American Eagle Buy 2 Get 1 Free

I was stalking Zara (Avenues) for a certain item (which still isn’t available for purchase, despite all the SA’s promises) and on my way back, noticed that American Eagle had a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo. Rather than going home empty-handed, I decided to take a quick lap around the store and see if there was anything worthwhile. All of their tops were either overly faded t-shirts (that looked like they’d seen better days) or cropped tops (ranging from t-shirts baring a sliver of midriff all the way to cold-shoulder tops that were essentially glorified bras). The rest was all cold weather outerwear (already?) such as Stripe-y Wool Cardigans and other Knitwear! I spotted about four Jumpsuits (which I’d mistaken for dresses at first) that were somewhat cute, but they were only available in the size XL. They had Short Shorts (which I don’t do) in a variety of styles and washes, and Midi Shorts (infinitely more wearable) in a pitiful selection of unflattering light colors. As for their Jeans, I was so over Cropped Jeans and had accumulated more than enough Skinny Jeans and Jeggings, especially ones with all kinds of rips and frayed hems and other embellishments. In fact, I’d barely even touched the ones I’d purchased from Zara earlier (here). Unfortunately, Jeggings, Cropped Jeans and Skinny Jeans were apparently all they sold at American Eagle or so it seemed… until I spotted the Palazzo Pants!

Again, out of all the numerous colors and styles up on their website, only a meager selection of Palazzo Pants had actually made it to Kuwait (missing their matching tops), and even then, most of them were cropped (ugh), while the ones that weren’t cropped were only available in the size L and XL. I was just about to call it quits, when I spotted a really cool pair of Stripe-y Palazzo Pants (what is it with me and stripes?) and just had to try to them on! I figured since I was going to be dropping my pants anyway, I might as well make it worth my while by trying on a couple of other things too, while I was at it. After taking a closer look at the Jeans Chart revealed that they apparently had Jeans in styles other than Jeggings, Cropped Jeans and Skinny Jeans, I picked up a pair of Kick Bootcut Jeans and a pair of Wide Leg Jeans to try on… in all kinds of different sizes (because it’s been a minute since I’ve shopped at American Eagle and I’d kinda’ lost a little bit of weight since then). After trying on several pairs of Palazzo Pants, I finally decided to go with the one I’d wanted initially. All the Jeans I tried on were only available in the Regular Length which was overly long on me (I’m 5’1 which apparently means I’m short by international standards so length-wise I have to stick with Short/Petite, except they never bring those over to Kuwait, which is why I have to make do with Regular and if possible, get them hemmed). I tried the Kick Bootcut Jeans in several different sizes, but due to the longer length, every size looked… odd on me, which meant I had to pass on getting them. I’d just finished binge-watching Girlboss on Netflix and was kinda’ obsessed with the whole look of Wide Leg Jeans now, so regardless of how awful they might’ve looked on me, come hell or high water, I was walking out of that store with a pair of my own.

I left the changing room with the Stripe-y Palazzo Pants and Wide Leg Jeans that I was going to purchase. Surprisingly, it took much longer to choose a third item, than it did actually trying on the clothes in the changing room. For the life of me, I could not find anything else that looked remotely interesting to me… in the entire store! I even flirted with the idea of picking out one of their more decent-looking Sandals, except none of them looked like they had much arch support, if any. In the end, I gave up and just settled for a White Kimono-looking thing that I figured I could maybe wear over my sleeveless tops and dresses.

Dark Wash Wide Leg Jeans retail for KD 17 or up on the website (U.S) for $49.95

A strong silhouette. For play or work, every body makes these jeans look good.
– Super Stretch
– Mid-weight denim gives you the right amount of structure
– Holds its shape & won’t bag out. Ever.
– LYCRA® fibers
– Dark wash—we obsess over every detail

The Sales Assistant handed me these in a size 2 and a size 6 (apparently size 4 had sold out). After trying on the Kick Bootcut Jeans and being disappointed with the fit (in several sizes), I had no faith that the Wide Leg Jeans would look any better. The fact that I tried them on in a size 6 and was practically engulfed in denim, didn’t give me much hope either. I was actually pretty bummed out because these Wide Leg Jeans looked insanely cool! Thankfully, once I tried them on in a size 2, I was delighted to find that they fit exactly the way I wanted them to! Granted, they did trail behind me (again, I’m 5’1), but I was already planning on pairing them with heels anyway.

Cream Tie Front Pleated Pants retail for KD 18 or up on the website (U.S.) for $49.95

Pleated for a bit of added depth.
– Soft woven rayon
– Tie waist
– Pleated front
– Wide legs

I’ve always loved Palazzo Pants! My first recollection of Palazzo Pants being a trend was actually way back, when I was in high school! I had them in so many different colors (my fave being Olive Green obvi.) and used to rock them at school events (Carnival, Talent Show, etc…) and every other weekend (back when we only had Fanar Mall and Souk Sharq in Kuwait and Applebee’s and TGI Friday’s first opened their sea-side locations). Memories… Anyways, not to be confused with the Striped Pants (black/white stripes with the white stripes being significantly wider and a flimsy waist-tie) or Paperbag Stripe Pants (blue/white stripes with dual pockets and a nicer tie-up belt) these Tie Front Pleated Pants (grey/cream stripes evenly spaced out and the nicest tie-up belt) were pretty sweet! I could totally see myself wearing them on a boat or yacht (bearing in my mind that I don’t even remember the last time I actually set foot on a boat, let alone a yacht) paired with an equally flow-y cream top and a wide-brimmed hat! See how easily I get swept up by my own imagination? lol After that, I just had to get them!

They were supposed to be available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL but I didn’t come across anything smaller than a Small. Not knowing my size, I asked for help from the Sales Assistant who handed me the size Small and upon my request, Medium, to try on in the changing room. I was actually quite partial to the Medium, but the Sales Assistant insisted I get the size Small instead (I could see why). Palazzo Pants are “Wide Leg” and therefore extremely billowy and on my 5’1 frame, that was a lot of fabric to contend with. Add to that the fact that they were so long that even the size Small actually trailed behind me (nothing a pair of 5-inch Espadrilles couldn’t fix). Obviously, I had to go with the size Small. I wanted to wear my clothes, not have them wear me, know what I’m sayin?

Despite how it may look, the fabric felt light and breezy! However, as you can see from the photo of the model (whom judging by the fact that she’s wearing slides is at least 5’10) this particular style of Flow-y Wide Leg Palazzo Pants have that dreaded “butt-flattening effect”. So if you’re planning on getting any of the Palazzo Pants, be wary of the fact that they will sorta’ flatten your booty. I personally don’t care because I’m already obsessed with these Pants! The only downside is that they don’t have any pockets (-10 points) which is a bummer. Other than that, obsessed!

Chalk Embroidered Lace Trim Kimono retails for KD 17 or up on the website (U.S.) went down from $49.95 to $44.99 (10% off)

Layer love. Make it yours and wear it your way.
– Woven crepe fabric with a wavy texture
– Embroidered eyelet and lace details around front and sleeve openings
– Open front
– Long sleeves

I actually got this Kimono for Free (due to the buy 2 get 1 free promo they had going on). I didn’t much care for it, but I couldn’t find anything in the entire store that seemed remotely appealing to me, so I decided to go the more practical route instead and pick something I could use as some sort of cover-up (over sleeveless tops and dresses). It was available in 3 sizes: X-Small/Small and Medium and Large/X-Large so I went with the smallest size available, which still ended up being overly billowy (so I’d say size down, if you wanna’ get this). The Kimono was available in Chalk (as shown) and Mauve, but I figured I’d get more use out of the White (because it would be easier to pair with other stuff), which is why I went with Chalk. However, back home, when I held it up against my other White Tops for comparison, it didn’t match any of them, as it came off as more of an Off-White. Also, it’s sheer, which is a bummer, but expected (most white clothing tends to be transparent). The lace detailing on the front was bad enough (reminds me of tablecloth), but the ones on the sleeves were horrible (making the whole thing look like nightwear or part of a nightgown set). Worst of all, in my opinion, is the crepe fabric. It’s so unflattering (hangs all weird even on those with near-perfect bodies) and it just feels so odd (almost paper-y) to the touch! I absolutely detest crepe fabric! Still, this was “free”, so I can’t complain too much.

Overall, I much prefer the Marina Mall branch over the Avenues branch of American Eagle because they have the prettiest bras and the comfiest pajama bottoms!

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