Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Summer Haulage

Since my previous order (haulage here), about 4 months ago, ELF had come out with a bunch of new products (including 4 new Makeup Brushes). At the time of this order, they had a promo which included a Free Plump It Up Gift (3pc) with any $25+ order, in addition to a Free Sample with every purchase. I’d accumulated enough points (you get 50 point just for signing up) to pick out a Free Gift of my choice (from select items). I figured it was worth placing an order right then and taking advantage of all the deals and promos and such. Mostly, I just wanted to give those Makeup Brushes a try!

Generally, I try to stick to a budget of around $100 (otherwise it’d be too easy to go overboard without even realizing it). The subtotal for this order was $100 (minus the $8.87 sales tax), which I felt was close enough to my personal target.

Makeup (Eye Stuff, Lip Stuff, Face Stuff, geddit? ELF lawl)

Tools (Makeup Brushes, Sharpener, Tweezers, Lash Curler, etc…)

Eye Stuff

Correct & Set “Rose” Under Eye Powder ($4)
“Brown Bonanza” Baked Eyeshadow Trio (Free Sample)
“Black” Longwear Eyeliner ($3)
No Budge Retractable Liner ($3) NEW
“Black” Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil ($4)
Precision Liquid Liner ($3)
Mascara Primer ($3)

Lip Stuff

Lip Primer & Plumper ($3) (Free Plump It Up Gift)
“Coconut” Lip Exfoliator ($3) (Free Plump It Up Gift)
“Natural” Lip Lacquer ($2)
“Champagne Glam” Lip Plumping Gloss ($5) (Free Plump It Up Gift)
“Pink Cosmo” Lip Plumping Gloss ($5)
“Pink Peony” Sheer Matte Liquid Lipstick ($5) NEW

Face Stuff

“Golden” Mix to Match Foundation Undertone Adjuster ($4) NEW
“Always Cheeky” Primer Infused Blush ($6) NEW
Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette ($8)

Face Stuff

“Light/Medium” Contour Palette ($6)
“Deep Bronzer” Bronzer Palette ($6) (Free with Points)

Makeup Brushes

Contouring Brush ($6) (Sculpt It Out Brush Set)
Selfie Ready Blending Perfector ($4) (Sculpt It Out Brush Set)
Sculpting Concealer Brush ($3) NEW
Tapered Blending Brush ($3) NEW
Pointed Eye Pencil Brush ($3) NEW
Intense Highlight Applicator ($3) NEW


Dewy Setting Mist ($8)
Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser ($6) NEW
Artist Mixing Palette ($2)


Dual-Pencil Sharpener ($1)
Slant Tweezer ($1)
Pore Clearing Tools ($2)
Pro Eyelash Curler ($4)

“Brown Bonanza” Baked Eyeshadow Trio (Free Sample with any order)

I’ve seen these Baked Eyeshadow Trios being sold up on the ELF website at a certain point (possibly even purchased a few… can’t remember), but it seems that they’re no longer available anymore. There were no prerequisites for getting this thing, other than just placing an order, which automatically qualified you for a “Free Sample” (which happens to be a legit full-sized product). I didn’t get to choose the product nor the shade, but I’m actually quite pleased that I got this baby in the shade “Brown Bonanza”, because it actually seems wearable!

Plump It Up Gift Set (Free with any $25+ order)

“Coconut” Lip Exfoliator ($3)
“Champagne Glam” Lip Plumping Gloss ($5)
Lip Primer & Plumper ($3)

As far as I can tell, ELF are always giving away a Free Gift with any order of $25 or over. Not to be confused with the Free Sample (which is only one product), the Free Gift is usually a trio (3 piece set) or duo (2 piece set) or sometimes even an actual palette. The products included as a Free Gift are constantly being changed. The current Free Gift includes “Praline” Matte Lip Color and “Nude Linen” Beautifully Bare Smooth Matte Eyeshadow and a Magic, Mist & Set, so all mattes, I guess.

At the time of my order, it was the Plump It Up Set. Personally, I’ve been having a moment with all things Lip Gloss (my love for them has been rekindled thanks to ColourPop) so I was interested in trying out the ELF Lip Plumping Gloss (particularly in the shades Champagne Glam and Pink Cosmo) so when I noticed that the Free Gift actually included “Champagne Glam” Lip Plumping Gloss (which retails for $5), I placed my order right away! The other 2 products were a Lip Exfoliator in the scent Coconut (which I’ve actually purchased recently, here) and a Lip Primer & Plumper (also purchased before, years and years ago). That said, most of the products included in the Free Gift are usually available for individual purchase.

“Deep Bronzer” Bronzer Palette ($6) (Free with Points)

As soon as my previous order shipped (haulage here), I got a few “Beauty Points” ($1 = 2 beauty points) added to my account. You could either spend your points on products from a pre-selected list; 3 cheap-y products (paint pot, lipstick, cleansing wipes) cost 50 points per item, 3 less cheap-y but still cheap products (eyeshadow, lipgloss, travel-size setting mist) cost 100 points per item, whereas the semi-decent products (metal matte liquid lipstick, HD finish powder, retractable kabuki) cost 150 points and so on.

You could spend your points to redeem any one of those products or you could continue saving up for some of the more substantial (expensive) stuff. The “Beauty Bundle” (clear lip exfoliator and “praline” liquid matte lipstick) cost 350 points whereas the “Deluxe Beauty Bundle” (illuminating palette + fan brush) cost a whopping 500 points! You couldn’t even choose which shade you wanted and had to go with whatever they were offering. Thankfully, I spotted a product I wanted (I’ve had my eye on the Bronzer Palette for a minute now) in the shade I actually wanted (“Deep Bronzer“, because I’d heard that the lighter version called “Bronzed Beauty” was lacking in pigmentation) for only 150 points!

Basically, you could waste your points on a cheap-y product or had to save up for some of the more decent products (which you might as well go ahead and just purchase) because the selection of most of their redeemable products was horrible (poor quality, terrible shades, boring products, etc…). I’ve managed to accumulate 500 points (after this order had shipped) but can’t find anything worth spending it on (from their pre-selected list) which kinda’ takes all the fun out of racking up Elf Beauty Points (… ‘cuz it seems pointless now). Sure, I’m happy with the Bronzer Palette but that’s literally the only decent product out of all 12 or however many products they had on the list. Not sure if the list get updated, but I sure hope it does!

These are all items I got for free, which was pretty suh-weet! I mean ELF is pretty inexpensive to begin with, but it’s nice that they’re always coming out with promos and deals and such, in addition to regularly churning out new products! In fact, by the time my order had arrived, ELF had already released even more new products lol

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