Spotted at Bath and Body Works (Mishref Co-Op)

After all the unpleasantness at the Perfume & Makeup Section (here) I was headed towards the exit when I spotted the “new” Sea-Tox Collection (Mermaid Approved) over at Bath & Body Works! It was all Sea Minerals this and Seaweed that, basically detoxing ingredients. On the other side of the Sea-Tox Collection display, they had also had the equally “new” Water Collection on display! You can see them cleverly displayed on life rafts (so cute!) in the promo shot above. The main ingredient being Hyaluronic Acid which is excellent at hydrating your skin!

Both collections had been released world-wide about a couple months ago (I wanna’ say around May), hence the quotation marks around the word new. Meanwhile, we finally got them here in Kuwait at the end of August. They were literally stocking the shelves with the Sea-Tox Collection when I walked in. Personally, I’m just glad both collections even got to us at all. Aside from all the great ingredients, the packaging was pretty awesome too! It’s been awhile since any Bath & Body Works Collection had captured my heart interest so fully! If that wasn’t enough, for a limited amount of time, all full-size items from both “new” collections would retail for only KD 2/750 each (granted most of the collection retailed for around $17 in the U.S.) which was oh-so-very enticing!

I also spotted a few ridiculously cute items such as Expandable Pop-Up Washcloths in all kinds of fruit designs and Rose-Shaped Bath & Shower Sponges in Light Pink and Red (photos below), but I don’t believe those were part of either of the newer collection. Still… stupid cute!

Water Collection

I love the whole theme of this collection! I find the idea of a Water Collection incredibly appealing! Also, I simply adore the packaging! It kinda’ reminds me of the Hydrating Water range of products from E.L.F. (previously hauled here) and the MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection (haulage here) actually. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, my skin has been pretty dry lately and some of the products had Hyaluronic Acid so… serendipity! Best of all, the scent on most of the products in this collection reminded me of a much more subtle take on the Coconut Leaves Candle (haulage here) and Seaside Escape Candle (haulage here)!

Sea-Tox Collection (Mermaid Approved)

One of the first things I noticed was that the artwork on certain products in this collection looked suspiciously similar to an extremely popular Japanese Print called The Great Wave of Kanagawa. I didn’t know what it was actually called (up until I googled it for this post), but I knew that it was Japanese and that I’d seen it elsewhere (have been seeing it a lot actually, everywhere).

At first, I wanted everything in this collection (hey, it was Mermaid Approved, ok?) but narrowed it down to just a “few” bits, because I knew I wasn’t actually going to use certain products like the Shimmer Gel. The scent on most of these was surprising light and subtle, slightly aquatic, almost unisex really, which I found absolutely delightful! The whole collection was just perfection! Such a cute idea for a summer collection! Good job, Bath & Body Works!

Pop-Up Washcloths

Not quite sure how useful these will actually be, but quite cute nonetheless! I couldn’t decide between the Watermelon and Lemon, but eventually went with the Watermelon.

Rose Sponge

Bring some floral fabulousness to the tub with this totally cute rose sponge! It features a loop for quick-dry convenience. Pair with any of our shower gels for a rich lather and feel refreshed.

0% practical but 200% adorable!

The wonderful staff (Sales Assistant was a young female from Nepal and the dude behind the cash register was a cheerful Filipino) were very accommodating! They left me alone to shop in peace, but whenever I did approach them with a query, their answers were well-informed and to the point! Best of all, they’d leave me alone again, immediately after, as I find it unnerving and uncomfortable when Sales Assistants shadow me. Worst still, when they try to push products on me, especially things I’m not even remotely interested in. Not once did the Sales Assistant at Bath & Body Works force me to look at anything I wasn’t interested in (shocking, I know). In fact, she actually suggested that I try out the products I wanted, over at the sink (even rolling up my sleeves for me, because I’d forgotten to do so before getting both hands wet)! Most refreshing of all, not once did they bug me about taking photos! In fact, once they realized what I was doing, they even started helping out! The dude at the cash register actually aligned the pop-up washcloths for me, unprompted! He even started sharing some tips about lighting, again, unprompted! At one point, a song that I like came on and I kinda’ got caught up and started singing out loud only to be joined by the dude behind the cash register.

Basically, both Sales Assistants were pretty cool! Their demeanor was extremely friendly! As such, I was more than willing to drop some cash at the place. It was such a stark contrast to my previous experience with the obnoxious Sales Assistant at the Perfume & Makeup Section (here).

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