ELF Summer Haulage (in-depth deets)

Order placed: August 22
Order shipped from ELF: August 29
Order forwarded from US Aramex Mailbox: August 30
Order arrived in Kuwait (undergoing clearance): September 2
Order received: September 9 (it’s a whole song and dance, I tell ya’)

Just like your average, run-of-the-mill, everday addict, I was craving my next hit of inexpensive makeup (hey, it could be worse). As I said in my previous post (here) ELF had come out with 4 new makeup brushes, in addition to a several very interesting new products. Plus, the Free Gift Set (with orders of $25+) actually seemed worthwhile. Plus, I’d racked up enough points from their loyalty program to spend. Plus, they were giving away a full-sized product as a Free Sample.

I had my eye on several of the creamier makeup products, as well as some skincare, but I was worried that they might go bad or melt in the heat. That’s why I decided to wait until the weather cools down in Kuwait before ordering them and also why this particular order consisted mostly of powder products, makeup brushes and tools (products that were relatively unaffected by heat).

That said, I wasn’t sure that Aramex would even deliver some of the skincare items, especially the sprays (due to shipping restrictions) so just to experiment (test the waters), I ordered a full sized 3.38 fl. oz. (100 mL) Cleanser and a full sized 2.70 fl. oz. (80 mL) Setting Mist, both of which actually made their way to me (yay)!

So now I know… and knowing is half the battle (Yo, Joe!)

Correct & Set “Rose” Under Eye Powder ($4)

This color correcting powder instantly brightens the under eye area while camouflaging fine lines, dark circles, and imperfections. The weightless formula is perfect for baking concealer for a smooth finish. Enriched with Vitamins C & E to help nourish and condition the skin.

Rose: Best for Light skin tones.

Peach: Best for Medium skin tones.

Banana: Best for Deep skin tones.

This was one of the more interesting products that I was referring to in the first paragraph. Be they pressed or in loose powder form, most Under Eye Powders were usually white (such as the ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder which I’ve purchased and used, on and off) or available in a variety of skintone shades, or thanks to the popularity of the Ben Nye Banana Powder (haulage here) straight up yellow, all of which are meant to be somewhat translucent. At one point, I’d even purchased a Loose Setting Powder from Nyx that was legit Lavender, but that was marketed more for the face (to counteract sallow tones lol) as opposed to the under eye area.

That’s why I thought these Correct & Set Under Eye Powders in the shades Rose and Peach and Banana (unconventional shades) were so interesting! Despite the fact that I can’t stand most loose powders because I’m quite accident-prone, I kinda’ wanted all three. Also, these had handy sifter holes. However, I decided to just get the one, to see how it performed. If I actually enjoyed using it, I could pick up the other two during a 50% sale or summat.

As a teenager, I stumbled upon Aegyo Sal when I saw Jennifer Lopez sporting “Smiling Eyes” (in the music video “I’m Gonna Be Alright”) and began incorporating it into my “Makeup Looks”. Many, many years later, when Aegyo Sal was given a name and started trending, I was already over it. However, for whatever reason, recently, my love for Aegyo Sal has been reignited. As such, I picked up the shade Rose (meant for light skin tones) to hopefully help me perfect Aegyo Sol! If not, I could always use it for what it was actually intended for.

“Brown Bonanza” Baked Eyeshadow Trio (Free Sample)

As I said in my previous post, I’ve seen these Baked Eyeshadow Trios being sold up on the ELF website at a certain point (possibly even purchased a few… can’t remember). They were available in a variety of colors (I distinctly remember a violet-themed trio which was exceptionally beautiful) each with a highlighting shade (lightest), all over lid shade (medium) and crease shade (darkest). That said, it seems that they’re no longer available for individual purchase anymore.

It’s not something I would’ve picked out for myself (it’s annoying when you’re trying to pick up only one shade with your brush, but accidentally end up with some of the other shades on there too, especially when you’re short on time), but I’m thankful that I at least got this in the shade Brown Bonanza (which is one of the more wearable trios). Plus, thanks to MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes (during my early makeup-obsessed years), I’ve developed a soft spot for baked products (all domed and cute), regardless of pigmentation or lack-thereof in most of ELF’s Baked Products (which honestly is easily remedied by foiling the shadow (applying them wet). Also, I got this as a Free Sample, so I really can’t complain.

Precision Liquid Liner ($3)
“Black” Longwear Eyeliner ($3)
No Budge Retractable Liner ($3) NEW
“Black” Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil ($4)

I also picked up a whole bunch of Eyeliners (1 Liquid, 1 Pencil, 2 Retractables) which I spotted when I was placing my previous order (haulage here). Most of them (aside from the Pencil) were only available in Black. The rest of the Eyeliners (which I didn’t get and probably never will) were either from the cheap-y $1 range (very poor in quality) or Dual-Ended Shadow & Liner Sticks (nah) or overly chubby (which I’m so over), leaving only the ones shown, for me to purchase.

I honestly didn’t notice a single difference between the Retractable Liners (save for the fact that one was “new”). Rather than purchasing one of them and mistaking it for the other by the time of my next order (and accidentally ordering the same one again), I decided to just go ahead and get both. Plus, this way I could compare the two. I also got another Liquid Liner to compare it with the one I’d purchased earlier. As for the Gel Eyeliner Pencil, it just seemed like it was everything I was looking for in a Liner.

Precision Liquid Liner ($3)

The long-lasting Precision Liquid Eyeliner formula and pigment rich color glides on smoothly for defined and precise lines. Features a tapered brush design to create thin or bold lines for a custom look. Try a winged-eyeliner look and unleash your inner retro diva!

Only available in the shade Black

It’s official, I seriously dislike most of the Liquid Liners from ELF! I’d already tried the newer version of the Expert Liquid Liner ($2) (haulage here) and found it disappointing. Years and years ago, the Eyeliner Pen ($2) would always arrive to me completely dried up, so I’ve learned to skip it as well (wasn’t looking for a repeat). The Thick Tip Intense Ink Eyeliner ($3) seemed too thick for me to be able to precisely draw anything on my small eyes, as was the Intense Ink Eyeliner ($4), granted the Intense Ink Eyeliner had a pointy tip, at least. Truth be told, I was actually eyeing up the H20 Proof Eyeliner Pen ($6), but according to the reviews, it came with faulty packaging (the cap would fall off on its own and the pen would leak all over everything so … hard pass). That’s why I decided to give the Precision Liquid Liner ($3) a chance.

Between the photo up on the ELF website and the decent price point and all the rave reviews, I thought I was getting a good product for sure. Come to find out, the actual brush on this thing was a total mess! I didn’t mind the fact that the brush consisted of way too many hairs. I also didn’t mind that the hairs were too long, therefore making the brush quite flimsy. I did however, mind the fact that each one of those hairs was always pointing in a different direction, sorta’ wanting to do their own thing. Hopefully you can see what I mean from the photos. Note how pointy and tapered the brush looks up on the ELF website and compare it to the wide splayed brush on the one I actually received. It made creating a precise line… next to impossible (so ironic considering the name of the product), let alone drawing cat flicks and wings and whatnot.

If you happen to have magical powers that can be used to coax errant hairs into working together and pointing generally in the same direction, then this Precision Liquid Liner is for you. If you happen to be a mere mortal (such as myself) and find frayed brush-heads to be troublesome, then I’d suggest skipping this thing.

“Black” Longwear Eyeliner ($3)

Create definition that’s soft, natural and brilliant. The natural based formula provides gentle coverage for even the most sensitive eyes. The twist up applicator is easy for instant use, no sharpening required.

Only available in the shade Black

Up on the ELF website, this particular product is simply called Eyeliner and it’s only available in Black and only has a single review (the second review is for a different product). All of which has led me to conclude that they’re currently phasing this product out. The fact that they’ve come out with a nearly identical product (same price point, same errythang) further proves my theory. I figure they’re just trying to get rid of all the ones they’ve got in stock, in the meantime. Hey, ELF, if you guys wanna’ get rid of this thing, just start selling it for a buck or tossing it in people’s orders as a “Free Sample” (Boom, problem solved).

So I’ve twisted it all the way up to show you how much product you get (which doesn’t seem like a lot, especially in comparison with Eyeliner Pencils which you only have to toss once you’re past the point where you can’t sharpen them anymore). Also, this thing was disappointingly thick (I was hoping it would be much slimmer). The selling point for this thing is that you don’t have to sharpen it. Unfortunately, due to the fact that you can’t actually sharpen it, you’re definitely going to end up with a thick blunt tip. It’s fine if you’ve got larger eyes, but I’ve got hooded eyes (not enough lid space) and as such, prefer the tip of my liner to be as thin and sharp as possible (for an extremely precise application).

I only purchased the Longwear Eyeliner because I wanted it to compare with the No Budge Retractable Liner (which I knew for sure, I was going to purchase).

No Budge Retractable Liner ($3) NEW

This smudge-proof, retractable eyeliner checks all your pencil liner requirements. Creamy, ultra-black and with ultimate staying power? You got it! Use this liner on your lash line, waterline, or all over the lid for intense eyes that last all day.

Only available in the shade Black

I only wanted this thing because I wanted to try out different Liners from ELF, and also, this was listed as one of the “New Arrivals”. I kinda’ got caught up with how nice it looked (all black and sleek) so it temporarily slipped my mind that unless they’re colorful (not black) I don’t actually like using Retractable Eyeliners because they’re never as slim as I would like and I happen to have hooded lids. What that means is, if I draw a line that’s slightly thicker (which is inevitable once the tapered tip wears down), it’ll look like Black Liner is all I’ve got on, unless my eyes are closed. Personally, if I’ve taken the time to apply Eyeshadow, then I want it to be visible, while both eyes are wide open.

Generally, I can do whatever I want on the outer third (cat flicks, wings, whatever else), but the inner two thirds have to be carefully lined with a very thin line. It’s fine if you’ve got larger eyes or round eyes (more lid space), but I’ve got hooded almond-shaped eyes, so if I line them with thick Black Liner, it’ll instantly look way too dramatic and quite frankly unflattering on myself. My meticulous work with Eyeshadow (lol) won’t be able to show unless I close my eyes.

I tried the No Budge Retractable Liner as soon as I got it and it was awful at creating tapered little cat flicks! I ended up with thick wings, so I had to either spend even more time carefully removing them with an eye-makeup-remover-soaked q-tip, or just thicken the whole thing, tapering it the closer I got to the inner corner, resulting in “graphic eyeliner” which was pretty, but a bit much (too dramatic). Also, it wasn’t an intense black (more like a faded black) nor was it creamy (kept skipping). I guess I could reserve this thing for the waterline…

Maybe if they came out with some sparkly shades like a rose-gold and a white-gold and a copper and nude (basically, anything that would look fun in the inner corner and inner third of the lower lash-line), I might revisit this thing. However, since it’s only available in Black, the No Budge Retractable Liner is just a no from me.

No Budge Retractable Liner ($3) NEW
“Black” Longwear Eyeliner ($3)

As I said, I didn’t notice a difference between the No Budge Retractable Liner and the Longwear Eyeliner other than the fact that the No Budge Retractable Liner was new. Looking at them side by side, the tip on the Longwear Eyeliner seems marginally pointier, which doesn’t mean much, because they’ll both be equally blunt after being worn down with use. I haven’t worn them enough to develop an opinion on either, because whenever I’ve needed a Black Eyeliner, I’ve been sticking with my tried and true favorite Bourjois Contour Clubbing Pencil (haulage here).

That said, these could come in handy for those who prefer smudging or smoking out their liner, or even filling in the waterline and tightlining. They’re not as good as the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon obvi (haulage here), but they’re not as bad as those awful ColourPop Crème Gel Liners either (haulage here).

Will I be repurchasing either one of these ELF Retractable Liners anytime soon? Nope

“Black” Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil ($4)

A waterproof, creamy eyeliner that glides easily onto the lash and waterline to define your eyes. The easy application is great for creating a lasting line that stays put.

Available in the shades Navy and Coffee and Black

Ah! Finally, something I can work with! The Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil was nice and creamy, quite pigmented and if you sharpened it, sufficiently pointy! That said, if you’ve got oily lids, this might not be for you because this stuff is emollient. It got mostly negative reviews because once the nub wore down, people couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t twist up. Apparently, the fact that it was plastic, yet still had to be sharpened, totally stumped them (I sincerely hope all those people stay in school or if they’ve graduated, go back to school).

Anyways, I’d definitely recommend this thing! In fact, I’m totally getting it in the shade Coffee with my next order! I really wish ELF would come out with more shades (perhaps a nice dark forest green and maybe a lime green and a true blue-toned red and a neon cobalt blue and all kinds of greys and of course a nude)! Heck, I’d even love it if they came out with Lip Liners in the same wonderful formula!

Basically, this is a spot-on dupe of the Urban Decay 24/7 Liners for a fraction of the price!

Mascara Primer ($3)

This mascara primer lengthens and volumizes eyelashes instantly to prep for mascara application. The Pro-Vitamin B5, Hydrolyzed Wheat and Soy Protein-enriched formula revitalizes lashes.

ELF has 14 Mascaras (around 4 of them were released at the time of this order). Unfortunately, all of them are absolutely horrible! They do not lengthen nor curl, let alone darken your lashes! All they do is just clump all your lashes together to form one big spike (which looks quite odd, to say the least), regardless of whichever version you’re using. I’ve tried everything, from using the plastic comb on my Maybelline Define-A-Brow (review here) to an actual Metal Lash Comb, to other Mascaras with all kinds of different brushes, just to try to separate my lashes after using any given ELF Mascara, but nothing has ever worked! Even worse is the fact that ELF Mascaras made your lashes sticky (not unlike the horrid L’Oreal Collagen Mascara)! I mean, hours later, the ELF Mascara still wouldn’t be fully dry (which meant hello, smudge city)! Honestly, it felt like I was applying crude black oil or petroleum to my lashes! As such, even though it pains me because I live for Mascaras, I’ve learned to avoid all ELF Mascaras, indiscriminately.

The Mascara Primer however, seemed a bit more promising (it even came with a nice big brush). If you’ve got non-existent lashes that tend to point downwards (such as myself), the ELF Mascara Primer will give them a very, very subtle lift. It’ll fan your lashes out… haphazardly (every lash will sorta’ be doing their own thing, but at least they’d all pointing upwards, more or less). With some use, I can honestly say that while this particular Mascara Primer may not be the best at lengthening or curling the lashes, it’s nice for defining them (albeit lightly). Also, just like all the ELF Mascaras, this stuff never dries. However, in this case, I actually like the fact that my lashes remain wet (yet somehow not sticky), because it makes my other mascaras with more of a dry formula, much easier to work with. If you’ve got a troublesome Mascara that doesn’t seem like it’s doing much (which is a definite risk when you’re constantly trying out new ones all the time), the ELF Mascara Primer can give it a little oomph.

With that being said, don’t go expecting miracles. The ELF Mascara Primer displays very, very subtle results and could benefit from the use of a Lash Curler, beforehand. Obviously, it helps if you’ve got lush lashes to begin with (I don’t). All in all, there’s a variety of other Lash Primers/Mascara Primers out on the market nowadays that do a significantly better job than the ELF Mascara Primer.

Must-have? No
Nice-to-have? Sure
Repurchase? Maybe

Plump It Up Gift (Free with orders $25+)

“Coconut” Lip Exfoliator ($3)
“Champagne Glam” Lip Plumping Gloss ($5)
Lip Primer & Plumper ($3)

ELF are always offering a Free Gift with any order of $25 or over. The Free Gift can be anything from a Trio (3 full size products, as shown) or Duo (2 full size products, possibly Skincare) or sometimes even a Single (Brush Kit, Eyeshadow Palette, etc…). I’m not sure when they actually change the Free Gift (monthly?), but it never stays the same for too long.

I’ve been meaning to pick up the Lip Plumping Gloss in the shade Champagne Glam, so when it popped up as the Free Gift for that month, I decided to go ahead and place my order. Plus, it came with two other lip products, which are always fun! One of them being a Lip Exfoliator (an absolute must-have from ELF) in the scent Coconut (previously purchased here) and the other being a Lip Primer & Plumper (which I’ve also played around with, years and years ago).

As I said, lip products are just fun, in general, so I was pretty stoked about this 3pc Plump It Up Trio

Lip Primer & Plumper ($3)

Achieve longer lasting lip color and sexy plumped lips. The Primer creates a base for lip color for no budge, no smudge pigment that lasts all day. The cinnamon scented Plumper enhances your lips with a subtle plumping tingle effect for fuller, larger looking lips.

Despite the bulky packaging, both sides of the actual product are tiny (making it easier to get a more precise application). The Primer side looks like concealer (yellow), feels like concealer (thick) and applies like concealer (skips). Worse still, it slightly alters the actual color of whichever lipstick you choose to wear over it. As such, I don’t care much for the Primer side and would rather they just get rid of it all together.

The Lip Plumper side however, smells yummy (like Red Hots)! Also based on my previous experience, it truly does have a tingle effect! If ELF sold the Lip Plumper side separately, I’d definitely purchase it!

Unfortunately, as you can hopefully see from the photo, mine came with a strange black substance (dirt? bug? mold?) so I’m definitely not going to be using either side of this thing. You might suggest that I can just cut that part off, but no because I don’t where this has been. You might suggest I pass it off to someone, but no because I cannot in good conscience give anyone something I myself can’t guarantee (what if it really is mold?) and as such, in the trash this goes. You might think I’m paranoid and you would be correct, but hey, better safe than sorry!

If you’re interested in purchasing the Lip Primer & Plumper it retails for $3.

“Coconut” Lip Exfoliator ($3)

Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

Available in Brown Sugar (Original) and Sweet Cherry and Mint Maniac and Coconut and Pink Grapefruit and Rose

Brown Sugar is also available as a trio for only $7 (Value Set)

These are an absolute must-have! In fact, I’ve actually just purchased Coconut and repurchased Brown Sugar in my previous haul (here)! So I really don’t mind having a back-up of this stuff, because it’s just that great!

I’ve developed a habit of chewing on my lower lip and the insides of both cheeks, which looks very obvious (and horrible) when you’re wearing any matte lippies (especially liquid lipsticks). Shimmery gloss and matte lipsticks tend to highlight chapped lips (by clinging to the dry and chapped part, usually in the bottom center, calling even more attention to it) which is the last thing I want. In comes the ELF Lip Exfoliator to the rescue! A few quick swipes and my lips are sufficiently buffed and polished to perfection, with no unseemly dead skin in sight! This stuff just smooths the surface of the lips while simultaneously hydrating them!

Despite being exceptionally gritty, you are actually able control how abrasive this stuff gets, by the amount of pressure you apply. You can lightly glide this on your lips (like a normal person) and it’ll gently yet sufficiently exfoliate your lips or if you’re kinda’ cray (like me!) you can use your full force and practically sandpaper your lips off (until they’re all raw and swollen and pink). I mean, the grit on this baby is next level! Heck, nothing else I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot) even comes close! Don’t take my word for it. Just try one of them (pick Brown Sugar, pick Brown Sugar, pick Brown Sugar) and you’ll see what I mean!

Also, as abrasive and gritty as these ELF Lip Exfoliators are, somehow they’re also quite emollient (which I’m crediting to the Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oil)! That’s nothing new, since most lip scrubs are oily anyway. However, I find it very interesting that despite being so emollient, the ELF Lip Exfoliatior retains its shape as a solid and unlike potted lip scrubs and potted lip exfoliators (Lush and GlamGlow to name a few), you don’t have to use your fingers! That in and of itself is a major plus (at least in my book)! To top it all off, they have a yummy scent and taste sweet! What more could a girl ask for?

Unfortunately, the only drawback (which is a major one, at that) is how fast these ELF Lip Exfoliators dry up. Even if you’ve only used it once, go back to it a week or two later and it’ll be hard as a rock, potentially damaging your lips (coming from me – a firm believer in “the grittier, the better” – you know it’s no joke when even I am telling you it’s too rough). All those oils and whatever else that made this thing so emollient apparently just evaporate. Continuing to use this thing afterwards (I’ve tried) is akin to rubbing gravel on your lips. Maybe if you store them upside down, in the fridge, you might be able to prolong their shelf life? In any case, there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Personally, I wanna’ try each variation (maybe not Sweet Cherry because eww) but definitely Rose and Pink Grapefruit (if the scent of the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit is anything to go by) and maybe even Mint Maniac (which seems to have the worst reviews, but it’s blue, so… I gotta’). At the moment, I’ve got a total of three of the Lip Exfoliators from ELF (but one of them has already gone dry) so once I’m down to just the one, I might get a few of the others. I just wish ELF would work on the dryness issue and while they’re at it, maybe come out with more scents/flavors (*hint* Green Apple *hint*).

The ELF Lip Exfoliator is by far the best lip exfoliator ever (yes, even with the whole drying up too quick issue)!

“Champagne Glam” Lip Plumping Gloss ($5)
“Pink Cosmo” Lip Plumping Gloss ($5)

This Lip Plumping Gloss helps plump the lips with nourishing hydration. The invigorating high-shine formula provides a soothing sensation while it volumizes. Enriched with Vitamin E and Coconut Oil to nourish and hydrate the lips for a soft, supple feel. The natural shades of shimmering, color add a pop to your look that perfect for work days and a night out.

Available in the shades Champagne Glam and Pink Cosmo and Sparkling Rosé and Mocha Twist and Peach Bellini

Ever since my first order with ELF (2007?) I’ve always enjoyed their Lip Gloss! More often than not, their offerings were usually very pigmented, smelled minty and tasted sweet! There were some issues (too thick, too sticky, too glitter-y, etc…) with a few of their releases, but for the most part, everything was great! I remember being particularly obsessed with the now long-discontinued ELF Glossy Gloss range because it closely resembled my beloved Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss (haulage here). Over the years, I sorta’ fell out of love with Lip Gloss, but thanks to ColourPop, my love and appreciation for Lip Gloss has been rekindled!

During the time of this order, the only ELF Lip Gloss I was actually interested in, were the Prismatic Lip Gloss (the shades I wanted were out of stock) and the Lip Plumping Gloss (the shades shown). As luck would have it, I got the shade Champagne Glam (sheer champagne with gold shimmer) as part of the Free Gift (with an order of $25+) and only had to purchase the one in the shade Pink Cosmo (pink with silver sparkle). As you can see, the shade are named after cocktails, which I thought was kinda’ cute!

As per usual, they were sticky (I mean it is a gloss, people), tasted sweet and smelled minty. Also, they actually burned plumped the lips! I’m not talking “ooh slight tingle effect”. I’m talking “oww-uh my lips are on fire” kinda’ burn (similar to the Fusion Beauty LipFusion XXL Advanced Lip Plumpers). Needless to say, if you’ve got overly sensitive lips, steer clear. Aside from the plumping effect, these are pretty much just regular sparkly lip gloss, which you can wear on their own or as a topper over lipsticks to lighten them up or sheer them out or even just to add dimension.

Personally, I really like this stuff and I’m already eyeing up the shade Peach Bellini for my next purchase!

“Natural” Lip Lacquer ($2)

This beautiful lacquer lip gloss provides maximum color and brilliant shine. Formulated with Vitamin E to moisturize lips. Perfect for wearing alone or layered over lipstick for a bold lip statement.

Available in the shades Clear and Tea Rose and Natural and Burgundy and Purple

Initially, I wanted to get the Clear shade, but switched it out for Natural at the very last minute. There’s something to be said about a beautiful nude lipstick lined with a light brown liner and topped off with a neutral lipgloss! When done correctly, it just makes you look so… put together (without being overly show-y and dramatic)! Plus, it makes the rest of your makeup stand out more (for whatever reason, neutral and nude lips make my bronzer pop and my natural brown eye color look more green-y)!

With that being said, the ELF Lip Lacquers are a bit on the thicker and stickier side, strongly reminiscent of MAC Lipglass (review here). As such, a little bit goes a long way. Not much else to say other than they smell minty and have a sweet aftertaste as most of the ELF lip products tend to do. At only $2 each, you really can’t go wrong.

ELF should focus on creating a variety of nudes (pinky-nude, brown-y nude, coral-y nude, yellow-y nude, etc… in light, medium and dark) in the Lip Lacquer range. I’m sure people would appreciate having a variety of nudes to choose from (at an extremely budget-friendly price point) and they would sell like hotcakes!

Defo getting the Clear with my next order!

“Pink Peony” Sheer Matte Liquid Lipstick ($5) NEW

This sheer liquid lipstick creates a soft, blotted look for a your-lips-but-better effect. Transfer-proof, smudge-proof, and long-wearing, this sheer liquid lipstick is perfect for long days and late nights. This unique, comfortable formula dries to a matte finish and is buildable to achieve varying levels of pigment. Infused with Jojoba Oil to help nourish the lips.

Available in the shades Nude Rose and Praline Petal and Warm Verbena and Pink Peony and Bright Poppy and Deep Dahlia

Aside from the ones in the $1 Essentials line (which seem to have been increased to $2), I never really liked ELF Lipsticks. I tend to avoid Lipstick Palettes (they seem unsanitary) and Dual-Ended Lipsticks (they usually arrive with a decent shade on one side and a horrible unwearable shade on the other, therefore making it a wasteful purchase), but most of all, I despise Chubby Lip Crayons (impossible to get a precise application) and I’m so over Liquid Lipsticks (super drying). However, the Sheer Matte Liquid Lipsticks (which were newly released, I mean, they weren’t even up on the website only a day before) were marketed as a “blotted” version (my current favorite lip look!) and as such, I had to try at least one!

The Sheer Matte Liquid Lipsticks shades were named after flowers, which to me, feels so… common. There were no reviews (since these were NEW) so I had to go for a “blind buy”. They did have swatches though, which in all honesty, do not do these babies any justice, but helped me decide between Bright Poppy (pinky-red) and Pink Peony (pinky-coral).

They’re not as great as the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams (those have the best formula, ever), but they’re not nearly as patchy and somewhat drying as the ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lips either. They come with a handy tear-drop applicator, which is perfect for a more precise application, especially since these babies actually quite pigmented and extremely build-able! They go on all slick and wet at first, but quickly dry down to a comfortable matte finish. They even wear off beautifully (leaving behind a very pretty stain on the lips)! Also, they’ve got no discernible taste nor smell, which is fine by me. I really hope ELF comes out with many, many, many more shades, because these babies are bomb!

I’m already in love with the shade Pink Peony but I’m definitely planning on getting a few more!

“Natural” Lip Lacquer ($2)
“Champagne Glam” Lip Plumping Gloss ($5) (Free Plump It Up Gift)
“Pink Cosmo” Lip Plumping Gloss ($5)
“Pink Peony” Sheer Matte Liquid Lipstick ($5) NEW
Lip Primer & Plumper ($3) (Free Plump It Up Gift)
“Coconut” Lip Exfoliator ($3) (Free Plump It Up Gift)

These are all the lip products I managed to accumulate in this haul. Aside from the Lip Primer & Plumper, I’m extremely pleased with the way they all perform, the Sheer Matte Liquid Lipstick (Pink Peony) and the Lip Plumping Gloss (Pink Cosmo) in particular!

“Golden” Mix to Match Foundation Undertone Adjuster ($4) NEW

Yellow hues in your foundation got you down? Or maybe pink undertones are making you red in the face? These adjusters can help you personalize your own perfect foundation match! One drop transforms your foundation to match your unique undertones. Add a drop of Warmth to any foundation that’s too yellow, or add a drop of Golden to any foundation that’s too pink and find your perfect match!

Not to be confused with the Mix to Match Foundation “Shade” Adjuster (available in Lighten and Bronze and Deepen) this stuff is the Mix to Match Foundation “Undertone” Adjuster (available in Warmth and Golden). Both the Shade Adjusters and Undertone Adjusters were new releases. Now that I’m revisiting this whole Foundation business, I decided to get this stuff in the shade Golden to play around with and if I liked it well enough, I could repurchase the rest during a 50% sale or any other worthwhile promo.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I don’t do Foundation. It’s messy (gets everywhere) and restricting (you have to be very careful when trying on clothes) and takes some elbow grease to remove properly (I mean some people just swipe one of those makeup removing cloths across their face, but I wouldn’t exactly call that “proper removal”).

Since I don’t really do Foundation, my process of picking out a shade is pretty much a joke (purely based on the shade names, for example, sand, caramel, honey, etc… lol). More often than not, I’d end up with shades that just don’t work for me, with no way of returning them, both locally (non-existent return policy) or online (hassle and actually costs more to return) so I’d be stuck with the mismatched shade. I’m hoping the Undertone Adjuster in the shade Golden, might be able to help me get some usage out of my next mismatched Foundation or Concealer.

In all honesty, I haven’t been motivated enough to use the Mix to Match Foundation Undertone Adjuster… just yet (seems like a lot of work and I’m always short on time and just too lazy bother with this stuff… for now). With that being said, it’s an interesting product (enough to warrant a purchase) that’s new to ELF and also what I was referencing in the first paragraph of this post (along with every other product that has the word NEW tacked on right next to its name). The concept is hardly new, to the extent that a lot of brands have released their own versions throughout the years. I’ve actually purchased something similar (Professional Liquid Color Corrector Set – White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue) from Coastal Scents, way, way, way back in the day, but never got a chance to mess around with it because I rarely – if ever – wear Foundation and Concealer.

As such, I’m looking forward to using the “Golden” Mix to Match Foundation Undertone Adjuster once the weather cools down (which is when I might possibly be less hesitant to wear Foundation)!

Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette ($8)
“Always Cheeky” Primer Infused Blush ($6) NEW
“Light/Medium” Contour Palette ($6)
“Deep Bronzer” Bronzer Palette ($6) (Free with Points)

I also picked up a Glow Palette and another Primer Infused Blush and a Contour Palette and a Bronzer Palette for good measure. Apparently, you can pop out the square pans in all three palettes and insert them into other similar palettes. I haven’t figured out how to do that just yet, but once I do, I’m probably gonna’ pop out all the duds (of which there were many) and group them together into a single palette and isolate them from the rest of my makeup collection (lest they infect the others with their uselessness).

A lot of these powder palettes have cream counterparts, which I’m planning on purchasing once the weather cools down. I kinda’ sound like a broken record at this point, but I have ordered makeup-y bits when the weather in Kuwait was less cool and a lot of the stuff ended up not only melting, but also destroying other items that happened to be packed in right next to them, in the process. That’s why I keep harping on about the weather.

“Always Cheeky” Primer Infused Blush ($6) NEW

This long-wear, matte blush is infused with lock on primer powder to ensure a full day of perfectly placed blush. This blush is easy to blend, perfectly pigmented for ease of application, and grips your cheeks like second skin.

Available in the shades Always Rosy and Always Cheeky and Always Spicy and Always Fiery

In my experience, Blush from ELF can be pretty hit or miss. The cheap-y $1 Essentials range (that used to come in tiny circular packaging, but was replaced with larger square packaging that came with a brush, and now available in both options for $2 a pop) didn’t even show up on my skin! In comparison, the slightly more expensive Studio Line Blush ($3) was infinitely more superior! As was their Blush & Bronzer Duo ($4) (everyone touted the Blush side as a dupe for Nars Orgasm) which was my go-to, for years. My favorite by far, was their now long-discontinued Cream Blush (the ones that came in a large square jar, to match the packaging of their also long-discontinued Lip Conditioners)! Even though I haven’t even tried the ELF ones yet, I despise most Dual-Ended anything and everything, including the Lip & Cheek Duo Stix ($3). The Monochromatic Multi Stick ($3) and Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow ($3) both seemed like they’d be too greasy, whereas the Baked Blush looked quite cute, but not all that pigmented. Which left only the Palettes and Duos and the NEW Primer Infused Blush to choose from.

Going by the name, I mistakenly thought the Primer Infused Blush would have more of a cream consistency, but it’s actually a powder (as you can tell from the fallout). There were no official swatches up on the ELF website, only photos. Based on those photos, I concluded that the shade Always Cheeky would be too light (might not even show up on me) and possibly even clash against my skintone. Also, Always Fiery was the only shade that actually appealed to me (at first), which is why I purchased it (haulage here). However, after seeing someone swatch Always Cheeky recently (on YouTube), I was utterly and completely smitten! I just had to have it!

Contrary to what I believed earlier, it did show up on me and it did not clash with my skintone. Always Cheeky gave my cheeks a sweet and innocent glow (the kind usually seen on the cheeks of toddlers or on the cheeks of women in Asian Beauty Campaign Ads) whereas Always Fiery gave my cheeks a healthy flushed look (like I’d just walked in from a brisk and chilly early morning run). Both shades were matte. Both shades were silky smooth, build-able and long-lasting! However, you might have to experiment (just a little) in finding which brush works best with them. Overall, I quite like the Primer Infused Blush!

If you’re in the market for a long-lasting, matte, powder Blush, do give one or more of these a try!

Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette ($8)

This three-in-one total face palette includes a beautifully bare bronzer, highlighter and two blushes. The weightless, silky formula is perfect for sculpting and adding soft, natural dimension to the face. The complementing shades and lightweight formulas are easy to blend to help you achieve a natural flawless look.

I’ve had my eye on this baby for quite some time now! I was dying to order it (for years), but as I mentioned in my previous haul (here) for some reason, my ELF orders would never go through… until recently. Based on the reflective silver packaging and relatively higher price point, the Natural Glow Face Palette is obviously from the Beautifully Bare range (also, it says that in the name lol). At $8 it’s easily one of the more expensive item in this entire haul. I could’ve waited for a sale or whatever, but I feel like I’ve waited long enough to finally get my hands on this baby! Unfortunately, I found the whole palette to be quite disappointing! All the shades were quite lacking in pigmentation (you had to really build them up for any of the shades to show)!

The Highlight was more of an awkward champagne shade that sadly looked ashy on my complexion. According to the reviews, it’s quite dark on fair skin and based on my experience, too ashy/clashy on medium to tan skin. It did have a lovely sheen to it though!

The two Blush shades (one being a light pastel-y peachy-pink and the other being a light coral, both of which were matte) were quite subtle and therefore interchangeable (not much of a difference between them) but pretty cute nonetheless! The fact that both Blush shades were so subtle actually made them less clash-y against my strange sallow skintone!

The Bronzer shade was a muted golden-bronze with a satin finish which I found sorta’ unimpressive. I mean, it looked quite dark in the pan, but it barely showed up on my skin. According to the reviews, it doesn’t even show up on fair skin (never mind anyone darker).

After some time, it occurred to me that the palette was purposely created to have a more subtle or “natural” effect, based on the soft shades and again, the name of the palette (Natural Glow). If you think about it, as light-handed as you might be, makeup just comes across as a bit harsh and heavy in direct sunlight. The shades in this particular palette truly help you achieve a “natural glow”! That’s why this palette is actually perfect for days when you know you’re going to spend a substantial amount of time out in the sun (or any other sort of harsh and unforgiving lighting), but still wanna’ wear makeup!

I cannot stress this enough, the Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette is a very, very subtle palette meant to impart a “natural glow”. As such, if you’re looking for pigmentation and vivid colors, look elsewhere. This baby is for those who prefer a more “natural” look. Between you and me, I like to think of this baby as a dupe of those crazy expensive Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders (that don’t really do much but people swear up and down by them anyway) for a fraction of the price! If you think of it that way, then you’re less likely to be disappointed. Otherwise, if your skin is anything darker than “medium”, good luck getting this thing to show up on you.

Personally, now that I know that the Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette is meant to be a “natural” palette, I like it a lot more! However, if you’re thinking about purchasing this palette, I’d say save your money or spend it elsewhere.

“Light/Medium” Contour Palette ($6)

Sculpt, shade, and brighten with this 4 shade powder contour palette. It’s customizable to match your skin tone and is infused with vitamin E. Get a gorgeous, nourished complexion all day!

Available in Light/Medium and Dark/Deep

My Holy Grail Contour Powder for the past 10 years was and still is, the long-discontinued Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in the shade Matte Bronze (mentioned here) from the cheap-y $1 Essentials line! I’ve dabbled with a lot of other contour products (powders, creams, chubby sticks, palettes, and so on) from all kinds of brands from high-end to low-end, but the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder ($1) still remains my absolute favorite! ELF seem to have released three shades (Deep and Sunkissed and Warm Tan) of Bronzer ($2) in packaging that’s identical to the long-discontinued Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder. I’m thinking, one of those shades is my beloved Matte Bronze, except there are no official swatches and the product photos are abysmal and all three shades seem to contain shimmer. That said, in the pan, Matte Bronze actually contains shimmer, but somehow applies completely matte (witchcraft!) so I’m hoping that’s the case with these Bronzers. It’s definitely not Sunkissed (too gold), so it’s probably either Deep or Warm Tan. I might get one… or both (they’re only $2 each) in my next order.

In the meantime, I decided to get the Contour Palette which came with four shades (white with a frost finish, peach with a matte finish, warm-toned brown with a satin finish, cool-toned brown with a satin finish). I went with Light/Medium figuring it would be more subtle and take less time to blend out on my skintone than Dark/Deep. Little did I know that it would be the exact opposite! The pigmentation on all four shades was pathetic! Again, it took forever to build them up and even then, it didn’t make all that much of a difference. They were all so dry and chalky and just an all around mess! Plus, when you blended them out, they’d just completely disappear!

With that being said, the shimmery white shade in the Light/Medium Contour Palette was infinitely nicer than the champagne shade in the Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Palette as a Highlight! I didn’t see the point of the matte peach which was too pigmented (quite stark against my skintone actually) to be used as a setting powder, but not pigmented enough to be of any real use (too dark to be a highlight, but too light to be a blush). Even after several passes, the warm-toned brown was much too light and if I built it up enough, too warm (orange). The only semi-decent shade with semi-decent pigmentation was the cool-toned brown which worked pretty nicely for everything from contouring the nose to sculpting out the cheeks.

All in all, the Light/Medium Contour Palette was definitely not worth the money! One of the worst palettes I’ve tried from ELF to date! You’d think I’d have learned my lesson, but I’m actually eyeing up the cream version (aptly called Cream Contour Palette) for my next order lol

“Deep Bronzer” Bronzer Palette ($6) (Free with Points)

Enjoy a custom blended glow with this Bronzer Palette. Easily create a sun kissed or sculpted look with every use.

Available in the shades Bronzed Beauty and Deep Bronzer

I’ve always enjoyed most of the ELF Bronzers! In fact, I used to constantly repurchase the Compact Bronzing Powder (4-in-1) in the shade Golden Bronzer ($4), way back when. The bronzer side of the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder Duo ($4) was another go-to of mine, back in the day. I’ve dabbled with some of their Baked Bronzers ($3) on and off. I’ve even purchased one of the newer Primer-Infused Bronzers ($6) in the shade Forever Sunkissed (lightest shade) during my previous order (haulage here). The majority of ELF Bronzers were a win, which was all the assurance I needed to go for this Bronzer Palette.

I used my ELF “Beauty Points” (150 points) to redeem the Bronzer Palette in the shade Deep Bronzer. As I said in my previous post (here), when it comes to the redeemable products, we don’t get much of a choice (pre-selected products in pre-selected shades). However, in this instance, I actually wanted to get the deeper palette called Deep Bronzer, purely for the fact that the lighter palette called Bronzed Beauty supposedly had poor pigmentation (based on the reviews up on the ELF website).

The first shade on the top row was a matte tan while the shade right next to it was a shimmery terracotta. The first shade on the bottom row was a shimmery cool-toned brown while the shade right next to it was a matte cool-toned brown. So in this palette, you got two mattes and two shimmers, all of which were soft and buttery yet extremely pigmented and best of all, blended out like an absolute dream! All in all, I’m extremely impressed with the Deep Bronzer Palette! Despite being marketed as a Bronzing Palette, I’ve discovered other uses for this baby too! For starters, all the shades can double as Eyeshadows! Also, the mattes can totally be used for contouring as well! Even if you don’t get this thing through points, at only $6 you’re getting great value for your money!

For all the bronzer aficionados I highly, highly recommend the Bronzer Palette in the shade Deep Bronzer!

Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette ($8)
“Light/Medium” Contour Palette ($6)
“Deep Bronzer” Bronzer Palette ($6) (Free with Points)

Out of the Natural Glow Face Palette, only the two Blush shades are worth keeping. Out of the Light/Medium Contour Palette, only the Highlight shade (lightest) and Contour shade (darkest) are worth keeping. All the shades in Deep Bronzer Bronzer Palette were excellent!

Once I figure out how, I’m going to pop out all the shades and switch them around to create a palette I can actually use (the nicer Highlight shade which was the shimmer-y white from the Contour Palette, the two Blush shades from the Natural Glow Palette, and the cool-toned Contour shade which was the darkest shade in the Contour Palette) and a palette of duds (the awkward champagne-y Highlight shade from the Natural Glow Palette, the weird peach-y matte shade from the Contour Palette, the two barely pigmented warm brown shades (from both palettes).

Out of all three palettes, the one in the middle (Light/Medium Contour Palette) was the worst! The powders were unpigmented, dry and chalky and any attempt at blending them just made them completely disappear! Ironically, the palette I got for free (Deep Bronzer Bronzer Palette), was the one with the best pigmentation (comparable to higher-end brands, I’d say) and nicest shade selection!

Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser ($6) NEW
Dewy Setting Mist ($8)

Rather than waiting for the weather to cool down in Kuwait and then ordering a ton of skincare, only to have Aramex confiscate everything, I decided to test the waters first, by ordering these two. In the past, Aramex have told me off for ordering 100ml products (no liquids more than 40-50ml) and anything that came with a nozzle (no sprays). The Cleanser holds 100ml and the Setting Mist is a spray. The fact that both actually made their way to me, means it’s safe to assume that I can now order whatever, whenever!

Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser ($6) NEW

Meet the creme de la cleanse: a coconut-infused cleansing jelly. This gentle, non-foaming gel conditions the skin and removes makeup for skin that’s clean without feeling stripped. Cleanse and pamper your face with this gentle, skin-loving cleanser.

Ingredients we love:

Coconut Fruit Juice
Sugar Maple Extract
Aloe Vera
Cucumber Fruit Extract
Vitamin B5

The last time I ordered a Cleanser from ELF was a few years back, when I got the water-activated Mineral Face Cleanser (loose powder) inspired by Asian Skincare. It. Was. Awful. Prior to that, I’ve gotten along pretty well with their Makeup Removing Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths. In the 4 years that I haven’t been able to order from ELF, they’ve come out with tons and tons of all new skincare! Moisturizers and Mists and Masks and Facial Oils and Serums and Booster Drops and even Essence. You name the trend (bubble, glitter, magnetic, charcoal, sleeping, post-workout, etc…) and ELF probably has a product or two that already incorporates it.

One of the newly released products (also wasn’t available only a day before) was the Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser. There were no reviews so it was another blind buy, but look at its name and look at that description and look at those ingredients! How could I not? I’m only human, after all! I love anything with a gel/jelly consistency to begin with, but you add “bounce” to the mix and I’m definitely going to be all over it! Plus, between the coconut and the sugar maple and the aloe vera and the cucumber and vitamin something or other, it just sounded so good!

I was expecting something similar to the CocoaShea Honey Ultra Conditioning Bath & Shower Jelly (haulage here), but this stuff was less solid and more runny, but still satisfyingly bouncy! Sadly, as advertised, it wasn’t as foamy (I tend to enjoy a little a lot of froth), yet it cleansed my face and removed most of my makeup sufficiently. However, even after three back-to-back attempts (my 100+ coats of Mascara were totally gone) my Eyeliner was still very much intact. The problem was easily remedied by squeezing a little of the Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser on a cotton round (instead of straight on to my fingers) and applying it to the eye area. Best of all, it didn’t leave behind any annoying residue (my face was squeaky clean)! Also worthy of note, the first time I used this thing, it had a delightful coconut scent! Every other time I’ve used it since, it’s had a not-so-delightful chemical scent (complete with eye-watering fumes) that thankfully goes away after rinsing.

My only gripe was with the packaging, which isn’t the most convenient. You gotta’ unscrew the cap, squeeze out the amount, then fuss with the packaging (for a year) while you attempt to screw the cap back on… one-handed. Maybe ELF can add a little pump with a lock mechanism (that stops the pump from dispensing product once you tilt it to the side) or a flip-top cap or anything else really. Packaging aside, it’s a great product and I’m definitely going to repurchase another one or two once mine runs out!

People have been using organic virgin coconut oil to remove their makeup since forever! This stuff is a way less messy version! It stinks (literally) but it’s gentle yet effective! Do give it a try!

Dewy Setting Mist ($8)

Achieve a healthy-looking glow with this coconut infused makeup setting mist. This setting spray gives your makeup lasting power that hydrates and conditions the skin.

I remember back when ELF had zero Face Mists. Now they’ve got several in the black square plastic bottles (Makeup Mist & Set and Matte Magic Mist & Set and Illuminating Mist & Set) available in the sizes Small ($4) and Large ($6). In the circular bottles, they’ve got the Oil Control Primer Mist ($8) and Illuminating Primer Mist ($8) and the Beauty Shield Daily Defense Makeup Mist ($8) and Post-Workout Cool Down Mist ($8) lol and Aqua Beauty Primer Mist ($8) and Hydrating Coconut Mist ($6) and Soothing Aloe Facial Mist ($6) and Dewy Setting Mist ($8).

There were just so many options (too many) which, quite frankly, was a bit overwhelming. So I made an on-the-spot decision of going for the Hydrating Coconut Mist ($6) purely based on the logical assumption that it was going to smell like coconuts (to keep my self-imposed coconut theme going). However, I couldn’t help but notice the Dewy Setting Mist ($8) because any product that has the keyword “dewy” immediately grabs my attention. Unlike the Hydrating Coconut Mist which didn’t have any reviews, the Dewy Setting Mist had a few, all claiming that it had a “heavenly coconut scent”. Dewy and smells like coconuts? Sold! I quickly switched out the other Mist in my online shopping cart for this one, hoping against hope, that it wouldn’t go out of stock by the time I finally got around to placing my order. Spoiler Alert: it made it made its way safely to me!

First of all, it comes in an 80ml glass container (foncy, foncy). As expected, it smells fantastic! Unfortunately, it tastes like battery acid (so, if it lands in the vicinity of your lips and you happen to lick them… be prepared).

Is it a mist? Yes, this thing doesn’t spit at you (like the MAC Fix+ tends to do).

Is it a fine mist? No, it sorta’ mists you haphazardly, meaning you gotta’ give your face a couple of sprays to ensure an even application.

The end result is just… perfection! Whether you’ve gone overboard with your powder products and your face is looking a bit too matte and flat or you just naturally have dry skin, this’ll just blend everything together for a more seamless look while instantly adding a gorgeous glow to your face!!!!

Love, love, love! No wonder the Dewy Setting Mist is always out of stock. You need this in your life!

Artist Mixing Palette ($2)

This convenient palette is the perfect hands-free solution for mixing makeup. Use this portable mixing palette for a clean, convenient surface to mix your liquid and cream products. Whether you’re a makeup artist or a beauty alchemist, this handy palette is a must-have for makeup enthusiasts of all kinds.

Initially, I got the Artist Mixing Palette so I could use it with the Mix to Match Foundation Undertone Adjuster. Realistically, I’m probably going to get way more use out of it with my Concealers.

With most of my Concealers (and on occasion, Foundation), I tend to either smear it across the back of my left hand and then using the pink-y finger of my right hand to dot it all over my face before blending it in or just dabbing it in small dots around my face straight from the tube (using my fingers) before proceeding to blend it in (still using my fingers, as opposed to Brushes or Micro BeautyBlenders). I’ve always been a firm believer in using your body heat to naturally warm up the product (fingertips, back of the hands, etc…) which just makes everything go on that much more smoothly and blend in more seamlessly!

However, all Foundations and some of the more liquid-y Concealers refuse to wash off the back of my hand easily (even with the use of Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps), which is super annoying, especially when I’m late (which is always). That’s another reason why I got this thing. I don’t wanna’ spend an 10 extra minutes (which I don’t have) trying to scrub Concealer or Foundation off (which is frustrating enough) and consequentially getting my shirt sprinkled with water.

Basically, this thing is kinda’ like the BeautyBlender Surface (spotted here), except that one is pink, large and round (like a paper plate… or just a plate lol) and comes with a wand (for mixing), whereas the ELF Artist Mixing Palette is also pink, but heart-shaped (so cute!) and significantly smaller (about half the size of your palm).

You can use this baby to mix your Foundation with everything from Highlighters like the MAC Strobe Cream to Bronzers like the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops to Foundation Thickeners (it’s a thing) like the ELF Make Me Matte! Foundation Adjuster (powder) to Serums like the Farsali Unicorn Essence and everything in between!

Truthfully, you can use any flat surface to “mix”, but this thing has the added bonus of a handy little velcro strap that lets you attach the Mixing Palette to the back of your hand (making it more portable) and it’s easy to clean and it’s cute and it’s only $2!

Dual-Pencil Sharpener ($1)

This convenient Dual-Pencil Sharpener is the essential tool for sharpening pencils of any size to maintain professional and precise application. The removable adapter allows you to adjust the size to fit large or small makeup pencils. The cover captures shavings and allows for easy cleaning. Includes a bonus small sharpener perfect for travel.

As I said before, I’m obsessed with collecting Makeup Sharpeners, because I’m convinced that someday I’m going to accidentally stumble upon the ultimate best! As such, as soon as I read the name Dual-Pencil Sharpener, I quickly added it to my online shopping cart (without reading anything else about it, not the description, not the reviews, nothing). Turns out, you not only get the Dual-Pencil Sharpener (which has two sharpeners; one for average-sized pencils and one for those horrible chubby pencils), but you also got a separate Bonus Sharpener (also for average-sized pencils) all for only $1!

I don’t use Chubby Pencils anymore, so I can’t say much either way, about the larger side, except that I have absolutely no use for it. As for the regular side (which was the side I was actually interested in and the only reason why I purchased this thing), it ate up my Pencils! It didn’t even sharpen them… it just ate them up, which was such a waste. Basically, the Dual-Pencil Sharpener was trash, bro!

However, I gave the “Bonus” Sharpener a try and was completely floored by the results! It sharpened everything to an extremely fine tip! You didn’t even have to waste as much of the Pencil either. With just a few twists, your Pencil would be insanely sharp and pointy!

Here I was hanging all my hopes on the Dual-Pencil Sharpener, meanwhile the Bonus Sharpener (which I didn’t even know was part of the package) was the real star! Wow! Such an unexpectedly delightful surprise!

If you disregard the Dual-Pencil Sharpener and focus on the fact that you’re getting an amazing Sharpener (that will end up saving you $$ in the long run, by not eating up all your Pencils, especially the more expensive ones) you’re getting a good deal and for only $1 too!

As for me, I’m seriously thinking about getting a back-up (or ten) of this baby!

Pore Clearing Tools ($2)

Give yourself an at-home facial treatment with these disposable Pore Clearing Tools that gently remove blackheads for clear, smooth skin. After a warm, steamy shower, use the loop side of the tool to gently release debris from your pores. Finish by using the cotton swab end to wipe the area.

Contains 20 tools

I’ve tried a lot of pore-related products and tools (from other brands) over the years, but never anything like this before. I wanna’ say I saw something similar at The Body Shop which was sold as a single (as opposed to a pack) and made out of metal, except I can’t be too sure (it’s been a while). In any case, I thought it was funny that ELF had branched out into selling Skincare and by extension Skincare Tools.

Going by the description, these do sound gross, but also have the potential to be one of those strangely satisfying experiences. I’m still not 100% sure on how to use them, but my curiosity was piqued so I added them to my online shopping cart. I haven’t used them just yet.

At $2 a pack, I’ll get back to you later on whether they’re worth it or not.

Pro Eyelash Curler ($4)

This premium eyelash curler gives you that long-lasting, eye-opening lift for lashes that appear longer and more voluminous. Ergonomic handles make this curler comfortable and easy-to-use. The contoured curve and stronger spring are designed to make curling your lashes easy and safe while giving you a beautiful, longer-lasting curl.

Comes with an additional rubber pad to restore bounciness after the original gets soft and worn.

I’ve used a lot of Eyelash Curlers (a lot, a lot) over the years, but my favorites by far were the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers and strangely enough, the ELF Eyelash Curlers from the cheap-y $1 Essentials range (not the one shown). I’d use the cheap-y ELF Eyelash Curler and then layer the Maybelline The Colassal Cat Eyes Mascara (review here) over-top for massive, gorgeously fanned out, sky-high lashes! It was just perfect!

Unfortunately, at the time of this order, I could only find the Pro Eyelash Curler ($4), so I decided to give it a shot. Of course, as soon as I placed my order, I spotted the ELF Eyelash Curler immediately afterwards (which seems to have increased in price over the years to $2), but according to the reviews, ELF has messed with it somehow and it no longer gives the same beautiful results that it once did (one reviewer said it straight up chopped off her lashes) so I guess I dodged a bullet there.

I don’t use Eyelash Curlers on the regular, but the two times that I have already used this thing, I liked it well enough. It was wide and comfortable. More importantly, it didn’t pinch my skin. Also, it had a pretty good handle. All in all, it did the job. It wasn’t awful (I’ve used awful ones before), but it wasn’t amazing either (I’ve used amazing ones before too). It was alright.

I haven’t used the Pro Eyelash Curler long enough for me to be able to suggest that you buy it or skip it. However, for me personally, I thought it was just… okay.

These are all the Tools. I forgot to take a separate photo of the Tweezers.

Slant Tweezers ($1)

A unique slanted tweezer ergonomically designed for easy and accurate tweezing. Professional quality stainless steel construction provides a strong grip that will easily remove any unwanted hairs.

Basically, I got the Tweezers so I could use them to apply False Lashes more easily. I haven’t actually gotten around to wearing Falsies recently (life has been cra-zy), but just to test this thing out, I decided to tweeze a single brow hair. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before on my blog, but I’ve got extremely thin brow hairs. Unless the Tweezers were of superior quality, they would not be able to successfully grip and pull out my extremely thin brow hairs. As such, I could tell right away that the ELF Slant Tweezers just weren’t gonna’ cut it. The tip was blunt and thick. Surprisingly, it did manage to grip the hair, but not successfully pull it out. I gave up after the third attempt. I’d feel the pain and everything, but the single hair would still be firmly lodged in place. That’s fine though because at only $1 I wasn’t really expecting much. Also, like I said, I just wanted this thing to help me apply Falsies more easily.

If you’ve got medium to thick brow hairs or if you’ve got course or curly brow hairs, these Tweezers might work for you… as Tweezers. If you’ve got thin fine hairs, then definitely skip this thing.

Contouring Brush ($6) (Sculpt It Out Brush Set)
Selfie Ready Blending Perfector ($4) (Sculpt It Out Brush Set)
Sculpting Concealer Brush ($3) NEW
Tapered Blending Brush ($3) NEW
Pointed Eye Pencil Brush ($3) NEW
Intense Highlight Applicator ($3) NEW

Finally, the Makeup Brushes! During those 4 or so years that I wasn’t able to order online from them anymore, ELF came out with a ton of new Makeup Brushes! As you can tell from this post alone, a lot of ELF products can be quite hit or miss. It’s just the way they’ve always been. However, their Makeup Brushes are almost always a sure hit! Even the cheap-y ones from the $1 Essentials range! If they don’t work out for you as what they were intended for, you can always just find a different way to use them. Generally, ELF Makeup Brushes look good, feel great and perform amazingly!

Sculpt It Out Brush Set $8 (Value Set)

This brush kit was curated by makeup artists to help you create looks step-by-step. Shape and define your features with this contouring brush duo!

Contouring Brush ($6)
Selfie Ready Blending Perfector ($4)

In addition to the whole slew of NEW Makeup Brushes including an entire NEW line called Beautifully Bare Makeup Brushes from which I hauled a few earlier (here) ELF also started packaging the Makeup Brushes together and selling them as Value Sets.

I’ve had my eye on the Contouring Brush and Selfie Ready Blending Perfector for a while now, so when ELF released them together in a Value Set I quickly jumped on it. Instead of paying $10 for both (purchased individually), you saved $2 if you purchased them together as part of the “Value Set” which retails for $8.

Aside from the larger Kabuki Brushes (which used to come in cardboard packaging), most of the ELF Makeup Brushes usually arrived in a plastic encasing. I’d assumed that these Value Sets would have special packaging or something, but it seems that they’d just grabbed both Brushes (each still in their own separate plastic encasing) and hastily wrapped them together… with cellophane. So sloppy! lol Anyways, aside from the price, everything else was pretty much exactly the same, including the packaging.

ELF also has a whole bunch of other Value Sets that you might probably be interested in checking out.

Contouring Brush ($6)

This brush is specifically designed for advanced makeup application to help achieve professional looks. The densely packed hair and structured shape achieves flawless dimension along the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline for targeted contouring. Perfect for using with pressed or loose bronzer powder, liquids, and creams to create beautiful sculpting all over the face. This brush is made by artisans with expert craftsmanship to cut, shape, and hand-assemble the ultra-fine synthetic hair for a luxurious experience.

You could purchase the Contouring Brush individually for $6 or pay $2 more and get it along with the Selfie Ready Blending Perfector for $8 as a Value Set. Obviously, I opted for the latter.

I’ve purchased something similar before from Illamasqua and MAC and Sigma and The Body Shop (here) and a smaller and more densely packed version from Makeup Revolution (here) and more recently H&M (here) and that’s just off the top of my head (I’m sure I’m forgetting a few). Apparently, I feel the need to own all the Contour Brushes in the world (it’s a disease, I tell ya’).

I got the Contouring Brush because I thought it would go hand in hand with the Light/Medium Contour Palette. Unfortunately, that whole palette was a dry and chalky mess! So, I’m probably going to get more use out of it paired with the Deep Bronzer Bronzer Palette. Aside from the obvious uses such as for Contouring and Bronzing, you can also dip the Contouring Brush in Loose Powder or Concealer and depending on your preference, either sharpen angles (which is what I’m gonna’ try soon) or diffuse them. One reviewer said she even used it to apply her Foundation, but I’m not about that life (watch me say that now and then go and do the opposite lol) Basically, you don’t have to use the Contouring Brush solely for Contouring. As for me, I’ve had my eye on this baby when it was first released (about 4 years ago) which is why I’m ecstatic that I finally got my hands on it!

Selfie Ready Blending Perfector ($4)

Get selfie ready with this medium dome brush. Use this brush to apply concealer, highlight, and contour products and to blend away any harsh lines.

You could purchase the Selfie Ready Blending Perfector individually for $4 or pay $4 more and get it along with the Contouring Brush for $8 as a Value Set. Obviously, I opted for the latter.

Secret Time: I only wanted this baby ‘cuz it looked cute… Stupid name aside, it seems like it would be handy for applying everything from Concealer to Under Eye Setting Powder and perhaps even Highlight. Since I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight (to look like Negan), the product placement of my usual Makeup Brushes has been off recently. I’m hoping that with the help of this li’l cutie, I’ll be able to concentrate Blush only on the apples of my cheeks (as opposed to it spreading down to my jawline). All Makeup needs blending, so you can definitely put this thing to good use, regardless of whatever you choose to use it for.

Intense Highlight Applicator ($3) NEW
Sculpting Concealer Brush ($3) NEW
Tapered Blending Brush ($3) NEW
Pointed Eye Pencil Brush ($3) NEW

Around the time I was filling up my online shopping cart (which is a thing I do on a lot of online makeup stores without necessarily having the intent to actually place that order… ‘kinda like window shopping… it’s fun, ok?) ELF released 4 NEW Makeup Brushes! They were the main driving force behind this entire order. I saw them and was like “umm… MINE!”

Intense Highlight Applicator ($3) NEW

This flocked, sponge-tip applicator is perfect for applying highlighter for the most intense luminized effect. This tool is designed to pick up maximum product and apply effortlessly to the skin.

I’ll be honest, I was of two minds with the Intense Highlight Applicator. On one hand, it was obviously cheap and flimsy and just… stupid. On the other hand, I was getting all the other NEW Makeup Brushes, so why not complete the collection? (#hoardermentality) It’s pretty much exactly what it looks like, a larger version of those cheap-y foam applicators (which incidentally, I love, despite the fact that everyone hates them and always throws them out) that come in Eyeshadow Compacts. I love the tiny foam-tip applicators, because they’re awesome at blending Eyeshadow, but I didn’t see how they or a much larger version of them would work with Highlight.

I tried this thing with my Laura Mercier Indiscretion Face Illuminator (haulage here) and ended up with nothing but shimmer on my cheekbones. I spritzed the Intense Highlight Applicator with the ELF Dewy Setting Mist and tried again. Kapow! It kicked it up several notches! I’m woman enough to admit when I’m wrong, but I’ll apologize (to the Intense Highlight Applicator of course) for misjudging it and make amends only after I see how this thing holds up after being washed.

Sculpting Concealer Brush ($3) NEW

This 3D triangle-shaped concealer brush is designed to get into small crevices of the face for ultimate precision. The soft texture and dense hairs apply product precisely and evenly for a flawless looking finish. Synthetic, vegan-friendly bristles are soft and easy to clean.

Triangle-Shaped, people. Triangle-Shaped! Let that sink in for a moment. I’ve actually been lusting after something similar from several other more expensive brands so I can’t believe how lucky I am to stumble upon the $3 version! I got this baby specifically to apply Concealer on those deep lines that start near the inner corner and spread out.. ok, forget this. I just googled it and apparently it’s called the Tear Trough. There, problem solved (rather than me going on and on in trying and failing to describe it properly).

Recently I’ve just been preferring to apply Concealer only on my tear trough (just along the line, neither dragging it up nor down). I took one look at this baby and it instantly occurred to me that it would be absolutely perfect for stamping Concealer on my tear trough! I feel like it could be used to apply Highlight to your cheekbones or wherever, as well. Even if it had no practical use whatsoever, I’d still be obsessed with the Sculpting Concealer Brush because it just looks so unique (Triangle-Shaped, people)!

Tapered Blending Brush ($3) NEW

The tapered, pointed tip of this small, skinny blending brush makes applying color to the crease and under the eyes effortless. It’s great for getting very precise, intricate, and detailed eye looks. Synthetic, vegan-friendly bristles are soft and easy to clean.

You can never have too many Blending Brushes! This one in particular was quite skinny and long which made it perfect for detailed crease work and basically anything revolving smaller eyes (me!) because in real life, the Tapered Blending Brush is actually much more slim, despite the photos.

Pointed Eye Pencil Brush ($3) NEW

This pointed eye brush is our most pointed, tapered blending brush. With dense yet fluffy bristles, you can get precise definition with the dense, tapered point of the brush, and you can blend effortlessly with the fluffier bristles. Synthetic, vegan-friendly bristles are soft and easy to clean.

In what world is this thing a Pointed Eye Pencil Brush? Such a misleading name lol Next time, I’m going to read the entire description for each and every single product before placing my order. With that being said, I actually quite like this “Pointed Eye Pencil Brush“! It’s obviously not a Pencil Brush by any stretch of the imagination. However, as a Blending Brush, it’s pretty sweet!

Sculpting Concealer Brush ($3) NEW
Tapered Blending Brush ($3) NEW
Pointed Eye Pencil Brush ($3) NEW
Intense Highlight Applicator ($3) NEW

These were all the New Release Makeup Brushes. I’d say you definitely need the Sculpting Concealer Brush and the Tapered Blending Brush, but could probably skip the Pointed Eye Pencil Brush (unless you wanted another Blending Brush) and the Intense Highlight Applicator.

Contouring Brush ($6)
Selfie Ready Blending Perfector ($4)
Sculpting Concealer Brush ($3) NEW
Tapered Blending Brush ($3) NEW
Pointed Eye Pencil Brush ($3) NEW
Intense Highlight Applicator ($3) NEW

As I said before, ELF Makeup Brushes look good, feel great and perform amazingly! I’m very happy with the ones I got in this haul, but I’m definitely looking forward to more NEW Makeup Brush releases from ELF! I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

*Phew* This was a rather long post. Hope you enjoyed it!

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