Spotted at Victoria’s Secret

We bottled up deep-sea ingredients like Sea Kelp, Ocean Water and Sea Salt and infused them with ocean vibes so you can reef the benefits of super fresh, totally nourished skin.

I was at Soug Sharq picking up a few birthday gifts (Farsali Unicorn Essence and Bath & Body Works Gift Set) and only passing by, when I spotted the Limited Edition Ocean Extracts Collection over at Victoria’s Secret. They had a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deal going on and I was so tempted to pick up a few things for myself, but refrained from doing so (… for now). I just took a few photos instead.

The display is missing the Conditioning Lip Oil and Sea Mist. That said, it seems to me like this Ocean Extracts Collection is a perfect mash-up of both the Water Collection (here) and Sea-Tox Collection (here) from Bath & Body Works (here). The packaging is all lovely and blue! The feature ingredients are Sea Kelp, Ocean Water and Sea Salt. The moisturizer is legit called “Water Lotion“. It even saysSecretly a Mermaid” on the packaging of the Sea Salt Body Scrub! Proof that like I said, Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret are sister companies.

Water Lotion (Ocean Extracts) Ultra Light Moisture Lotion

Super lightweight with mega moisture, this water-based lotion is infused with refreshing Sea Salt. Head-to-tail mer-mazing.

Seeing as how I’ve literally just purchased about a billion moisturizers (here) only recently, I really didn’t need yet another one. However… I really, really want this thing. I mean, it’s legit called Water Lotion! Plus, it’s infused with Sea Salt! I wanna’ be head-to-tail mer-mazing, ok?

Soap & Surf (Ocean Extracts) Dual-Phase Body Wash

Surf’s up! Sea Kelp and Coconut Oil team up in this gentle, ocean-powered cleansing foam. Shake. Pour onto your sponge. Wash. Rinse. Hang ten.

Nope. I understand “beauty-speak” and dual-phase is just another term for something with that horrid “hydrating” residue that doesn’t sufficiently cleanse and yet refuses to wash off ergo, hard pass!

Sea Salt Scrub (Ocean Extracts) Exfoliating Body Scrub

Stay salty. This Sea Salt and Kelp combo buffs away dry skin for a super-smooth, beach-worthy finish.

I’m definitely going back for this baby! I know I just purchased two scrubs (here) only recently and I don’t care! I live for exfoliating and as such, I need this thing!

Superfruit Sheet Masks

Quench. Drench. Repeat. Hot-right-now Superfruits pack a punchy, nutrient-rich skin boost. Treat yourself with superpowered K-beauty masks that feed that gorgeous face.

I also spotted some Sheet Masks! Yaaas, Victoria’s Secret, yaaaaaaas! As far as I’m concerned, the more brands that jump on the bandwagon, the better! So these Superfruit Masks come in Grapefruit Zest Fo’ Life – Love When Ya’ Call Me Big Papaya – You’re My Blueberry Jam – Gonna’ Acai This Test.

I was so tempted to give the scents “Stay Chill” and “Good Vibes” a sniff, but I was running low on time and unlike The Avenues where some stores stay open til midnight, the stores at Soug Sharq start closing at 10pm (or was it 11pm?) and I had to hit up a few other places.

Clay Sheet Masks

No mess clay? Done! The hottest clay formulas in sleek, mess-free sheet masks let you bliss out and clay gorgeous!

I can’t find much about these online so either they’re very new… or more likely, have already been phased out. In any case, more Sheet Masks! Yaaay! These Clay Sheet Masks are available in Pore Shore with AntiOxidant-Rich Raspberry – Wave Stunner with refreshing Sea Kelp – Beach Face (I mean LOL) with Nourishing Cocoa – Keep Palm with Soothing Honeysuckle.

Fresh & Clean Body Mist

Meet your new mists! Explore the fresh new scents on the block while keeping your classic faves like Fresh & Clean and Warm & Cozy on mist, love, repeat!

Fresh & Clean: Fresh, with Tiare Flower & Sea Spray
Urban Bouquet: Floral, with Wild Daisy & Driftwood
All A Dream: Warm, with Blonde Coconut & Exotic Blooms
Warm & Cozy: Warm, Vanilla & Sunburst Passionfruit
Beach Flower: Floral, Purple Magnolia & Palm Leaves

This right here is precisely why I can’t stand Victoria’s Secret. They’re constantly switching up… well… everything! I loved the Body Mist in the scent Sunkissed (repurchased here) only to find that they’ve discontinued it, for absolutely no reason! I loved the original Fresh & Clean Body Mist (haulage here) enough to purchase 2 in the full size. Come to find out that they’ve switched not only the packaging, but also the scent! Ugh, so annoying.

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