ve sub-sequentially fallen in love with it and need (you heard me, need) them to make 951 Lippie Pencil a permanent fixture over at ColourPop (never ever discontinue it, guys). Okay, the cap popped off on it’s own (the packaging is kinda’… dumb) and the whole thing dropped head-first on my table, resulting in a very smushed top (we’re off to a good start lol). However, I sharpened it with my trusty ELF Bonus Sharpener (haulage here) and all was well with the world again.

First of all, this baby is super creamy! No skipping, no dragging, it went on like buttah! Second, the actual shade paired perfectly with the majority of my mid-tone nude lippies (for example, Bare Necessities Ultra Satin Lip) and glosses! On my lips, it was a straight up pink-y brown, sorta’ similar to MAC Spice Lip Pencil (no wonder, I was so obsessed lawl), only a smidge darker! I love it! If 951 ever gets discontinued, I’d be absolutely devastated! Basically, ya’ needs this in ya’ life!

You can still purchase 951 Lippie Pencil for $5

Vivacious Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic pink champagne) retails for $4.00
Freckles Pressed Powder Shadow (matte warm mocha) retails for $4.00

Both these shades were available in the Chic-y Palette (iluvsarahii collection), but I wasn’t feeling the other two shades (Distressed: matte vanilla) (Noche: matte black brown) in the palette. Thankfully, they released all the shades as singles. After salivating over these two for the longest time, I finally decided to get them! I opted out of getting the Compacts with them (which retail for an additional $1 each), because I felt they were unnecessary. Unfortunately, aside from the Lip Products, it seems that ColourPop has discontinued the rest of iluvsarahii Collection (noooooooooooo), but here’s hoping that it’s only because they’re making room for even more collabs with iluvsarahii.

Vivacious Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic) retails for $4.00

A metallic pink champagne

At first, I read the description (‘cuz generally the official ColourPop swatches were effectively useless) and thought, “Champagne? Naaah”, but then I saw the promo shots (modeled by iluvsarahii aka Karen) and thought “Yes, Ma’am!” She’d created a gorgeous Halo Eye Look (honestly, anything she does looks gorgeous) using Vivacious. Plus, going off the real-real swatches (via Google), Vivacious was crazy bling-y! To the extent, that some girls even said that it doubles as a Highlight for them! I don’t know about all that (my odd complexion can be such a drag), but Vivacious sure is pretty! The way it reflects the light in some of those photos is just gawjus!

Unfortunately, the fall-out is no joke, but that’s easily fixed by doing your Eye Makeup first (so you could use a Makeup Removing Cloth to wipe the fall-out afterwards, without having to worry about messing up the rest of the makeup that’s already on). Also, you could use a smaller brush to minimize the fall-out. Vivacious is a bit messy but the result is worth it! Aside from recreating that stunning Halo Eye Look, you could pop it on the inner third of your lower lid or even just in the inner corner. Vivacious is mad pretty, any which way you choose to wear it!

Unfortunately, Vivacious Pressed Powder Shadow has since been discontinued.

Freckles Pressed Powder Shadow (matte) retails for $4.00

A matte warm mocha

Not gonna’ lie, it was mainly the name that got me. In my mind, I was like, “I could use Freckles to draw on some faux-freckles!” So as you can see, logic! More realistically, I figure I could use Freckles for everything from an all-over-lid shade to a transition shade, and now that my hair is lighter, maybe even as a brow-shade! Despite looking quite warm, it was surprisingly less orange and more brown (which I’m happy about), at least on my lids. If I’m being honest, it was a bit dry and did take some building up for it to show up on my skin (that’s a matte for ya’), but I honestly didn’t mind. I just wanted Freckles, okay?

Unfortunately, Freckles Pressed Powder Shadow has since been discontinued.

Curvii Lippie Pencil (warm beige) retails for $5.00
951 Lippie Pencil (mid-tone warm nude) retails for $5.00
Vivacious Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic pink champagne) retails for $4.00
Freckles Pressed Powder Shadow (matte warm mocha) retails for $4.00

All four of these products were from the ColourPop collaboration with iluvsarahii. Like I said, the Lip Products are still available for purchase. Unfortunately, the Eye Shadows have since been discontinued (I can’t find them anywhere on the website). I fully support iluvsarahii and I hope that in the future ColourPop continues to collaborate with her again and again and again!

Private Party Pressed Powder Bronzer with Compact (rich brown satin) retails for $8
Aphrodisiac Super Shock Cheek Blush (matte soft beige) retails for $8.00

I’ve been extremely curious about these two, for quite some time now, but I’m always putting off buying them for later. Since none of the other Face Products seemed particularly enticing at the time of this haul, I finally decided to just go ahead and get these two (the third item in the orange packaging is just the Compact).

Pressed Powder Cheek Compact (only comes with Pressed Powder Cheek products for an additional $1)
Private Party Pressed Powder Bronzer with Compact (rich brown satin) retails for $8

You can purchase any of the Pressed Powder Cheek Bronzers/Highlighters/Blushes on their own for $7 or pay an additional $1 to get the Compact (to house them in) for a total of $8. I decided to get the Compact (orange packaging) because I figured it would make my life easier, when it came to storage. For a sec there, I totally forgot that I’d opted to get the Compact and got all excited trying to remember what the third Face Product was. I felt a bit sheepish once I opened it up and saw the Compact (derr lol)

Private Party Pressed Powder Bronzer with Compact retails for $8

You’ll be checkin out 6 in the morning in this rich brown with a satin finish

Ever since ColourPop first released these Pressed Powder Bronzers in 6 shades (could’ve sworn there were more), I’ve been meaning to give at least one of them a try. However, the official ColourPop swatches were and still are notoriously bad, and I didn’t wanna’ end up with the wrong shade (especially not at $8 a pop) so it was a bit overwhelming. Eventually, I narrowed it down to Private Party, because it seemed the least orange/warm-toned out of all of them. I still didn’t order it though, because the last time I ordered Pressed Power Cheek Highlighters from ColourPop (haulage here), they arrived completely shattered! So I just kept putting it off, ’til now.

I popped Private Party on my lids. Nothing. Crease. Nothing. Cheek. Nothing. It was pretty much invisible on me. I used it to contour my nose and Oh God, it was straight up Orange! No bueno! Finally, I just lightly dusted it on certain points of my face (both cheeks, forehead, nose, etc…) and it was absolutely beautiful! I don’t know why I’m constantly trying to reinvent the wheel. Private Party was meant to be used as Bronzer, and as a Bronzer, it was quite lovely! There was nothing rich nor brown about this shade. It was a beautiful sheen-y golden-tan! It wasn’t orange and it wasn’t muddy. It was just… neutral, and it gave my skin a lightly sun-kissed look, which I love! With that being said, once I’m even slightly more tan, I believe Private Party will be completely invisible on me (meaning if you’re darker than I am, skip it, but if you’re lighter, go for it). Also, I know how touchy some people can get about shimmer and shine in their Bronzers, so just in case, I felt that I should specifically point out that Private Party is not a matte. It has a slight sheen to it, but somehow still works great for contouring! All in all, Private Party is a perfectly neutral light bronzer, at least on my skin.

You can still purchase Private Party Pressed Powder Bronzer (with compact) for $8
You can still purchase Private Party Pressed Powder Bronzer (without compact) for $7

Pressed Powder Cheek Compact (comes with Pressed Powder Cheek Products for an additional $1)

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Despite being a larger version of the Eye Shadow Compacts (which because they were so small, were kinda’ cute), these Face Powder Compacts came across as… cheap and if I’m being honest, both versions of the Compact were quite flimsy. Mostly, I just hate the fact that they’re White (kinda’ preferred them in the Minty Packaging or any other color really). On the plus side, at least it had a rather large mirror. From now on, when given a choice, I think I’m gonna’ opt out of ordering Compacts from ColourPop.

Aphrodisiac Super Shock Cheek Blush (matte) retails for $8.00

Sculpt and contour anything with this soft beige

I’ve wanted Aphrodisiac (from Day 1), because I was extremely curious to see how the Super Shock Formula would perform as a contour. However, I decided to err on the side of caution and purchase Get Leid Super Shock Cheek Blush (haulage here) beforehand, just to see how well I liked the formula (on the face, as opposed to the eyes). As you can see, I liked it well enough to spring for another product in the same formula! Since I mostly use my fingers to apply the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows, I figure the ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Blushes were no different. Following that logic, Aphrodisiac could potentially make nose-contouring a breeze!

Just as I’d hoped, it was perfect for contouring my nose! To date, it’s the fastest (2 secs) and easiest (quick swipes with my pink-y finger) and best way, to contour my nose! In fact, it was perfect for contouring anything and everything! I only need the tiniest bit too (if I kept building up the color, it would start to look blatantly pink and unnatural). On my complexion, Aphrodisiac was exactly as described, a soft beige, except it had pink-y lavender undertones. On my cheeks, it was a surprisingly flattering shade! It added color to my cheeks while still being understated and subtle. In fact, Aphrodisiac kinda’ reminded me of the old version of MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush (the newer version is very, very different). With that being said, Aphrodisiac might not show up on you (like, at all), if your skin was between the medium-dark to dark range. I barely made the cut, and even then, I had to really, really, really build it up (using my middle finger), for Aphrodisiac to actually show up on my cheeks (it showed up more easily on my nose), which brings me to my next point, application.

I don’t know what it is with these Super Shock Cheek Blushes, but they go on all patchy! I’ve already tried applying them with several of my Makeup Brushes, but nothing seems to work. That’s why I’ve resorted to dabbing them on and blending them out using my middle finger. The result is still far from precise. It’s actually the same issue I’ve encountered with the Super Shock Cheek Highlighters (which is why I stopped buying them all together). Due to my strange complexion (it has it perks), I can use Aphrodisiac to contour my nose and my cheekbones (even sans-foundation)! However, it’s less practical to wear as a Blush (goes on all patchy, impossible to get a precise application, takes a year for the color to actually show up, etc…), which is such a shame, because as a Blush, the color is extremely elegant and understated! If you’ve found a specific technique or know what Makeup Brush works well with these ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Blushes/Highlights/Bronzers, please do share!

You can still purchase Aphrodisiac Super Shock Blush for $8

Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all Super Shock Shadows (limit 10 free freebies per customer) which retail for $5.00 per pop

Unfortunately, I hummed and hawed about placing yet another order with ColourPop (Did I really need more Super Shock Shadows? Nope! Did I want more Super Shock Shadows? Yup!) so by the time I did place my order, most of the Super Shock Shadows that I actually wanted… were out of stock. To take full advantage of the BOGO promo, I still picked out 10 Super Shock Shadows ($5 each) which qualified me for 10 more Super Shock Shadows (freebies) making them 20 Super Shock Shadows in total. It might seem like a lot, but literally half of them were free! Also, it might seem like a weird assortment of colors (which it is), because most of the shades I actually wanted had sold out pretty quick. It’s also how I ended up with a few duds (not really bad products per say, I just hated those colors). With that being said, I did manage to snag a few that I’d been eyeing up for what feels like forever now, so I’m pleased as punch!

1st Row: Birthday Wish (glittery sheer pink-y champagne duochrome) – Ladybird (glittery sheer ivory) – Flux With You (buttery soft gold metallic) – Side Kick (semi-sheer orange-y gold duochrome with pink glitter)

2nd Row: Sixth Sense (metallic true gold) – Bubble Bee (metallic pumpkin) – Three’s a Cloud (metallic shimmery orange-y gold) – The Six (metallic burnt orange duochrome)

3rd Row: La La (metallic rose gold) – Pretty Lucky (deep satin brown) – Daybreak (deep satin taupe) – Mittens (matte plummy brown)

4th Row: Flying Solo (metallic rose gold duochrome) – So Quiche (olive with violet glitter) – Prickly Pear (semi-sheer lavender with gold glitter) – Tang (matte soft plum)

5th Row: Telepathy (intense metallic chartreuse) – Sugar (glittery icy blue) – Superfly (glittery turquoise duochrome) – Snap Dragon (matte teal)

Top Row: Ladybird (glittery sheer ivory) – Bubble Bee (metallic pumpkin) – Superfly (glittery turquoise duochrome)
Bottom Row: Flux With You (buttery soft gold metallic) – Three’s a Cloud (metallic shimmery orange-y gold)

Butterfly Collection (Spring 2018)

For Spring, ColourPop came out with a bright and colorful limited edition collection, aptly named Butterfly Collection. It included 8 individual Super Shock Shadows and an additional 6pc Super Shock Shadow Kit (say it with me now, 14 new shades in total!) and a 6pc Lippie Stix Kit (each shade was also available for individual purchase) and some new shades of Creme Lux Lipsticks and lastly 3 Pressed Powder Blush/Highlighter Duos.

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the over-the-top colorful and cartoon-y packaging. I mean, I get it. It was Spring, and Spring meant lots of color, but still… blech. Also, other than the 2 violet shadows and 2 coppery shadows and maybe a Lippie Stix or two, I thought the shade selection was uninspired (boooring). With that being said, by the time I placed this order, most of the shadows (from all the collections) were already sold out, so I had to settle for the ones you see. I managed to snag both coppery shades that I’d initially wanted, but now that I have both, I’m really not happy with one of them in particular. Lastly, even though I’m not big on butterflies, I thought it was pretty cute that they had butterflies on the packaging of all the Super Shock Shadows in the Butterfly Collection (it’s the small things)!

Ladybird Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

This soft ivory with multi-dimensional silver glitter brings out the best version of yourself.

As per usual, Ladybird arrived completely shattered. Going by their official fix, I pressed it down with a tissue and that sorta’ molded it back together… somewhat. At this point, I believe I’ve purchased the majority of the ultra-glitters from ColourPop. They’re just so sparkly and fun! With that being said, a lot of people seem to hate ultra-glitters (they don’t like the fact they’re so sheer). Well… duh! Ultra-Glitters are effectively a concentrated shot of glitter (says so in the name… ultra… glitter). On their own, they’re just sheer to semi-sheer bases with glitter. That’s why you use them as toppers, over other eyeshadows, because that’s when the magic happens!

You’d think ultra-glitters would be a bit extra or messy, but they’re neither, because the formula of these Super Shock Shadows is fantastic! The glittery shades adhere to your skin, with relatively little to no fall-out! Even better, they stay put, without migrating all over, until you’re ready to remove them (which is when they start getting all over the place… during the removal process)! You could literally use any other color and it didn’t have to be a Super Shock Shadow or even from ColourPop, for that matter. Plus, they’re just super pretty! So yeah, that’s why I’m a fan.

Ladybird is so sheer that all you see is glitter (making it effectively unwearable on its own), but over other eyeshadows, it looks bomb (like a glittah bomb, baby)! I’ve compared it to the rest of my icy ultra-glitters from ColourPop, but all of them either have more colorful glitters or a darker base. Still, I wouldn’t say that you need Ladybird. The only thing that makes Ladybird particularly unique is that it comes in the wonderful Super Shock Formula. Other than that, you could definitely find something similar from other brands. Honestly, I only got Ladybird ‘cuz I was running out of options (everything else was out of stock) and unlike some, I’m actually a fan of the ultra-glitters from ColourPop!

You can still purchase Ladybird Super Shock Shadow for $5 but the Full Moon Foursome (Ladybird – Acorn – Daybreak – Fairfax) for $18 is sold out, unfortunately.

Bubble Bee Super Shock Shadow (ultra-metallic)

Turn around stick it out, show the world you got this bright yellow orange.

This was one of the two copper-y shades I was lusting after from the Butterfly Collection. I couldn’t decide between Bubble Bee (adorable name) and Three’s a Cloud (the other copper-y shade) so I just got both. Many people kept misspelling the name (from Bubble Bee to Bumble Bee) which was understandable, but it made finding swatches… a smidge harder. I don’t even wanna’ know what’s going on with the description lol Bubble Bee was a stunning buttery pumpkin shade! The pigmentation was excellent! Obviously, you could use Bubble Bee to create the usual “Sunset-Inspired Looks”. However, I got Bubble Bee ‘cuz I thought it would be perfect for some “Autumnal Looks” (especially now, when everyone is all about Pumpkin Spice errythang), paired with cozy Knit-Wear in those mustard-y type colors!

I’m not quite sure, but I’m inclined to believe that Bubble Bee would look more orange on people with darker skintones and more yellow on people with lighter skintones (I’m just guessing here). Sadly, Bubble Bee had the potential to make me look a bit sickly (just like most yellow orange shades), but it’s nothing I couldn’t work my way around. You could totally tone it down with something darker in the crease or outer-V, add tons of mascara or falsies, pop on a bright red lip or dark lip (either/or) and you’re golden! Bubble Bee is actually quite distinctive, in the sense that none of the Super Shock Shadows I own (and I kinda’ own a lot) even come close! I honestly couldn’t find anything remotely similar to Bubble Bee in my entire Super Shock Shadow Collection! Everything else was substantially darker or more bronzy in comparison. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong (I own a lot, but not all of them lol so I could be wrong).

However, I did discover an identical shade in the Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette, which was the shade Chauffeur. They weren’t kinda’ similar, they were straight up identical! The only difference being that one, came in the gorgeous Super Shock Shadow formula (making it slightly more pigmented and therefore a smidge darker) and the other, came in the more common Pressed Powder Shadow formula. It goes without saying, but if you already own the shade Chauffeur as a single or if you already own the Yes, Please! Palette, you really don’t need Bubble Bee Super Shock Shadow. It might not be a shade I usually gravitate towards, but I wanted Bubble Bee from the moment it was released, because I’m still on the hunt for a good dupe of the Nina Ricci Copper Raffia Eyeshadow and although Bubble Bee was clearly not I was hoping for, I’m actually very happy with it!

You can still purchase Bubble Bee Super Shock Shadow for $5

Superfly Super Shock Shadow (ultra-metallic) (duochrome)

Spread your wings! This sheer turquoise with purple duochrome will make you want to fly.

Generally, I tend to stay as far away from blue eyeshadow as possible. You might disagree, but I believe very few humans can successfully pull off wearing blue eyeshadow (sadly, I’m not one of them), because it either reads clown-ish or lady of the evening, neither of which, is a good look. Honestly, the main reason I’m very wary (read: scared!) of blue eyeshadow is because of the character Mimi from The Drew Carey Show (I didn’t watch it, but it was always playing on one channel or another, on Showtime). However, I can’t (I’ve tried, but I just can’t) resist unique shades, especially not when they happen to be a beautiful duochrome! Despite being an ultra-metallic (which tend to have excellent pigmentation) Superfly had mediocre pigmentation (there’s always a dud or two… or more, in each collection). It applied all patchy and needed to be built up and still wasn’t all that pigmented. However, I went into this knowing all that (also, it straight up says that it’s sheer in the description). I not only liked, but also preferred the pigmentation to be less intense. I figured it would somehow make Superfly (hate the name) more wearable. I was not wrong!

Superfly applies as a shimmery peacock blue (so common), but then, when you moved around, the edges turned purple! I just thought that looked so cool and unique! Usually, it’s the other way around, a purple shadow with a blue shift, or a reddish brown with a green shift. Also, the only other blue duochromes that I’ve ever come across, were either a deeper blue (blackened blue) or substantially lighter blue (periwinkle, cornflower, lilac). Sometimes, they weren’t even a true blue at all and instead leaned more green (aqua, teal, turqoise). That’s why I thought Superfly was just so unique! Had it been available as a Pressed Powder Shadow, I still would’ve gone for the one in this Super Shock Shadow formula (it’s just far more superior, really).

Now here’s why I like the fact that it’s actually less pigmented than your average ultra-metallic. The duochrome effect was more visible (at least on my eyes), due to the fact that Superfly wasn’t intensely pigmented. However, once I built up the shade, it just looked like every other shimmery peacock blue (so common and boring). After I blended it out, it became all pretty and duochrome-y again! As with all duochromes, this sorta’ looks different on everyone, depending on the undertones of their skin. It straight up looked purple on some of those swatches I’ve seen online, so… purchase at your own discretion.

Personally, I’m obsessed! To me, it comes across as very “Cyber Punk”! I’ve already worn Superfly all over the lid, paired with Mittens in the outer-V and it looked absolutely gorg! Again, Superfly is not the most pigmented. I like that, but if you prefer your shadows to be more pigmented, then feel free to skip this one. If you already own a shimmery turquoise shade or two, I’d suggest you skip Superfly, because it’s sheer. However, if you’re interested in experimenting with something a little more colorful, but at the same time, not too crazy, I’d say look into Superfly, because it’s sheer (and therefore more forgiving). I can’t believe I almost skipped Superfly (thanks to all the negative reviews) and I’m so stoked that I got it anyway! I’m not big on blues, but Superfly is super cool!

You can still purchase Superfly Super Shock Shadow for $5

Flux With You Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

When this light gold softly sprinkled with silver glitter hits 88 mph, you’re gonna see some serious glitter.

My favorite type of gold, soft gold! It was yet another shade from the Butterfly Collection that wasn’t even on my radar, up until I ran out of options! Despite being described as an ultra-glitter, it performed as more of a metallic. It glided on like buttah and the pigmentation was perfection! Even the color itself was just so… yummy (the word beautiful didn’t seem to cut it, for this shade)! It was a buttery light yellow gold, perfect for those gorgeous “Glow-y Eye Looks”! You could wear it on its own, or you could pair it with other stuff or even wear it over other shades! I had a sneaking suspicion that it would look lovely as a highlight on my cheekbones, so I dabbed a little on, and was delighted by the result! After some time, it occurred to me to compare it to my beloved MAC Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Highlight (haulage here), but they were slightly different. For reference, Flux With You was more yellow in comparison with MAC Whisper of Gilt (which looked whiter), but Flux With You was whiter in comparison with The Sixth Super Shock Shadow (which was a true gold).

Like I said earlier, I wasn’t even planning on getting Flux With You to begin with (so my expectations were pretty low), but I was veritably blown away by how awesome it was! Everything from the pigmentation to the application to the actual color itself was on point! As an added bonus, it even doubled as a cheekbone highlight! Just like Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip (shown at the start of this post), I’m pretty sure it was fate that intervened here, all just so I could get my hands on Flux With You Super Shock Shadow! I’m so, so, so thankful that I managed to snag this absolutely yummy shade! I just love Flux With You!

Unfortunately, Flux With You Super Shock Shadow is either out of stock or has since been discontinued, but you can still purchase it in the Pretty Fly 6pc Shadow Kit (Goodbye Butterfly – Three’s a Cloud – Flux With You – Up in the Air – Soul-cialize) for $30

Three’s a Cloud Super Shock Shadow (ultra-metallic)

Let this rich amber gold come knock on your door.

This was one of the two copper-y shades I was lusting after from the Butterfly Collection. I couldn’t decide between Bubble Bee (adorable name!) and Three’s a Cloud, so I just got both. Now that I have it, I can honestly say, I hate it! I cannot stand this specific shade of gold (orange gold)! I hate orange gold! I just hate it! Now that we’ve got that out of the way… Three’s a Cloud was an orange gold, that despite being described as an ultra-metallic, had a very blatant shimmery finish. The shimmer not only made Three’s a Cloud more wearable, but actually quite flattering on my eyes! I could totally wear it on it’s own (as an all over lid shade, paired with some black liner and mascara) and be out the door! It seemed like it would come in handy for some of those “Autumnal Looks” as well as the more “Summer-y Looks”. I’d even go so far as to say that Three’s a Cloud would look beautiful on all skintones, across the board! Basically, Three’s a Cloud was worth the money!

However, I despise orange gold shades and as such, I totally regret buying it. If that wasn’t bad enough, I also got another shade orange-y gold shade in this order, which was similar to Three’s a Cloud (therefore, making me hate it too), called Side Kick. In all my years (only 2 years lol) of ordering from ColourPop, not once have I ever hated a shade and yet, I absolutely despised not one, but two of the shades, in this haul! To be fair, Three’s a Cloud was pretty decent (but I just hated the orange gold color) so if you like warm-tones and orange golds, you’d definitely enjoy this shimmery metallic! As for myself, between Bubble Bee and Side Kick and Three’s a Cloud (literally lol), I ended up with three uncomfortably similar shades, Bubble Bee less so than the other two. However, if you’ve got any of the three I just mentioned, you definitely don’t need the other two. Here’s hoping Three’s a Cloud will eventually grow on me!

You can still purchase Three’s a Cloud Super Shock Shadow individually for $5 or in the Pretty Fly 6pc Shadow Kit (Goodbye Butterfly – Three’s a Cloud – Flux With You – Up in the Air – Soul-cialize) for $30

Birthday Wish Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

Close your eyes and blow out the candles! This warm champagne with pink duochrome flip and violet & blue glitters is everything your heart desired.

Every year, ColourPop releases a Limited Edition Birthday Collection to celebrate ColourPop’s Birthday! This year, the Birthday Collection consisted of 16 Ultra Glossy Lips (including Champagne Mami, which I ordered, but was out of stock), 2 Pressed Powder Shadow Palettes (Fame & Fortune with 16 shades per palette) and 3 Face Duos (Highlighter/Bronzer) and Birthday Wish Super Shock Shadow to celebrate their 4th Birthday! As far as I know, the “special” Super Shock Shadow shade always includes Birthday in its name. In the past, they’ve come out with Birthday Girl (1st b-day), Birthday Boy (2nd b-day), Birthday Cake (3rd b-day) and now Birthday Wish (4th b-day). As you can see, Birthday Wish came in special packaging: a purple pot with four candles (as in candles on a birthday cake) on the lid and the number “4” (as in 4th Birthday) directly underneath.

When I first started purchasing from ColourPop, I was looking up swatches and reviews online, but somehow swatches of Birthday Boy (gorgeous taupe-y shade) kept popping up and I couldn’t help but fall in love (taupes are my weakness)! Unfortunately for me, when ColourPop listed their Birthday Collections as Limited Edition, this time they meant it. I’ve been lusting after Birthday Boy ever since, but it doesn’t seem like they’re ever going to re-release it which has left me heart-broken. That’s why from now on, regardless of the shade or the description, whenever I spot the newest Birthday Super Shock Shadow, I’m just going to go ahead and get it, so I don’t miss out.

Birthday Wish was yet another glittah-bomb! On its own, it looked horrible on me (which was understandable)! It had a somewhat pigmented metallic champagne base (meaning it wasn’t 100% sheer… it was more like 95% sheer lol), that highlighted every single fold, wrinkle and crease on my eyes. Over other shadows though, it looked very pretty! Birthday Wish was effectively an icy beige that flashed violet (which kinda’ reminded me of one of those MAC Pigments that went on white, but turned violet when it caught the light… can’t remember its name though). If you enjoy sheer glittery shades, then Birthday Wish is for you, but if you don’t enjoy glitter, then definitely skip it. Birthday Wish was bit fussy but very pretty nonetheless!

You can still purchase Birthday Wish Super Shock Shadow for $5

Sixth Sense (metallic true gold) – The Six (metallic semi-sheer burnt orange duochrome)

Every time ColourPop gets an additional Million Followers on Instagram, they always do something fun, for example when they reached 5 Million Followers (haulage here)! To celebrate reaching 6 Million (Followers on Instagram), ColourPop released 6 new limited edition shades (Runnin’ Thru the 6: metallic teal) (The Six: metallic brown) (Quick Six: metallic red) (Six In the City: metallic pink) (6AM: metallic orange) (Sixth Sense: metallic gold). These were completely new (no reviews, no nothing) so I decided to get the two that seemed the most wearable, The Six and Sixth Sense.

Sixth Sense Super Shock Shadow (ultra-metallic)

We have a feeling you’ll love this ultra-metallic rich gold.

For starters, great movie! Between the description for Bandit Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) and the name of this Super Shock Shadow, someone over at ColourPop must be a pretty big Bruce Willis fan lol I don’t know what I was hoping for, but what I received was a “true gold”. It wasn’t a soft yellow-almost-white gold (which are generally, my favorite type of gold) nor was it a blatantly orange gold (thank God, because I wholeheartedly hate orange golds). I swatched it next to Flux With You (soft gold) and Sixth Sense looked more orange gold in comparison. I swatched it next to Three’s a Cloud (orange gold) and Sixth Sense looked more yellow gold in comparison. I swatched it next to all my other “gold” shades from ColourPop and they were either a lighter and brighter yellow or a darker orange or had a completely different finish (glittery) leading me to the conclude that Sixth Sense was as a “true gold”.

Regardless, Sixth Sense didn’t seem all that exciting nor all that unique. In fact, I feel like you could probably find something similar from any other brand. With that being said, Sixth Sense was quite pigmented, smooth and creamy! It could be incorporated into an endless amount of “Eye Looks”, be it as a lower lid shade, upper lid shade, inner corner shade, halo shade, etc… I’m thinking, it might even double as a cheekbone highlight on darker skintones! Since this all went down a couple months ago, this shade is no longer available, because it was limited edition (sometimes, when they say “limited edition”, they mean it).

Unfortunately, Sixth Sense has since been discontinued.

The Six Super Shock Shadow (metallic)

Woah, this burnt orange with a chartreuse duochrome flip deserves more than 5 stars!

The Six seemed like one of those ugly shades… that when paired correctly would look absolutely beautiful! You know what I’m talkin’ about, those mustard yellows and puke-y greens and such. Initially, they seem hideous, but once you apply them to your lids, pop a contrasting shade in the crease and voila, you’ve created a beautiful “Eye Look”! I applied The Six Super Shock Shadow to one eye and Tea Garden Pressed Powder Shadow (haulage here) to the other eye, and wouldn’t ya’ know it? They where near identical! Other than the fact that one is a Super Shock Shadow and the other is a Pressed Powder Shadow, another difference is The Six is more of neutral warm brown with golden green shimmer (unexpected and fun!), whereas Tea Garden is more of a reddish brown that shifts to purple also with golden green shimmer, on the edges.

If you like that golden green (“chartreuse”) shade, I suggest you skip the middle man all together, and just go for Telepathy Super Shock Shadow (shown below) which is far more pigmented than either of those two. If you like duochrome-y shades, since The Six was limited edition and is no longer available, I suggest you get Tea Garden Pressed Powder Shadow (skip the compact) as it seems like the closest possible match from ColourPop.

Unfortunately, The Six has since been discontinued.

Top Row: Mittens (matte plummy brown) – Tang (matte soft plum)
Bottom Row: Daybreak (deep satin taupe) – Pretty Lucky (deep satin brown)

Also for Spring, ColourPop released 3 Cheek Duos (Super Shock Blush + Super Shock Highlight) and 3 Super Shock Shadow Foursomes making 6 Kits in total, all with cute names and pretty outer packaging for the sets! Out of all 14 Super Shock Shadow shades, some were completely new, while some were just repromotes. Thankfully, the shades were also available for individual purchase, so I got the ones that interested me the most, Daybreak and Pretty Lucky and Flying Solo (shown further down). As for the top two, Mittens and Tang, they’ve sorta’ always been around and I’ve always been meaning to get Mittens, but Tang I got, because a lot of other stuff had already sold out. The top two, Mittens and Tang were mattes whereas the bottom two Pretty Lucky and Daybreak were satins. All four shades were gorgeous neutrals, that just seemed so wearable and easy, which is why I grouped them together!

Mittens Super Shock Shadow (matte)

A matte plummy brown – As warm as your coziest pair

Mittens was not new, but it was almost always out of stock! That’s why I could never quite get my hands on it, even though I’ve been meaning to, for the longest time! I was actually surprised that it wasn’t out of stock during this particular BOGO! I’m guessin’ it’s because at this point, everyone that wanted it has already gotten it lol (it’s been around for a while now) Personally, I adore the mattes (in addition to the satins and ultra-glitters and metallics… it’s safe to say, that I love all the finishes of the Super Shock Shadows) from ColourPop! Generally, most mattes can be quite dry, apply patchy and be an all around nightmare to blend! However, the mattes that come in the amazing Super Shock Shadow formula are super soft and creamy and blend like a dream! As for Mittens, something about this shade just really appealed to me! Plus, the name and description were quite cute! Since it was finally in stock, obviously I had to snatch that sucka’ up!

Mittens seemed like one of those all-over-lid shades, that you could just throw on, add some mascara (no liner necessary) and be out the door! Like I said earlier, easy! As dark as it may look in the pot, Mittens went on slightly lighter. It was a gorgeous dark brown, but the more you blended it out, the more delightfully plummy it looked! You could build it up until it was sufficiently deeper or blend it out for a light wash of color. Either way, it was a beaut!

Also, because it was such a dream to work with, Mittens had a multitude of uses! You could use it buffed out as an all-over-lid shade, or as a base for some of the more sparkly shades (any of the ultra-glitters), or use it to darken up the crease or outer-V, or even just to smoke out the lower lash-line! Mittens was absolutely gorgeous on its own or paired with whatever else! As the cherry on top, Mittens made my brown eyes look sorta’ green-y! It might be a bit premature… but I’m pretty sure that I’m ready to marry Mittens Super Shock Shadow! I’m beyond elated that I finally managed to get my hands on Mittens and totally recommend it (once it’s back in stock… if it comes back) to anyone and everyone!

Unfortunately, Mittens Super Sock Shadow has since been discontinued (or just might be out of stock).

Tang Super Shock Shadow (matte)

A matte soft plum beige – it’s a kick in a pot!

I wasn’t planning on getting Tang, but since the rest of shades that were left, weren’t all that appealing, I decided to go for it. Nothing, from the name, to the description, to the actual shade in the pot, stuck me as particularly exciting. However, once I swatched it, I was extremely delighted by the color! Tang was quite soft and creamy, and despite being a matte, had pretty decent pigmentation! Had it been shimmery, I would’ve hated it! On my skin, it was a matte cool-toned mauve that leaned grey. However, based on the swatches I’ve seen online, Tang could apparently also lean warmer and pinker on other skintones. Either way, it was such an unassumingly beautiful shade!

I wore Tang on it’s own, as an all-over-lid shade and it looked pretty sweet! I popped Tang in the crease, blending it into Mittens on the lid and they looked so good together! I buffed Tang in my outer-V, paired with So Quiche (mentioned below) on my lids and it looked stunning (the purple tones in Tang emphasized the purple glitters in So Quiche)! Basically, whatever you chose to pair it with, Tang was an extremely versatile shade!

Unfortunately, it seems to be discontinued (or just might be out of stock). However, something sorta’ similar is Brady Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) which is clearly not a dupe (Brady is much warmer and pinker), but it’s sorta’ in the same color family. Something much closer once you build up the color is Aphrodisiac Super Shock Blush (shown at the start of this post). However, if you want something identical (and don’t mind the fact that it’s not a Super Shock Shadow), then the shade Chic Happens from the $aucey Pressed Powder Palette (iluvsarahii Collection) (haulage here) was an exact dupe! So if you own any of those, you definitely shouldn’t worry about missing out on Tang!

Unfortunately, Tang Super Sock Shadow has since been discontinued (or just might be out of stock)

Pretty Lucky Super Shock Shadow (satin) (Spring 2018 Collection)

Make a wish on this neutral deep brown!

Pretty Lucky Super Shock Shadow was one of the newer shades that I mentioned earlier. Due to the fact that it was fairly new to ColourPop, there were no swatches (other than official ones, which are effectively useless) and no reviews. As such, it was somewhat of a “blind-buy”. I only had the description to go by (neutral deep brown and in a satin finish? yes, ma’am!) but once it arrived, it was love at first swatch! Pretty Lucky wasn’t as deep as advertised, but it was still the darkest Super Shock Shadow I own… after Fairfax Super Shock Shadow (haulage here)… and Roulette Super Shock Shadow (haulage here)… from the mattes (I own several ultra-glitters that are significantly darker). Despite being described as a satin, it looked pretty matte (on me at least). It had pretty decent pigmentation and because it was a neutral, could go either way, once blended (leaning cooler on some skintones and warmer on others).

It was another one of those easy shades, that you could wear on its own (as an all-over-lid shade) paired with some liner and mascara and be out the door! It could also be used to darken up everything from outer-V to the crease and smoking out the lower lashline! If you were more capable with these Super Shock Shadows (unlike me), you could even use Pretty Lucky with a brush to line your eyes! As with most browns, Pretty Lucky was a true work-horse! I thought it was pretty lucky that I managed to snag Pretty Lucky!

You can still purchase Pretty Lucky Super Shock Shadow as a single for $5 or as part of the Walk the Vine Foursome (SmashNillionaireThirsty Girl – Pretty Lucky) for $18

Daybreak Super Shock Shadow (satin) (Spring 2018 Collection)

This deep taupe will have you up at the crack of dawn.

Daybreak was another one of the shades that were fairly new to ColourPop (no reviews, no nothing). Everything from the name to the description, ticked off all the right boxes for me! Honestly, as soon as I read the word taupe in the description, I knew I had to get my hands on it, pronto! Also, in the official swatches (on all 3 skintones, light and medium and dark) Daybreak looked absolutely stunning! Sadly, that was not the case in real life. It was much, much darker! I wouldn’t have minded, had it been a matte. However, as a satin, it had a slight sheen to it. I don’t mind sheen-y shades… in fact, I’m quite partial to them, but on my eyes, a dark taupe with a sheen to it, just looked… ashy.

I know I asked for more shimmery taupes (in this post, here), but this was not what I meant! If it had to be a satin, I would’ve preferred it to be a much, much, much lighter taupe. If it had to be this dark, I would’ve preferred it to have had a matte finish instead. As far as I was concerned, this deep taupe with a satin finish looked ashy on me. It definitely wasn’t one of those easy shades that you could just throw on and walk out the door. Also, because it had a slight sheen to it, you had to be more careful about where you applied it (it would look cray in some places)!

After much deliberation (all 2 seconds lol) I’ve come to the conclusion that Daybreak is identical to MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow (review here). I mean, if you think about it, Daybreak had a satin finish and was a taupe, ergo Satin Taupe. However, other than the fact that Satin Taupe was slightly more brown, it was also easier to sheer out (since it was a powder) and therefore more complimentary, whereas Daybreak was a Super Shock Shadow and therefore much more pigmented, which consequentially made it less forgiving. When all is said and done, I’m sure I could still make Daybreak work, somehow (I just can’t stay mad at any taupe for too long lol)!

Unfortunately, Daybreak Super Shock Shadow has since been discontinued (or is only out of stock), both as a single shadow for $5 and also as part of the Full Moon Foursome (Ladybird – Acorn – Daybreak – Fairfax) for $18

So Quiche (olive with violet glitter) – Prickly Pear (semi-sheer lavender with gold glitter)

So Quiche and Prickly Pear have both always been around (ever since I first started ordering from ColourPop), but despite being ultra-glitters and also listed under the best-sellers, I just never really warmed up to either one. Honestly, I only got them because everything else I actually wanted was already sold out, but now that I’ve got them, I kinda’ really like them (So Quiche more so than Prickly Pear)!

So Quiche Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

A soft olive with violet and gold sparkles, this shade is hotter than hot.

For no reason whatsoever, I had a personal vendetta against So Quiche. Every time I’d see someone mention it somewhere or stumble upon a swatch of it, I’d just roll my eyes. Again, for no reason, whatsoever (completely unwarranted)! Also, despite all the rave reviews, I mistakenly assumed it would look ashy on me (based on my prior experience with MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyshadow). However, I was running out of options (as I’ve stated throughout this entire post) so I decided to just go for it…

Wow! Just… WOW! So Quiche was gorgeous! It was a dark olive green with tons and tons of purple sparkles (which might seem like a strange pairing, but somehow, it just works)! As with most ultra-glitters, on its own, it was somewhat sheer, but added darkness to my eyes regardless and was sufficiently opaque after a second pass. Basically, you could either wear it on its own, or pair it with other stuff or over other stuff! Honestly for me, the purple sparkles were the star(s) of the show! For reference, Hammered Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) was darker and Bouncy Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) was more bronze, making So Quiche so unique! I can’t believe I hadn’t purchased So Quiche sooner! You need this in your life!

You can still purchase So Quiche Super Shock Shadow for $5

Prickly Pear Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

We don’t always reach for a prickly pear, but when we do… it’s a lavender with gold and violet ultra-glitter.

Since I was finally going to purchase So Quiche, I figured I might as well get Prickly Pear too (in for a penny, in for a pound), because for whatever reason, I just associate those two shades with each other. On my eyes, Prickly Pear was a sheer glittery bronze-y mauve. In comparison to true bronze shades, it was more beige. In comparison to true lavenders, it was more brown. Based on the swatches I saw online, it pulled more gold on some and more mauve on others. On its own, I believe it would like more flattering on someone lighter (I can’t pull it off). As with most ultra-glitters, the pigmentation wasn’t the greatest. Also as with most ultra-glitters, you had to pair it over other shadows to achieve its full potential. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet, but it seems like it would pair well with matte warm-toned browns and possibly over matte reds. I’m not in love with it, but Prickly Pear was a pretty interesting shade!

With that being said, I already own Revolution Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) and although it was clearly far more superior (more lavender-y, more glittery and over all, more pretty), they were too similar to justify owning both. So if you happen to have Revolution, then you definitely don’t need Prickly Pear.

You can still purchase Prickly Pear Super Shock Shadow for $5

La La (metallic rose gold) – Flying Solo (metallic rose gold duochrome)

Flying Solo was also one of the fairly new shades released in the Spring Foursomes (along with Pretty Lucky and Daybreak), and La La was just one of those shades that’s always been around and listed as a best-seller. I grouped the two together, because they seemed like they’d be in the same color family. Despite what they might look like in their pots, on the eyes La La was the darker of the two, whereas Flying Solo was practically invisible on me.

La La Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

Fa la la la la – la la – ka ching: an ultra-glittery soft copper

La La was one of those shades that seems like it’s just always been around. I figured since I had several other “soft copper” shades, I probably didn’t need La La and honestly, based on the swatches online, it didn’t seem all that enticing… but, since almost everything else was already sold out at the time of this order, I gave La La a shot. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It added a subtle pop of color to my eyes! It had some pretty decent pigmentation going on as well. It paired well with other stuff, but was also subtle enough to be worn on its own, without emphasizing texture. La La was actually pretty cute!

For reference, Sundance Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) was softer and more muted, but equally reflective, whereas Sequin Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) was slightly darker, leaned more red and had a glittery finish. With that being said, if you’ve got either Sundance (discontinued shade) or Sequin or La La, you probably could skip the other two, because all three, were rose gold shades and all three looked kinda’ similar (the differences were quite subtle) on the eyes!

You can still purchase La La Super Shock Shadow for $5

Flying Solo Super Shadow (ultra-metallic)

Say ‘I know’ to this peachy rose gold.

Flying Solo as I said earlier, was another one of the shades that were fairly new (no reviews, no nothing). Once again, the swatches up on the ColourPop website tricked me (I never learn). I thought it would be a reflective golden peach, based on those swatches. In reality, it was a much less intense rose gold that practically disappeared on my eyes. As much as I love a good duochrome, I’m just so bored and tired of all these pink-y gold shades! At this point, every single brand has at least three! In any case, Flying Solo went on much lighter than it looked in the pan. On my eyes, it was more golden than peachy. Despite being an ultra-metallic, the pigmentation was less than stellar. I’m guessing Flying Solo would look infinitely nicer paired with a matte shade underneath. However, I haven’t had much time to experiment with it just yet. Like I said, the objective was to get this post up before Black Friday or at least Cyber Monday.

After swatching all the rose gold Super Shock Shadows that I own side-by-side, they all seem more blatantly orange or red or pink against Flying Solo (which practically looks beige in comparison). Sequin was by far the darkest, most red and glittery, whereas La La was more orange and Flying Solo was more golden and actually the lightest of them all. If you’re on the hunt for a decent rose gold, I’d say skip Flying Solo and go for La La instead.

Unfortunately, Flying Solo Super Shock Shadow has since been discontinued as a single but is still available for purchase as part of the Heavy Petal Foursome (Coronado – Flying Solo – To-a-T – Hot Tamale) for $18

Top Row: Telepathy (intense metallic chartreuse) – Side Kick (semi-sheer orange-y gold duochrome with pink glitter)
Bottom Row: Snap Dragon (matte teal) – Sugar (glittery icy blue)

I feel like Telepathy and Sugar have always been around and I’ve been meaning to get both, but just never got around to it. Since I didn’t have as much of a choice, I figured now was as good a time as any. Also, in January, ColourPop released 15 Super Shock Shadows (12 new and 3 repromotes) for Spring, in a variety of colorful shades and finishes! They were available for purchase as individuals and pre-selected trios. I had my heart set on a bunch of ’em including yet another sparkly sheer ultra-glitter and some purple-y shades and a back-up of Kennedy (haulage here), but again, everything was sold out by the time I was ready to order. I did manage to snag Snap Dragon though, and settled for Sidekick (which was described as a duochrome). I grouped these four together because I though they created a nice variety of color!

Telepathy Super Shock Shadow (ultra-metallic) (KathleenLights Collection)

An ultra-metallic chartreuse.

As you can see from the boring description, Telepathy was a chartreuse. It was one of the first Super Shock Shadows I wanted, when I first started filling up my online shopping cart, during my first order with ColourPop. However, as you might’ve noticed from my hauls, I don’t mess with shades like Telepathy. For starters, the shade was green gold (unless it’s a soft gold that’s almost white, I don’t ‘x with it). Second of all, unlike ultra-glitters, which could easily be manipulated by selecting a complimentary shade underneath (as a base), this was a metallic and an insanely pigmented one, at that! Between the color, the finish and the pigmentation, Telepathy was crazy intense! That’s mainly why I was so hesitant to pick it up. It wasn’t one of those “just throw it on and walk out the door” shades. Still, it was quite unique! I didn’t have anything like it in my entire makeup collection (not just from ColourPop, but all the other brands too)! Get Telepathy… if you dare!

You can still purchase Telepathy Super Shock Shadow for $5

Side Kick Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter) (duochrome)

This yellow orange with red, gold and pink glitter won’t let you down.

Sidekick was one the of the 15 Super Shock Shadows (12 new and 3 returning) released in January. It wasn’t my first choice, but like I said, I waited too long and almost all the good stuff was already sold out. The only thing that sold me on Sidekick was the fact that it was listed as a duochrome. Once it arrived and I saw it, I thought “ew”. After I swatched it, I thought “eww”. After I popped it on one eye, I thought “ewww”. I didn’t think it was possible… but I’m pretty sure I hate Side Kick more than I hate Three’s a Cloud! I just don’t like these orange-y gold shades, shimmery, glitter-y or otherwise!

Side Kick was a less pigmented version of Three’s a Cloud, only with more colorful glitter (namely pink glitter), consequentially making it a smidge darker and more orange in comparison to Three’s a Cloud (which looks a smidge brighter and more golden than Side Kick). With that being said, applied extremely lightly Side Kick was surprisingly wearable on its own (as an all-over lid shade). Build it up and it would start to sink into creases and fine lines, effectively highlighting them and making them more prominent (which is the last thing anyone wants) so… pretty much like every other ultra-glitter lol Just pop it over another shadow and voila, problem solved! Unlike every other ultra-glitter though, Side Kick wasn’t completely sheer. It was still somewhat sheer, yet build-up-able (I’m so tired of this post that I’m starting to make up words now lol).

Anyways, I might warm up to it with use, but for now, I’m just not diggin’ Side Kick! However, if you like your golds or warm-tones (like the rest of the world), then give Side Kick a shot, because it’s an interesting gold, what the unexpected sprinkle of pink glitter and all. As for myself, I do not like orange-y golds! Had it been possible, I totally would’ve returned both Side Kick and Three’s a Cloud and exchanged them for something else. If you own either, you definitely don’t need the other, because they’re both quite similar. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before (because usually, I’m quite happy with all my ColourPop Super Shock Shadows), but this is the first haul where I hate not one, but two of my Super Shock Shadows! Regardless of the description, I was totally let down by Side Kick lol

You can still purchase Side Kick Super Shock Shadow for $5

Snap Dragon Super Shock Shadow (matte)

This vibrant true aqua is blooming again for another season

Ever since they first released all 15 Super Shock Shadows (12 new and 3 returning) in January, I’ve had my eye on Snap Dragon. For one, it had a matte finish. Had it been anything else, I totally would’ve skipped it. However, I’ve always sorta’ had a soft spot for matte aquas and matte teals (from any and every brand). I believe it started with my obsession with China Glaze For Audrey Nail Polish (review here) and the fact that I could never quite get my hands on that shade for the longest time. Somehow, that obsession crossed over from nail polishes to eyeshadows. I started lusting after aqua eyeshadows and teal eyeshadows and sorta’ developed a complex towards those shades (meaning if they were a creme finish with no glitter in nail polish or matte finish with no glitter in eyeshadows, I couldn’t resist them), ergo Snap Dragon Super Shock Shadow!

The name was kinda’ cute, but the description did nothing for me. The actual shade however, made my heart sing with joy! It was just sooo cute! Also, Snap Dragon was impossibly soft and creamy! The pigmentation wasn’t amazing if I’m being honest, but it wasn’t that bad either. It was… decent. On myself, it leaned a little more green. I’m thinkin’ it might look a little more blue on those who are lighter. Either way, very pretty shade! If you’ve already got a go-to aqua or teal shade, you don’t need another, (because who needs more than one? I doubt that many people wear aqua on the daily). If you don’t wear color and prefer sticking with neutrals, I’d say skip Snap Dragon. Nevermind, just checked. Snap Dragon Super Shock Shadow has been discontinued (sorry!), but to be quite honest, it’s an easily dupe-able shade (most brands have something similar, if not identical). I don’t have the slightest clue on what I’m going to pair it with or how I’m even going to wear it, but despite that, I can’t wait to play around with Snap Dragon!

Unfortunately, Snap Dragon Super Shock Shadow has since been discontinued.

Sugar Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

Fairy dust, magic, and lust, this is the stuff fairytales are made of: icy blue with champagne glitter

Sugar was yet another one of those Super Shock Shadows that’s just always been around. Every time I’d browse around the ColourPop website, Sugar would attempt to seduce me with it’s siren call. Generally, I tend to avoid blue eyeshadow. I just don’t like blues (at least, not on my eyes). However, I live for all things grey and as far as I was concerned, Sugar was a glittery blue-ish grey, ergo must-have! On one hand, I thought Sugar would be perfect as the lightest shade (in the inner third of the lid or even center of the lid), for a classic “Smokey Eye Look”, especially with my dark hair. On the other hand, icy blue wasn’t exactly the most easily wearable shade (at least not on my sallow complexion), especially when coupled with tons of glitter. I couldn’t make up my mind, so I just waited and waited and waited…

I wasn’t even planning on getting it during this order, but everything else was either unappealing or out stock. I figured it was now or never. Once it arrived, I was delighted to find that Sugar was in fact a gorgeous glittery steel blue! As with most ultra-glitters, on its own it was a frosty mess, but as a topper (over other shadows) it was pure magic! Also, despite feeling a bit dry, the pigmentation was amaze! I’m kinda’ bummed out that I waited this long (my hair isn’t even dark anymore), to actually buy Sugar, but I’m so happy that I ended up getting it! I mean, the name, the actual color and the description were just too cute! I have a feeling that Sugar Super Shock Shadow would look quite beautiful on all complexions, across the board! Get it for your inner Snow Queen!

You can still purchase Sugar Super Shock Shadow for $5

Unfortunately, between Bubble Bee and Three’s a Crowd and Sidekick (orange golds) and LA LA and Flying Solo (rose golds) I ended up getting way too many similar shades (not quite identical, but not different enough to justify owning all of them), which was a direct result of my initial humming and hawing and over all general procrastination. Next time, I’m gonna’ make a decision and stick with it (she says with a straight face). Aside from Three’s a Cloud and Sidekick, both of which I hate (regardless of how wearable and actually flattering they might be on my eyes), I’m pretty happy with everything else! I’m glad I went for it in the end, because a lot of the stuff I was lusting after, seems to have been discontinued since. The lesson here is: don’t sleep on them.

Fingers Crossed Ultra Glossy Lip (duochrome brown with blue glitter) and Superfly Super Shock Shadow (duochrome turquoise with glitter) seemed very “Cyber Punk” and just so cool!

Vivacious Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic pink champagne) and So Quiche Super Shock Shadow (olive with violet sparkles) were ridiculously beautiful!

951 Lippie Pencil (mauve) and Aphrodisiac Super Shock Blush (soft mauve) and Tang Super Shock Shadow (cool-toned mauve) were all understated, lady-like and elegant!

La La Super Shock Shadow (glittery soft copper) and Telepathy Super Shock Shadow (metallic chartreuse) and Snap Dragon Super Shock Shadow (matte teal) were all fun pops of color!

Mittens Super Shock Shadow (matte plummy brown) and Pretty Lucky Super Shock Shadow (matte neutral brown) were impossibly creamy and absolutely gorgeous versatile shades!

Bubble Bee Super Shock Shadow (metallic pumpkin) and Flux With You Super Shock Shadow (buttery soft gold) were my most favorite shades (so yummy!) in this entire haul and just looking at them makes my heart sing with joy!

Hope this post was helpful!

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