Celebrity Big Brother Season 22

I didn’t even know that the new season of Celebrity Big Brother had begun, up until I noticed my previous Celebrity Big Brother posts (here and here and here and here and here) getting lots of views. Lo and behold, not only had Season 22 started, but they were all the way up to episode 14! I jotted down my first impressions and predictions on my phone (using my trusty Notes app) while watching the first episode, but never got around to actually posting any of it because a week later they were already talking about the finale (so it was too late). Honest to God, I predicted that Roxanne would ask to leave the house at some point and sure enough she did! This season, I disliked them all, side from Kirstie Alley and Nick Leeson and later on Ben Jardine. Apparently, the theme this season was supposed to be the housemate’s past “storms” (controversies) with the focus being on Stormy Daniels (who pulled out lol at the last minute).

On the first night, the host, Emma Willis, slayed in her bespoke navy jumpsuit! From the Shoulder-Pads and the Collar to the Wide-Leg bottoms, she killed it! Honestly, this woman can do no wrong in my eyes!

Natalie Nunn (33): American Reality TV Personality (Bad Girls Club). She was very rude and confrontational (which I guess is her shtick). From the moment she set foot onstage (to enter the house) I thought she was very crass and tacky. She even made my darling Emma uncomfortable with her “I’m the Queen of the UK” comment. Even the way she talked to people was irritating. It’s great that you have your own opinion and all (on everything), but dang, you don’t have to shove it down people’s throats! No surprise, she was the first to get evicted.

Ryan Thomas (34): Actor (Coronation Street) and incidentally also the winner of this season of Celebrity Big Brother. I didn’t like him at first because I felt he was hamming it up (being fake) for the cameras. However, I felt so sorry for him when Roxanne accused him of punching her repeatedly and felt deeply gratified when they actually aired the incident (the cameras captured the whole thing) clearly showing that she’d been straight up lying. Still, I wish someone else would’ve won rather than Ryan, but congrats to the guy, I guess.

Nick Leeson (51): Banker that broke the bank (Barings Bank), lost the bank 800 million pounds, went on the run (week-long manhunt), sentenced to 6 years in jail but was released before his time because he got cancer. Apparently even a movie was made of his story! I really enjoyed his dry humor in the house and the fact that he made an effort to join in (sang and danced and did the tasks) alongside the younger set. Surprisingly, very like-able!

Roxanne Pallett (35): Actress (Emmerdale). As soon as she set foot on stage, all I could think was “ugh, total diva”. Shortly after, while walking down the steps into the house for first time, she actually licked her hands (to try to remove whatever was on her top)! She kept licking her hands, then walked inside and proceed to shake hands with everyone! Yuck! Same day, the housemates were walking by the pool, when she throws herself falls in and stares accusingly at the nearest housemate who immediately threw up his hands saying “I didn’t touch you”. Basically, she was a drama queen who liked to sensationalize everything (classic daddy issues….). Despite being newly engaged, she was flirting hardcore with another one of the housemates (Ben) and leading him on. It wasn’t subtle either… the guy straight up confessed his love on several occasions :/ I did not think I could dislike her more, up until she accused Ryan of repeatedly punching her with all his might. Once Ben (the guy who fell in love with her) was evicted, she asked to leave and the producers let her walk. Honestly? Called it!

Hardeep Singh Koli (49): Reporter/Chef/”Comedian”. I really disliked Hardeep as well. For one, he tried to paint everyone in the house as a racist. Everything always boiled down to race with this guy. Also, for a so-called “Chef”, he actually messed up baking a cake! Who messes up a cake? Not to mention that several people legit got food poisoning from his cooking. Also, as a “Comedian” he sure was sensitive (he could dish it but just couldn’t take it). The main reason I disliked the guy was how sleazy he came across. The way he was leering at the women, practically undressing them with his eyes was so gross and creepy! I especially didn’t like how he was always finding reasons to hug or touch 21-year-old Chloe. It didn’t come across as fatherly and caring. It came across as gross and creepy. For someone who lost his job at BBC for sexually harassing his female coworker, it didn’t seem like he’d learned his lesson. To add insult to injury, Hardeep is actually married!

Psychic Sally Morgan (66): I think mysticism and whatnot is fun and all, but to be taken with a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, Psychic Sally was supposed to be the psychic of the stars and yet most of her predictions were wrong, unless she was predicting something blatantly obvious. I believe she is a fraud, but I did like her… at first. As the housemates got evicted and were whittled down to a handful, she showed her true colors. She was a nasty, spiteful and vindictive bully. It’s obvious that I have no love for the guy (Hardeep), but Sally was relentless and kept picking on him and even tried to get the others to turn on him (by constantly talking about him behind his back).

Ben Jardine (36): Reality TV Personality (Married At First Sight). He seemed a bit loopy, like he wasn’t all there. His stay in the house did nothing to change that impression. Granted I didn’t like him at first, but he did win me over by being such a nice guy to everyone! Plus, he was a ball of energy and just plain fun! I was so annoyed when the newly engaged Roxanne was clearly leading him on and he practically had hearts in his eyes every time he looked at her! I was more annoyed when he got evicted so early on in the game as I believe he had much more to show!

Chloe Ayling (21): Model. I thought she was pretty… and dumb. Unfortunately, her stay in the house did nothing to change that impression. Married-Man Jermaine led her on (hiding the fact that he was married) and she went along with it, up until she got evicted. That said, she knew had a “missus” outside the house (granted she didn’t know by “missus” he meant wife) so… karma? As a mother of a 3-year-old, I really hope she wises up and doesn’t continue to be as naive as she currently seems to be.

Kirstie Alley (67): American Actress or as Emma kept referring to her, “Hollywood Royalty”. I gotta’ be honest, I’m totally biased when it comes to Kirstie. People know her from Star Trek and the Look Who’s Talking movies, but she’ll always hold a special place in my heart for her role in It Takes Two (where she starred alongside the young Olsen Twins). Also, she’s still just so beautiful! Also, I love her voice! Also, her sense of humor kills me! Also, she was so down to earth during her stay in the Big Brother House! It threw me off when she mentioned that she was into Scientology because she seemed so sane but whatever. What do I care what people believe as long as they’re decent humans? Kirstie was super endearing!

Rodrigo Alves (35): The “Human Ken Doll”. The Brazilian Model was abruptly removed from the house by the producers, for something that never actually aired (viewers didn’t get to see the cause). Prior to his removal, I had trouble understanding him (thick accent and strange sense of humor), but more than that, I was creeped out by the way he looked. After spending £500,000 and going through 150 plastic surgeries and procedures, to end up looking like that? I’d demand a refund… just sayin’. So curious to know what incident was that led to him being removed though.

Dan Osborne (27): British Reality TV Personality (Towie). I felt that Dan had about as much personality as a cardboard box. I didn’t like him from the start because there were rumors of him cheating on his wife in the past… with Gabby Allen. What does he do during the stay in the house? Flirt with Gabby Allen… the entire time. If I was the mother of his children and saw him always cuddling with Gabby (whom he’d previously been romantically linked to by the tabloids) and constantly flirting with her, at one point even laying on top of her in bed, I’d be livid. So disrespectful.

Gabby Allen (26): British Reality TV Personality (Love Island). I thought her romance with Marcel was blatantly fake on Love Island (as opposed to all the other relationships on that show? lawl) but was willing to give her a second chance on Celebrity Big Brother. Unfortunately, every time I’d try to warm up to her, she’d do or say something super annoying. The most off-putting thing of all was her constant flirting with Married-Man Dan. For someone who was supposedly cheated on by Marcel (meaning she knows firsthand how it feels) she had no qualms about flirting with a married man. Also, her voice (akin to nails on a chalkboard) grated on my nerves. I just can’t with Gabby. I just can’t.

Jermaine Pennant (35): ex-Arsenal member. Ugh! I disliked most of the housemates this season (aside from Kirstie and Nick and later on Ben), but Jermaine was by far the worst! He broke the rules by sending notes to Chloe, had secret trysts with her in the bathroom, shared a bed with her (doing God knows what under the covers) and basically led her on! Once he got drunk and let slip that his “missus” was actually his wife, Chloe confronted him and he tried to blow her off. Then he had a not-so-secret (cameras picked up everything) “secret conversion” with Chloe in the bathroom telling her to downplay the romance once she left the Big Brother House (ugh). When the rest of the housemates brought up his antics with Chloe, he denied the whole thing by saying “it was just banter”. Once Chloe got evicted, he even compared her to a dog! It seems Jermaine had learned nothing from his past and is still just as much of a disgusting human as he ever was :/ I feel so sorry for his wife.

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