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My experience (here) at the Perfume & Makeup Section (Mishref co-op, top floor, all the way at the end of the hall) had left a bad taste in my mouth so I wasn’t really in the mood to try anything on. However, on my way back to the escalator (to take me back to the ground floor so I could leave the co-op) I spotted a cute Denim Jacket on display over at Next.

Next will always hold a special place in my heart for several reasons. The strip of clothing stores (Next and Oasis and I wanna’ say Mango or possibly Guess?) in Old Salmiya was the place to buy our school uniforms from (White Tops and Navy Trousers). This was way back before The Avenues and 360 Mall and Marina Mall and even Fanar Mall and Souk Sharq. The trendy girls at school (not me) would always be sporting the latest variation of White Tops and Navy Trousers from those stores (… and argue about who wore it first). More often than not, we’d run into other people from school (even the teachers) every time we’d shop at Old Salmiya.

Also, Next had really charming decor items (as a tween and early teen and even now, I’m kinda’ obsessed with decor stuff)! In fact, I still own a rather beautiful gem-encrusted mirrored keepsake box from Next. Clothing-wise, it was one of the very few places where I could easily find my preferred style of Trousers which happened to be Bootcut (slight flare towards the bottom) which I found aesthetically appealing and also as I grew older found that Bootcut Pants actually evened out my plus-size figure. Most importantly, Next actually had plus-sizes available for purchase (which back in the day weren’t as readily available in Kuwait as they are nowadays). That’s why even though I don’t shop as much at Next anymore (I’ll still pop in for a random item here, from time to time) it’ll always hold a special place in my heart for nostalgic reasons.

The last Denim Jacket I owned was an extremely cropped version (that only covered the chest area) which I’d pair with a matching fitted Denim Maxi Skirt and a bright top, all of which was chosen for me and payed for by my mom (I was 13 ok?) and I’ve never had a Denim Jacket since. Actually, I did pick up a White Denim Jacket from my beloved Express (Avenues) back before they closed down (around 2012), but that’s it. Just like Black Leather Jackets, I’ve always lusted after a proper Dark Blue Denim Jacket, but the fit was always off (too short, too long, too tight in the arms area, too bulky in the waist area, etc…). That didn’t stop me from trying them on anyway (there’s always hope). The Sales Assistant handed me a size 8 (before losing weight, I used to wear everything from a size 14 to a size 16 and sometimes even size 18 lol) which stunned me for half a sec. In fact, the last pair of Jeans I’d purchased from Next were these gorgeous dark Forest Green Skinny Jeans in a size 16 (when I was still married so I wanna’ say 2013) and I’m kinda’ bummed out that they don’t fit me anymore.

The Denim Jacket in a size 8 fit great! It was fitted (not bulky) and the length was great and everything! Come to find out that it was actually in Petite (catered towards shorter women) which explains the perfect fit! Can you blame me for being so fond of Next? That said, I wanted to get the most use out of this baby so I decided to go a size up (so I could wear bulkier tops like a Black Turtleneck or whatever underneath the Denim Jacket during winter). I ended up purchasing the Denim Jacket in a size 10.

I can’t wait to pair this baby with the American Eagle Wide Leg Jeans (here)!

The Denim Jacket is available in Dark Blue Denim (so cool!) and Mid Blue Denim (meh) and White Denim (snazzy) in the lengths Regular and Petite and Tall and retails for only KD 10/000 over at Next

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