Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Deliciously appropriate, no?

I set one foot outside, got fully drenched, immediately thought, “Nope!” and hurried back inside.

I live closer to Kuwait City, so aside from the sporadic bursts of heavy rain (which resulted in a few leaks here and there, the flooding of the entire basement floor, and the occasional power outage in half the house, all courtesy of the wonderful company that built our relatively new home) we were fine. The only minor inconvenience was when the power outage would occur during the early hours of the morning and everyone else would be fast asleep. I knew where the circuit breaker was and I even showed everyone else how to turn the power back on (the big, shiny, red switch that was just begging to be flipped, despite the multitude of scary warning signs all over the thing), back when we first moved in.

However, there was absolutely no way, I was going to walk down that pitch black hall, to get to the circuit breaker. You might think, I could just use my phone to light the way, but I’ve seen enough horror movies and even caught the ending on OSN of Lights Out (or whichever movie that was, where the ghosts or whatever, seemed like they couldn’t harm the main characters – about three or four kids – when the lights were on). Thankfully, my computer (the only appliance in my entire apartment that’s not affected by the power outage) stays on and works fine. Sure, there’s no internet when the power is out, but I’ve got a ton of other stuff on there, that could keep me occupied offline forever, including a whole bunch of movies and shows. Also, between the street lamps outside and my computer, the lighting was sufficient enough to partially illuminate my living room, up until sunrise, if necessary.

Unfortunately, it seems like the rest of the country has been dealing with some real problems (not ones they made up in their head, like mine) and going by what I’ve seen on Whatsapp and Snapchat (yes, I finally caved and got an account, but it’s for personal use, and has absolutely nothing to do with the blog, and I’m honestly thinking about deleting it, because I can’t have both Snapchat and Instagram and still be able to live with myself, no offense to anyone who use of both), it ‘aint pretty. Initially, I thought it was absurd that rather large parts of the country were flooded due to rain. I know it happens in other parts of the world, but this was Kuwait.

Then it dawned on me that the situation was less ridiculous because this was Kuwait. The country that was constantly paying to fix other people’s problems in other countries, all over the world, couldn’t fix its own problem? Yup, sounds about right. Not sure how true this was though, but I even saw a video of about 4 dudes on a boat, cruising all happy as you please, through the flooded neighborhood of da’iya (ridic)! Man, if this is what happens to Kuwait after heavy rain, I hate to imagine what would happen if an actual natural disaster hit, like a major earthquake or volcano poppin’ off or a tsunami or something along those lines (RIP, Kuwait. They were not ready).

I’d say “stay safe, stay indoors”, but I know ‘aint nobody gonna’ stay put, so instead I’ll say “wear sensible shoes and watch your step!”

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