Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (Miami Vice)

Purely based on my deep deep deeeeeeeeeep unabashed love of 80’s (as well as 80’s-inspired) music… but also based on my outfit in the previous post (here). In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve never actually seen a single episode of Miami Vice. It’s not so much that I missed the boat on that one, as much as everyone has just talked about it and referenced it so much that I don’t really feel the need to watch it anymore. I did binge-watch Narcos on Netflix recently (which is why I can’t stop randomly blurting out “tranquila” to anyone and everyone… yup, that’s my take-away) and can honestly say that Narcos was an awesome, awesome show!

2 thoughts on “Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (Miami Vice)

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