Big Brother Final Season (19)

So after 19 seasons, Big Brother has finally been canceled :(

The show debuted in 2000 (around the time when there was a whole influx of reality tv shows, which is also why I avoided them all). As far as I was concerned Survivor was the first and only reality tv show worth watching. In fact, to this day, it’s still my favorite reality tv show! With that being said, about 3 years ago, curiosity finally got the better of me, and I decided to give Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother a chance (as mentioned in my 2016 TV Shows post, here). To be fair, most of my favorite shows were on break (I had nothing to watch), so that greatly influenced my decision as well. All in all, I absolutely loved them (Big Brother more so than Celebrity Big Brother) and really regret not giving both shows a chance, sooner!

It didn’t occur to me to start doing individual posts about each season up until Celebrity Big Brother Season 19 (full review, here and thoughts on the finale, here). I also had individual posts covering Celebrity Big Brother Season 21 (intro to the women, here and intro to the men, here and final thoughts, here) and Celebrity Big Brother Season 22 (everything from the intro to the finale, here),

I also had a much shorter post covering the sad news that Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother was finally canceled (here). Big Brother Season 19 was going to be the final season. As such, I made it a point to watch every new episode the second it went up. I had an entire post covering the launch night of Big Brother Season 19, including first impressions and predictions and such (here). I guess this will be my last post covering the last season of Big Brother on Channel 5. Here’s hoping the show gets picked up by another channel (soon)!

On paper, Big Brother Season 19 was supposed to be another excellent season (if not the best one yet)! They had housemates hailing from Brazil (Anamelia), Poland (Tomasz), Ireland (Cian) and Wales (Akeem), in addition to the locals. They had 2 housemates who were in their late teens (Cameron and Ellis) and 3 housemates who were in their early 30’s (Anamelia and Tomasz and Zoe) while the rest were all 20-somethings. They had 2 gay men (Tomasz and Cian) and 1 lesbian (Brooke) and 1 guy who was still in the closet when he entered the house but came out on the show (Cameron)! They had everything from a Buddhist to a Vegan in the house! As you can see, on paper, the majority of the housemates seemed quite interesting! Add to that, all the fun and exciting tasks this season (from the one that had live chickens running around the house all week, to their “flight” to China, to their stint in Prison, to their Halloween task) with the added twist of Bigcoin!

Unfortunately, even with of all of the above, Season 19 was less entertaining than previous seasons of Big Brother. Although extremely obnoxious, Anamelia was the only entertaining girl in the house (she was the first to get evicted). The rest were all very beautiful (except for Zoe who was equally ugly outside as she was on the inside), but all the girls were about as exciting and entertaining as watching paint dry. None of the girls were funny (typical) and none of them were all that interesting honestly. The boys were infinitely more fun to watch! You had Lewis G (who was pretty much a cartoon character) who partnered up with Isaac (alpha male of the house) to cause mayhem wherever they went (they were second and third to get evicted)! You also had Tomasz and Cian and Cameron who were all pretty funny, in their own way!

The rest of the housemates were surprisingly blah (there wasn’t anything wrong with them per say, they were just normal people… which translates to boring to watch on tv). In fact, they were so boring that even on the finale of Big Brother’s Bit On the Side (aftershow) the “comedian” who does an imitation of every single housemate (at the end of each season), skipped over several of them (didn’t do his impressions of them), which was a first! Even when one girl got kicked out of the house (not evicted, kicked out on, Day 1) and another straight up quit (not evicted, left, she’d just had enough and wanted out) and with the inclusion of 2 new housemates (Hussain and Isabella) to balance out the house, the show still wasn’t as entertaining as past seasons.

With that being said, I still hope some other channel picks up the show because I don’t want Big Brother to end!

Ellis (20)

Removed from the Big Brother House on Day 2 when her offensive social media posts came to light. Had Ellis remained, I believe things would have played out differently. Ellis learned the hard way, internet is forever (I’d say she learned that being racist is bad too, but after this incident, she probably has even more fuel now, if anything).

Anamelia (31)

First person to get evicted from the Big Brother House (on Day 8). As I’d predicted, in less than a week, Anamelia had already gotten into several fights with the other housemates. She quickly learned to avoid fighting with Isaac (who was too tough for her) and instead focused on attacking the people with more submissive personalities, namely Lewis F. Over the course of the week, she spoke down to Kay quite a lot too (it felt like she was bullying her). I’d call it being hostile, but Anamelia describes it as being “passionate”. Honestly, I found it absolutely fascinating that Anamelia was completely oblivious of her effect on people! She rubbed everyone the wrong way!

The funniest thing to me as a viewer, was when Anamelia would not only insert herself in a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with her, but actually hijack it! She’d just walk over to whomever, interrupt their conversation and steer it towards herself (“I had a bad childhood. I grew up poor. I had a bad mother. I, I, I, me, me, me”)! She seemed to believe that the world revolved around her! It got to the extent where Kenaley actually had to speak with Anamelia about it (“I’m sorry you’ve had a hard past, but I was talking about my mother and my past, and I felt like you didn’t let me talk”). She did it so often that several of the housemates started complaining that this was not the Anamelia Show.

I would’ve liked her to stay for a bit longer (she brought the drama), but Anamelia was so horrible that she unwittingly unified the house by their collective hatred of her (they had a common enemy) and consequentially was the first person to be evicted out of the Big Brother House this season. Although incredibly obnoxious, self-absorbed, aggressive, negative, spiteful and vindictive, Anamelia was highly entertaining to watch on tv!

Lewis G (26)

Second person to be evicted (on Day 15). This guy was a character! He did not give a fig about anyone or anything! His antics (even just the way he’d say Anemelia~aa) seriously cracked me up! I’d die laughing every time he spoke to Anamelia (he knew how to deal with her). I thought his friendship with Isaac was quite sweet! I particularly enjoyed it when Isaac would give him a beat and Lewis G would make up a rap (bars!) on the spot! Their drunken conversations in the smoking area outside always made me giggle along with them!

Unfortunately, the rest of the housemates were quite intimidated by Lewis G (understandably so), especially after they’d seen others on the receiving end of his unwanted attention. It didn’t help that Lewis F acted like a martyr (so the other housemates would feel sorry for him), but never actually confronted Lewis G and asked him to stop. I believe the housemates nominated Lewis G out of fear that he’d bully them or say something that would embarrass them. It was Lewis G versus Lewis F and unfortunately Lewis G got eliminated (which genuinely bummed me out)! Lewis G was a polarizing human being (you either loved him or hated him and I loved him!) because he was highly entertaining to watch as well! Once Lewis G was evicted, the house got significantly less interesting!

Kay (32)

Left the house on Day 19 of her own free will. Isaac and Lewis G and Lewis F all thought she was very beautiful and vied for her attention (despite her being much older than them). However, as I predicted, she slowly showed her kooky side which quickly turned them off. All insanely beautiful women are insane #fact Also, her communication skills were so poor that even when she was right (which was most of the time), she still somehow came across as the one in the wrong. I’ve mentioned this phenomenon before, about pretty people (usually females) who never develop their personality (which extends to communication skills), because they never needed to and just coasted on their good looks instead.

That said, I hated the way the housemates spoke about her behind her back, particularly Sian and Lewis F who over time brainwashed the rest into disliking her. Even though Kay lived with them in the same house and was always civil to everyone, it felt like she was always apart from them (never truly bonding with anyone) which was sad to see. Nobody made an effort with her (aside from Lewis G who got evicted early on). In fact, they kept scrutinizing her every move and antagonizing her, until she straight up left the house! Kay was a sweet and misunderstood soul who had no business being in that madhouse. Eventually, she realized it too, went in to the Diary Room and told the producers she wanted out. They told her to sleep on it, but let her leave the following morning. She seemed like a lovely human being, but seeing everyone sorta’ mistreat her, was so uncomfortable to watch, to the extent that I was actually relieved (for her) when she was gone.

Isaac (23)

Third person to be evicted (on Day 22). When I first saw him, I thought he was so hot (forget this photo and watch the video of him entering the house)… up until he opened his mouth. He was so obnoxious and rude! As I’d predicted, he was interested in Kay for half a sec, before turning his attention towards Sian. He struck up a friendship with Lewis G which was quite cute! They’d sit together in the smoking area and just make each other laugh, which in turn would make me laugh! It was quite enjoyable seeing those two together! The fact that this giant alpha male actually cried when his buddy Lewis G got evicted, softened my heart towards him! He won me over completely when he gave Tomasz a Magic Mike-worthy lap dance!

Unfortunately, once his buddy Lewis G got evicted, Isaac became less vocal and less present and less interesting, basically fading into the background, so I didn’t feel all that bad when Isaac got evicted. Not the nicest of people and once his buddy got evicted, not the most entertaining to watch either, but for all his faults… Isaac was smokin’ hot!

Kenaley (24)

Fourth person to be evicted (on Day 29). As I’d predicted, Kenaley was quite annoying (most of the housemates, save two or three people, thought so as well)! She was so extra all the time, that it seemed like she was playing it up for the cameras! It wasn’t so much that she had a big personality, as much as it was that she was just very vocal about everything… all the time. She was neither funny nor interesting to watch. Don’t get me wrong. Kenaley wasn’t a bad person in the least. In fact, she seemed quite nice! However, she was also dead boring! You’d think that with the way she’d dressed, she’d at least bring the crazy, but nah, “Kenny” was quite tame. Let’s just say personality-wise, I didn’t feel like she brought much to the table (other than being loud), which to me, made her utterly forgettable. In fact, I’m actually struggling right now to remember anything else about her, just so I could write about it. Seemingly nice girl, but more than a little annoying. I was not sad to see her go (kinda’ wish she’d left sooner actually).

Hussain (25) and Isabella (23)

Entered the Big Brother House together (as separate housemates) on Day 22 and were fifth and sixth housemates to be evicted separately on Day 36. Airheads, both of them. He kept referring to himself as the King (way to make a first impression), which got on everyone’s nerves and eventually led to his eviction. He did develop a friendship with Tomasz before leaving, though (the common thread being that they were both “game-players”), which I found so funny! At one point, someone in the house referred to Hussain as a cheap imitation of Lewis G (which sounds accurate).

She was infinitely more likable (everyone genuinely liked her), except she focused more on Lewis F and less on the game. Lewis F would catch Isabella drooling over him (she was staring at him because she was in love) meanwhile, the idiot would completely misinterpret the situation, thinking she was plotting something against him. He’d flirt with her and lead her on and everything (his version of flirting was saying “interesting” in a very uninterested voice, over and over again, to anything she said), but behind her back, he’d tell the others that he didn’t trust her and she was plotting something (influencing the others). I thought it was very telling when Sian decided to change her hair (to redirect the attention towards herself) as soon as Isabella (who was gorgeous) set foot in the house and was constantly making passive aggressive digs towards her (just like she did with Zoe), even though Isabella was thankfully too slow to pick up on it. Regardless, I was not sad to see Hussain and Isabella leave because they were both equally dumb.

Lewis F (27)

Removed from the Big Brother House (we were never told nor shown the exact reason why) on Day 43. At first, I didn’t quite know what to make of him. All the girls thought he was gorgeous! Even Brooke who was a lesbian, couldn’t help flirting with Lewis F! With that being said, once he opened his mouth, it killed it for them. On several occasions, Isabella has stated that she’d marry him… if only he’d just stop talking. For some reason, Lewis F thought of himself as quite “deep”, which resulted in him talking nonstop and boring everyone else to tears.

During the start, when Lewis F was being bullied by Anamelia and Lewis G, I felt so sorry for him! It led to him isolating himself from the group and only sharing his thoughts in the Diary Room with Big Brother. Once you took the bullies out of the equation, he quickly revealed his nasty side. Lewis F started bullying Akeem and Kay and then later, Isabella! You’d think that after being on the receiving end of all the bullying, he’d show some compassion, but nope. Also, the way he spoke to people was super condescending! He called for more intellectual conversations, yet he was just as immature as the rest (complained about everyone behind their backs, refused to do tasks if he didn’t feel like doing them, broke the rules regularly despite the fact that the rest of the house would face the consequences along with him). Not only was this dude selfish, but he was also such a hypocrite, ugh!

Initially, I thought his friendship with Cameron was quite sweet, up until Lewis F started getting possessive once Cameron started interacting with the rest of the other housemates (namely Akeem). His friendship was Brooke was quite cute, until he made it weird by being all sleazy with her (it was clear he wanted more, regardless of the fact that Brooke was gay). Most of all, I hated how how he toyed with Isabella (a girl with a crush can be so blind) flirting with her whenever he got drunk, but trashing her to the others behind her back, only a few hours later. For someone who fancied himself a gentleman, he certainly did not display any gentlemanly behavior!

I’m extremely curious about the reason why Lewis F got booted out of the Big Brother House (no eviction, no nothing)! Supposedly, he said something about Hitler or Auschwitz, but I guess we’ll never know. Lewis F was an extremely self-absorbed, self-righteous, highly paranoid, neurotic, nasty, virtue-signaling hypocrite… in pretty packaging (I don’t see it, but everyone else seems to think he’s hot and they can’t all be wrong) who was irritating to watch and yet I kinda’ didn’t want him to leave, because of Cameron (who loved Lewis F) and because the remaining housemates were… boring.

Tomasz (31)

Seventh housemate to be evicted (also on Day 43). My predictions about the rest of the housemates were pretty accurate, except for Tomasz. I was so wrong about him. I’d completely misjudged him in every way. Initially, I’d said Cian would bring magic, mirth and mischief into the Big Brother House! As it turns out, it was Tomasz that brought mischief, mischief and mischief into the Big Brother House! From Day 1, he struck up a very endearing friendship with Cameron (even nicknaming him “my CamCam“)! At first it was quite puzzling and more than a little bizarre, because Cameron was so logical and serious, meanwhile Tomasz was anything but! That said, watching them together was hilarious! Tomasz would always do something wrong and Cameron in return would always advice/lecture him (all while trying not to laugh). It was so cute how protective they were of each other and how loyal they were to each other!

Also, when he wasn’t talking about x-rated stuff, Tomasz was surprisingly articulate and had such a wonderful vocabulary! Unfortunately, x-rated things were all he chose to talk about. He even referred to Akeem as “daddy” and openly expressed his less than innocent interest in Akeem (literally drooling over him every other day) which was hilarious! Akeem was such a good sport throughout the whole thing as well. Even funnier was the fact that Tomasz singled out Akeem as his arch-nemesis for seemingly no apparent reason other than Akeem had the most Bigcoins in the house! Cameron tried and failed several times at explaining to Tomasz that it was all in his head and Akeem was not in fact targeting him, but his advice fell on deaf ears as Tomasz was convinced that Akeem was going after him. It was so one-sided that it was ridiculous and in turn, hilarious!

Tomasz was an absolute star during the tasks (not quite the best at tasks, but gave a great performance nonetheless)! He embraced the whole Bigcoin concept from Day 1! He hoarded Bigcoin every chance he got! When faced with the decision of either benefiting the housemates (group task) or getting more Bigcoin for himself, he always chose himself! It was too funny, especially when he unwittingly exposed himself as a “game-player” and started openly hoarding Bigcoin! I disliked the way Tomasz whined about everything, but that was partially why he was funny! Based on their conversations in the Diary Room, I have a sneaking suspicion that even Big Brother found Tomasz to be quite funny! Over all, Tomasz was thoroughly entertaining to watch!

Brooke (21)

Eighth to be evicted (on Day 50). Ugh! Initially, I’d wanted Brooke to talk, but once she did, I wished she’d go back to being more quiet. For someone who was supposed to be so zen all the time (as a practicing Buddhist), she was always moping around (upset about something or other). She gossiped about people behind their backs, yet got so hurt when someone said anything remotely unflattering about her. Worst of all, she took everything so personally!

Brooke was also quite mature for her age (regardless of all the constant grumbling). As such, I was extremely disappointed in Brooke when she wanted to quit (with only a week left to go) just because she didn’t get her letter from home. To be fair, she is only 21 years old, so she’s allowed to be a brat (from time to time), especially in comparison with the rest of the housemates, who were all much older and way less mature. In any case, I loved her makeup, the way she styled her hair and the way she dressed! Brooke was the epitome of cool! In fact, she was the resident hair dresser, giving everyone from Cameron to Akeem a much needed hair makeover! Over all, Brooke was so low-energy, that it kinda’ made her boring, but still I was a bit sad to see her go.

Sian pronounced Shan (25)

Ninth to be evicted (also on Day 50). We never got to see Sian explode, which was unfortunate, because I’m positive it would’ve been glorious, judging from her general distaste towards Lewis F (which I suspect was heavily influenced by Isaac and Lewis G). In fact, other than cook for the housemates and smoke outside, we didn’t get to see Sian do much. She kept her head down for the most part and aside from Lewis F, got along pretty well (suspiciously well) with everyone.

I thought it was odd that as soon as pretty girl Isabella entered the house, Sian decided to cut a fringe/bangs for herself (insecure much?) to redirect the attention towards herself. She was quite mean to Zoe early on (which Zoe picked up on immediately), but both mothers made their amends and got closer towards the end (friendship of convenience, more like). I still feel that under the right circumstances, Sian would’ve shown her true mean-girl self. For the most part, Sian came across as a sweet person, but her initial treatment of Zoe and all those snide remarks about Lewis F under her breath prove otherwise, so I’m not buying it. Strangely enough, I felt a bit sorry for Sian when she eventually got evicted. I only warmed up to her on the very last day (as she was leaving).

Cian pronounced Key-in (23)

In fourth place, evicted during the Live Final was Cian! Considering he was from Ireland, but made it to the Live Final was an achievement in itself! From the moment he set foot in the house Cian was an absolute delight! Like an excited little kid, he fully immersed himself in the Big Brother Experience, soaking up every ounce of it! He dutifully completed the tasks! He accepted the punishments cheerfully! He sang and danced (quite badly, I might add) at every party that was thrown for them! He loved his housemates, but on occasion fought with them! He laughed at every opportunity and cried during others! Through it all, Cian was extremely lovable and wildly entertaining!

That said, I feel like if he’d had someone equally crazy to feed off of, Cian would’ve had even more craziness to show (I mean, the guy spent more time out of his clothes than in them)! Sadly, he’d hitched his wagon to Zoe, who wasn’t the funniest of people, on the best of days. I was so hoping Cian would befriend Kay, but she left. That said, he dropped Zoe like a hot potato as soon as Isabella set foot in the house (which was kinda’ mean), but eventually returned to his “ZoZo”. Cian and Zoe kept doing this bit, calling each other John and Margaret, which people (not me) seemed to find amusing. That said, from his magical Irish accent, to his unforgettable hilarious one-liners and all his crazy hijinks, Cian truly did bring magic, mirth and mischief into the Big Brother House this season! I’m so glad he lasted until the final!

Zoe (31)

In third place, evicted during the Live Final was Zoe! From the moment I set eyes on her, Zoe came across to me as such a kook. She sucked up to all the boys in turn, from Lewis G to Isaac to Lewis F and so on. I understood why she did it. She wanted to fit in, but still, it seemed so demeaning. She tried to insert herself with the girls, but Sian as designated Queen Bee, made her feel unwelcome. The only one that gave her the time of day was Cian. Once Zoe clicked with Cian and cemented their friendship, she attempted to to form other friendships with the rest. However, she still favored the boys over the girls, running back to the boys and telling them so-and-so was talking about them or said this-and-that about them. It was very ugly behavior. I felt sorry for her, but at the same time I felt disgusted by her. Why was she demeaning herself over and over again?

Worse still, I hated how she talked about the other girls, behind their backs. It was crystal clear that she was intimidated by their pretty looks (especially Sian), that’s why she gossiped about them to the boys. Typical jealous behavior. She even trashed her bestie in the house, Cian to anyone who would listen, after he’d befriended Isabella. It felt like Zoe had something nasty to say about every single one of the housemates, at one point or another. Nobody was off-limits.

Meanwhile, she was neither funny nor interesting and made zero effort with her hair and clothes (forget makeup) and all she wore was that hideous robe/dressing-gown! I could not believe my eyes when Big Brother’s Bit On The Side (after-show) had an entire montage of Zoe very loudly passing gas around the Big Brother House! She did it everywhere, when she was by herself and when she was around other people! She even let one rip in the middle of her heated argument with Hussain! For the most part, I felt that Zoe was just gross, lazy and most unforgivable of all, two-faced. Honestly, I have no clue how she even made it this far!

Akeem (26)

In second place, evicted during the Live Final was Akeem! Considering he was from Wales, but got the runner-up position was quite an accomplishment! From the get-go, I didn’t warm up to Akeem. Something about him just felt… off. Apparently, the rest of the housemates felt that way too, based on the way they treated him. If it was one thing everyone in the house agreed on, it was the fact that Akeem was constantly playing it up for the cameras, and they told him so… every chance they got! He was quite loud and every single action he took was greatly over-exaggerated (I kinda’ felt like he was the male version of Kenaley actually) which was just so irritating! If someone did that around me, I’d straight up strangle them.

Aside from that though, Akeem seemed like pretty nice. Even when the guys (everyone from Isaac to Lewis F and even Cameron) tried to get a rise out of him (which was a daily occurrence), he never took the bait (bar that one time with Lewis F in the hot tub) and usually remained calm or laughed it off. He took it in stride when Tomasz kept flirting with him (if any guy did that to a girl, they’d be hell to pay, heck, even if a girl did that to a guy, it’d still be considered highly inappropriate, if not straight up unacceptable, yet somehow, Tomasz got away with it). The fact that nothing seemed to faze Akeem made him seem fake (he was such a good sport about everything and always had a smile on his face). With that being said, over time, he sorta’ grew on me. I still found him irritating (from time to time), but at least he was entertaining!

Cameron (19)

The winner of Big Brother Season 19 (Final Season) is Cameron! From Day 1, Cameron was my absolute favorite! Although he was the youngest housemate, he was hands down the most mature of the bunch! That’s why it was quite hilarious when he complained (which he did, a lot) about everything (and I mean everything)! Cameron was pretty much like an old man in a young boy’s body.

When he threw a fit about not getting his weekly stash of apples, I died! Equally hilarious was when the girls dressed him up as a girl (a very cute one, I might add) and shortly after, he had a serious conversation in the Diary Room with Big Brother (still dressed as a girl)! The task where they had real live chickens running amok all over the Big Brother House, making Cameron flinch every five seconds was really funny too! The funniest incident was during the Halloween task, when they had zombies running around which terrified him (he screamed throughout most of it), until it all got to be a bit too much for Cameron and he let out a string of curses! Honestly, everything he says and does is hilarious, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that he’s being dead serious!

I don’t understand why he did it on national television, but I’m glad that he finally got it out of the way and came out. It took a lot of courage! The response from the housemates was extremely heartwarming! For the most part, he had a good relationship with almost everyone. His friendship with Lewis F (from Day 1) was quite sweet! He thought of Lewis F as his big brother in the Big Brother House and immediately broke down and cried once they were all told that Lewis F was booted from the house. I felt bad for Cameron, but I was also glad that Cameron got a chance to experience the Big Brother House without Lewis F (who in hindsight seemed like he was heavily influencing Cameron). His friendship with Tomasz (from Day 1) was especially endearing! He referred to Tomasz as his bestfriend in the house and was visibly upset when Tomasz was evicted! My heart went out to Cameron when he lost both his “Big Brother” Lewis F and his best-friend in the house Tomasz on the same night! Thankfully, he not only held his own, but actually started interacting even more with the rest of the housemates (as opposed when Lewis F was manipulating most of his attention/time)!

From Day 1, Cameron was my absolute favorite and I was wholeheartedly rooting for him to win! He was by far, the most intelligent, the most mature (despite being the youngest) and most of all, the funniest and by extension the most entertaining housemate this season! I’m elated that Cameron was the winner of Big Brother (making him the youngest winner, ever)! Well deserved!

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