The Body Shop Buy 2 Get 2 Free

The Body Shop (Marina Mall) were having a Buy 2 Get 2 Free promo going on… and as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve started to get seriously annoyed by all my candy scented everything and really needed more fresh and clean scents, pronto. Since I’d already purchased a bunch of stuff from The Body Shop just recently (haulage here), I only got a few travel-sized Minis this time around.

Fuji Green Tea Shampoo (refreshingly purifying)
Fuji Green Tea Conditioner (refreshingly hydrating)

Refresh meeeeeee!

Spa of the World Brittany Coast Algae Body Wash (revitalising)
Spa of the World Adriatic Peony Body Wash (relaxing)

Relax meeeeeee! I’ve actually purchased Spa of the World Brittany Coast Algae Body Wash earlier (here) and enjoyed it enough to repurchase it.

Petra Sandstone Eyeshadow

I’ve hit pan on my beloved Stray Dog which is my favorite Eyeshadow of life from Urban Decay and I’ve been on the hunt for a dupe ever since. After swatching it in-store, I was so sure #215 Petra Sandstone was a dupe for Stray Dog.

I’ve swatched Petra Sandstone on my pinky and the back of my hand in the first 2 photos and alongside Stray Dog in the last photo. Unfortunately, Petra Sandstone (oooh like the historical landmark in Jordan! I get it, I get it) is lighter and pinker and is therefore not a dupe. Also, once you remove the outer packaging (cardboard sleeve) the Eyeshadow literally has no cover (making it susceptible to dust, fluff, etc…) which I guess is supposed to encourage people to purchase their Empty Palettes (no thanks) lol

As you can see (I like how the acronym for Spa of The World is SOW) I only payed KD 2 per Shower Gel and ended up getting the Shampoo and Conditioner for Free. Then, with the money I “saved“, I bought the Eyeshadow for KD 2/500 (girl-logic).

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