ColourPop Disney Designer Collection

ColourPop collabed with Disney to come up with the Disney Designer Collection. The collection featured 6 of the Disney Princesses decked out in “Designer” versions of their typical character outfits.

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog (Green Ruched Top and Yellow-Green Rockabilly Skirt, same colors she wears in the movie, except she has a Black Bolero with Marching Band detailing over-top. The ginormous green flower makes the outfit very “high fashion”. Chic!)

Ariel from The Little Mermaid (Purple Tie-Dye Asymmetrical Punk-y Dress complete with knee-high fishnet socks and fishnet gloves and iridescent fishtail detailing on the abdomen area and mismatched splotches of Aquamarine and Pink and White all over the skirt area, which seems to include some Black around the inner part of high-low hem, all possibly meant to mimic the iridescence of a Mermaid’s Tail. Trashy!)

Belle from Beauty and the Beast (Yellow Off-The-Shoulder Dress with ruffles, which is very off-the-times, with a longer pleated skirt draped and pin-tucked around the much shorter skirt with a single Yellow Rose on the abdomen area. The entire dress features a Red Rose print, which is deliciously apropros! Elegant!).

Jasmine from the movie Aladdin (Rainbow-Vomit Animal Print Aesthetic and Gold-on-Gold everything so…. spot on, for a stereotypical Arab. Also, the only one carrying a Designer Handbag lol The Sleeveless Fitted Jumpsuit with a Matching Skirt over top and Long Pink Waistcoat (Cardigan? Dress?) would be something I’d totally wear… only in a different color… minus the Animal Print, minus the Skirt, minus the gold-on-gold everything lol Also, I love her hair! Even though Ariel is generally my favorite (actually Mulan is my true fave, but she’s not featured), Jasmine looks very Tribal Warrior-esque and is by far the coolest out of all the “Designer” versions!)

Snow White from the movie of the same name (White Greco-Roman Dress… with a White Fur Stole. Boring. Also, her hair should’ve been in a bun, just sayin’).

Cinderella from the movie of the same name (Silver Ball Gown with Black Detailing complete with a matching Shawl and Black Gloves, all dripping in Jewelry. Her hair and the slant of her eyes, makes her look like a 1950’s Barbie. Blech.).

The Disney Designer Collection consisted of a 15-pan Pressed Powder Shadow Palette and 6 Super Shock Shadows and 2 Super Shock Highlighters and 6 Creme Lux Lipsticks and 3 Ultra Glossy Lips. The packaging is quite cute! As were the names and even some of the descriptions. The shades however, were an all together different story (with a not so happy ending).

No offense to ColourPop, but MAC totally did it better with their Venomous Villains Collection (haulage here)!

It’s a Princess Thing Pressed Powder Shadow Palette ($20.00)

Get red carpet ready with the pièces de résistance of the collection, our first 15 pan shadow palette inspired by the iconic Disney princesses. These soft romantic shadows will add a touch of glam to any look to make you photo ready.

1st Row
Chip: matte soft beige nude
Juju: matte warm rosy pink
Grumpy: matte dusty salmon
Triton: sand with a golden sheen
Abu: matte intense warm brown

2nd Row
Prince Charming: ivory pearl with a green duochrome
Ray: metallic champagne
Fairy Godmother: metallic bright coral
One Kiss?: metallic bright coppery gold
Thingamabob: vibrant metallic silver

3rd Row
Enchanted Rose: rich metallic rose
Poison Apple: metallic pinky violet
Magic Carpet: blackened plum
Beast: deep warm brown topped with gold glitter
Midnight Curfew: black sprinkled with silver glitter

Part of Your World Super Shock Highlighter ($8.00)

Look at this soft silvery pink, isn’t it neat?

A Smile and a Song Super Shock Highlighter ($8.00)

With this light gold life is just a bright sunny day!

Heigh-Ho Super Shock Shadow ($5.00)

You’ll be diggin’ this ivory pearl sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter

So This Is Love Super Shock Shadow ($5.00)

This soft pink with a frosted finish is what makes life divine.

Almost There Super Shock Shadow ($5.00)

There ain’t nothing gonna stop you now in this deep bronze drenched with silver glitter!

Be Our Guest Super Shock Shadow ($5.00)

If you’re stressed it’s this berry pink with a blue and violet sheen that we suggest!

Under The Sea Super Shock Shadow ($5.00)

Darling it’s better in this bright seafoam green with a golden sheen.

A Whole New World Super Shock Shadow ($5.00)

This icy lavender with pink, silver, and baby blue glitter is shining, shimmering, splendid!

Tiana Creme Lux Lipstick ($7.00)

There’s no denying, this deep oxblood red will make you feel like Evangeline.

Ariel Creme Lux Lipstick ($7.00)

Complete your collection with this peachy beige nude

Belle Creme Lux Lipstick ($7.00)

This enchanted rosy berry will give you so much more than this provincial life!

Jasmine Creme Lux Lipstick ($7.00)

This vibrant hot pink will show you a whole new world.

Snow White Creme Lux Lipstick ($7.00)

This candy apple red will have you ready for true love’s kiss.

Cinderella Creme Lux Lipstick ($7.00)

Time’s running out! This true blue pink is only here ‘til midnight.

Bibbidi Ultra Glossy Lip ($6.00)

This clear gloss with a golden sheen will transform any look.

Bobbidi Ultra Glossy Lip ($6.00)

Your wish has been granted in this soft coral.

Boo Ultra Glossy Lip ($6.00)

This warm rose will make your dreams come true.

What the heck, ColourPop? Why were the majority of the shades in this collection so… boring? The shade Triton (sand with a golden sheen) was the only shade that actually appealed to me, in the entire 15-pan Pressed Powder Palette. As for the Super Shock Shadows, the shade A Whole New World (icy lavender with pink, silver, and baby blue glitter) seemed interesting. Maybe even Almost There (deep bronze drenched with silver glitter) and Heigh-Ho (ivory pearl sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter). Both Super Shock Highlighters didn’t seem particularly all that exciting. I mean, did we really need yet another Pink Highlighter or yet another Gold Highlighter, for that matter? The Lipstick shades were all quite boring and most quite frankly were unwearable. Ariel (peachy beige nude) seemed like the only one that was remotely wearable, out of all them. Personally, I would’ve preferred Lippie Stix over the Creme Lux Lipsticks. Lastly, the Ultra Glossy Lips all seemed a bit bland and would’ve been way cooler had they been released as an Ulta Blotted Lip!

Personally, I would’ve liked to see some Super Shock Bronzers, maybe in a Light Matte (Ariel), Medium Matte (Jasmine) and Dark Matte (Tiana) instead of the Super Shock Highlighters that they’d released for this collection. Also, some Super Shock Blushes in all-new shades (possibly a different shade for each Princess) would’ve been much appreciated! If they really wanted to come out with some decent Highlighters for this collection, they should’ve gone with the Crystal Liquid Highlighter formula. The Pressed Powder Shadow Palette was so unnecessary because all the shades were boring! Same with the shades that they came out with for the Super Shock Shadows and Creme Lux Lipsticks in this collection. All the shades were just meh. If it were up to me, I’d have come out with about several Pressed Powder Shadow Quads, each correlating to a certain Princess;

Tiana could’ve had a warm toned palette, ranging from metallic golds and shimmery oranges to dark forest greens mattes.
Ariel should’ve definitely had a few iridescent duochrome-y glitter-y shades revolving around mermaids (to be used as toppers), think along the lines of the shade Glass Bull.
Belle could’ve had a cool toned palette including a nice deep navy matte and a few shimmery lilacs and pinks.
Jasmine could’ve had a neon palette with a whole bunch of fun colorful mattes including a true red.
Snow White could’ve had a neutral palette with all the basics (creamy lid shades, light brown crease shades, slightly warm toned browns, etc…) because Snow White is a basic…. princess.
Cinderella could’ve had an all metallic palette with silver and champagnes for more festive occasions.

Doesn’t that sound so much nicer? And that’s just off the top of my head. They could’ve done so much more with this collection and I’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t. As I said earlier, I believe MAC totally did it better with their Venomous Villains Collection (haulage here)!

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