Best Bikinis Ever!

The Envy Push Up® swimwear line by Voda Swim is the first swim suit line designed specifically to flatter small-breasted women. Voda Swim’s Envy Push Up® bikini top is a marvel of engineering and design. It is made to maximize the subtle curves of a smaller bosom, creating a natural looking cleavage, and making breasts look up to two cup sizes larger. There’s no stiff padding and no underwire but there is more going on than meets the eye.

Speaking of Miami (you know how much I love my themes, apparently at the moment, it’s a Miami thing… bearing in mind that I’ve never actually set foot in Miami lol and Orlando was the closest I’ve ever been), I recently picked up a Bikini in a multicolored print that coincidentally was called “Miami” (shown below) from Voda Swim. First of all, their Bikinis are magical!!!! Let’s just get that out of the way. You might look at the before and after photo (shown above) and think that it’s been enhanced or manipulated somehow, but no. I am telling you, right here, right now, their claims are completely true! Their whole Envy Push Up swimwear line does wonders for small-chested women!

I’ve never had the largest chest ever and unfortunately we can’t pick and choose where (on our bodies) we lose weight, so what with my recent weight loss and all, my chest was the first thing to go. Meanwhile, my closest friends were getting boob jobs, left and right (… literally) and have been parading them around all summer, whether they’d come over to my place for a swim in the pool, or we’d all go to Regency Hotel to swim in the pool over there, or to the chalet during the week (for privacy) to swim in the sea all the way over there. In fact, they’ve even tried pressuring me into getting a breast augmentation done (which is never gonna’ happen). So, I did my research (googled it lol) and came across Voda Swim.

Honestly, I didn’t know if this was a real website or if the whole thing was a scam (it did seem a bit gimmick-y and too good to be true), but the higher price point made the whole thing sound legit (logic!) and so I created an account and quickly placed my order. It arrived shortly after and true to their claims, it made my humble chest look twice as large, complete with killer cleavage and everything… and yet I could still run around freely and literally dive in the water and basically partake in any sort of water-sports activities and be as active as I wanted, while everything remained perfectly intact! My friends (even though ones with that have had their chest enhanced) have all ordered their own Bikinis after they saw me in mine. Voda Swim call it technology. I call it magic! Seriously, their whole Envy Push Up line is amaze!

This is the Double String Bikini in the color/print called Miami. That said, the Double String Bikini is also available in other prints ranging from a sophisticated black/white stripe-y print called Santorini to an adorable sunrise-inspired print aptly called Sunrise and so on. However, if you prefer solids (single color), it’s also available in White, Black, Pink, Purple, Magenta, Kelly Green, Yellow, Red and all kinds of Blues.

If you’re not feeling the whole double string thing, they’ve also got the regular String Bikini (single string, as the name would suggest) in a variety of multicolored prints and solids. If you want something more attention grabbing, they’ve got a style called Corset String Bikini which has crisscross strings on the top as well as the bottom (on the side) which only comes in 4 solid colors (Black, Red, Bright Purple, Bright Pink). In fact, they’ve got styles with all kinds of embellishments, cut-out, strappy, wavy, ruched, pleated and fringe in all kinds of prints and colors. In place of the 24k jewelry on the strings, some come with natural stone and others with wooden beads.

If you feel uncomfortable in String Bikinis, they’ve also got some equally cute Bikinis with bands and double bands as well, several with Under Bust Support that go up to a D/DD Cup. They’ve got swimwear with criss-cross backs and others with tie-front tops. They’ve also got one style of Bandeau Bathing Suits and two styles of Tankinis and three styles of Monokinis (regular, strappy and fringed) and three styles (Bandeau, Structured and Shirred) of One Piece Bathing Suits, all of which can flatter (…. literally) the stomach. They’ve even got Swimming Skirts in two different styles (adjustable with strings and ruffled). To round it all out, they’ve also got Cover Ups ranging from the sequined to the beaded and some Sarongs.

Now the Double String Bikini Bottoms I got (as shown) is in the “classic cut” which offers low coverage. However, if you visit the Voda Swim website, one of the options is to shop by coverage, where they’ve got their entire swimwear line separated by coverage into three categories, low coverage and moderate coverage and full coverage. Other sub-categories include Cheeky (self-explanatory really) and Brazilian Bottoms (which are meant to create the illusion of a larger booty) and Back Scrunch Bottoms (which are meant for those with a petite booty who wanna’ make it look perkier). Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the Bikini Bottoms and Bikini Tops are sold separately.

Envy Push Up Double String Bikini Top (size Small) retails for $79.00
Double String Bikini Bottom (size Medium) retails for $59.00

After much deliberation (about all 5 minutes), I went with the Double String Bikini in the print called “Miami“. The print itself was White Palm Trees, some tinged in either Blue or Pink or Yellow or Hot Pink, amidst a Black Background, whereas the strings on the Bikini were a single color, Hot Pink, and were capped with “14k Gold” chlorine & salt water resistant Jewelry. Even though I purchased the matching top and bottom, together, I figured since “Miami” was a multicolored print, I could also mix and match it with other Bikinis (for example, a single-color Bikini Bottom or vice versa), if I ever felt like it. I didn’t have to do the whole matchy-matchy thing all the time, if I didn’t want to. Mostly though, I chose Miami because I thought the double strings were cute and also the print and the whole color scheme seriously appealed to me and I believed that they’d look complimentary on me, both with and without a tan!

You might think Voda Swim Bikinis are a bit expensive but I promise you, they are totally worth the investment!

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