Hair Care Empties and Declutter

After 4 years of moving in, I figure it’s finally time to start unpacking and making myself at home… at home lol I’ve got a pretty spacious apartment, but most of is being taken up by boxes. It’s high time I start unpacking those boxes, keeping what I wanna’ keep, donating what I don’t wanna’ keep and trashing whatever needs to be trashed. A lot of is just clothes that don’t fit me anymore (since I lost a bit of weight), while the rest is just random stuff that I no longer feel the need to own. As I unpack the boxes, you’ll see a lot of these “Empties” and “Decluttering” posts… maybe.

Starting with some Hair Care stuff, I’m going to be trashing all of these, because unfortunately at this point they’ve all pretty much expired. In fact, they’re so old that most of them have been discontinued.

Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo intense replenishment for sun exposed hair (orange packaging)
Redken Color Extend Sun After-Sun Mask (orange packaging)
Redken Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield leave-in smoother for sun-exposed hair (orange packaging)

I believe I got the Redken Color Extend Sun Hair Care Collection as a free gift from Allure, back when the Collection was first released (I wanna’ say 2009) but never got around to actually using any of them. I was saving them for my imaginary island resort trip… that never came lol

Sunsilk Damage Repair Leave-In Cream with nourishing olive oil energisers (orange packaging)

I only picked the Sunsilk Leave-In Cream because I couldn’t find the Garnier Leave-In Cream (which was my favorite go-to), but didn’t like this stuff as much (from what I can remember at least).

Aussie Sprunch Hairspray (purple packaging)

When I first started noticing Aussie Hair Care start popping up at Sultan Center, I felt the need to snatch up each and every product as I came across it (because at the time, Aussie was like a rare Pokemon, at least in Kuwait). With use, I’ve realized that I actually detest this particular sort of Hairspray (makes my hair sticky and clump together) and much prefer your average run-of-the-mill Sea Salt Spray to this stuff.

Alberto VO5 Curl Boost Curl Scrunching Spray (red packaging)

Same issue as the Aussie Sprunch Hairspray. Messy (made the floor sticky), clumped my hair together and did’t even get rid of any frizz. I was attracted to it because it said “heat defense technology” on the packaging, but it just made my hair literally sizzle whenever I’d use any hot tools.

L’Oreal Studio Curl Power Spray (white/orange packaging)

Same issue as the Aussie Sprunch Spray and Alberto VO5 Curl Scrunching Spray. This stuff was messy, sticky and weighed my hair down (giving me the dreaded triangle-hair effect). At least the other two smelled nice. This stuff smelled horrible.

Wella Wellaflex 2nd Day Volume Blow-Dry Spray (blue/bronze packaging)

Same issue as the rest. Made my clean hair look dirty and greasy, clumped everything together and was an overall mess in general.

Inecto Pure Citrus Shine Boost Glossing Spray (clear packaging)

Found this stuff at my local co-op, of all places. As a blonde, my hair could use all the “shine” it could get, because blonde hair can tend to look a bit… dull. Plus, this stuff smelled great! I actually enjoyed using this stuff, but I’m pretty sure it’s expired by now so I’m gonna’ have to get rid of it. Incidentally, other Inecto products are now sold at Boots (haulage here).

Zero Frizz Smooth Ends Leave-In Conditioning Treatment (blue packaging)

Another local co-op fine, I only picked this stuff up because I had really, really long hair and didn’t feel like getting a haircut (lazy). I figured that if the ends looked smooth, I could get away with not getting a haircut for a bit longer, sorta’ like slapping a band-aid on a knife wound lol Plus, the packaging looked cool! That said, I’m pretty sure this stuff was already expired when I bought it (our local co-op is the best at that) so I never had the courage to actually apply it.

Charles Worthington Takeaways Stay Smooth Frizz-Taming Serum (mini)

I believe I bought this stuff at Boots because it was tiny and cute! It was alright.

Toni&Guy Moisture Injection Serum (frosted packaging)

Also purchased at Boots, this stuff is bomb! If you’ve got dry hair, I definitely recommend you give this stuff a shot!

Redken Electrix Wax 11 Shine Fused Texturizer (unisex) (silver tub)

Not even sure where I got this stuff (probably abroad), but basically I’d use it after curling my hair and even then, only on the ends. It just made my curls go from looking nice to ah-mazing!

Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream (yellow)
Frederic Fekkai Hair Mask (yellow)

As you can tell from the packaging (which isn’t in English and is all taped up) I purchased these (along with some John Frieda Hair Care) abroad while I was in Germany, back before those brands were readily available in Kuwait. I actually hoarded a lot of Frederic Fekkai and John Frieda stuff at the time, for my friends and family as well as myself. Thankfully, Frederic Fekkai and John Frieda are now much more accessible in Kuwait.

TRESemme Smoothing Creme Serum (white/black packaging)
TRESemme Heat Defense Protect Creme Serum (white/black packaging)

I’m pretty sure I picked these up (along with some other TRESemmé products) at Mishref Fair Grounds during the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition. I find the scent on most TRESemme to be quite appealing and these were no exception. Not quite sure if they actually did anything though, to be honest.

Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm (white/silver packaging)

This stuff was purchased at Boots. Basically, this was a Sleep Hair Mask before those were actually a thing. I tried it about twice or thrice, before completely giving up on it, mainly because I felt icky about going to sleep with product in my hair.

Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Smooth Curls Conditioner (baby pink packaging)

Also purchased at Boots, this stuff strongly reminded me of the Victoria’s Secret Shampoo and Conditioner I purchased from VaVaVoom (way back before Victoria’s Secret had their own stores in Kuwait) which left my freshly washed hair feeling dirty and greasy and just all around gross.

Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly (coral packaging)

Also purchased from Boots…. mostly because it looked cute. I’ve never actually got around to using this stuff, but if you’re interested, they seem to have updated the packaging, as you can see in my Spotted at Boots post (here).

Boots Fresh! Banana Hair Mask (yellow)

Oh man, does anyone else remember these? Back before The Body Shop’s Banana range (haulage here), the Fresh! range from Boots by Boots was my jam! Other than their Banana Hair Care, they had a Strawberry Face Scrub and Chocolate Face Mask and Yogurt something or other and the packaging was hella’ cute! They were readily available when Boots first opened up shop in Kuwait and some of the first products I actually bought from them! I wonder what ever happened to the Fresh! range…

Lee Stafford Poker Straight DeHUMIDIFIER Spray (hot pink can)

I believe this was another purchase from Germany, but Lee Stafford is also readily available in Kuwait. Even though I don’t notice any of their products actually doing anything (I like to tell myself that they are), I simply adore this brand for some some reason!

TRESemme Colour Shine Hair Spray (large black can)
TRESemme Tres Two Hair Spray (small black can)

I was in Lebanon when a hairstylist cut my hair, dyed it, and styled it to perfection (dunno’ what it is about the Lebanese and hair-styling, but they’ve got the magic touch) before I went out.. for a night out. It was crazy humid, but my blow-out remained perfectly intact! I’d noticed that the hairstylist had used the TRESemme (Anti-Humidity) Hair Spray as a finishing touch and I’ve been on a quest to find this mythical Hair Spray ever since then. I actually purchased 2 of the larger cans at Mishref Fair Grounds during the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition ages ago. In fact, they were featured in one of my earliest hauls (here). Relatively more recently, I purchased the smaller can from Sultan Center. That said, neither of them was the same as the one that used on my hair in Lebanon, but it’s as close as I could get.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Take Charge Style-Managing Mousse (silver can)
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hair Spray (chunky silver can)

I used to be all about John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease line back in the day. In fact, one of my earliest posts on this blog was entirely dedicated to the John Fried Frizz-Ease Hair Serum (here)! At first, I had to hoard them from abroad, but now John Frieda is literally sold everywhere in Kuwait! I believe I purchased the both of these from Sultan Center.

x2 Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatment (capsules)

Okay… so I seem to have confused the Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatments with the Pantene Pro-V Hot Oil Treatments (honest mistake, people), but this stuff is what I was referring to in my Spotted at Sultan Center post (here). I guess the V’s threw me off. Anyhow, as I said in my earlier post, my hair loved the Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatments! Highly recommend!

Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Emergency Intensive Treatment (yellow tube)

I picked a bunch of these up from Germany (found at any given drugstore/pharmacy) and this was the sole survivor. Prior to my trip, I’d never even noticed Schwarzkopf, but now I keep seeing it popping up in the most random places in Kuwait. Pretty decent Hair Care brand, if I do say so myself!

Frederic Fekkai Hi-Lights Hair Mascara (navy packaging)

As a blonde, I kinda’ got sick of having to get my roots done once every month or so. As such, I was hoping I could buy some extra time with a few swipes of this Hair Mascara. However, the thought of getting my freshly washed hair all clumpy and sticky from Hair Color, skeeved me out… I actually ordered this stuff online from Sephora via Amazon (back when Sephora was available on Amazon and used to accept international credit cards), but never got around to actually using it.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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